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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Pinside rating

This game received 166 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.536 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #158 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.569

Artwork: 7.667

Sounds/Music: 7.297

Other Aspects: 7.425

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 4 of us have rated this game.


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Found 88 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
Waaay underrated pin! Great shots, great rules, killer multiballs!!
3 years ago
Interesting game, not my cup of tea. Cool ball lock gimmick.
3 years ago
A really fun game. Keeps drawing me back for more. Music is great good songs. I just hate the movie.
3 years ago
I tried. I'm a big fan in rooting for the uncool, unknown pins. While Frankenstein is hardly rare, it's not necessarily a popular one.

The shots feel awful. I don't even understand why they needed the 3rd flipper except for 1 shot. What a waste. The whole layout just feels forced and sloppy compared to anything from B/W at the time. Everyone disses DE games for copying B/W layouts like Whirlwind, TAF, etc... but this deck reveals why: they just didn't have a great feel for how to layout shots with good geometry.

The music is pretty poor (regardless of the MIDI version of the Winters' tune), the call outs repetitive, and the whole centerpiece of the game really isn't all that cool once you see it. The DMD animations are fair, and the art is pretty good (it's a Faris piece so it can't be that bad!), but overall I'd pass if I were you. To each his own I suppose.
3 years ago
Fun 6ball multiball, good ramps, sound and speech awful, sega machines not very good or reliable, different size dmd and will cost a lot if anything goes wrong with it, fun to play but sound and music so so annoying.
3 years ago
I really enjoyed this pin. Was quite a suprise. Has several multiballs, great dmd animations on a large screen. The rules are pretty simple but fun. Several tricky shots with the upper flipper and the ramps still give a sense of satisfaction when shot. Overall a good fun game with a large playfield and alot going on. Bad movie but game fits well in a horror theme line up
4 years ago
Top Pinball !!!!
4 years ago
Really excellent combo pin! I like it very much. Great theme, atmosphere and soundtrack with nice combo options. I donĀ“t like only the original weak coils, but there is no problem to replace them with stronger.
4 years ago
Great game for your buck. Good layout, good theme, good art
4 years ago
I didn't have high expectations for the game after having disappointed greatly to Baywatch a year earlier. Especially with this starting point MSF really surprised me positively.

The main multiball requires good amount of skill and accuracy. The countdown to get a six-ball multiball is quite fun and unique feature and after that the multiball rules are good and challenging.

The ruleset could be about going again and again for the main multiball, but at some point reaching the multiball start begins to require that many shots that you probably want to go for the modes too. There are definitely some good points available in the modes and especially in the final mode too.

Starting the modes by hitting all the stand-up targets first feels like an impossible task, but realizing the ability to light targets from north pole, ice cave and upper scoop makes the task reasonable. Modes are quite good and doing well in them to collect letters really pays off when reaching the final mode. It's a pity that you can't stack the modes to multiballs, but there's some good strategic play available to start a mode and end it with a multiball start to get creation letters too.

The layout provides many satisfying shots and even the left loop trough bumpers and ice cave via upper flipper aren't too hard to perform.

Ability to choose from two available soundtracks is a nice feature. The DMD animations and usage of the large DMD are way better than in Baywatch.
4 years ago
Solid game with good flow. Good use of the large DMD with nice animations. Fun to play
4 years ago
Flipper too theater
4 years ago
Fun game with two musical choices both are great. The monster, when functioning properly moves his head during the game and hurls the balls at you during the possible 2,4 or 6 ball multiball. Challenging shots to the ramps, some say the flippers aren't stronger enough, the game they played must not have been set up right, I want to go back and make that ramp shots while writing this, very satisfying when you get it. Animation is awesome on that jumbo DMD display, cool call outs along with the animations.

