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Lexy Lightspeed - Escape From Earth

Pinside rating

This game received 44 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.444 /10


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This game ranks #178 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.35

Artwork: 7.372

Sounds/Music: 7.596

Other Aspects: 7.144

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Found 21 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Im conflicted on the pin. The theme just isn't for me. The tech, however, is definitely next level. For some reason, it just doesn't have a play/feel that I can get into. In all fairness, I have never owned one. Maybe it is an acquired taste. I have played it quite a bit, however, and something just didn't mesh for me.
1 year ago
P3 is making some very interesting games.

The pros:
A technical tour the force that makes many other manufacturers look decades behind. Some serious engineering went into the solutions that P3 has put together for this design. The theme is frivolous, and animations are lighthearted and the rotating ball lock mechanism is very well done. Playing many pinball games in a single box breaks up the boredom of a smaller collection. This game looks great and plays with lightning speed.

The cons:
Because it’s not your standard issue pinball game, it doesn’t feel like what you are used to. Getting the feel for this game design takes a little bit of mileage. The playfield is longer than a standard sized pin. So all of your shots have different sweet spots. The opposite of that you’d feel on heighway’s full throttle. Do we really need so many buttons? I have to remember that there’s so much technology in this game that sometimes you forget that you’re playing pinball.

The takeaway:
A deep, technical advanced and charismatic attempt at a new take on pinball. Is it street worthy? Could it survive out in the wild? I have no idea. I’m curious to know if somebody out there is planning on doing that.
1 year ago
How can anyone rate this game high, there isn't anything to it, terrible artwork, almost nothing happening in the game, I can't even believe anyone likes this disaster.
1 year ago
Not a pinball
1 year ago
If judging game by looks and theme, not a winner. But it is an interesting and fun pin. I would put it in top five of recent pins due to originality and customization possible. Music, sound are amazing. Flippers look suspect but worked well. Toys and playfield needed some more polish. UFO spinning ball lock looked like a Fisher Price reject. Ramp and bunker on right side are too close, but manageable. The interactive playfield screen is a novelty but doesn’t add enough to justify the wide open space, doesn’t seem like pinball. The row of boxes popping up are another feature I haven’t encountered, and it did add an interesting way of needing to put several shots together. I highly recommend playing... but expensive to buy.
2 years ago
After quite a few plays at Grand Ole Game Expo.
2 years ago
Lexy is sexy. There is no other pin like it. The play field comes alive in different modes with targets popping up (somewhat akin to Cactus Canyon). The playfield surface is a combination of video animations and changing targets combined with the mechanical ball and flippers. Play field components can easily be changed out to create entirely new games. Of all my games, this is the game I want to come back to for ‘just one more game’.
The only real criticism is the weight of the game. I believe it pushes 300 lbs. It is a beast to move. The art work is not as polished as newer Stern games. Multimorphic uses magnetic strips to allow for easy changeout.
There are no play field toys, although this game doesn’t really need it. I have a large collection. Lexy should be in every collector’s collection. It is a top 10 game for me.
2 years ago
Groundbreaking & revolutionary. The interactive playfield surface is one of those features you never knew you wanted until Multimorphic made it possible. The genius of this feature cannot be overstated.
Modes are fun and varied. No hold flippers on the shooting range. Eight ball multi-ball available. Some easy shots, some difficult shots. A wide variety of settings make the game challenging enough for competition or easy enough for new players. Easy replacement of modular components.
2 years ago
This game suits me perfectly. I am not a fan of games with incomprehensible rule sets and tricks that you have to know to have any decent chance of a good score. Lexy succeeds on every criteria I care about. It's innovative, quick to grasp but deep enough to enjoy without being overly complicated. The 8 ball ship lock is brilliant and, of course, the ball tracking and interactive playfield display are the icing on the cake.

Stir in user programmability, a good and growing game library, the replaceable upper playfield modules, etc. and you just can't go wrong. Everything I wanted it to be.
2 years ago
Finaly found one felt solid, unique playfield ,plays strong ,very nice flow, smooth, fast... the flippers take getting use to , great multi balls..keeper for me not sure ,price would determine that., crazy different game that is fun!!! Very good job being differnt!!
2 years ago
Had a Lexy on location in my town for about a month now. First off, because of the way to flippers are designed people are going to think the game feels odd at first. However, this will quickly pass.

The game is surprisingly deep, with quite a few unique features, and multipmorphic makes great use of the LED play field, which is surprisingly sensitive given that it is new technology. After having played constantly for weeks and putting up some of the best scores in the area on the game I still haven't explored all of it's features.

The only issue I have with the game is it has broken down a few times, typical problem with bleeding edge technology. I have a strong suspicion that we will see a lot more games of this style in the future.
2 years ago
Way too electronic, lacks character. The digital playfield is annoyingly bright and distracting. Not enough variety of shots and the middle of the playfield is barren. I think it's because they designed it that way to be modular for different games, but ends up hurting its potential.
2 years ago
Lexy is amazing. No two ways about it. If you've had the pleasure of playing it in a home environment for a few hours you really start to see just how much of a solid shooter and complete package this game is. David Thiel's sound and musc package is really fun and nuanced. There's a lot to the rules, which give you a lot to shoot for while the display integration communicates it to the player very well. I like the ball lock mech a lot, but my wife LOVES it.

The many modes have very different objectives and each seems to showcase how a different part of the P3 platform can be used in a game. Still, it's a complete game and doesn't feel like merely a technical demo. To me it shoots a lot like AFM, but it's a better game in terms of variety. I think it's a shame that some people refuse to give it a chance. Their loss, for sure.
3 years ago
I said I'd update this a year later - I've now had the game for about 15 months - it still gets more plays than my other machines and I still haven't got to the Wizard Mode yet so it's definitely keeping me entertained. Add to that the new Cabinet (swappable) artwork that has recently come out, the new lcd backbox and the ability to swap out for other games continues to keep the game fresh. It's still a keeper for me.

