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Lethal Weapon 3

Pinside rating

This game received 180 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.249 /10


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This game ranks #214 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.423

Artwork: 6.89

Sounds/Music: 6.967

Other Aspects: 7.304

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There are 100 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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64 days ago
Fun game but not a very deep game. I like the short dmd games that come into play. The quotes from Leo get a little repetitive. Should be more Riggs and Murtaugh quotes...especially “I’m getting to old for this....”
71 days ago
Lots of honest fun to be had.
The spiral wire form is awesome! The gun mode while ball is in play is a thing of genius as is the target practice and fight modes. The modes are not really easy to follow but are still fun.
So much room for improvements. definitely stadium lighting and pinsound are required to give it that extra “oomph” inserts need Leds and gi needs better lighting. The artwork is what it is, early 90s data East. Not bad but could be better. Glad this is drawn artwork versus actual pix of characters. Music is meh, pinsound is an improvement. I spent a good 5 days cleaning up and adding to the only available custom package. The pinsound page. It’s awesome now!!!
86 days ago
It’s not a great game.
It’s also not a bad game.
It’s kind of like a Goldilocks game where it’s just somewhere in the middle.
I mean, it’s got good shots and flow for a Data East pin.
The animations are really good.
The ramp has a cool double spiral.
But there just isn’t anything here to get excited about.
It just sort of checks the boxes and that’s it.

What would have helped this game is a good gimmicky toy, and instead of being called Lethal Weapon 3 like the corresponding movie that came out the same year, it should have just been called “Lethal Weapon”.
It would be like naming sterns Lord of the Rings “Return of the King” or Game of Thrones Season 3... just no.
Anyways, yeah this game can hold up in any collection but I don’t think anyone would lose sleep over letting theirs go either. It just fails to impress me or irk me in any meaningful way...
Very luke warm.
3 months ago
Played this game as a kid and loved it. Play this game as an adult and even love it more. Its one of those fun and fast pins that I can casual play without thinking too much. This is also one pinball that gets the most play from casual players. I love deep rules pinball games but sometimes I just want to bash the pinball around.
5 months ago
Have had this game for couple weeks. I took a risk on it as I read many bad reveiws from pinball snobs. Mostly that the artwork sucks or petty stuff, I agree its no zombie yeti work but its was'92 they were pumping these things out like crazy.

Overall the gameplay is very fun, I love the side games using the gun or the flipper buttons in the fight mode. Wish I could find other games this fun for this cheap.
7 months ago
Some thoughts after flipping through the comments, game play and restoring this title.

Pros: The game shoots sweet and flows well, the soundtrack choices are nice and gets stuck in your head time to time. Data East always puts on a great light show when things get crazy though it seems more subdued on this title compared to Time Machine or Secret Service. The voice clips from the movies are well chosen and sound thumps. There seems to be lots of little modes & bonuses and a few Easter eggs sprinkled in the rules for good measure. The ramp and topper are a riot. The video modes seem well integrated and the shootout makes it interesting as you have to decide to engage or not and risk losing the ball in play. Makes the game interesting.

Cons: The playfield artwork in this time period is really sub-par and has honestly kept me away from
some DE titles as it is so cringe inducing. Sound while generally good doesn't seem to have any notable stereo separation compared to several other DE titles I own which cost it points. What good is stereo if you don't use it to full effect? The rules are not always clear, the skill shot you might think is based on the DMD is actually timed on the 4 playfield targets on the left side.

Additional comments.

1) Of course the backglass looks like a movie poster; it is a pin based on a movie franchise and came out the same year as the LW3 movie. There is no shortage of pins that had art choices dictated by movie release, Bally Star Trek being a particularly notable offender for example. It is nice that the game uses some elements from the first two movies.

2) Sound effects repetitious? Just like any other pin. The ok-ok-ok in the pops didn't bother me very much as you don't seem to be in them too often, I'm more annoyed hearing "they got away" when you miss the skill shot. There does seem to be some variety when you drain though.

As others have said, an underrated title! The pin seems well constructed with the only complaint being typical Data East GI string load issues. Make sure you swap over to LEDs ASAP and all related connectors are clean! Diagnostic menu had several nice features, much nicer than earlier titles.
8 months ago
The game has spinners, ramps, drop targets, a video mode and a cool gun; what's not to like? It's a good game but the call-outs are definitely annoying in their repetitiveness! The back glass looks like a poster for the movie (which is great if you want a poster) which doesn't bother me but also doesn't "attract" me like some of the really great pinball artwork. I enjoy playing it when I come across it but it's not one I would want for my collection. One of the saving graces of this machine are the three different music modes which greatly helps to keep the games from becoming repetitive!
8 months ago
This game has a special place in my heart since I used to play it in the local arcade when I was a kid! It's fun but I wish there was more depth to it. Love that the ball launcher is a gun! Favorite call outs: "WHAT LEO WANTS, LEO GETZ!" and "THEY GOT AWAY!"
1 year ago
Very underrated game imo. The rules are quite easy but the interaction with the gun keeps you going for more.
1 year ago
This is an example of a pin that is fun to play but ugly AF to look at.

Get yours cheap and re-theme it!
1 year ago
I've read about the play field similarities to T2 and while they are very close, the games play very differently. My biggest complaint about this machine is how frequently you hear the "ok ok ok ok" call out. If they could patch that out of the ROM it'd boost the speech rating on this game for sure.

