The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

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Game design: 7.632

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Sounds/Music: 7.453

Other Aspects: 7.865

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There are 229 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
Such a great game with awesome alpha numeric display animations.
53 days ago
After30 years it’s still a great game to play
3 months ago
I have Pinbot, and have played the Bride on location many times. The evolution from Pinbot's Eyes to the Brides whole face is obvious, and the mechanism works great. The artwork is great, especially the BG. Still, it does seem somewhat like a one trick pony, so I will stick with Pinbot for my home collection.
4 months ago
One of the greatest of all time.
4 months ago
I first played bop at a convention years ago and I fell in love with it. I finally got my hands on one and its good for a home collection. I love the sounds, modes, gameplay, theme, and art work. Its very satisfying when you build your bride, the game shuts down and her heart starts to beat. Would recommend
4 months ago
This game has an amazing theme element - you're bringing the bride to life and it's done amazingly well considering the era and what they had to work with. Music and sounds really help seal the deal along with ridiculously innovative head mech. Art is decent, but the cabinet art might be the best of all time in my opinion.
Sadly the one ramp and mech shot dominates play, and once you've hit the billionaires club a few times, you might not be returning for more, especially in a small collection. Still, it's a fun game and everyone should at least play it enough to bring her alive one time.
5 months ago
I own this pinball machine. I love the bride's face mechanism that rotates around after reaching certain levels. It is exciting to play and it is a real hoot to reach the various stages of the game. I don't care too much for the lady's voice laughing at me. She over does it a bit and it can be irritating. I also wish this backbox had a modern display instead of the old style counter on it. Maybe some clever entrepreneur can make an upgrade with new sound chip, dmd chip and add a dmd? Shouldn't be to hard to do. Once again, I could play this game for hours straight!
7 months ago
I love this machine. It is true that the concept is rather simple, the game play gets repetitive and there is really only one major shot to master and once you master it the game feels extremely easy. I still love the machine... BoP is a classic.
7 months ago
The theme is just a bit risqe' in a robotic sort of way, has unique ramps and the sci-fi human/robot theme going for it.

Like many Williams games of this era, it is fun to play and I keep coming back for more.

Well done, Harry.
8 months ago
If I feel like I need to cuss, this is the game I play.

It is a worthy follow-up to Pinbot. I was actually looking for a Pinbot, but then came across a lot of videos about The Machine, and I decided it looked pretty cool. I found one and bought it. I am glad I did.

I don't really agree with some of the criticism that it is a one shot game. There is plenty to do as you don't just have to keep going for the left ramp. I've had the pin for about two months now, and I am no where near a master of it. The challenge keeps me coming back.
9 months ago
I know this is a "Classic Williams" game, but I just don't enjoy is as much as other classics made in this same era. The call outs are very repetitive and other than getting the metamorphosis completed (which is just the same shot over and over) there's just not that much to do with this game. With this being a WPC game, I feel like there should be a lot more to do. I enjoy many System 11 games wayyy more than this one.
11 months ago
I enjoy the game, its artwork, and connection to pinbot. My issue is that it really feels like a 1 shot game. I would play it on location, without a doubt...but it wouldn't be a home collection "keeper" for me.
1 year ago
Fun to play for awhile, but wouldn't want to bring her home. This is a winner at location or in a big collection. Awesome little story and gimmick. Gameplay is great until you master the left ramp shot, then it gets a little too easy.
1 year ago
A true Classic and under rated game !
this is a very cool pin that always makes you want to come back to it.
A special mention for the bot which is very pleasant to see and play, as well as the callouts « i can see » « i can speak » awesome ... i strongly recommend it, you have to play it
1 year ago
Love to hear her talk. Fun game. Cool features.
1 year ago
This game is definitely an experience. I don't think another pinball game tells a better story. The art and sound of this game are phenomenal.

However the head gimmick takes up too much of the playfield, and all the shots feel crowded. The gameplay suffers from this design decision.

It is fun to play, but it just doesn't have enough good shots.
1 year ago
this One is the best of the three "BOT" pins IMO , the rotating head with ball locks for eyes , then mouth for speech etc..... a really cool mech. that can still wow people the first time they see it in action
1 year ago
Love this game ! Great original theme .. getting one for my man cave asap !
1 year ago
Why yes, I would like to build a robot, thanks.
1 year ago
Love the light show and the challenge of building the machine and spinning the big wheel!
1 year ago
It's close between this and Medieval Madness in my pick for (if i had to recommend one pin to someone who's never played) This is one of the most approachable and playable machines ever created. It stuck so clearly in my memory as a youth playing it that I could remember playing it long after i could remember WHERE i played it. The rules are deep enough for veteran players but not so complex that new players can't have fun. A near perfect machine from a great mind.
1 year ago
"NOW I SEE YOU." The sexism and objectification of early pinball is clearly evident in this game. If one is able to set that aside, one finds a magnificent sequel to Pin*Bot. The rotating head at top left is a memorable toy, and perfectly integrated into the game rules. Great fast-paced game!
1 year ago
Yes, I know it’s left ramp all day but it is sure damn fun and satisfying to hit that ramp that it never seems to get old. It’s an easy to play game with a fantastic looking layout that keeps you playing again and again. The artwork is superb and the rotating faces steal the show! One of my all time favorites.
1 year ago
Not sure I understand the ranking here. This game could've and should've been SO much better than what we got. Instead, it's really just a one-shot pony with a ridiculous center drain. I mean, how many times can you shoot it up the left ramp? That's the whole damned game. What a waste considering everything else is a great production (the sounds and her voice alone are the best part). The face toy is also sweet. But great sound and toys do not a great pinball make! Played this for the first time a few weeks ago and I was really expecting more. It's just super tough with little to no variation. BEAUTIFUL... but in the end I'd have to also say BORING.
1 year ago
This isn't a good pinball machine to play, it's good only for the sound, when you make metamorphosis, but the game is limited to shooting repeatedly the left ramp to get the billionaire club. It's a shame
There are 229 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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