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Game design: 8.959

Artwork: 8.359

Sounds/Music: 8.458

Other Aspects: 8.82

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4 days ago
Great implementation of the theme. This game often sends me packing. The shots are fantastic. It’s an epic adventure.
5 days ago
This game definitely benefits from an LED upgrade. Wish this would be vaulted. Fairly long ball times with a lot to work on. Getting all the movie multiballs is pretty easy, but completing them and all the modes is another story.
22 days ago
When u play this game alot, and maybe manage to beat the game. You probably wont pick this up again. A great game for new players. Easy to understand but hard to master. The only problem is when you master it, the fun slightly fades away.
72 days ago
Super boring and 45+ minute games that dont get you on the board!
74 days ago
My 2nd favorite stern (JP2 #1). I owned a beautiful example and while the game is amazing artwork hurts it a little bit for me. I also played it non stop to get to Valinor and kinda burnt myself out on it. No game screams integration like LOTR. If I had more money and room it's a keeper. Its a long player, but needs to be to fit it all in. It's a game that needs to be able to sit a week or longer after a couple long Valinor attempts. All in all a fantastic addition especially in a 5-10 game lineup.
74 days ago
I think this is a great pinball machine, but what is holding me back from owning it is the horrible, horrible art, specifically the playfield design. It just looks hideous and that is something that is really important for me personally. But let's put that aside (imagine this got a reskin...) and look at the rest of the machine.
This is truly a multiball lover's game. A lot of stuff going on, great amount of modes, an almost unbeatable wizard mode - what's not to love about playing this machine. Minor negative for me is that the amazing soundtrack from the movies is implemented in a subpar way, which is probably something that can be improved with some extra upgrades.
All in all, if you want to go for gameplay and are not concerned with art, this is a top notch machine. Fingers crossed for that reskin!
4 months ago
Interesting layout and good shot variety. This is one I don't get to play too often so i'm still getting a feel for the rules and logic. I do like the creativity in how the ball travels. I'm not big on playfield toys. However, this pin has some really cool shots and it's unique features really bring the theme to life. Has some flow to it but also becomes stop and go at times. I think the lighting could be a little bit better. I feel like it's missing something for me. Didn't hold my attention for long, but it's still a really good pin.
4 months ago
Wonderful game. Balanced. Music is great. Beautiful to look at. Shots are great. One of the best no doubt.
4 months ago
One of Sterns most entertaining titles. The ingenuity behind many of the playfield toys and the fact that most of them are actually well-integrated in gameplay and scoring as opposed to "built for show but not performance" ( like X-men for example) puts this pinball in the top league.

The playfield area is utilized to its fullest. But somehow this game still manages to leave enough room for varied shots and
playerfriendly view over the different playfield spots. Definately one of the best tables from the early 2000's. It looks marvellous and the sound package is both thrilling and well balanced towards the story.
4 months ago
My personal favorite pin! Fun machine and great theme!
4 months ago
It's just one i can live without.
5 months ago
Awesome Game
5 months ago
The game is extremely addictive and entertaining. The games are long enough and above all, there are many multiball to unlock. That's great strength. The only negative is that sometimes the rhythm and broken during animation too long on the DMD. 3 skill shots (one easy, second ok, and last very hard). Excellent design and gameplay.
But after all an excellent game. 9.5 / 10
5 months ago
this is definitely in my top 5 favorite pins, the only reason I can't give it a perfect 10 is because of the God awful playfield and cabinet art. besides this though, it really is a perfect game. it's just as epic as the books and movies. the progression of the modes into destroying the ring is extremely satisfying all while being one of the best shooting games I've played. if a vaulted version came out with updated artwork I would buy it in a heartbeat. and call it my precious....
5 months ago
This machine and its rules scream simplicity, finish the modes and complete the multiball and your off to Valinor. Easy right, or so one think after completing destroy the ring once there is a sense of relief, you just have to do it 2 more times. Overall a great machine with fun modes and rules.
6 months ago
I’ve owned this game for 14 years. It’s played weekly and well-maintained. I’ve very little errors, the playfield has held up extremely well.
The mini games make this game, challenging sequencing of shots and keep things interesting. The music, vo, and Sfx are stunning and well integrated. Shots are challenging and rules and mode stacking are the best. The game will never leave my collection.
6 months ago
This game is a very cool game. The music during the mode there and back again is really cool. The callouts are awesome in my opinion. My personal favorite callouts are the ones by Gandalf. Destroy the ring is very fun mode and satisfying to complete.
6 months ago
I love this game. One of the forever greats. It's hard to argue anything wrong with it esp. For the time.
6 months ago
You can't go wrong with Lord of the Rings. The game isn't perfect, but it's really good. Probably my #3 game ever. The path of the dead could have been better or eliminated and it needs a better toy. The rules and depth of this game is where it shines. All the modes are different and using the inserts the game lets you know how to complete the mode. Reaching Valinor is so hard that I don't know if those stars will ever align.

I think this is Stern's best game ever.
7 months ago
A beautifful table of Mr Gomez by stern.
My precious
7 months ago
Finally got a chance to play this at a pinball convention and it was a lot of fun. I am a big fan of the movies and the theme is integrated well. Game play is good with little tendency to side drain. Multiple modes keep it interesting along with just enough challenging shots. I hope Stern considers a re-release with a large LCD and movie footage.
7 months ago
Such a great game, good rules, gets you feeling like you're in the world. It was made too early. Could have benefited from the newer screen options, but still a classic.
7 months ago
It is not the prettiest playfield art, other than that it is almost perfect on all other pinside rating categories
. Fun to play, hard to master and fun to play every time.
8 months ago
Gameplay is good but games takes lot of time like the hobbit
8 months ago
I think the sound is its weakest part... Game is ok fun, but doesn't suck me in
There are 655 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 27.

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