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Game Design: 8.89

Artwork: 8.237

Sounds/Music: 8.318

Other Aspects: 8.741

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Lord of the Rings Limited Edition".
The other version is: Lord of the Rings (regular version)

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There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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30 days ago
I had the opportunity to buy this one and the Hobbit. When I tried both, I was very disappointed in this game. I was expecting so much more. In fact I could have bought both at the same time, and was disappointed enough not too. Yes - I bought the Hobbit!
4 months ago
one of sterns best games of 00s, this is a challenging game with long play times.
11 months ago
Really good pin to own, I seem to come back to this one again and again. It's a very deep pin with good theming, fun and different when playing. Music is great and as it was in the movie, layout is very good with challenging but not impossible shots to advance gameplay.. Overall its a top 5 pin in my books..
1 year ago
Easily my top 5 Stern games made. Has a more modern feel to Medieval with some tighter shots. They fit quite a bit in for an open playfield. Good opportunity to work on your ramp/loop combo shots as they'll be needed with this title. A well adjusted machine will have good ring shots too though I've played a few where the ring can be frustrating. If you own one you can scale the mode difficulties quite a bit as you become comfortable with the machine.
1 year ago
One of the top pins of all time. I love my LE, but the regular version has more toys. Both are fantastic to play and if I see one at a convention or in the wild I will always stop and give it a run. I've owned LOTR LE for a few years and have only destroyed the ring a handful of times so it's definitely difficult and worth owning. Replay is top notch.
1 year ago
It is not the prettiest playfield art, other than that it is almost perfect on all other pinside rating categories
. Fun to play, hard to master and fun to play every time.
1 year ago
First off, I bought (traded rather), this game full of mods, so I've never played the un-modded plain-Jane version....I don't think it would color my opinion that much, but wanted to state that off the get go...

Wow... what a fun, fun, homerun of a game. I can see how this is definitely a top 10 game. The theming is spot on, a nice variety of shots and despite what some people say it is challenging. Yes, the balls are long - but are you actually completing all the modes? Getting gift of elves after every mode? Valenor must not be a problem then!! ;)

If I was to nit pick at stuff I don't like I find the call outs are the same and repeat themselves often. The game I traded it for (Spiderman + Cash) has such a nice variety of comedic call outs by the great JK Simmonds, and I really miss this. I've had the game 3 days and I'm already kind of sick of the vanilla call outs.

Having said that, the theming is spot on - the modes are great - they make me remember the actual scenes in the movie that they refer to. Everything is great honestly, I can't think of something that really turns me off so much that I would say this isn't a great buy. Better than most games I've played by a wide margin!

A true classic!
1 year ago
Lord of the Rings is one of the best offerings from Stern. I feel if they ever vaulted the game with an art package from Zombie Yeti, it might reach number one in the rankings. In tern of the playfield most of the shots, either directly or indirectly, feed safely back to the inlanes. In fact, every "character" shot in the game can feed back to the inlanes. This is dependent on diverters and posts, but still having seven shots feed inlanes can lead to long ball times. I view this as both the best and worst characteristic of the machine. The rules on this game perfectly complement the layout. They are deep enough that playing never feels like a bore. I also feel like the game give you options of going for one of the wizard modes: There and Back Again or Destroy the Ring. Toys and gimmicks include the Ring (magnet), Bolrog (bash toy), and Path of the Dead (upper playfield). Of all the toys, my favorite by far is the ring. Ripping the spinner and having the ball jump up through the ring to be caught by a magnet is a fun way to start modes. Bolrog is a simple bash toy, which is okay. Path of the Dead is a bit of a throwback to old school pinball. I almost wish they would have reduced the slope of this upper playfield to make nudging more effective. Bottom line, if your collection is in need of a deep game, this is certainly one of the best. This is one of the few games where, I would rather have the regular over the limited edition.
1 year ago
Gameplay is good but games takes lot of time like the hobbit
2 years ago
Theme content superb
2 years ago
This is turning out to be one of those PINS that plays different from the other. Some days I can’t control the ball because of where it hits on the playing field. And other days the flippers are too strong and you need a little bit more finesse. I would say this is a ideal first pin to purchase. It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong I enjoy it but it really could use a redo from stern.
2 years ago
This is just a deep game with an incredible layout and smooth shots. The theme is one of the best in pinball. If you are looking for a great ruleset pin for your collection, this is it.
2 years ago
I've now had my LOTR LE for a few months and can confirm it's fully deserving of its reputation. It shoots amazingly well, the sounds, theme and animations are all outstanding. The rules are simply out of this world, and each play is like going through the epic story. Love the backglass on the LE (okay, besides the "famous beard"), and the gold trim has a lovely shine, plus compliments the theme really well.

