Liberty Bell


Liberty Bell

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Game Design: 7.911

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Other Aspects: 7.974

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There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
This game is just a two player version of Grand Prix which everyone seems to love so I guess I don't understand why this isn't more popular (except for a bland theme). Two spinners to rip which are fun as heck and a classic EM build up your bonus situation. Really fun game to play, and this is coming from someone who owns it and keeps wanting to play more. Simple rule set knocking down drop targets to light double bonus and then building up the bonus to here those chimes counting off your bonus.
4 years ago
Liberty Bell is one of the bi-centennial pins (Freedom for Bally, Spirit of 76 for Gottlieb). It came out a little late in 1977, however. It’s a pretty basic EM with two spinners, 4 targets and 3 saucers including the one at the top. Spell B-E-L-L but be careful on the lower targets (L-L) as the outlanes are big and easy to drain. Is it fun? Yes! If you like the patriotic theme (I do), you will like it, but both Spirit of 76 and Freedom are better tables with better art IMO. As other’s mention, forbearer to Grand Prix.
4 years ago
With only 3000 made she is a fun game for 1977
4 years ago
This is basically a 2 player Grand Prix - Exact same layout and super fun at that. Ripping the spinners is awesome. Great bang for your buck.
5 years ago
Extremely fun game to play! The only bad thing about this game is when you max out your bonus and stars the only thing left to do is rip the spinners and get into top saucer for points. But even that is still fun.
5 years ago
I enjoy this simple but fun and addictive game. I set mine up to play fast.
Love the spinner shots and drop targets.
Outlanes are huge and at times frustrating.
7 years ago
The more we played this machine while we had it the more we enjoyed it. In fact, the night before it left us my wife suddenly clicked on how to play the board and had a blast. Hard to capture the ball with the flipper and those outlanes are large and inviting to the ball. Great feel when you hit the spinners even though it seemed harder than expected to do so. Nice little machine with a great theme tied into the centennial celebration.
9 years ago
Recently finished restoring one that had been in a barn for 25 years or so. The huge slings and no inlanes make for one wicked and unpredictable game. Trying to trap the ball is no easy task.

Rules are straight forward. Four drop targets. Two up top and two in the middle. Knock each pair down and they reset and give you a star. When you get to the fourth star you must knock all four down to collect the special. Otherwise rip the lit spinner for a thousand a spin.

I love the DC pops and slings and while this is one brutal game I find myself coming back for more. Bicentennial theme is super cool and I like the artwork better than Bally's Freedom.
11 years ago
Liberty Bell is another game that was refined at a later date to become a better table. Namely Grand Prix.

The Pros:
SPINNERS! Rip it up! Light the double bonus and collect at the top. Outlines require nudging and flipper skills to keep that ball from draining. Big slings and outlanes that make sure your action is on point or that ball is gone. This game is super fast and challenging when set up properly.

The Cons:
Mr. Marche... really, what is going on with the 1976 themed artwork? The top saucer is a gimme once you get it up there. Can be a bit easy to run away with the game once you have the table lit. No PF bonus collect! This is what made Grand Prix F'n AWESOME!

The Takeaway:
On a side not, I always wondered why Williams drops were so big in this era. hm... ? All in all, a really fun game that makes you remember that sometimes, that is all pinball needs to be.

A well-tuned copy of this game comes down to two things. Hitting the spinners and making the most of every single opportunity that the ball gets to the flippers to control it. And then since, this is an excellent skills game. Sensitive slings and hungry outlines mean that anytime the ball is on the sling there's a good chance it's heading out on the opposite side of the playfield. The spinners can be hit with a forehand or backhand shot. If you have a trap, use the backhand to get the ball to the top. Bonus is King on this game. So once you rip those spinners, keep ripping them! After that, look for the double bonus on the saucers on the side of the playfield after the drop targets have been knocked down once. Getting to the three star is extra ball before star is complete all four drop targets for a special. If you're in tournament play, extra ball is most likely to be disabled. However, a few measly points may be able to be gathered from the saucer and the pops and the drops. But the spinners are where you going to build your bonus. And that's not going to happen unless you shoot them from the flippers. Ideally, the spinners will not rotate like crazy. If you can max out your 100 k bonus in 1-2 shots to the spinner, the game becomes even more one dimensional than it already is. 1k a spin is nice, but 100/200k from bonus is better.

Essentially this game is a big chance until the ball gets anywhere near the flippers. The ball will exit the pop garden and head straight down either outlane with a minimal (at best) chance to save it. This happens about a 20% chance of the time the ball is in that part of the game. Then you have to make the most of every single opportunity to drop catch live catch bounce pass and trap the ball so that you will be able to get those spinners turned around. If you are lucky. That's pretty much the game. If you want to look at it as a skills game, great. But the depth of the rules and the high level of difficulty with the layout by the flippers is not going to give the player too many opportunities. If you're good playing a game on the fly, this game might have some benefit to your playstyle. If you're not good at playing on the fly, this is an excellent game to work with to learn those skills. In the long run, it's just a pinball game that is high on luck and risk.

Enjoy the ride. Or better yet, get a Grand Prix.
11 years ago
This is a very fun first EM pin to own, and the two-player setup means you woun't be spending all your time adjusting the score motor.

Steve Kordek was a great designer, and had some very good games that appeared simple on the surface. This is one of them, but had some very good play features, including:
- 3 kick out holes
- an EM bonus system, scoring up to 100,000 with a possible 2x multiplier
- two disturbingly difficult to hit spinners
- no inlanes, creating some sweaty moments when the ball gets down on the playfield
- generous (too generous) outlanes, common in his games
- some suicidally simple targets lower on the playfield

For a late 70's EM, a very fun game, with a bit of variety on the playfield. And, it has the fairly simple yet devious layout Mr. Kordek was famous for.

Sound wise, it has the Williams 3 chime bar of the era, which is less musical than a Gottlieb chime set. It's OK, and what it loses in tone, it makes up for in frequency, as virtually everything makes the chimes go.

Visually, a very attractive pin, with the red, white and blue accompanied with a dash of a very nice yellow. Playfield art is nice and classic, as is the backglass.

Really, one of my favourite EM pins I've played, and one that I don't ever picture parting with.
There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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