Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Game design: 7.528

Artwork: 7.604

Sounds/Music: 7.226

Other Aspects: 7.337

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There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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63 days ago
Surprised it is not rated higher....I think it is great fun...
4 months ago
Not in the top 100? That's bizar! This game is really good and challenge you every time.
6 months ago
The problem with this game is really simple this might have been one of the worst movies ever made. To bad you can switch the game to just Frankenstein with Boris Karloff... the game is fun, the graphics are great, amazing toys, just the movie its based on kills the game. The fact that its a sega game also hurts the value because hard to get parts.
6 months ago
An amazingly fun game that nearly is destroyed by the music. Compared to current machines this game has some wildly entertaining shots, toys and features. I mean check out the monster throwing multiballs your way! How friggin cool is that! The ramps are some of the most intricate I've ever seen, and the ice cave? A near impossible shot to hit. It's overall kind of like an Addams Family remake with it's only downfall being the horrendous midi sounding music that is the default. Thankfully you can change the song when a game begins, but rarely does this happen since 9 out of ten players don't pay attention and plunge away, keeping the most grating sounding tunes going for the entire game. If I could just replace that song I would give this game a 9/10... but sadly this is not possible.
9 months ago
Overall the game is pretty fun. I believe it would be rated higher if isn't a Sega. anyway, a pretty good rule set, and not an easy game to get deep into. I love the big dmd screen. I'll add more as I learn the game better. I always like to rate a game early on, and then update it as I play It more.
12 months ago
My second and third pin. Very underestimated. Great fun, I want to play all the time. I love music and talking. Ramp heavy to overcome. 6 multiball is a big rush. LIV LIV LIV :-)
1 year ago
Frankenstein is the second game I ever owned and I had a tough time initially trying to get the DMD to work right. Once it was fixed I really enjoyed the game. I love the horror theme and its great when Frankenstein throws the ball at you for multiball. The 6 ball multiball is a rush. Live, Live, Live!! The gameplay is a little off balance to me but the large DMD, moving Frankenstein head, cab art are all unique. The Sega build quality isn't the greatest. It has a lot of dead spots and the sound isn't sharp. This being said, if you haven't owned Frankenstein I recommend it. Its a great game and you will find yourself wanting to play again and again.
1 year ago
This is an easy game to play but difficult to get a high score. Artwork is fantastic with the main character Frankenstein up front and center. The game is too dark with insufficient lighting but makes up for it with strobing and flashing GI to the beat of the music. Oh, and being able to choose two different music soundtracks at the start is terrific. Highly underrated pin in my opinion.
1 year ago
I feel like I've owned this game long enough to make a detailed evaluation, rather than reviewing a routed machine that may or may not have issues that impact my impression of it. I had to overcome my Bally/Williams bias and the ugly Frankenstein toy before purchasing but I'm glad I did.

It quickly became one of my favorite machines. There are lots of things to like about it, the first being the ability for each player to select which music they want - the movie soundtrack or the Edgar Winter version (I prefer the drama of the movie soundtrack and Edgar Winter still plays during Geneva multiball). There's Creature 2 ball multiball which can be turned into six ball multiball by locking one at the North Pole and then hitting any hole, the ramp, or the right orbit quickly; delay and the number of balls will be reduced. There's also 3 ball Geneva Multiball. The modes are generally fun and achievable, with my favorite being Graveyard, where you have to assemble body parts from hitting various shots. Save Justine requires a shot through the bumpers which can be really challenging. There's only 1 ramp, but there are 4 pop bumpers, 3 holes, a spinner, a North Pole VUK, a kickback, and a monster that moves his head and throws balls right at you!

The shots generally feel good. In many ways this game reminds me a little of Whitewater without the ramps. One big creature toy sits in both machines and interacts with the ball. The North Pole shot with the VUK is similar to White Water's No Way Out. Some days I can drill a shot up that narrow passage anytime I want, and other times all can hit is the targets in front of it. The same goes for the ramp next to it. Hitting that ramp consistently will start Creature multiball more quickly. On my machine the monster throwing the ball hits the glass just like Insanity Falls does in White Water. Unlike White Water, Frankenstein's upper flipper isn't super important, but if you can consistently hit the Ice Cave with it you will get good bonuses. The bumpers are placed close enough to get good action, although a ball will occasionally exit this area and go SDTM. The DMD animations are excellent and the big DMD is a great feature, but expensive to replace, and Color DMD is $469 and not fully developed - I think the current version only supports changing the color, not supporting multicolor yet (except for Baywatch). I also love the big knife switch used to launch the skill shot, very steampunk! The machine is very forgiving for bad aim, as errant shots often bounce of rubbers and slings, easily caught on the flippers, while side drains are fairly rare. Getting 6-Ball Victor in multiball gets its own initials at end of game, which then appears on the cover of a journal on the DMD in subsequent games, the first time the ramp is hit...a neat feature. There are also some hidden features like the secret passage shot (again like White Water), a diverter behind the North Pole, add-a-ball during multiball, and restart multiball with a North Pole shot.

