The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

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Game Design: 7.67

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Other Aspects: 7.843

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Found 242 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 242 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Extremely fun yet unforgiving. I could play her all day, walk away frustrated and be wanting more. Any where she is we find her and play it.
37 days ago
If you should have only one machine.this is the one. Owner
42 days ago
I have played this game a lot when it came out and again owning it later in life. Nobody can beat me on it in my circle of friends. It is kind of a one shot game (shuttle ramp to the faces) but it is so beautifully done. Is this game easy for me? - Yes. Do I Still love it? - Absolutely. One of the greatest pinball machine ever made in my opinion.
5 months ago
Played this in the arcade a long time ago and forgot about it. I had recently played it and I mite consider getting all 3 of the pinbots
5 months ago
BoP at our house has gotten over 70 hours (1200ish) games since we got the game in Jan 2022. It is the go-to for all of my kids and really is a great follow-up to pinbot (we have that as well). I see a lot of people saying this is a "1 shot" game and while I do not disagree, there is a lot more going on that is not the shuttle ramp. The loops are great, mini wheel is fun and heartbeat ramp is a blast to hit over and over. Rules are great and everyone that plays it wants to go buy one. I have newer/older pins right next to this one and BoP normally is the one we all end up on at the end of the night. LEDs on this game look amazing and if you have one, check your ramps for cracks. If you do not have the Cliffy protectors on the ramps, get them.
7 months ago
They say you should never meet your heroes because you will be disappointed. I can easily say that wasn't the case for the Bride of PinBot!

Growing up with the original PinBot always left me wanting to play a Bride ever since I was a little kid. I recently found one to play at a Round Table Pizza, about 30 minutes from my house. It was in rough shape, but talk about feeling like a little kid on Christmas! I spent hours playing this pin that had obviously been neglected by the owner (displays on the way out, beat up playfield, weak flipper). That did not stop me. From the sounds she makes, to the turning of her head, and beat of her heart as she comes to life kept me coming back for more! This pin is awesome!

After visiting this pizza joint multiple times to get my Bride of PinBot fix, I decided I had to have my own! A few weeks later, I found one local to me and made a deal with the owner. I am officially the proud owner of my own Bride! I couldn't be happier! I do not understand a lot of the negative reviews about the pin being a one trick pony, and rated lower than the original PinBot. Yes, you have to shoot the left ramp over and over to progress the game, but aren't all older games repetitive to a point??? After bringing the Bride home and playing it side by side with PinBot (which we are both biased towards), my brother and I can EASILY say that the Bride is the superior playing pin. There is much more to do on the playfield with the various loops and turning head mechanism, not to mention the awesome light show as she comes to life makes this pin very playable over and over. Along with PinBot, this pin will never be leaving my collection. Do yourself a favor and find one to play!

9 months ago
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot is how to make an Empire Strikes Back after the success of Star Wars.
Even though most of the original team was working on other projects, the new team creating Bride of Pinbot looked to making the game innovative and unique rather than just a sequel.
Fortunately it turned out to be just as great. It’s not a replacement or upgrade, but rather a companion piece to the original.
Python again! Need I say more?
People have tried to upgrade Bride of Pinbot, make it more ‘90’s with a DMD and rom mods.
It’s like taking The Doors Riders on the a storm and turning it into a rap song…
Oh yeah they did that too.
The Bride of Pinbot is sexy, needy, temperamental, wants money spent on it, goes psycho on you, may be possessed, has breakdowns, cheats on you, am I describing my first girlfriend?
It can be a lot of work getting one of these back up to snuff after being on location or not maintained for a few years.
If you truly love the thing it’s definitely worth it, but remember that it has a lot of unique parts and none are cheap or easy to find.
I know someone who sunk nearly $3000 into one that he initially was buying for parts. He said it was too complete to part out and sold his good one to make up for the other one’s costs.
If you are new to pinball, I would have to say avoid this one… for now anyway, and look at games people refer to as starter machines or the latest Stern stuff which might have some sort of breakage warranty.
I love this game and have had it on my wishlist for years, but they always seem to be too far away, too broken or too overpriced for their condition. I won’t overspend on a machine just because I want it, you just have to have patience.
One day I am sure that the right girl will come along and be everything I am looking for, just don’t tell my wife.
9 months ago
I played this at Plonk Golf in Hackney, London, and promptly forgot about it…

I’m unsure if it was poorly maintained, or whether it is normally grimly grey and dimly lit. Either way, I got someway to transforming the bride and felt there wasn’t much else to do. The playfield is dominated by a very large plastic ramp and a series of pegs on the right-hand side such that it felt, on initial inspection, that the only place you could shoot was the left ramp over and over again.

Watching tutorial videos afterwards, it seems that - yes - the game is mostly about shooting the left ramp over and over again.

Either way, I had believed that Williams could do no wrong in its 90s designs. Bride of Pinbot got this notion out of my head - I could hardly believe the Williams ‘W’ on the speakers because this is total tosh (at least to someone who walked up to casually play).

UPDATE: Played a nicer version at Pinball Republic in Croydon, London. Still of the same opinion on this one - it’s a single shot game with not much to do after completing the Bride. I also hate the sexist call-outs. Sorry to the many fans of this game, but ratings are my opinion and, personally, I’d rather play a huge range of other pins.