--previous comments--

I love this game. Maybe it's because it's new, maybe it's because it's different or maybe it's all of the above. I will update this review in a year's time (if I remember) and see what the lastability is like then but for now I am loving it. I checked my stats and I've had over 200 games on it so far. Obviously there's the LCD playfield which is interactive (hit the beer glasses to fill, hit them again to drink, roll over the crates to bust them open and collect parts for the spaceship etc etc). The playfield adds another dimension to the game but it's also really informative - pointing out shots to go for and having the scoring on the screen and not having to look up to read it is a game changer too. IT shoots smooth and plays well - the mini 180 ramp is nice to hit and the 8 ball lock UFO is great. The ability to change games and playfield makes this a no brainer for people/pubs/barcades etc that don't have much room for multiple machines and allows you to swap games less than a minute and same for the magnetic cabinet artwork - can change the whole look of the cabinet in no time at all.

There are a lot of rules and I haven't worked them all out yet - I'm still struggling to complete some of the modes successfully - they are timed and quite difficult to achieve. Some very clever game/hardware design elements have been incorporated also. For example there's a sharp shooter multiball mode where you have to hit the middle target to score bullseyes but it disables the ability to hold the flipper up - makes it so much harder to aim.

All up I am really happy with this but the best part is how modular everything is and how easy it is to work on. I've had a bit of a play around with disassembling the components and everything is really easy to get to. Flipper assemblies is a complete assembly which can be slid out, same with the lcd screen cover, lcd - back playfield can be pulled out in a couple of seconds. It's going to be very easy to work on if/when a fault occurs. You can pull out complete modules and work on them on your bench and slide them back in later.

All up a fantastic machine and one that will never leave my collection.
3 years ago
I played Lexy a half dozen times or so at the Austin Bat City Open in June, and got a chance at the same time to play all the other P3 machines. I'm very much on the fence about them as a lot. I love the innovation here, the sweat and intensity put into a new concept for building games, and the full-field video, while not entirely new, is very well done. But the mechanics feel a bit clunky and off; there's a lot of thunking and odd transitions for the pinball, and the mechanical flipper mechanisms feel strange (although perhaps that's unfamiliarity) after the warmth of the solenoid. While the component integration with modes allows for quite a large and varied rule set, Lexy itself felt a bit disjointed. I got a terrible score on one game and a fantastic one on another, and both games felt like I was making flashing shots and controlling the ball about equally. With the large lower playfield display, every shot is a long shot - and despite the fact there were about 10,000 gimmicks/modes among the top playfield ramps and diverters and popup blocks, I felt like the lower playfield was sort of a wasteland. This just may take some getting used to processing the video under the surface of the field -- it's definitely a different cognitive skill than has previously been required in pinball.

So, consider this a "temporary" rating, pending a full production machine to play on at length. The concept has a lot of promise in some ways, but whether it catches on or not probably depends on there being a "hit" machine in the P3 stable, and I didn't feel that with Lexy, not just yet.
3 years ago
What an interest pinball machine, a huge color display under most of the playfield that is ever changing as the game goes on. The downside to such a large display is that the lower half of the playfield is empty but it certainly stands out from the crowd. You will be given so much information from the screen but it almost always presents it is an easy to follow way. I can see the set of blocks that rise up from the playfield as a potential headache down the road but for now it is was a very cool machine to play.
4 years ago
Very, very neat concept. It was the first time that I had ever seen anything like it. I hope to see one again at another show soon
4 years ago
Looks good. Sounded good. Was fun and played better than it did the last time. Flippers were less delayed. I guess they were able to tweak the software or something. The upper playfield is an average layout but I love those pop up scoops. Not sure if the novelty will wear off in a home environment. I love the nice clean tech under the hood too as long as it is not too difficult to repair down the road.
5 years ago
Hard to rate at this time because the code isn't finished but....this game will be incredibly cool. I REALLY enjoyed playing this game and feel like it has incredible potential for the future of pinball. The theme is a bit odd, and feels sort of disconnected but the technology and various game modes are incredible. The animations feel top notch, the screen is well integrated, and the possibilities here are wild! I hope these don't end up costing too much, because I want one! FUN.
5 years ago
I played this quite a bit at Pintastic New England last year. The more I played it - the more I wanted to play. I pre-ordered it while at the show - my first NIB purchase decision. Just sold my MET Premium to fund the purchase. I'm in!
5 years ago
Rating this with the assumption that the software is more-or-less where it'll be when publicly available, at least as much so as Stern release code.

The gimmicks and mechs are fantastic. 8-ball multiball? Even the bonus advance is risk-reward, it resets every ball but advancing it gets tougher every time it is collected and is also interleaved with other awards that you'll be missing out on if you don't go for lane completions. Do you want to hold off until all 8 balls are locked and you've finished a couple modes on the same ball to max out your multiball rewards? Bypass the bonus advance until ball 3 for maximum bonus payout and hope you can stack it high enough to pay off? I'm very interested how this will play in tournaments.

Theme-wise, I'm 50/50. It's a Nordman theme, and yeah, it's somewhere around where I would rank White Water on my list of "awesome themes". That said, what's there is pretty well done and it definitely has a whacky 80s space swamp adventure feel. First machine to feature a beer chugging competition?

Long story short: the more I play it, the more I want to. It's a tough shooter with a ton of risk/reward built in at every level and the most interactive modes I've seen.

Updated 2019 - The new backglass display is really stunning, along with new art. Bumped cabinet+display scores accordingly.
There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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