Only thing I don't like is the backglass art, it's weird and not very good, like the movie it was built from, I should have given it a lower score but felt the jumbo DMD helped to pull it up..
It's too bad Mary Shelley's Frankenstein movie was such a stinker because this game it great.Play one THAT IS SET UP RIGHT and you will want to play again and again.
4 years ago
I wanted to like this game. I just don't. It feels clunky, the shots are decent but not great, and if I hear Edgar Winter playing Frankenstien one more time I'm gonna flip this game over.

I don't get why it's rated so high on pinside. I'll pass thanks.
4 years ago
My favorite SEGA!
4 years ago
Great player and very underrated machine. 6 Ball multiball is Awesome.
With the large DMD and filled with LED's, this game really shines.
Give it try.
5 years ago
This is a great game. I want to put it next to Dracula in my collection. The music is great (both possible choices, the classical movie soundtrack or the rock and roll Frankenstein). The monster speech taunts you throughout the game, without becoming (too) annoying. Great execution of the theme. Game rules are typical for the time: there are modes that lock out all other scoring, the main Multiball with Jackpots, and a quick Multiball that is low scoring. The playfield layout also is a point of weakness: many shots don't quite feel right. However, what's there is fun, and there's lots of strategy in how you play the game, so it doesn't get old very fast.
5 years ago
I really enjoy this game. I think it's very under rated. Great sound. Music from movie soundtrack or my choice- Edgar Winters Frankenstein. Lots of great shots. Good gameplay. Moving playfield monster and large dot matrix display.
5 years ago
MSF is like BSD. i mean WTF? they should be called Frankenstein and Dracula, right?

anyway i got me a Franky and i enjoyed it. it's a fairly standard Sega in that it feels a bit clunky and the flippers stick up too much, but it's basically a fun pinball game. i like the ball-launching flip switch thingy, i like the cab design and the smoky ramps and the bluey playfield and the big old ugly head in the middle of the playfield (a tiny bit better than from a pound shop but not as good at Nightmare Freddy). i enjoy the (unobtanium) enormous DMD, i like the ramp placement and the VUK at 11:30pm, and i love the idea of Franky being able to fight back with either hand.

but none of it quite works together perfectly. it's like the film in many ways. Robert De Niro was in it, and Kenneth Branagh, and Helena Bonham-Carter. but i bet none of them bring it up too often.

this is another fun starter pin, a 7 out of 10
5 years ago
Glad that it is in the top 100 but still feel that it is underrated because it is not a B/W. With the right LED lighting the backglass and playfield put on quite a show. The sound quality and dots are beyond anything at the time. The rules are fairly deep and Frank throwing the balls and tracking them with his head is a cool toy. They playfield layout has everything you'd want, good pop placement and spacing, scoops, the ice cave shot, ramps, orbits, it's all there. To me it's the best SEGA and if it was a B/W with a different theme, it would be a top 30 pin. Give it a try and some good plays, you'll be surprised.
5 years ago
I really enjoy this game. This is my 2nd time owning it and will not trade it again. It's a keeper. One of Sega's best efforts IMO.
5 years ago
Fun pin to play my newest addition, franky throwing the pinballs around for multiball is awesome, sound effects and music is top class great sega pin very underrated
6 years ago
Love the theme and there are some good things about this game. But I was a little disappointing, but the creature multiball wasn't working. So, admittedly, I can't truly rate this machine until I get to play a fully functional machine.
6 years ago
This game is a lot of fun and looks great. It has a crazy 6 ball multi ball and is as deep as any top of the chart pin. The art work is some of the best IMHO for a machine priced in any range. Priced very low for such a great layout and music. Pick your music add LED's and play. So many levels to complete. The lights and music for each level is very satisfying. Lot's of fun and will keep you coming back. Hard to reach the end of this game without a few extra balls. Best bang for the buck machine in my collection.
6 years ago
I owned this machine for about 10 years prior to selling it. Fun movie themes pin. Various modes including putting the monster together part by part. Edgar Winters music. Fun fast play. All the family enjoyed the artwork of the pin and had fun playing. Well played.
There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 4.

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