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There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 days ago
Owned this game for a year. Not my favorite. For its time, it was fun. But with so many other choices, this is not a game I would own again. Mediocre game imo.
8 months ago
Maverick is a great machine if the Lauren Belle river boat toy is working properly. The game is very challenging. Lots of shots all over the playfield. Do you like drop targets? Maverick has 17 of them. It also has 2 stand up targets, a ramp, some wire forms, 4-ball and 3-ball multi-ball, a river boat toy that locks balls, nice lighting, decent music, and a large dot matrix display with good animations that are integrated to game play. 3 flippers and a really sweet orbit shot that can combo up to the ramp. You also get to play poker hands and black jack using the drop targets and dot matrix display. 5 modes to go through and a skill shot on the plunge determines how you start each ball. Oh, I also forgot the captive ball under the river boat toy that is worth lots of points if you hit it and starts a special mode to get points from the drop targets. It really is a fun game that is very challenging. The more you play it, the more you will enjoy it. Definitely has me playing one more game to try and get a better score and advance farther into the game modes and programming. The final mode is a poker championship that I wonder if I will ever get to. Great value for the money. You may have to mess around with the optical sensors on the river boat toy, but once you get that working it is loads of fun. The game requires you to think. Not great if you just want to mindlessly flip a pinball around. Fantastic if you like a machine that makes you think about strategy and where your next shot should go. The game will make you a more accurate shooter.
9 months ago
This is an instant classic. Old pinball had lots of varied themes from cocktail parties, sci-fi, fantasy, wild west, and such. Newer tables seem to pretty much follow pop culture. This game is a pop culture western which is rare and it's even really fun. The play has a river boat gambler feel with the player making choices to risk his rewards. It's very fun and the shots are fun and a little easy. This is a stay and play all day game for anyone but upper echelon players. Top players may find it a little easy however the lighting, sounds, theme, and play are always popular with my pinball friends and non pinball types alike. And I personally like it a lot too. Plus I personally believe this generation of Data East games are pretty reliable for ownership maintenence considerations.
10 months ago
This game is ok. I never saw the film but i do like poker so the theme worked for me. the boat is neat and the DMD participation was ok raise/fold.. there wasnt that many different aspects to this game i think it would have gotten a little repetitive.
11 months ago
Not a fan of the film but had the opportunity to buy this for some cheap Euros.

Played it for some weeks but I knew this was not my kind of game.

I do like the pop bumpers and the multiballs but thats all.
There are a lot of better machines out there.
12 months ago
More fun than expected!
1 year ago
Owned this game fir a while and ultimately sold it to be able to purchase a newer machine. Really liked the poker/western theme and link to the movie by the same name.
The riverboat shot and some of the poker call outs are fun. There are a few buggy issues that I had after a while but overall it’s a fun game, good (large) DMD screen, and can be found fir a good price, typically.
Great starter pin that will keep you entertained (and busy) while you save up for something a bit newer.
1 year ago
Very easy to follow the rules but hard to master. If you like pop bumpers and drop targets this is a winner.
1 year ago
This is a guilty pleasure pin for me. Would I put it in my collection? Maybe. Would I play it if I saw it in the wild? Absolutely.
2 years ago
Imponente come struttura e schermo dmd, gioco di abilità sin dal primo lancio dove puoi scegliere quale tipo di gioco vuoi fare, il battello è un po' lento ma ottimo per fare un sorso di birra e ti senti nel west America :-) è comunque bello, io ci ho messo un led all interno e si illumina di un bianco Candido come sono le illuminazioni delle carte nel piano di gioco ..... Il gioco del poker domina e se ti piace l azzardo devi averlo.... Non è un gioco dal grande titolo ma dal grande cuore, si prende a buon mercato, compralo e goditelo!!
2 years ago
Nice and simple pinball! Fun BlackJack game! Love the boat !
3 years ago
under rated great game. SUPER fun movie, super fun game. Cabinet gets a lot of hate, but i think it looks cool, it has this like western feel. you feel like you could really see this game in the back of an old western casino. and when it gets damaged, it just looks more authentic. The poker theme plays out sooo well with this machine as well.
3 years ago
This game is fairly average...better than some of the games I've played, but fails to stand out among other games. It is fun for a few games but I found myself ready for something else after playing it for about 10 minutes. I wasn't expecting much given the theme not being an iconic one, and it lived up to expectations, perhaps exceeded them to a degree. This would be a good game to break up runs of games on more intense machines (kind of like my BTTF pin being a nice break between Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, and GOTG).
3 years ago
Locking balls in the paddlewheel of a riverboat? OK, I'll Play.