I dont know if it matters much, but this is the pin I have that my mom plays the most.
1 year ago
This game is comparable to Last Action Hero, but I like that game a little more. There are some fun shots on this machine. The specific one I played had some hiccups that didn't actually affect game play. The sound effects and music are underwhelming but about what I'd expect for this theme and this time period of game. I did enjoy it enough to play several games on it and I will play it more whenever I get around to returning to the location that has it.
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 6 - average

* Shots are fun to make, cool ramp in particular
* Choosing song at the beginning a great feature
* Fun saucer shots which is rare
* Beacon on top a cool feature
* Interaction with the gun whilst game is still in play is awesome fun

* The repetiveness of the callouts can be highly annoying and irreverent to shots made
* The skill shot isn’t consistent and therefore more luck than skill is involved
* Only 1 ramp is a bit of a letdown

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Mirror blades really add to this game because backboard is also a mirror
* Bombs on top of drop targets

What To Look For When Buying
* Beacon on top usually broken
* The Plastic on the Lethal Weapon 1 scoop and plastic above center drop targets always broken
* Skill Shot targets usually broken
* Wear in the orbit
1 year ago
I really like how they implemented the gun ball launch toy into this game. Its a really cool gimmick. I also like how they handle the video modes and I think the animations are really fun in this game. The video modes are super quick and once you learn to pull the trigger at the right spots you win big points. There is the shooting range which is okay, and the fistfight mode which is tough and worth so little points. But, really its cool that this game has so many video modes, and they are so quick they don't take away from the game. Rather they enhance the theme. There is also a cool feature where you shoot a gunman down while playing and you need to decide if its worth the risk to shoot him or to keep on playing. The more you shoot him the bigger bonus.
I think the layout is good, nothing special, but its a fun to shoot pin, and the rules make sense, and are friendly to people who just like to shoot mindlessly.
I like the music, you have 3 choices, and I love zztop. Yes, its midi music... But, who cares. Its pinball I just want to play pinball, and I still enjoy the midi version. The callouts are okay. Not the best not the worst. What is the worst is the art package. The backglass is just horrible. I think this and demolition man are two of my least favorite backglasses. I don't like giant head backglasses, they're boring. The cab art is okay. And the playfield art is decent. I like the uzi being on there, and they have some explosions and other scene depictions from the movie.
There are no real toys on the playfield, but I feel the gun is a cool toy, and again out of all the gun based launchers. I feel they did a great job incorporating the gun into the gameplay. Because, you tend to use it more than the other games. Is this the best pin ever. No. But, its a fun one. I wouldn't pay top dollar for one of these, but for a reasonable price in reasonable condition... Yeah, I wouldn't mind owning one. I know people like to give ratings as this is an A or B pin... I think this is a solid B pin. It shoots good, its fun to play. And if you like the theme, I think it captures the movies really well. As good as you can hope.
1 year ago
I have fun playing LW3, but it does get repetitive. Good music choices.
1 year ago
Owned the game for a while. Did not keep me coming back. Play felt a little 'wooden' to me. Sounds got a little repetitive.
Wife liked it and was not happy I moved it on!
Little video modes were interesting to play.
1 year ago
underrated in my opinion. fun game. alittle simple and repetitive but the ramp is very long and cool, nice feature to be able to choose your music between c and c music factory, zz top or game music. great for guests and kids. or in multi pin collection
2 years ago
Lethal Weapon 3 is worth playing on location, but I wouldn't recommend owning it unless you have other games. This game can get repetitive with a fairly shallow ruleset. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game - but not one I can play more than a few games of at a time. One of the coolest things about this game is you get to choose the music - From Lethal Weapon 3 theme, C&C Music Factory (Everybody dance now) or ZZ Top (Sharp Dressed Man). The callouts in this game are awful in my opinion. The nonstop "They're getting away!!!" .... "They got away..." drives me crazy.
2 years ago
Fun game, nice flow, feels smooth, sweet ramp returns...,not to deep, I just dnt care for the back glass , all in all good pinball , Sleeper Good fun...definately worth a play but not a keeper for me!! It is better than other games ranked higher
2 years ago
Underrated pin. The fun factor is there and friends love to play on it over and over again. It is not TZ or AFM good of course, but it is a good solid first pin for sure in a home collection.
2 years ago
Most underrated pin of all time.
2 years ago
I gotta say, that stupid little loop really drew me to the game the first time I played it. It's a good layout and the gun is fun. Sound is awful. Rules are repetitive. Not a video mode fan.
2 years ago
This is the best DMD out there for under 2K! To me is much more fun than a lot of the tables that are in the top hundred. Action-packed game and the gun is very cool! I don't know why it's rated so low? Very, very fun game and if you can pick one up I recommend you do so especially for the price!
2 years ago
LW3 is a great bargain game for someone looking for their first DMD. I grew up in the age of the LW movies, so this game has been pretty fun so far. The animations and movie references come from not just Lethal Weapon 3, but also movies 1 and 2. The game is easy to pick up for people who may be more casual pinball players. LW3 definitely could use some additional GI lighting if you have it in a dark room, but it isn't terrible. The gameplay isn't super deep, but it definitely isn't shallow either.
2 years ago
I played quite a while ago and only remember very disappointed by this one. My only impression was how dull it turned out to be to play.
There are 100 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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