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31 days ago
I have this game for about a half year now and i still play it allmost every day, or at least weekly when busy from work.

I love the 4 different multiballs, the different modes, extra modes like "destroy the ring", "bash balrog", "there and back" or "ring frenzy".
This games has endless stuff to collect and modes to play. Shots are a bit difficult in the beginning, but after some practice it gets a bit more easy, but still very sattisfying.
Balltimes can be pretty long, but i like that in a pinball game :)

Sound and call outs are great, like the "SUPERJACKPOT WHAHAHAAAA"
And the different kinds of songs are nice too.

A weaker point is deffenitly the playfield artwork, it is not the best... but the gameplay makes me forget about that at all times.

If you never played this, YOU SHOULD!
31 days ago
Top game with zero flaws. Tons of shots, great toys, and an awesome theme. Great for home use, on location, or use in tournaments.
As a side note, there are a lot of great mods for this pin as well.
38 days ago
Wow, just great overall. No other game feels like LotR. If my collection was bigger it would stay. After you get good at the shots the games last too long but it is so much fun. Rules make sense. The Barlog is cool but not necessary. I do like it in the mode it fits in but the random Barlog serves no purpose. Everyone should own this game at least once.
38 days ago
I love the theme. The gameplay of this pinball is challenging and fun. It´s just a perfect game.
52 days ago
Quite possibly the best Stern ever made and one of the best games - period. Perfect for the home environment in any size collection. Great rules and excellent layout with tons of unique toys and shots. Keeper!
53 days ago
This is the game i've racked up the most hours on. Destroying the ring was and still is a blast. Very progressive. Not good for comp play but a fantastic machine for the home and family. Theme is also second to none.
81 days ago
Amazing pin, gameplay very deep! And valinor mode is very hard
89 days ago
Have played this game a ton! Ruleset and code allow for even a casual fan of this game to get into it. Love the call outs, wish the animation included movie trailer files. Overall, one of the best games I've played.
3 months ago
I played this machine about 20 times, I was engrossed even though I am not a huge LOTR fan. I would say that this definitely the best stern (along with RBION) that I have played. This stern is the only one I would consider actually buying.
4 months ago
Amazing code. At the time it was the best in pinball. Almost everyone agrees that the rules for LotR score perfect.

Layout is fun but imperfect. Path of the Dead is annoying... It is repetitive and boring compared to other similar “upper path” areas like on IJ and TZ. Right ramp is a a bit of a clunker as well. But despite these flaws the layout is still solid.

There is no better theme than LotR... and it is integrated so well in this pin. I am dying for better playfield art... not only is it cheaply photoshopped, but the actual printing is washed out.

