Last Action Hero

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Last Action Hero

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Game Design: 7.993

Artwork: 6.818

Sounds/Music: 7.062

Other Aspects: 7.772

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Found 123 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 123 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 months ago
LAH was my first pinball machine, but I will try to review it without a bias.

Lovely jack-of-all-trades game, very mode-based but that was the nice part. The layout is good, some shots are easy, others are quite hard (ripper- and right-scoop shot). Only gripe with the layout is that the single ramp, with diverter to both in-lanes, hardly diverts to the left flipper.

The DE-style art fits the theme really well. The golden ticket looks awesome.

The rules, after upgrading to Chad's code, is really good (for the era). A lot of variation between modes, modes are easy to start and can (easily) be stacked. The only thing I don't like, is that getting ball-locks / non-mode based multiball is hard as it requires you to hit all 5 CRANE targets without hitting the reset-bar behind the targets for a single ball-lock. During my time with the machine I've hardly achieved this multiball.

As for toys, the crane is quite gimmicky, it's only fun during multi-ball because it takes to long to transport the ball. Ball-locks are rare however. I also don't like the playfield magnets (and 6-ball multiball) as it introduces a lot of randomness. It takes out the skill. The shaker is nice.

I hate the ball-launcher though, no control and the outlanes are hungry. Getting a triple-drain on ball 3 due to 'bad automated launches' after having two great balls sucks hard.

The music, sound and animations are good. Everything has a nice energy to it. De back-glass is awful tho, but the alternative translite solves that.

Wizard mode is nice, it easy to achieve (time out modes), but only worth points if you do well in modes.

Great 1st pin!
11 months ago
This game must be one the best 'bang for buck' games that Data East brought out! The magnets are far crazier than Adams Family, some of the shots such as the eyes and the R) hand scoop definitely have a nice challenge to them. Yes it is a simple rule set, but that can be nice compared to some games where you need a masters degree!....and it has a bloody Crane.....come on ...that's just awesome right there! Won't be leaving our collection in a hurry!
1 year ago
This is a fun game! It is simple enough for beginners and visitors always end up at this machine for a long period. The crane moving and 6 ball multiball is always a big hit.
1 year ago
Once you add pinsound with caption 1.25mix and a color dmd this game rocks
Extra call outs and the movie sound track kick ass , plenty of shots , I couldn't ever get board of it just awesome
1 year ago
Fun pin for me. Had to watch the movie to appreciate the call outs and theme a bit more. While the movie was corny, the game is just fun. Rules easy to understand, multi ball easy to get, and crane is cool to see in action.
1 year ago
Last Action Hero has yet to disappoint! It has so many modes and the randomization of them makes each game different. I has so much packed into it: Two Newton balls, a kickback that just makes me smile every time I hit it, a silky-smooth spinner that I just can’t rip enough, the single ramp with the diverter, the VUK into a crane… I love drop targets and these with the caution bar behind them add a wonderful twist to knocking down drops. The magnets!!!! I smile and just can’t get enough of how random and powerful the three playfield magnets can be, every time they move a ball in a knee buckling and un-natural way my heart skips. I love this game and my son plays it more than he plays Deadpool and he adores Deadpool. This game always has something going on and the ramp, crane, kickback, Newton balls, and spinner give such wonderful kinetic satisfaction. Oh…and the shaker is perfection, mine has a Coin Taker shaker and control board and it works great. Lastly upgrading to code 1.13 puts the game over the top. This is a very under appreciated game and the only thing it is missing is an orbit, and it doesn’t have the flow of some of my other games. Last Action Hero makes for a very fun flip and for a diverse lineup in a home with three or more pins. The alternate backglass is a must, and a PinSound board seems like it would really shine on this machine.

Update 8/31/23: This game may be the most played pin in my collection! I always turn it on and play at least one or two games while my Sterns boot up. Adding a Backlight to your room and Glow in the Dark rubbers to the pin is highly recommended. Non pinball people love this this game and the Pinheads enjoy it as well.
2 years ago
Super fun magnets!
2 years ago
So much fun, so underrated.... the theme doesnt matter, its arnold, being silly.... the missions are great, the shots are awesome, the mechs are super duper!
2 years ago
I had to have this game. This is the game I’ve played for hours when I was young. spent lots of money on it. It still amazes me. When playing the game it gets me every time and it’s always just one more game. Just one more!
2 years ago
I like this game. It is the most underrated pinball machine on the market. Love the shaker aspect. It plays fun and fast with a great multiball modes.
2 years ago
One of my least favourite pins but I find all pins still fun. I wouldn’t buy this machine but there is some enjoyable times during game play. Always love to hear Arnold’s one liners! Lol
3 years ago
Great 90's movie with one of the best soundtracks ever. Cool theme and the crane is awesome. If your a fan of the movie you will definitely like this game.
3 years ago
I bought this pin because of the movie that i loved when i was a kid. The game was a real disapoitment and i sold it back a few weeks after. The toys are nice, but i found the flow really bad and did not enjoy 90% of the games i played. Hard to explain why, but the game seemed chaotic to me.
3 years ago
For its time, a nice amount of modes and solid rule set.

