Lost World

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Game Design: 6.453

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Other Aspects: 6.871

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There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Pretty simple game, kinda repetitive but fun. Owned it before but sold it because it was pretty rough, but if I find a better condition one for the right price I would buy it again.
1 year ago
Best played with other players trying to challenge each others scores. The bonus is great if you hit your shots and watch the bonus roll up beating your competitor. Very decent game overall, average.

Edit after playing a few comparable games from the same era (Space Invaders and The Incredible Hulk) I don't find this game quite as thrilling anymore and the 2 mentioned seem superior to Lost World.
1 year ago
Good rule set for building up your score. This game plays well when it's steeper/fast. Pretty basic rule set for this era of Bally. The theme doesn't do much for me but the shots are more satisfying. I don't own one now but would be happy to add this to the lineup.
1 year ago
this pin is one of the best SS classics i know. The sound on the one i played was broken but the art was just marvelous. The overall feeling of the pin was fantastic and it played really well.
2 years ago
Wish there was a bit more to keep the player's attention.

You are lured in with an attractive art package only to find a complete lack of personality when it comes to gameplay. Its still pinball though, so that is something.
3 years ago
I got to play a nice example several times. I tried to like it but it is just not for me. It works only if it is the only pin on the floor. Some of the Bally sound sets of that era are OK. I don't care for the sounds on this pin at all.
3 years ago
Love the back glass, but that’s about it... no drop targets ruined this game.... I bought as a combo purchase and I quickly learned why the seller did it that way cause there is no way I would have purchased as a stand alone... very boring game with the first boring digital sounds..... skip it
3 years ago
Sound gets annoying after a while. Machine looks nice but does not play that good.
4 years ago
This is one of the first pinball machines that I've owned and it's always fun to play. It has 2 captive ball shots and a pretty straightforward layout.
4 years ago
It's a good thing this game has a phenomenal art package, because if it didn't, this would probably rank as one of the worst games Bally ever released during the pinball boom. Top to bottom the art on the game is wonderful--the detail in the three colour cabinet art is some of the best stenciling from any manufacturer. And then you press the start button, and it all turns to mud. The game really has little going for it. I see where the design was a break from the traditional dual spinners with top kickout--the game offers dual kickouts and a top spinner. Shooting a direct shot to a kickout hole is never as satisfying as shooting a direct shot to a spinner, right? The captive ball is an ugly and useless addition to the playfield. It is a shame the art package was used on this game. If it were paired with a better layout, it would have been an instant classic.
5 years ago
Look at that Paul Faris artwork, damn! That guy can draw for a pinball machine! Yeah!

The layout is simple and it plays how you'd expect. The only real notable thing here is the art, without it, I don't think Lost World would be too special.
6 years ago
I recently picked up this game in pretty used condition. After replacing the rubbers, plastics, burnt bulbs, new pinballs, new decals, a broken flipper bushing, original flippers, new legs and levelers and adjusting switches, it actually is a very fun game! I like the old-school look and feel of the game. It's no-nonsense pinball from 1977. No ramps or multiball, but after playing my newer machines and switching to Lost Word, it's pretty refreshing to play a game at a reduced pace and you can actually follow the ball. My particular game has some soundboard and lamp driver issues, but once I get those resolved, I would say this is almost my favorite game in my collection!
7 years ago
Lost World is beautiful. In my opinion, one of the best looking machines of all time. Not much else needs to be said about the artwork.

The game-play is simple but fun. The captive ball is rewarding and the spinner is a nice touch. The two kick-out holes are nice to shoot for also. I always enjoyed lighting everything then hitting the Dragon's Den for the extra ball. There is something rewarding about hearing that knocker go off. Lost World takes you back to a time when you still tried to achieve Specials and you were rewarded for your efforts.

Unfortunately, that's about it when comes to the game-play. I don't want to judge too harshly and we should keep in mind when the game was released, but it does get old.

It's first machine to replace the chime-unit with electronic sounds....I would rather have a chime unit if that tells you about the sounds. It's also one of the first (if not THE first) to save the high score which I'm sure was quite a feature in 1977.

To sum it up, Lost World is more of an art piece.
8 years ago
I found that pin very recently... played that one decades ago, then forgot about it. Big disappointment.
This is a good-looking pin (as I remembered). Unfortunately, rules are somewhat bad, even for that time (Borry Orr's power play is much better, and from the same era, right ?). Sound is bad. Overall, OK for a few games... no more.
8 years ago
One of the most beautiful games ever made... and an advancement in graphics tech with a 4 color process instead of a die for each color.

The Pros: A great art package to look at. Especially if you want to get your Frazetta on! The The Dragon's den captive ball shot is very satisfying when hit. I'd love to have a BG to frame on my wall. Heck, I'd even do the same for the PF.

The Cons:
The Gameplay is very simple. Even with the conservative settings, it's not challenging. I'd go as far as to say it's downright dull to play. One of Gary Gayton's worst layouts.

The Takeaway: A great deck for a beginner. I remember playing the heck out of this game when I was a kid. When I played it again a few years ago... it did not live up to the fond memories of the past. I actually shook my head thinking... "This was the game I played when I was 12?"

It's all about a-e to light 5x (+ a few spinner rips) and collect the whammy-jammy bonus score. I like hitting the captive ball... but... why? The hard part is waiting for that 5x bonus score to eventually count down until the next ball is ready. I mean... I know it's early SS tech, but that bonus count puts me to sleep.
9 years ago
A decent game for its age.. maybe a little bit of a miss compared to the better games of the era
10 years ago
High marks for artwork. Sounds were probably considered good back in late 70's / early 80's, but sort of lame by todays standards. Lighting is fine. Spinner w/ its associated lights is great.
10 years ago
This was the first Pinball i played in my life. I was a kid and loved it. It was one of the first pinballs in my grandfathers pub and the fantasy artwork hooked me to it. I was too young to realy play it but i remember every detail of the artwork.
10 years ago
Sorta fun, back in the day would be rocking for its time, just ok today.
11 years ago
This is the first pinball my dad bought. For circa 1980 this was a fun machine but pinballs have made so many advancements over the last 30 years with ramps, kickbacks ect .......a game to add to a collection for those wanting to experience the way pinball used to be. Kinda like a car guy w/ a Model T sitting next to his Corvette & Ferrari.
There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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