Some issues I have with the game are modes are a little inconsistent, with countdowns for the Creature Ramp, Frozen, and Save Justine creating tension, but Voltage and Millions don't feel quite the same, while Stoning is absolutely dull. Another issue is that while 6 ball multiball is exciting, the flippers tend to be slightly underpowered during this mode and can become frustrating. Some of the callouts are great, such as "Live again!" for extra ball and the buildup to Creature multiball is great; others such as "Who am I?!" are quite annoying. One other negative is that the game is very dark and unplayable in low light conditions. Putting in a few spotlights would help immensely. I also recommend a Pinsound for home users that utilizes Hazzard's mix, it's much better than the stock sounds! There is mini-wizard mode entered by completing all modes that really amps up scoring, lights extra ball, and and starts CREATION multiball, but it is a timed mode that ends after 60 seconds so it can be intense while it lasts but also a bit disappointing when it ends.

Overall it's a solid, trouble-free game (I've had zero maintenance issues) that keeps me coming back for more. The movie wasn't very good, but the pinball machine overcomes that and works well in small or large collections, especially those that are horror or monster themed. Since White Water is my favorite game, some of the similarities I mentioned above between it and Frankenstein might explain why I like Frankenstein so much. It's just a lot of fun, and it won't be leaving the collection anytime soon.
1 year ago
This game has to be one of the most underrated games of all time with only 3000 units made world wide lot of people haven't experienced this machine in full flight,with LEDS and the sound cranked up you easily get lost in the game making it really very exiting to play,this game should easily be in the top 50but you know Sega snobs don't rate it or haven't played it.
1 year ago
Not sure why this game ranks so low. Cabinet art is very nice. Put some LEDs on the playfield and it brightens it up nicely. The sound on this pin is its low point, speakers are just not that good. Game play is awesome with the monster hurling balls at you is a great gimmick.
1 year ago
The sounds and music do get a bit repetitive, but the gameplay is great. The six ball multiball is insane. The theme isn't kid or family friendly... kind of scary with murder scenes, etc.
1 year ago
Great multiball , love Frankenstein throwing the balls at you, artwork and music and callouts are great. Weak point is the switch to launch it breaks often but a kick solder and you are back in business. I love the sega games they are great value at their price points and this one doesn't disappoint.
1 year ago
Frankenstein is fun game wish it had deeper rules but I love the artwork on the game and the sounds and music on the game are great. Frankenstein throwing the ball is also a great toy.
2 years ago
Played this pin for the first time. Really enjoyed the atmosphere on this one. Decent shot selection. Wasn't sure exactly what to do upon the first play but had fun regardless. Excellent artwork, music and sounds, even though some were a little repetitive. Overall, a good effort by Sega.
2 years ago
Waaay underrated pin! Great shots, great rules, killer multiballs!!
2 years ago
Interesting game, not my cup of tea. Cool ball lock gimmick.
2 years ago
A really fun game. Keeps drawing me back for more. Music is great good songs. I just hate the movie.
2 years ago
I tried. I'm a big fan in rooting for the uncool, unknown pins. While Frankenstein is hardly rare, it's not necessarily a popular one.

The shots feel awful. I don't even understand why they needed the 3rd flipper except for 1 shot. What a waste. The whole layout just feels forced and sloppy compared to anything from B/W at the time. Everyone disses DE games for copying B/W layouts like Whirlwind, TAF, etc... but this deck reveals why: they just didn't have a great feel for how to layout shots with good geometry.

The music is pretty poor (regardless of the MIDI version of the Winters' tune), the call outs repetitive, and the whole centerpiece of the game really isn't all that cool once you see it. The DMD animations are fair, and the art is pretty good (it's a Faris piece so it can't be that bad!), but overall I'd pass if I were you. To each his own I suppose.
2 years ago
Fun 6ball multiball, good ramps, sound and speech awful, sega machines not very good or reliable, different size dmd and will cost a lot if anything goes wrong with it, fun to play but sound and music so so annoying.
2 years ago
I really enjoyed this pin. Was quite a suprise. Has several multiballs, great dmd animations on a large screen. The rules are pretty simple but fun. Several tricky shots with the upper flipper and the ramps still give a sense of satisfaction when shot. Overall a good fun game with a large playfield and alot going on. Bad movie but game fits well in a horror theme line up
3 years ago
Top Pinball !!!!
3 years ago
Really excellent combo pin! I like it very much. Great theme, atmosphere and soundtrack with nice combo options. I don´t like only the original weak coils, but there is no problem to replace them with stronger.
3 years ago
Great game for your buck. Good layout, good theme, good art
3 years ago
I didn't have high expectations for the game after having disappointed greatly to Baywatch a year earlier. Especially with this starting point MSF really surprised me positively.

The main multiball requires good amount of skill and accuracy. The countdown to get a six-ball multiball is quite fun and unique feature and after that the multiball rules are good and challenging.

The ruleset could be about going again and again for the main multiball, but at some point reaching the multiball start begins to require that many shots that you probably want to go for the modes too. There are definitely some good points available in the modes and especially in the final mode too.

Starting the modes by hitting all the stand-up targets first feels like an impossible task, but realizing the ability to light targets from north pole, ice cave and upper scoop makes the task reasonable. Modes are quite good and doing well in them to collect letters really pays off when reaching the final mode. It's a pity that you can't stack the modes to multiballs, but there's some good strategic play available to start a mode and end it with a multiball start to get creation letters too.

The layout provides many satisfying shots and even the left loop trough bumpers and ice cave via upper flipper aren't too hard to perform.

Ability to choose from two available soundtracks is a nice feature. The DMD animations and usage of the large DMD are way better than in Baywatch.
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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