In today's state of Pinflation Maverick offers a fun game for your dollar. I couldn't tell you a whole lot about the movie but if you are into old-timey cards on the table gamblin' type themes this one seems to fit. The DMD/Animations add variety as well. I'd probably bring this game home for awhile if I could buy it right. . . it may not stick around forever but I'd wager we'd have fun with it.
3 years ago
This is a great game !
Rules are easy to get and still not to master.
I do have the Lauren bell opto problem on mine that makes it unplayable after a few games but still, how fun is this pinball.
Fast, fun and ... I don't know what's the right word... fair !
You don't make low scores when you begin to master it as you don't make enormous best scores with luck.
A really good pinball that deserves more love.
3 years ago
No question one of the most underrated games of all time. Great ruleset, massive drop targets, poker and blackjack! Gets a bad rap because of the movie I suppose. Must be 100% working to appreciate and understand. Nice layout and the giant DMD is awesome. Raise or fold? What a value for the money---if you can find one in good shape--get it.
3 years ago
Very fun and deep game. Great value.
3 years ago
vero unrated pin! Game play amazing!
3 years ago
poker and western ,very good pinball !
4 years ago
I owned this game, but was encouraged by the wife to give up one in my collection to add the new Star Wars. By process of elimination, Maverick got the ax and I had very little trouble finding it a home.
If you like poker you will enjoy this game. Most targets correlate to a poker hand, which is fun and entertaining. Video black jack is always good. The wheel slows the game down and that may be my main complaint. Clint Black's "Good Run of Bad Luck" plays non-stop without any lyrics, and you constantly have Mel Gibson staring at you while you try to top a poker giant. Fun game, with a few lags. I'd recommend the game, and maybe one day i'll add it back to my collection.
4 years ago
I've owned several machines over the last couple of years, since getting into this hobby. I've always been a player, just never looked into owning until I bought my 1st one, RFM, in the winter of 2016. The bug got me, and I still have 5 in the house presently. I've cycled through about 20, to get to the 5 I have currently. Maverick has got to be the best all-around one of them all. What a bargain. I got mine for $2K, put a little elbow grease into it and some LED's, and what a surprise! When this game is dialed in, you will NOT be disappointed! There are several different modes, drop targets, 3 flippers, 1 ramp, and even a captive ball! Sooo many drops on this one - and you can play poker, blackjack... What's not to like here? Yeah, the boat breaks up the flow at times, but never when you are in the groove. The way the rules are, and the design implementation of the modes, the paddle part of the boat is bypassed when you are on modes where it is not needed, and it just loops. FAST, I might add! And the build quality is awesome on this machine. It is also a beautiful machine! Mine cleaned up great - I'd say the playfield is near perfect, and the cabinet is nice as well. The only flaws on mine is some scratches on the sides, on the inside, from raising the playfield. A little brown paint, or mirror blades, and it'll be fine. It really doesn't bother me yet. The sounds, callouts, music, and animations are spot on for this title. The music is really catchy, actually, and sound quality is very good. I'm impressed with this deck from Data East. I cannot believe this is not in the top 100. I love system 11 titles, and as much as I love and am on the hunt for a Whirlwind, it doesn't stack up to Maverick. And that goes for many other titles in the top 100. And a monster size DMD on this one, to boot! If you can find one of these in decent shape, you'd be crazy not to buy it, especially for what these are going for. Games that are bringing 4 and 5K, don't provide the fun factor and "1 more game" element that this one does. If you are here looking at ratings as a deciding factor to tempt you over the fence, I'm telling you now, JUMP! This one is SURE to increase in price in the coming years. This is just pure pinball fun, plain and simple. You cannot go wrong on this deck for the money. Mine will not leave the house any time soon, if ever. There is just so much going on, I can't see ever getting bored with it. Ive not been able to complete more than 2 of the modes, let alone even trying to get to a "wizard" mode, if there is one. Not an easy game, but definitely a fun one. Not a drain monster, either. Ive rarely lost balls down the sides. Take the time to play and learn the machine, and you will not be disappointed. Gotta be the best bang-for-the-buck machine out there right now.
4 years ago
Very underrated game! Best buy along with Lethal Weapon for DMD under 2k. Great keeper for a year or so then move on.
4 years ago
underrated. lots of fun.
4 years ago
What a great under rated game! This is a fast playing fast paced game with a ton of different shots. The DMD integration is awesome.
5 years ago
So picked one of these up and put a little work into it. Poker game with a lot of targets, some fun modes and a pretty good light show. It is a relatively fast game(besides waiting on Lauren Belle). I like the Dots and sound. The rules tho simple are some early work by Lyman and have some interesting variations. A little code work here could significantly improve this game. I think for a DMD game in this price range you can not go wrong . It is a lot of fun for the money.
There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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