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Pinside rating

This game received 92 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.321 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #200 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.527

Artwork: 7.006

Sounds/Music: 6.895

Other Aspects: 7.443

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 2 of us have rated this game.


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Found 51 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 51 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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73 days ago
This is a guilty pleasure pin for me. Would I put it in my collection? Maybe. Would I play it if I saw it in the wild? Absolutely.
3 months ago
One of the few DMD era pins I can think of that features a good number of drop targets. Some decent shots to make but you'll really have to learn the rules from someone or do some research as the game isn't always clear on what to shoot for. Audio certainly isn't the best. Good artwork and nice ball lock gimmick with the steamboat. All around it's a decent pin and I think it's worth picking up if priced right.
1 year ago
Nice and simple pinball! Fun BlackJack game! Love the boat !
1 year ago
under rated great game. SUPER fun movie, super fun game. Cabinet gets a lot of hate, but i think it looks cool, it has this like western feel. you feel like you could really see this game in the back of an old western casino. and when it gets damaged, it just looks more authentic. The poker theme plays out sooo well with this machine as well.
1 year ago
This game is fairly average...better than some of the games I've played, but fails to stand out among other games. It is fun for a few games but I found myself ready for something else after playing it for about 10 minutes. I wasn't expecting much given the theme not being an iconic one, and it lived up to expectations, perhaps exceeded them to a degree. This would be a good game to break up runs of games on more intense machines (kind of like my BTTF pin being a nice break between Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, and GOTG).
1 year ago
Locking balls in the paddlewheel of a riverboat? OK, I'll Play.
In today's state of Pinflation Maverick offers a fun game for your dollar. I couldn't tell you a whole lot about the movie but if you are into old-timey cards on the table gamblin' type themes this one seems to fit. The DMD/Animations add variety as well. I'd probably bring this game home for awhile if I could buy it right. . . it may not stick around forever but I'd wager we'd have fun with it.
1 year ago
This is a great game !
Rules are easy to get and still not to master.
I do have the Lauren bell opto problem on mine that makes it unplayable after a few games but still, how fun is this pinball.
Fast, fun and ... I don't know what's the right word... fair !
You don't make low scores when you begin to master it as you don't make enormous best scores with luck.
A really good pinball that deserves more love.
1 year ago
No question one of the most underrated games of all time. Great ruleset, massive drop targets, poker and blackjack! Gets a bad rap because of the movie I suppose. Must be 100% working to appreciate and understand. Nice layout and the giant DMD is awesome. Raise or fold? What a value for the money---if you can find one in good shape--get it.
1 year ago
Very fun and deep game. Great value.
1 year ago
vero unrated pin! Game play amazing!
2 years ago
poker and western ,very good pinball !
2 years ago
I owned this game, but was encouraged by the wife to give up one in my collection to add the new Star Wars. By process of elimination, Maverick got the ax and I had very little trouble finding it a home.
If you like poker you will enjoy this game. Most targets correlate to a poker hand, which is fun and entertaining. Video black jack is always good. The wheel slows the game down and that may be my main complaint. Clint Black's "Good Run of Bad Luck" plays non-stop without any lyrics, and you constantly have Mel Gibson staring at you while you try to top a poker giant. Fun game, with a few lags. I'd recommend the game, and maybe one day i'll add it back to my collection.
2 years ago
I've owned several machines over the last couple of years, since getting into this hobby. I've always been a player, just never looked into owning until I bought my 1st one, RFM, in the winter of 2016. The bug got me, and I still have 5 in the house presently. I've cycled through about 20, to get to the 5 I have currently. Maverick has got to be the best all-around one of them all. What a bargain. I got mine for $2K, put a little elbow grease into it and some LED's, and what a surprise! When this game is dialed in, you will NOT be disappointed! There are several different modes, drop targets, 3 flippers, 1 ramp, and even a captive ball! Sooo many drops on this one - and you can play poker, blackjack... What's not to like here? Yeah, the boat breaks up the flow at times, but never when you are in the groove. The way the rules are, and the design implementation of the modes, the paddle part of the boat is bypassed when you are on modes where it is not needed, and it just loops. FAST, I might add! And the build quality is awesome on this machine. It is also a beautiful machine! Mine cleaned up great - I'd say the playfield is near perfect, and the cabinet is nice as well. The only flaws on mine is some scratches on the sides, on the inside, from raising the playfield. A little brown paint, or mirror blades, and it'll be fine. It really doesn't bother me yet. The sounds, callouts, music, and animations are spot on for this title. The music is really catchy, actually, and sound quality is very good. I'm impressed with this deck from Data East. I cannot believe this is not in the top 100. I love system 11 titles, and as much as I love and am on the hunt for a Whirlwind, it doesn't stack up to Maverick. And that goes for many other titles in the top 100. And a monster size DMD on this one, to boot! If you can find one of these in decent shape, you'd be crazy not to buy it, especially for what these are going for. Games that are bringing 4 and 5K, don't provide the fun factor and "1 more game" element that this one does. If you are here looking at ratings as a deciding factor to tempt you over the fence, I'm telling you now, JUMP! This one is SURE to increase in price in the coming years. This is just pure pinball fun, plain and simple. You cannot go wrong on this deck for the money. Mine will not leave the house any time soon, if ever. There is just so much going on, I can't see ever getting bored with it. Ive not been able to complete more than 2 of the modes, let alone even trying to get to a "wizard" mode, if there is one. Not an easy game, but definitely a fun one. Not a drain monster, either. Ive rarely lost balls down the sides. Take the time to play and learn the machine, and you will not be disappointed. Gotta be the best bang-for-the-buck machine out there right now.
2 years ago
Very underrated game! Best buy along with Lethal Weapon for DMD under 2k. Great keeper for a year or so then move on.
2 years ago
underrated. lots of fun.
2 years ago
What a great under rated game! This is a fast playing fast paced game with a ton of different shots. The DMD integration is awesome.
3 years ago
So picked one of these up and put a little work into it. Poker game with a lot of targets, some fun modes and a pretty good light show. It is a relatively fast game(besides waiting on Lauren Belle). I like the Dots and sound. The rules tho simple are some early work by Lyman and have some interesting variations. A little code work here could significantly improve this game. I think for a DMD game in this price range you can not go wrong . It is a lot of fun for the money.
3 years ago
Overall a fun game, especially if you like shooting drop targets. Yes the boat slows down the game so if you want non stop action then look elsewhere. The blackjack game also slows it down but is fun and is tied to the outline kickback whicheck is cool. But the game does play very fast aside from that.

