Last Action Hero

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Game Design: 7.93

Artwork: 6.785

Sounds/Music: 7.049

Other Aspects: 7.691

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Found 115 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 115 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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85 days ago
One of my least favourite pins but I find all pins still fun. I wouldn’t buy this machine but there is some enjoyable times during game play. Always love to hear Arnold’s one liners! Lol
5 months ago
Great 90's movie with one of the best soundtracks ever. Cool theme and the crane is awesome. If your a fan of the movie you will definitely like this game.
6 months ago
I bought this pin because of the movie that i loved when i was a kid. The game was a real disapoitment and i sold it back a few weeks after. The toys are nice, but i found the flow really bad and did not enjoy 90% of the games i played. Hard to explain why, but the game seemed chaotic to me.
6 months ago
For its time, a nice amount of modes and solid rule set.

The magnets are way more brutal than other games with them.

Theme is alright, but I’m not a huge Arnold fan.

The PF has some nice flow and fun shots, throw in the crane and shaker motor, rounds out a solid game.

Remember, for its time this a underrated game and at times under appreciated.

It is a solid game, you can find one for under 3K, more bang for the buck.

Those that hate this title, well, you’re missing out:)
11 months ago
Great DE game. They added a bunch of coils and toys to try to compare with TAF. While it definitely doesn't, it's still a fun game to play once in a while.
1 year ago
I may be a little partial as Im a big fan of all the early 90s Data East pins, but this is a lot of fun and an incredible bang for the buck. The game has lots of cool features, especially the mechanical crane. It has a reasonably deep and not too complex rule set. For most games they say you have to be a fan of the theme to enjoy the pin, this one you apparently do not.. I wouldn't know because I happen to think Last Action Hero was some of Arnold's finest work! But in all seriousness, this is a very fun game overall with great replay value.
1 year ago
Very Big Bang for your buck with this fun shooter. I am with the Addams Family game feel crowd on this one. I especially liked playing this game after freshly viewing the movie. Firing the gun to shoot the helicopter starts the action and draws you in! These play great when you get all switches dialed in nicely. The magnets under the playfield and the animated crane with all the sound and shaker going on is just great - the crane feels way bigger than it is if you are immersed in the game with everything going with that fun toy! Modes! Modes! And More Modes! Underrated - big time. I just sold my game after a long fun run with it.
1 year ago
I’ve owned this machine for a few months, and waited to rate it until I had a good number of plays.

The good:
It is a very fun shooter. I have the newest 1.13 ROM which improves much of the gameplay. Love the modes and various objectives. Lots to shoot at, and rewards feel very worth it. Also love that the game is packed with shaker, topper, and a large variety of targets. It represents an amazing value at my cost of $2,000.

The bad:
Playfield was very dark, which I solved with a set of pin stadium lights. While the art package on the machine is a weak point, i’ve grown to like the huge head back glass and busy playfield design. Briefly considered an alternate translite, but decided to save the $100.

Great game for home or location play. I am extremely happy to own this pin, and will hold onto it for a long time. The good far outweighs the bad, and have been enjoying the game immensely. It has gotten a good amount of upgrades available with custom ROM, pinsound, color DMD which I’ll slowly upgrade over time.
1 year ago
Underrated pin!

I think the movie drags this title down which is a shame as I find it the sweetest shooting DE of this time period. Far better than Jurassic Park! There is a lot going on here with a number of modes and toys. Biggest knock I have is the quality of the music is sub-par which is baffling as the music in Phantom of the Opera and Jurassic Park are GREAT! DMD animations are very good and Arnold's call outs well used. Danny's roll in this pin is minimal which is great because the character was annoying as hell in the movie. Have run both the 1.12 and unofficial 1.13 update which gives you some additional call outs and scoring tweaks which is nice but 1.12 is very solid.

