Lord of the Rings (Stern, 2003)

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Pinsider Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
on Lord of the Rings
1,680,725,180 2012-02-01 location 3 #1
on Lord of the Rings
1,008,000,000 2017-04-17 home 3 #2
“1.5 hr game on LOTR's. Bought it NIB. Sadly sold it(more then I paid for it) but now wish I would not have. If you total all the time I have spend playing pinball in my life this machine would account for 1/3 of it. Got to Valinor. ”
on Lord of the Rings
971,241,332 2013-05-06 home 6 #3
“The greatest game I have ever played on any game, Valinor !!!!”
on Lord of the Rings
920,545,000 2015-04-20 home 3 #4
“LE, rules slightly harder for starting some MB's, 2 ball DTR, 2nd trip to Valinor, 1.5 hours. Taba completed (not just started) twice, 15 gifts, ”
on Lord of the Rings
891,065,890 2015-01-08 home 3 10.02 #6
“90 minute game. First time to Valinor! Destroyed the Ring 3 times. ”
on Lord of the Rings
771,254,020 2012-10-09 home 3 #7
on Lord of the Rings
724,086,200 2014-12-29 home 3 #8
on Lord of the Rings
675,000,000 2012-07-06 home 3 #9
on Lord of the Rings
595,830,080 2014-12-26 home 3 #11
“Valine achieved. Rubbers removed from outlanes ”
on Lord of the Rings
588,889,089 2010-01-10 home 3 #12
on Lord of the Rings
561,246,370 2015-09-28 home 3 #13
“I got Valinor on my second time through. Only hold up was Fellowship Multiball. 9 Gifts of the Elves. What a rush!”
on Lord of the Rings
517,000,000 2012-05-09 home 3 10.02 #15
“Admittedly, Too generous with extra balls on this one -- had both Replay and Special set to award extra balls. Alas, no Valinor -- twice had Destroy Ring to advance to Valinor, and drained.”
on Lord of the Rings
509,379,850 2018-07-06 home 3 #16
on Lord of the Rings
509,206,420 2014-03-27 home 3 #17
“Almost a 2 hour game. One shot from Valinor. Missed the ring and SDTM.”
on Lord of the Rings
504,696,850 2017-09-05 home 3 #18
on Lord of the Rings
496,500,570 2015-07-03 home 3 #19
“DTR twice but never destroyed. Collected all Gifts plus the extra one. Got 5 out of 6 on TABA. Lotsa extra balls. 60 minute game. Previous best was like 260M.”
on Lord of the Rings
488,306,530 2013-07-13 home 3 latest #20
“no valinor. there and back again twice. couldnt complete one of the multi's!”
on Lord of the Rings
480,212,120 2015-04-23 location 3 #21
on Lord of the Rings
438,789,710 2013-01-08 home 3 #23
on Lord of the Rings
433,228,940 2015-03-03 home 3 Latest #24
“Too long!”
on Lord of the Rings
400,241,630 2014-10-03 home 3 #26
on Lord of the Rings
385,359,990 2015-05-09 home 3 #27
“No Valinor--missing ROTK.”
on Lord of the Rings
385,070,200 2012-09-07 home 3 #28
on Lord of the Rings
384,745,000 2016-04-28 location 3 #29
“4 Gifts of the Elves, 1 Special, 3 Extra Balls, Grand Champion, 3 replays earned”
on Lord of the Rings
355,438,580 2012-12-07 home 5 #30
on Lord of the Rings
337,341,800 2013-11-09 home 3 #31
on Lord of the Rings
329,083,500 2014-03-10 location 3 #32
“This is my second crack at this game, i understand most of the rules now, but still not sure of the best scoring strategy. The VUK was occasionally not working, so some of the timed modes and a couple of the ring frenzies were stuffed up by this. This game is very enjoyable, but too easy to own. This game i scored over 150M on the first ball without an extra ball. ”
on Lord of the Rings
320,500,320 2014-11-25 home 3 #33
on Lord of the Rings
314,475,220 2017-06-27 home 3 #34
“Destroy the ring twice. Got 5 out of the 6 gift of the elves. There and Back Again. 40 minute game. ”
on Lord of the Rings
314,360,230 2016-06-04 location 3 #35
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