Any negatives? Well, nitpicking but maybe the sword ramp is a bit clunky, and the infamous photoshopped playfield doesn't exactly pop. Also while the callouts are great, the sound quality is a tad below par. If Stern ever do a vault edition and clean up the sound and artwork, I think this would be close to perfection as far as pinball goes.

Games can be quite long sometimes, but that's a plus point for me - it certainly doesn't get boring, there's a lot to do on this one. :)
2 years ago
Easily the best game I’ve played...once you understand the deep rule set. The LE with color DMD and added figurines is beautiful, and I love the soft lighting throughout the machine. I consider this machine the pinnacle of pinball!
2 years ago
Your all read the reviews on the standard edition and this LE is just polish on an otherwise amazingly deep game with amazing shots... CLASSIC deep game... now would it be in my 1-2 game collection? No... I'd want something less deep but in a decent sized collection its AMAZING!
3 years ago
Absolutely the best pin I ever played! Tough to get to wizard mode but makes you want to keep coming back!
3 years ago
Ridiculous amount of shots. Balrog, and tower toys, ring magnet. Very deep code. Plays smooth and fast. Deserves its spot in the top 10. I took away marks for the animations and sound but they are still above average.
3 years ago
This machine is for true pinball players. You simply can not win this machine without some serious ball diversion. It’s challenging and fun: launching ball into eye is cool. Very dark color: so Led upgrades will improve sights of game. Sounds amazing. Theme is great.
4 years ago
I upgraded my LE with high end speakers, external sub, color DMB, invisiglass, LED flashers, Color changing LED back box, and a bunch of other goodies. With these upgrades it makes the game simply incredible. Very deep rules, challenging shots....bottom line this game is very fun, love the artwork, music, animations, and when your lucky enough to destroy the ring....look out...its awesome...
4 years ago
See my LOTR comments.
There are only a few small cosmetic differences between the 2 models.
4 years ago
In my opinion this is one of Stearns best remakes/LE. This is an epic game. At first it is fun to play but takes perseverance to complete the basic goals. Once you become good it still takes extreme strategy and skillful playing to actually complete the game. Lots of modes and multi-balls to complete. Probably the best game to incorporate an up scaled color DMD. Shaker is a big plus, although it can be added to the earlier version. The highly polished brass trim is beautiful.
4 years ago
This is on of my favorite pins, mostly because once you start it will be a 45 minute epic pinball journey.

The layout looks simple and open, but it is done pretty awesome with the ring, the ballrog and the diverter for the tower. Plenty of narrow unique shots.
I wouldn't say the rules are very difficult but indeed there is a lot to do and to accomplish. The end game multiball is very, very hard to achieve.

The playfield artwork sucks, just photoshop clipart like all Sterns with very few exeptions (Metallica, Ghostbusters). The backglass is hideous too.
The shaker motor is the only difference with the standard one. A must have pin in any collection!
4 years ago
A great game with a lot of different things to shoot for.
It has a Deep rule set, which im still learning.
Great playfield layout.
I have a feeling the better you understand this pin, the better it gets rated.
Cant see this leaving anytime shortly.
The LE lacks the figures of the original , which is a pitty.
However, they can all still be purchased and fitted , no problem.
I think ,it finishes off the LE perfectly.
4 years ago
Simply, pinball perfection. I sold this game once and I will NEVER make that mistake again. Far, far, far better than The Hobbit if you are looking for a Middle Earth fix.
5 years ago
Played it at a meet. Rules look interesting but didn't have time to gel with it. Playfield was very dark I thought.
There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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