I really enjoy the music and sound's fun and they did a great job working in fun quotes from the movie.

The modes are generally good but some produce unbalanced scoring. The captive ball shot is ridiculously hard. I like that the pop bumpers produce meaningful scoring and they increase in value if you hit theme enough.

Most importantly I like the main objective of shooting the targets to complete the poker hands. You win!! Followed by the sound of piles of chips being raked in.
3 years ago
Great game for the price.Under rated for sure.
3 years ago
WHOA there partner! This one is SO underrated it's just unbelievable. It's got everything, a licensed great legacy western theme with ties back to the excellent 1950's TV series, a pretty good 1990's western comedy film starring Hollywood's finest, a better implementation of the skill shot rack than TOTAN (and it had the feature before TOTAN), a great toy (classic paddlewheel boat, and no, it's not that slow), poker, blackjack, great modes and storyline, fun for newbies and a lot of challenge for experienced players, very fast and furious play, great lighting, great sound, lots of drop targets, up to 4 ball multiball, the largest DMD in the business and a very difficult hidden captive ball shot. I bought this having never played it because I thought my Data East Secret Service and Sega X-files were underrated and I wanted to try another DE/Sega to see if the pattern held. This machine is by far the best bang for the buck I've ever had in my collection. If you want a classic western theme with some story depth/lastability, you can spend $10K+ on a Cactus Canyon or get one of these and pocket some gold nuggets too! It even plays "Amazing Grace"!
3 years ago
Maverick what is not to like about this machine? Well the Belle lacks a little speed but other then that it's a fun machine. The paddle wheel reminds me of the Ferris wheel on the Williams Cyclone machine. Drop targets galore , hard shots , skill shots ,super pops and a DmD the size of a big screen, well ok 192x64 that is as big as it gets for dmd's. This is a fun machine did i say that? Even if Mel's face on the backglass is a bit obtrusive. Play this machine when you can , and if you find one get it. And they make replacement color dmd's now, that was always a "what if " with this machine. No longer a issue .
4 years ago
This game didn't look attractive when I first approached it, but man did it grow on me. Tons of drop targets. Great animations. You play card games while playing pinball. What more could you ask for. Great game!!!
4 years ago
This is a really fun game, if you want drop targets man this game has them and there is a captive ball behind the top stack I didn't know about until I saw it's worth a lot of points if you can hit it.
Great fun friendly game I love it!
4 years ago
This game is fun. I thought it looked plain and boring just because it lacks curb appeal. Western brown! This game is entertaining with gambling risk/reward type of way. It's challenging and fun to try to shoot for the hands that you need. Good use of that giant DMD with the video modes. It has a slightly addictive game play.
4 years ago
The game rules are well done. I had second thoughts about
this game before i bought it, but now its not leaving any time soon.
There are 51 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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