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Mata Hari

Pinside rating

This game received 90 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.355 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #193 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.227

Artwork: 8.122

Sounds/Music: 4.93

Other Aspects: 7.406

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 4 of us have rated this game.


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There are 50 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
Mata Hari is a fast, fun game. Owned several and enjoyed it every time I had it up and going.

Backglass is the pinnacle of design. I now own the EM version of the glass to see more of the Mad Dog artwork.

Symmetrical layout adds to the game flow. The crossover chimes in an electronic game make it a bit more fun.

Was a cheap entry game, but now tougher to find. I would say that one of these belongs in a larger collection.
73 days ago
I have the SS version, beautiful art work on the backglass and playfield. Love the chimes when first starting up a game. Have just about re-built this one from scratch, but this one will NOT leave my collection. (Labor of love - several pinsiders helped me when first starting and will not forget those)
74 days ago
Great example of an early 80s mirrored PF game. The artwork is GREAT, and it's just plain fun to play. If you come across the EM version, find a way to buy it.
7 months ago
Mata hari is one of those games that fools you into thinkjgg bah... Few drop target one saucer... Couple rollover.
Nothing to it... I'll rool it over easy... Ahahahaha and your hooked... Just easy enough to be fun just the right amount of sass... To keep you pumping quarters in... The it becomes personal... Your in deep... And that's the majic of MataHari
8 months ago
A great early SS game with chimes. Symmetrical playfield with plenty to do for the era. Bonus X shot up the middle to the saucer isn't simple, but not impossible either - it's tight through the center pops and even if you make that, it's not a guaranteed saucer shot. Successfully shooting the A-B orbit in one shot is super satisfying! Going for extra balls and specials by completing the A-B shots is fun too. Completing all the drops and getting that 50K completion bonus is also nice. Counting down a max 5x bonus can be tedious, but it's a great sound to hear that 1000's chime banging away for that long. I'm babysitting a friend's Mata Hari and doing some repairs on it, and he's going to have a hard time getting me to give this one up.
8 months ago
a classic style Bally solid state (with the exception of the 170 EM's) Many of the more senior Pinheads remember this game & are fond of it but by todays standards it feels antiquated
8 months ago
This one was one of my favorite choices in college (which dates me.) This is another good example of "classic" pinball! The field is somewhat simplistic compared to the newer designs but, much like wooden vs metal roller coasters) this one will appeal to "classic pinball" enthusiasts and beginners. It's a good one to hone your skills on and the graphics are pretty darn good compared to others of it's era.
11 months ago
Fun machine, one of the better parallel playfield layouts, knocking all the targets down is great. Theme is decent and the early SS chimes are awesome. Enjoy having one in my collection for now and is very popular with friends when they come over!
1 year ago
Mata Hari has a great theme and graphics for it's age. Not nearly as fun as modern games but has a nice classic pinball play to it.
1 year ago
This is the game that started it all for me. A simple, yet fun old time classic. Attempting to break across the 1 Million point mark with difficult to achieve 'extra balls' is always a challenge. Great game for beginner's and elders. I find my father-in-law coming back to this one over and over.
1 year ago
An all time classic. The colors are great--what a striking pin. The gameplay is fast and furious. Wax it up and let it rip. 2 sets of targets and a killer kick out hole. It plays insanely fast when tuned up and waxed. I have a collectors condition machine that with new rubber and waxed is lethal. Yes it can be a drain monster at times--but some of the best ones are. Go for it if you can find one in good shape.
1 year ago
Mata Hari is a family favorite. It follows it theme well with the double agent Mata Hari and the A and B sides of the game. Its very satisfying to "shoot the loop" and send the ball up and around and back down in a clean shot. The artwork is complete from BG to PF to the cabinet design. A true Bally at the height of its production runs. As a transitional SS with a few EMs released before the SS, the sound is the weak point, really the only one.
2 years ago
Illustratively classically elegant, style and theme converge into a noble, autumnal nuance splendor, as well as a latently lascivious scenario, ultimately placed in the tantalizingly dangerous world of political intrigue, flattering the perfect symbiosis of every adventurous agent's heart.
Tempting curves may, because of their dangerous charms, be obvious, yet skilfully veiled, flatteringly show off as an erotic weapon, and for that very reason give them serious suspense.
The ultimately rare, with a dash of historical irony, in terms of its political context spiced backglass details, a highly coveted by collectors dagger inscription "My Honor is Loyalty" is unfortunately far too rare again, but it probably just because desirable.
From the gameplay, at least at first still a little unimpressed, I was able to immerse myself in the end, day after day with every passing week, with more and more passion in the, from the brisk and above all noteworthy, fluent game flow in the end absolutely convinced.
Due to their four-part arrangement, the bung towers perform fireworks in the same way as their search action. The drop targets are perfectly placed and make a huge pleasure to clear away. Extra balls, extra games and the all-round lane bring a tremendously rounded fun. What at the beginning, from today's time may seem a bit too simple and unimportant, I call premature as superfluous and unnecessarily inferred. If you do not feel drawn to its seductive look right away, you should spend a few hours playing with it.
That which may seem too little to one or the other of optical gadgets, I feel only, one, solely and solely for a decisive reason because justified, a perfect Spielballance because.
Only and alone at the Outlanes I had to say with regret that they were extremely demotivating, a good game flow in the way. Since I was able to remedy this evil, because of my joy in playing a fair remedy, an absolutely funny pinball machine was created in the end!
2 years ago
My first pin. Great artwork. Have both backglasses, with and without the German writing on the dagger. Love Mata Hari's flowing hair. A classic and fun to play.
2 years ago
My first pin, I played this a thousand tomes as a teenager and had to have it.... it’s my favorite late 70’s pin, great idea to have the dagger script as it keeps the collecters busy looking!!! Nice colors for this game and as drop targets go, perfect placement on the table.... to me this was a must have because of my youth
2 years ago
Great classic and collectible game.
2 years ago
MH is a beautiful looking game and pretty fun to play as well. It looks like there’s only three or four things to do but you must do them a lot to succeed. Like all pins it must be tuned up and set up steep to play at its best.

