Lethal Weapon 3

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Game Design: 7.471

Artwork: 7.02

Sounds/Music: 7.025

Other Aspects: 7.464

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There are 125 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
This game is just pure fun! I love shooting the gun while having to play, the fight pressing the flippers, shooting the guy before jumping off the bridge. It’s not a deep game and not a great theme but it’s just fun! Super underrated as well which I like! The art isn’t good on the cabinet and the music is ok and I’m not a big fan of data east but even my wife likes this game and she doesnt like pinball! Lol What Leo wants, Leo gets! What a terrible cheesey line.
19 days ago
The worst thing about this machine is the theme. If you can get past that, everything else is surprisingly good. The shots are enjoyable and have a good variety. The lighting is decent and the animations are good for their era. Overall, it's a machine I find myself going back to again and again.
73 days ago
LW plays well even if the layout was lifted from another game. Easy to learn but keeps you coming back to master all the shots and maximize the points. Only issue is with the Leo Getz,
85 days ago
This game isn't very deep. There is a something about it that brings the fun factor way higher than it should be. I just picked one up to repair and sell and ended up having so much fun playing it with my non pinball playing friends that I'm going to keep it for awhile. I've never had a machine that guests have enjoyed more. I think it's the combination of the music/sounds and the interaction with the gun that bring the fun factor up.
3 months ago
Great playfield layout and I love the ramp and the return habitrail. I just wish the game was deeper, or perhaps even mode-based. This game has the single best video mode in pinball with the shooting range. The other video modes are average.
4 months ago
Lethal Weapon is certainly another under rated game from Data East.

Solid layout that has a lot of flow for a Data East!

Cabinet and Backglass is pretty good IMO.

Sound track is fairly solid.

Rules seem to be pretty balanced as far as I can tell (the model I was playing was running Chad’s code).

Any game with a flood light gets an extra point from me.

Animations are pretty good.

Gun Modes are fun, and the secrets in the movie sequences are an inspired choice as well.


Playfield art is a cluttered mess: also poorly drawn in my opinion.

Rules are basic and get boring and tedious after a while/lack of wizard mode or overarching goal is unfortunate.

Skill shot is pretty inconsistent on all the models I’ve played, which leads me to think it’s a poor design decision.

Layout takes heavy inspiration from T2 (VUK is identical to T2’s VUK minus the drop target, left kick out identical, center targets identical, etc) which does imply some lack of effort.

While the animations are good, the movie sequences are kind of stupid in my opinion (other then the hidden points).

Overall, a solid game, but not without its flaws. I do enjoy it overall though.
11 months ago
I've owned and restored 2 LW3's. I like this game. It is fun. In both games I added Chad's code. It plays well. Choose your path, 1,2,3 holes or multiball. I like that there are multiple ways to play this game. I think this games lends itself well to competitions. Its not a fun game to shop out, but is doable. I needed more depth in my collection but for a beginner or on a budget, this is a solid first or second game.
12 months ago
Machine was rated with 3.02 code; never played with original code. Apparently this code update made a huge difference on gameplay with this machine. It's an enjoyable and underrated pin with the code update.
1 year ago
Just bought one for home and forgotten how good it was in the old days
1 year ago
The playfield layout seems to be copied from the T2
I own both games-both have their cons-I don´t see LW3 behind the higher rated T2
LW3 is just a fun action shooter-clear recommendation
-great stereo sound
-can chose between 3 theme songs
-beacon on top
-interaction with the shooter handle during gameplay is fun and challenging
-nice video modes

updated to Chads code-but being a casual player changed the setting to have the 1,2,3 scoops in random order as with the original code
1 year ago
1 year ago
LW3 is a product of its era. Mid 90s action movie and pinball at its best and sometimes worst. I enjoy the fairly open playfield but always feels just short of feeling like a clean flow. The use of the gun launcher is a pretty unique interactive element. Has drop targets, nice little spinners and a big looping ramp, so you get a bit of everything on this pin. Art is a bit "cartoon" like but overall is pretty well done and works for the theming.

Things I Enjoy:
- The big looping ramp is the center piece which I enjoy each time I hit it.
- The music selection, you can to choose between three different songs to start. Nothing special now but here in it's mid 90s midi type sound it has a certain nostalgia to it.
- Gun mini games, the use of the gun shooter is integrated into several elements during the game, making decent use of it.
- The movie clips inserted to each progression of the main objective are well done. Getting to the final one is a thrill.
- I'll admit, I actually like the "okay okay okay" Joe Pesci call out.

Things I don't Like:
- The punching mini game is NOT fun.
- Back glass is a whole lot of Mel Gibson
- The general progression is almost too straight forward. Once you've one through it a few times you start to see a lack of depth in the rules and play field.

A fun game that is really underrated, one of the better Data East pins. Has some fun and unique elements mixed into its gameplay that makes it worth a few plays. Approachable for new players thanks to it's open layout and fairly straightforward rule set.
1 year ago
Lethal weapon 3 is a pretty simple game, with a fast layout. It's fun to go through the stunt scenes and go for multiball, and the twirling ramp habitrail is cool. The rules and art leave things to be desired, but the shots are satisfying enough to have a good time.
1 year ago
A really fun game. Call outs, theme, music and action all classic late 80s - early 90s. Really like the mini DMD games. As far as cost, it's pretty reasonable vs. Many early 90s DMD tables. Will definitely keep this one for a while.
1 year ago
As much as I love the cheesy 90's action movies, this one just falls short for me like the movie itself.
1 year ago
most underated game to me ..ok cabinet and backglass are ugly but the game is rely good
1 year ago
Why is this machine so low ??? Put this next to a Addams family in the later 90's an this took my money ??? In Australia anyways only machine my father said was better but anyways not for an operators view

I loved it tasteful LEDs an blades an man she's a keeper we had to move ours on due to no room at the time an dam I wish we kept it fun fast action game the gun u must shoot it a mode but I honestly carnt get my head around the low score reviews of this game it's really fun an a new buyer 1at machine would pick one up fairly cheap awesome 90's game one-day I might get one again if it's a reasonable price
1 year ago
A frenetic table where you can feel the action specially during video modes that take place during the normal gameplay
1 year ago
Solid, fun game and easily a Top 5 Data East.
1 year ago
Under rated game. One of my favourites
1 year ago
Vers good flipper
When you are playing you can't stop
1 year ago
Honestly a fun game to play
Nice simple shots
Orbits are fast
Video modes are cool
One of the better DE machines
great cheap buy for entry pinball lovers
2 years ago
Simple but very pleasant. Video interaction is great
2 years ago
Not sure why so many people don’t like this game. It’s a straight forward rule set, lots of shots, and a fun theme. It’s my first ever pin so maybe I’m bias.
2 years ago
it is the most played pinball machine in the 90s, it collected more this pinball than any other, it broke little and repaired quickly as there are no complicated things to disassemble, I love it also because I played with it as a child.
-music based on your choice with 3 themes
- lots of interactivity with the dmd screen
- games and gun shootings
- fast game with few frills
- thick theme
-a led is beautiful!

for those who love complicated and full of rules pinball machines this is not for him for everyone else buy it!
There are 125 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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