Overall I this is a great pin, undoubtedly top 20, but top 10 is understandable. Top 5 overrates it a bit...
4 months ago
I find this game borring - sorry!
5 months ago
The more I play other games, the more I think about how great this game is. I played Attack of Mars, and while it was enjoyable, it couldn’t hold a candle to the game play experience of LoTR.
6 months ago
One of the best ever.
6 months ago
This game is deep! I imagine this will get more and more fun the longer we have it.
Just scratching the surface!
Love the theme Some shots are easy, some are tough, nice mix
7 months ago
Talk about a pin with a lot going on! If you're a fan of the series you'll adore this game. If not? You'll probably still love it. I think its one of Stern's best early 2000's machines. The center ring/eye shot is rad, the barlog toy is a glowing feature of pure joy when activated, the sword ramp is an incredible touch and almost worth the price of play, the winding ramps are sure to bring a smile, and the toys suit the field perfectly. The gameplay is fun and rewarding, collecting your companions with different shots is a blast, and the modes are incredibly enjoyable...whether its out running the Nazgul, or escaping from Shelob, there's not one event that's a snooze. Great pin, great sound, playfield, great animations....easy to understand why its a top 10. With this one, Stern definitely has my sword for this journey.
7 months ago
This game is so good, that I even give a pass to the Stern clipart playfield, and it's pretty bad. I think the longer I own it, the more I realize that it's almost part of it's charm. The game does everything else so well, that it almost has to show a flaw. For me, the rules are a masterpiece. I've been just a few shots away from Valinor, yet, it seems so far away. It's the only game I've ever played that makes me feel like I'm part of the adventure. People say this sometimes about IJ, but I've owned it and never thought that. This game really pulls you in with perfectly placed sound bites, and a great musical score. I think I ever decide that I only need to keep one game, this could very well be the one.
8 months ago
Only my 5th pin... but on a different level to anything else I've played or owned.
I'm a LOTR fan: books and movies... and the game has the massive advantage of the movie assets. It uses them well... but it's the rule set and game/play field design that really lift LOTR to the highest level of pinball.
Only my spending on mods means it's not perfect lol.
8 months ago
One of my all time favorite pinball machines. I own one now and it is my second one. It has everything so its tough to knock of any points on this game. I find it tougher then what some folks say but I usually have my pins set of difficult with the outlanes opened up. The game has great flow and a great rule set. Music, sound, callouts, artwork package, toys all seem to work with the software. If you're a LOTR fan that is icing on the cake. I highly recommend this game. You won't regret owning LOTR.
9 months ago
Lots of shots, always new things to be doing, great flow in the orbits and ramps, colorful in a good way.
9 months ago
Good game. Not quite as good as some make it out to be, but it's fun to play and has a solid rule set and some tough shots.
9 months ago
A fine game, could/should have been great!
11 months ago
Great theme integration with excellent callouts. Tons of variety on the packed fan layout with lots of interesting toys. The ring shot is always satisfying. Can be a long player and sometimes one game is enough.
12 months ago
I've had this game about 3 weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I find it more difficult than most claim but i have set it up hard. Can tend to get going on a longer game but i haven't found that to be an issue yet. I also haven't found the sound quality to be as bad as some have claimed but i wonder if it varies from machine to machine. In general, the game will keep your interest and not disappoint - deserves its place in the top 10. Not sure how kid friendly the theme is. i love it but some kids may find it a little intense. This is one of my favorite pins and even more so now that i have one and can truly dive into the rules.
Pros: theme, music, animations (colordmd well worth it on this machine), flow, toys (ring and balrog), variety of skillshots, ramps, and the RULES/Depth
Cons: playfield art. Can see what others mean about photoshop quality used. the art chosen and used is good but could have been executed better . a lot of comments exist about path of the dead. it is a slower shot but sometimes i try to use it to get a 5 second break.
1 year ago
First, the negatives. This is one of the worst multi player games in existence. Ball times can be a bit long (although everything is adjustable) and switching players breaks up the epic journey feeling of the pin. Also, the playfield artwork is a little muddy and some of the sound clips seem to be sampled at a lower quality rate.

The positives? Everything else. This game is immersive in so many ways. It's an epic journey and the "on a quest" feeling that the game gives you is unrivaled. The music enhances the theme and it fits the action perfectly. This game also has great voice work and some of the best custom call outs in pinball. The code is deep, the modes offer plenty of variety, and playing thru the movie themed multi-ball modes is the perfect balance of challenging and fun. The game is also loaded with great shots and nailing the center ring shot never gets old. Great custom dot animations round out the package and make a ColorDMD a must have on this title. Overall, this is a top tier pinball machine that arguably offers the best immersive experience in pinball.
1 year ago
After years of ignoring this game (I’m not familiar with the movies, but I love the 1977 animated Hobbit), I decided to read up on this game and started to play it in local bars. I was immediately struck by how inspired it feels. The ramps are unique. The playfield is complicated but tasteful. Artwork, music and callouts are very good. The code is excellent and deep. Plenty to do. You don’t have to be a fan of the movies. This game stands on its own. Maybe the best long-ball adventure game I’ve played. I soon wanted to own one. Now I see why this game is so highly regarded. It’s not really that hard, but it depends a lot on your settings. Just a really unique game designed and built by a lot of talented people. Probably Stern’s crown jewel.

*UPDATE - I traded my first LOTR and missed it too much. So I found an even nicer one and bought it again. Beautiful, balanced adventure game with fantastic sound and perfect rules. Great shot variety. This one is staying.
There are 606 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 25.

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