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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Lord of the Rings ". The group itself ranks #12 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.89

Artwork: 8.237

Sounds/Music: 8.318

Other Aspects: 8.741

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Lord of the Rings Limited Edition".
The other version is: Lord of the Rings (regular version)

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There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Great game!
5 years ago
See my LOTR review
5 years ago
This is the top rated Stern for good reason. Excellent integration of theme, movies, and pinball combined with great rules and depth. The only complaint I have is that I need to take long breaks from the machine. The one I own gets traded with friends for 6 months at a time, and each time it returns, I remember why I love it so much. Unfortunately, after playing it for several months, it is time for it to leave again. The main reason is that I find myself playing the game with one goal in mind -- getting to Valinor. Once I get obsessed with that goal, I tend to not have as much fun with the game. Once it returns from being out of the house for a while, I can enjoy exploring the rules, appreciating the sounds and lights, and enjoy getting to the mini wizard modes again. LE vs regular? No reason to have one over the other unless you like spending cash and want the bragging rights.
5 years ago
Fun game to get into but it's quickly lost it's difficulty as the ball times seem to be so long.
6 years ago
Very fun pinball much different than the standard edition due to shaker motor. I am not a fan of the gold trim. It is a pinball the more you the play the more interesting it becomes. Rule set difficult for beginners is only draw back. I'm “New players” tend to like Addams Family or Attack from Mars better at first.
6 years ago
Absolutely beautiful game with some if not the best rules in a pin.
6 years ago
Best game ever...
6 years ago
The theme works well and reflects on the machine. Biggest problem for me, I don't want to be able to play an hour on one ball. It's just far too easy, yes, yes valanor etc but who want to play on one game for the period of time to reach this. I like pins that can be ruthless allowing for either a 1min ball time, but if lucky and all the stars align, maybe 10-15min. That's what keeps you coming back, swearing at the machine, not turning it on for one game and then turning it off.
6 years ago
Top 10 pinball........ enough said!!!

Marked it down slightly for the photo shopped playfield.
6 years ago
Fun to play but the theme does nothing for me and I really have no idea what any of the references are about. Not a big fan of the artwork but it may fit the style of the movie?
6 years ago
Game Design: Probably sterns best. They layout is configured that you can extend ball times compared to a lot of other games. I particularly like the different modes in the game and how you start them. Multiball is really fun in this game as it is fast and furious! If there were a small criticism about the design it would be the path of the dead. Really could use some different call outs Overall game play is tremendous. Love owning this game.

Artwork: Beautiful artwork. The playfield artwork is gorgeous. If you look closely you can see the wood grain though some of the playfield artwork. Something this beautiful should have had more whiteboard before screening the playfield. The cabinet and back box artwork compliment the playfield. OVer all this was done very well.

Sound and Music: I mentioned the call outs on the path of the dead above. Really the only thing that should have been improved. The rest of the sound fits the game very well.

Other Aspects: Game lighting is awesome. I couldn't help but put a led's in my playfield and back box. Bottom line is this game is plain fun! I love the theme and will keep it in my collection for a long time.
6 years ago
I do like this game, but without getting a decent amount of time in or watching a tutorial it's hard to know how to rack up points. If you are new to the game, longs balls can sometimes end up in surprisingly low scores. It is easy however to get immersed in the theming and music/sound integration. Making the ring shot at the right time is always cool, but that balrog toy is a drain maker.
6 years ago
Awesome game. I think the brass trim looks great on this game. I just wish it held up better. I don't mind the gold on the backglass at all. Shaker is well integrated. Everything else is exactly as the normal pin.
6 years ago
An outstanding pin with a great integration of theme, excellent shots, deep rules with difficult yet attainable objectives, a tough final wizard mode to get to but imagine the sense of accomplishment when achieved. Excellent animations, call outs, artistry and beautiful cabinet and back-glass.
7 years ago
It's all about the rules! As good as it gets.
8 years ago
A very deep & challenging game thanks to Keith Johnson's impeccable ruleset. The ring magnet is also awesome to witness for the first time (when it works, that is). Killer modes, sound & voiceovers make for quite an immersive experience. A Stern classic.
8 years ago
Stern's best, hands down.
8 years ago
This rating is based off of my review of the standard LOTR game. Lord of the Rings is a pinball journey based on the books and stories of JRR Tolkein.

The Pros:
Great theme and programming. You can lose yourself in the game for an hour or three, easily. Modes and multiballs are well thought out and implemented. Dwight Sullivan and Keith Johnson should be given a medal for the amount of work that they did AFTER the game was released. True geeks at heart giving it all for a theme they love, just like they did with TSPP! This version of the game looks less cluttered without the happy-meal toys. The shaker is a nice addition to this deck.

The Cons:
The Gollum shot. Don't get me started as it seems that the ball is only supposed to go into the pops behind it. Valinor can take forever to get to. It's "wizard" mode, not a "you're gonna be as old as gandalf before you get to it" mode. Yeah... Ok I admit that I've never gotten to it. Must work on pin-fu! Artwork is muddy on the pf. I like the BG even less as the gold outlines are blocky and remind me of the mustard that I put on my pretzel at the county fair.

Set this game up to your personality (settings and outlanes) and enjoy the ride. This is one of a few newer Stern games that really is well executed. a truly challenging game that is an epic journey in itself. Well done guys.
9 years ago
Stern screwed up on the backglass design with - the gold d*ck outline. They were pretty smart to introduce shaker motor to the le first, otherwise the game plays exactly like the standard, which can be upgraded now to use the shaker motor.
9 years ago
Epic Pinball. Excellent rule set. Extra clear coat. 10.2 pal chip for added shaker motor.Gold trim.Real Glass,Back Glass. Top 10 pinball. This is the top rated Stern for good reason. Excellent integration of theme, movies, and pinball combined with great rules and depth.
There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 2.

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