It would have been nice to have at least one video mode (Jurassic Park = shooting the dino twice and LW3 which has the simulator and fights) but that does not seem to be the case here.
1 year ago
I’ll just start by saying it’s a really good game. If it had a better theme I bet it would cost twice as much as it does.
The crane is well utilized for locking balls and taking balls in multiball and dropping them into the playfield as it swings around.
Does well in any sized collection big or small.
Great game, lots of shots. I remember the first time playing it, I was impressed with the shot variety and the magnet in the playfield was icing on the cake. LOADED.
1 year ago
Great toys, shots, sounds, multiball, and artwork make this pin a LOT of bang for the buck. I only assume it has stayed low because it is a data east. News flash: data east put out some KILLER pins. Get them before they skyrocket.
1 year ago
Underrated pin with lots of fun shots and features. Game is a blast when completely dialed in. Crane is awesome, magnets are super fun, most played pin in collection by guests. Pinsound and ColorDMD are a must
1 year ago
I am so glad I have this game in my collection. Data East during this time period tried to outshine Bally/Williams by putting so much into there games. It has so much going on and plays great. The best part of this game has to be the varied shot selection. Nothing feels repetitive, and really keeps you coming back for more. The sound is excellent with it's booming explosions and varied soundtracks. The crane can be problematic but when it works, is great to see in action. There are even magnets under the playfield to wreak havoc while playing. This pin looks great, sounds great and plays fantastic. One of my favorites!
1 year ago
This is a realy fun game,It’s a modern classic with shaker motor and cool music.the animations on the dmd Where cool in those days
1 year ago
One of my faves! A true hidden gem. Unfortunately, the fate of the movie has this game labeled way low. Don’t shy away! Lots of action and features. Great variety of shots and action keeps you coming back. Lighting is way dim ( go pin stadium) and pinsound is another necessary upgrade.
2 years ago
Fun with magnets and Police light ! Alot of features !
2 years ago
This one does really well on location compared to many machines around it. Casual non-players seem to drop quarters in it a lot. Really good game for a Data East. There are some issues with immediate drains down the center, but once you kind of sort that out, ball times can be pretty long without being too easy. The Smart Missile is a cool feature that let's you kind of Hail Mary and light a lot of features at once. The multi-ball is good with a swinging crane. There are a lot of simple missions all around the play-field that match easily with shots. So, I'd almost dare say this is underrated but don't know the long term playability. The movie wasn't that memorable but this pin takes the theme and runs about 100 miles with it, to the point you wish the movie was better.
2 years ago
This was the first pin I owned. Bought a house and it was the only thing left inside of it, so I asked for it to stay. Had it for a while, but eventually sold it. It was left behind and I didn't play it very often, so that says something. Not a bad game, just okay. It did, however, get me into playing and owning other pins, so it has some appeal. Just not enough for me to hold onto it.
2 years ago
Great budget game. This was my first "flip" pinball machine and after 14 hours of labor I made less than minimum wage. Would totally do it again just to play this game. I honestly think I enjoyed playing this game more than I did The Hobbit when it was in my collection. The rules are simple enough for progressing through the modes, and this thing is actually pretty loaded when you think about it. Gun trigger with cool skillshot. 5 Drop targets, 6 ball multiball, magnets under playfield, 2 captive balls, shaker motor, a moving crane, 3 scoops, and the biggest picture of Arnie I've seen on any pin. Yeah... the artwork is terrible and the music is bad and repetitive, but it is a fun game. This is a fantastic first pin, and the cheapest DMD you can get that is any good in my opinion. This game is a total ripoff of Adams family down to the rules. If you like Addams and are looking to not bust the budget, this is your pin. 10/10 would get again.
2 years ago
As a entry level/first machine it’s good value for the $$ with enough to keep you interested but in a serious pinball collection it just doesn’t cut it and gets boring quick.
2 years ago
I didn't have high hopes for this game, but it is actually quite fun. I'm not sure if the lighting on the machine that I played was fully functional, but if so, then the game is a bit too dark and it's challenging to see a lot of what's going on. Still, there are a lot of shots for it being an older game. The speed of the game is pretty good too despite the age of the game.
2 years ago
This is one of the best games ever made, just poor artwork. The back glass is a bit of a travesty. The game play is amazing. My girlfriend absolutely loves this game. I bought the iPad version just to be able to play it all the time. Not as good as the real thing, but this is a great game.
2 years ago
Probably one of the most outrageous multi ball machines out there which is cool, but the code itself is so rough and unfinished. A couple modes will end up waiting for a ball search to ensue to allow the continuation of the game. Had, enjoyed for a while and sold. Not a keeper. This is one title you play and when you become bored you trade.
2 years ago
This machine truly is a lot of fun. I found myself playing over and over without the self control to stop lol.

My favorites: The shaker motor, the magnets, the scoops, and the ramps.

My dislikes: The sound could use some work, and the light flashing is way too extreme. I have to actually look away sometimes during certain "show" portions of the game, or I get sick from the unnecessary amount of strobe light flashing.
3 years ago
This is a fast moving game. Lots going on. Sounds on this game are a little cheesy, but then again the whole movie and concept behind Last Action Hero are cheesy.
This game is worth the pick up because of everything it has going on in it. Ramps, static ball, drop targets, a crane, scoops, and magnets. Super fun 6 ball multi ball. I would advise getting the latest code rom for this game. It makes a huge difference in the rule set.
Drawbacks, the game is it's fast and it can also end your game fast. Im not a huge fan of the pistol grip shooter. I prefer a shooter rod to control my skill shot. But in this case the pistol grip fits this game. The center of the game is very dark and most people have added lights to brighten it up. The ball eject in the top right corner can be to strong and can make the ball bounce out of the wire form if its not lined up correctly.
All in All, this is one of Data Easts best games, in my opinion. Super under rated. Once you start playing its hard to walk away from.
There are 115 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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