The magnets are way more brutal than other games with them.

Theme is alright, but I’m not a huge Arnold fan.

The PF has some nice flow and fun shots, throw in the crane and shaker motor, rounds out a solid game.

Remember, for its time this a underrated game and at times under appreciated.

It is a solid game, you can find one for under 3K, more bang for the buck.

Those that hate this title, well, you’re missing out:)
3 years ago
Great DE game. They added a bunch of coils and toys to try to compare with TAF. While it definitely doesn't, it's still a fun game to play once in a while.
3 years ago
I may be a little partial as Im a big fan of all the early 90s Data East pins, but this is a lot of fun and an incredible bang for the buck. The game has lots of cool features, especially the mechanical crane. It has a reasonably deep and not too complex rule set. For most games they say you have to be a fan of the theme to enjoy the pin, this one you apparently do not.. I wouldn't know because I happen to think Last Action Hero was some of Arnold's finest work! But in all seriousness, this is a very fun game overall with great replay value.
3 years ago
Very Big Bang for your buck with this fun shooter. I am with the Addams Family game feel crowd on this one. I especially liked playing this game after freshly viewing the movie. Firing the gun to shoot the helicopter starts the action and draws you in! These play great when you get all switches dialed in nicely. The magnets under the playfield and the animated crane with all the sound and shaker going on is just great - the crane feels way bigger than it is if you are immersed in the game with everything going with that fun toy! Modes! Modes! And More Modes! Underrated - big time. I just sold my game after a long fun run with it.
3 years ago
I’ve owned this machine for a few months, and waited to rate it until I had a good number of plays.

The good:
It is a very fun shooter. I have the newest 1.13 ROM which improves much of the gameplay. Love the modes and various objectives. Lots to shoot at, and rewards feel very worth it. Also love that the game is packed with shaker, topper, and a large variety of targets. It represents an amazing value at my cost of $2,000.

The bad:
Playfield was very dark, which I solved with a set of pin stadium lights. While the art package on the machine is a weak point, i’ve grown to like the huge head back glass and busy playfield design. Briefly considered an alternate translite, but decided to save the $100.

Great game for home or location play. I am extremely happy to own this pin, and will hold onto it for a long time. The good far outweighs the bad, and have been enjoying the game immensely. It has gotten a good amount of upgrades available with custom ROM, pinsound, color DMD which I’ll slowly upgrade over time.
3 years ago
Underrated pin!

I think the movie drags this title down which is a shame as I find it the sweetest shooting DE of this time period. Far better than Jurassic Park! There is a lot going on here with a number of modes and toys. Biggest knock I have is the quality of the music is sub-par which is baffling as the music in Phantom of the Opera and Jurassic Park are GREAT! DMD animations are very good and Arnold's call outs well used. Danny's roll in this pin is minimal which is great because the character was annoying as hell in the movie. Have run both the 1.12 and unofficial 1.13 update which gives you some additional call outs and scoring tweaks which is nice but 1.12 is still very solid.

It would have been nice to have at least one video mode (Jurassic Park = shooting the dino twice and LW3 which has the simulator and fights) but that does not seem to be the case here.
3 years ago
Great toys, shots, sounds, multiball, and artwork make this pin a LOT of bang for the buck. I only assume it has stayed low because it is a data east. News flash: data east put out some KILLER pins. Get them before they skyrocket.
3 years ago
Underrated pin with lots of fun shots and features. Game is a blast when completely dialed in. Crane is awesome, magnets are super fun, most played pin in collection by guests. Pinsound and ColorDMD are a must
3 years ago
I am so glad I have this game in my collection. Data East during this time period tried to outshine Bally/Williams by putting so much into there games. It has so much going on and plays great. The best part of this game has to be the varied shot selection. Nothing feels repetitive, and really keeps you coming back for more. The sound is excellent with it's booming explosions and varied soundtracks. The crane can be problematic but when it works, is great to see in action. There are even magnets under the playfield to wreak havoc while playing. This pin looks great, sounds great and plays fantastic. One of my favorites!
4 years ago
This is a realy fun game,It’s a modern classic with shaker motor and cool music.the animations on the dmd Where cool in those days
4 years ago
One of my faves! A true hidden gem. Unfortunately, the fate of the movie has this game labeled way low. Don’t shy away! Lots of action and features. Great variety of shots and action keeps you coming back. Lighting is way dim ( go pin stadium) and pinsound is another necessary upgrade.
4 years ago
Fun with magnets and Police light ! Alot of features !
There are 123 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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