It’s a fun simple to understand game produced at a time when pinball companies weren’t trying to put a bunch of ramps and toys on a game to try and spice them up.
3 years ago
Gorgeous artwork and coloring. Gameplay is simple and straightforward. Most of the chimes on the one I play are not working which is a shame.
3 years ago
This game came out when I was just at the age where the opposite sex was becoming really, really important to me, and while I enjoyed staring at the artwork, even then the dagger and snakes the eponymous heroine of this game wraps herself around seemed a bit hilariously over the top. And what's with the guy holding a cigarette in tails? Is he some kind of French dupe of the famous spy?

Well, the theme is what it is (sexy woman needing NO licensing, huzzah) but when I recently played the SS version of this in a tournament, I was quite pleased at how well the gameplay has aged. It's got a bit open playfield, drop targets that are worth going for, and orbit lanes both left and right. But it's the straight up the middle to the saucer that's the money shot in this game, for the key to scoring big is building that bonus and keeping it. It's a fairly simple rule set at that, but the challenge for building a high score is real and as such it's got quite sustainable playability.
3 years ago
One of the first games I remember playing. I've restored over a dozen of these and always enjoy playing it.
3 years ago
this one got a lower score because of the same stuff again
3 years ago
Mata Hari can be an evil table - the saucer kickout from the upper pf has a tendency to go SDTM. Howver, there are a few fun shots on this EM-to-SS transition piece (note: the SS version still utilizes EM-like chimes for scoring, which I found interesting for an SS). Gameplay can be a bit sluggish then frantic, but A-B then drops, repeat to rack up a good score - not much to it.

It won't make my wishlist, but if you're a masochist, pop a few ball off and feel the burn.
4 years ago
Great looking game. Symmetrical layout and simple rules make this one not so much fun to me. Outlanes are brutal and I imagine this game is quite difficult when waxed. The game I played was in pretty good condition but I wouldn't call it fast, even for a Bally.
4 years ago
I am not a big fan of symmetric playfields but this one is actually pretty good. Nothing too fancy but good ole fashioned pinball fun. 4 pop bumpers provide plenty of action, drop targets and a good layout make this an above average pinball experience. I used to play this machine a lot when it was new because it was easy to get free games. Even with a modest investment I was able to play for hours.
The artwork is pretty decent and the dark field offsets nicely against the silver ball.
5 years ago
Fun game. Easy to understand rules. I wish it had better art though.
There are 50 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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