UPDATE: Played the Pinball Republic version again and increased its rating, largely because it is better than Star Wars Episode I. It is fun activating the Bride but, unfortunately, after several plays (I’m not a great pinball player), I’d seen most of what this pin had to offer.
9 months ago
Just got this game recently and I’ve put over 100 plays on it in 3 days. What an incredibly fun game. Multiball is infuriating, very difficult to get control and last longer than 15 seconds.

The shots are tight and close to the chest. You can’t take a breather even for a second or you’ll lose it. I had no interest in this game until I bought one in a package, and it quickly became my favorite. What an amazing game!!! People who say “One trick pony” should jack the game up. Stop playing it flat as a pancake!
11 months ago
It's a super fun game from the early 90's. Although it's long in the tooth, it plays as well as most modern tables from Stern. It's got a lot going on and the face that rotates around is a super cool gimmick as it is part of the playfield. The sounds are SO late 80's and it's part of the fun. When it's tuned up, it plays super fast. I love this game and it's my #2 favorite of all time, rift behind STTNG. I guess that shows in truly a 90's pinball fan. Keep em playing.
1 year ago
Played the hell out of this on base at the US Naval station san Diego back in the early nineties. Always said if I every got my own house I would buy one of my own. Had this since 2007 , its broken down plenty of times but thankfully always found someone to fix it. Wish I knew how do it myself but there is just way to much going on i wouldn't even know where to start. The sounds on this game are unbelievable, Especially when the head turns. Great game, hoping to get another 13 years out of it!
1 year ago
Such a great game with awesome alpha numeric display animations.
1 year ago
After30 years it’s still a great game to play
1 year ago
I have Pinbot, and have played the Bride on location many times. The evolution from Pinbot's Eyes to the Brides whole face is obvious, and the mechanism works great. The artwork is great, especially the BG. Still, it does seem somewhat like a one trick pony, so I will stick with Pinbot for my home collection.
1 year ago
clear easy objective is to shoot up the left ramp and spin her head till she's human then shoot up the center heart ramp for jackpot then send both balls up left ramp again for double jackpot. A simple concept but challenging at times and fun. The machine:Bride of Pinbot has fast smooth ball flow and original creative design and program code which I like. I suggest buying pinsound sound board and shaker kit to unlock more features to make The bride of Pinbot really come alive! The machine: Bride of Pinbot, High Speed, and Getaway: High Speed 2 are the most fun to play if you like fast ball flow for constant action.
1 year ago
One of the greatest of all time.
1 year ago
I first played bop at a convention years ago and I fell in love with it. I finally got my hands on one and its good for a home collection. I love the sounds, modes, gameplay, theme, and art work. Its very satisfying when you build your bride, the game shuts down and her heart starts to beat. Would recommend
1 year ago
This game has an amazing theme element - you're bringing the bride to life and it's done amazingly well considering the era and what they had to work with. Music and sounds really help seal the deal along with ridiculously innovative head mech. Art is decent, but the cabinet art might be the best of all time in my opinion.
Sadly the one ramp and mech shot dominates play, and once you've hit the billionaires club a few times, you might not be returning for more, especially in a small collection. Still, it's a fun game and everyone should at least play it enough to bring her alive one time.
1 year ago
I own this pinball machine. I love the bride's face mechanism that rotates around after reaching certain levels. It is exciting to play and it is a real hoot to reach the various stages of the game. I don't care too much for the lady's voice laughing at me. She over does it a bit and it can be irritating. I also wish this backbox had a modern display instead of the old style counter on it. Maybe some clever entrepreneur can make an upgrade with new sound chip, dmd chip and add a dmd? Shouldn't be to hard to do. Once again, I could play this game for hours straight!
1 year ago
I love this machine. It is true that the concept is rather simple, the game play gets repetitive and there is really only one major shot to master and once you master it the game feels extremely easy. I still love the machine... BoP is a classic.
1 year ago
The theme is just a bit risqe' in a robotic sort of way, has unique ramps and the sci-fi human/robot theme going for it.

Like many Williams games of this era, it is fun to play and I keep coming back for more.

Well done, Harry.
1 year ago
If I feel like I need to cuss, this is the game I play.

It is a worthy follow-up to Pinbot. I was actually looking for a Pinbot, but then came across a lot of videos about The Machine, and I decided it looked pretty cool. I found one and bought it. I am glad I did.

I don't really agree with some of the criticism that it is a one shot game. There is plenty to do as you don't just have to keep going for the left ramp. I've had the pin for about two months now, and I am no where near a master of it. The challenge keeps me coming back.
1 year ago
I know this is a "Classic Williams" game, but I just don't enjoy is as much as other classics made in this same era. The call outs are very repetitive and other than getting the metamorphosis completed (which is just the same shot over and over) there's just not that much to do with this game. With this being a WPC game, I feel like there should be a lot more to do. I enjoy many System 11 games wayyy more than this one.
2 years ago
I enjoy the game, its artwork, and connection to pinbot. My issue is that it really feels like a 1 shot game. I would play it on location, without a doubt...but it wouldn't be a home collection "keeper" for me.
2 years ago
Fun to play for awhile, but wouldn't want to bring her home. This is a winner at location or in a big collection. Awesome little story and gimmick. Gameplay is great until you master the left ramp shot, then it gets a little too easy.
There are 242 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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