Last Action Hero (Data East, 1993)

Last Action Hero

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Game design: 8.003

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Other Aspects: 7.721

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There are 93 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
This is a fast moving game. Lots going on. Sounds on this game are a little cheesy, but then again the whole movie and concept behind Last Action Hero are cheesy.
This game is worth the pick up because of everything it has going on in it. Ramps, static ball, drop targets, a crane, scoops, and magnets. Super fun 6 ball multi ball. I would advise getting the latest code rom for this game. It makes a huge difference in the rule set.
Drawbacks, the game is it's fast and it can also end your game fast. Im not a huge fan of the pistol grip shooter. I prefer a shooter rod to control my skill shot. But in this case the pistol grip fits this game. The center of the game is very dark and most people have added lights to brighten it up. The ball eject in the top right corner can be to strong and can make the ball bounce out of the wire form if its not lined up correctly.
All in All, this is one of Data Easts best games, in my opinion. Super under rated. Once you start playing its hard to walk away from.
4 months ago
I really enjoy this game due to the many missions you can work on and the ball flow. The moving Crain is cool and the wire forms flow the ball all over. Smart Missle button is cool. Great under rated Data East machine.
6 months ago
This is a massively under-rated pin. I've had this game now for 5 years and it still doesn't get old. What I love about this game is the following

So much to shoot for, and lots of different modes means that every game is different and it never gets repetitive. There is also a very good mix of easy shots and difficult shots. Also, DE threw the book at this machine with the crane toy, shaker, magnets under playfield, three scoops and the ripper. In the five years I've had this game, I've never made it to wizard mode which is probably part of the reason I keep coming back.

Thankfully the downsides to this game are all addressable.
1) The translite is terrible.... but the alternate one is far better
2) The original sounds and music were just OK .... but pinsound with some of the user mix's completely change the game
3) The lighting is very poor in this game.... but Stadium lighting helps a ton.

I think if this pin hadn't been based on a colossal flop, it would be worth 2-3x what they go for now, and may even be a top 40 pin, but as it is now, this is a fantastic value pin
7 months ago
I had this game in my collection for approx a year. It’s cheasy, quirky and weird! But it is action packed and full of all kinds of toys that will rival any game from the past and the present! I would gladly have this game back in my collection! Dollar for Dollar you can not go wrong with this machine! Hope this helps! Mike
10 months ago
Very underrated game. Fun fast play with variety of shots and stuff to do!
1 year ago
This is my first DE, and honestly - I just enjoy playing the daylights out of it. The game, for the price, is exceptionally fun. For being typically under $2K, there's a lot a 'bells and whistles' going on in this game. Three magnets, a shaker motor, six m-balls, a crane, along with a few other things means a lot of things can happen all at once. It is not uncommon to get 10 minutes (guessing) on ball 3. Don't consider it as good as a classic Williams, but it's a no-brainer for someone with a limited budget. It does have have the typical DE speaker hum, but it's not annoying. Like everyone else mentions, the backglass is one of the weaker points. The backglass (actually plastic) can be swapped out for an aftermarket if a person so chooses. Rules simple fairly simple (compared to my Judge Dredd) which makes it easy to play but with yet some rather difficult shots. Blinking lights help cue the player on what to hit. When we have visitors, it tends to get the most play out of all of my machines.

Almost passed it up given the lack of love for it by some people. Glad I didn't. Now if I can just find a TFTC...

A quick update: Installed the ticket repair decal that i found on Pinside - easy fix. Was worn when I got it. Perfect now. Had the typical wear spot as all other LAH games Even after a good 6 months, this PBM is still fun to play and even tosses in a few new surprises after all this time. Been completely reliable. Some easy shots, some very hard shots - overall a good game for both seasoned and newbie players. I have a JD that constantly torments me after 4 months, but LAH is just a plain fun game. JD may make me a better player, but to just chill out and have fun trying to cheat gravity, LAH has not been a disappointment. Some people may say DE is not the same quality as a Williams or Bally (I own two of those 90's games) but for a 25 year old machine, it's been rock solid. Most problems I encounter on any machine is kludge repairs/mods, not the original game. Glad I bought it, and the price is still decent compared to others.
1 year ago
A fun mode based game from Data East. Plays like Addams Family or Jurassic Park. The crane is a cool toy for locking balls and the multiball rules are quite cool. Plenty of stuff to do and one of Data Easts better pins.
1 year ago
Last action hero is a fun game it has good rules, good toys, and good sounds and music. But, the translite is horrible looking.
1 year ago
I feel like this game is almost an exact duplicate of Jurassic park. I just couldn't get into this game for whatever reason. I probably only played the game a couple dozen times and I owned it. Maybe I didn't give it a good enough chance. Just didn't make the cut in my pinball game line up.


The crane is a pretty cool toy
Shaker Motor


The back glass is ugly
the golden ticket always discolors
1 year ago
LAH is a really good Data East game. No, it's not TAF or anything up to the same level that B/W was producing at the top of their game, but it's also priced accordingly. To be frank, it's just good ole' plain pinball fun.

-some incredible toys and features for a budget pin
-the layout is (largely) very good. Several great shots that require some accurate sniping, including a great bank of drop targets that have to be knocked down accurately in order to access the crane. Love that there is a switch behind them that resets the whole bank if you miss!
-the dots and sound are fantastic. Great callouts, great clips. This game would probably look amazing with a color DMD.
-good modes that lead to a final wizard mode.
-fairly priced pin for a feature-packed DMD pin

-the shaker motor is going CONSTANTLY. While this is fun in moderation, it's a bit monotonous and honestly turns what I think would have been a great game into just a good game. Too much of a good thing IMO.
-the backglass is pretty horrible, as well as the movie the game is based on. YMMV
-not a huge fan of the placement of the 2 scoops in the center of the pf. Easy to hit and get in the way of several other shots.
-the lighting is constantly flashing and going off. Between this and the shaking it's like the game is a really insecure teenager shouting, "hey look at me! I've got features!!"
1 year ago
few monthes now that LAH is at home... what can i say more than we all know already !? ok, the BG is the weak point, but it you like playing pinball, who cares ? the game is really fun, match the theme, has the rule set more than similar as all others DE from the era, easy/simple but doesnt mean not fun (even more with the custom rom 1.13)... what i dont like in the design of the PF is the right upper side, feeling "close" there... for having more flow the right captive ball could have been replaced with a side lane going to the upper BONUS X lanes... but anyway, LAH remain a very good pinball without a doubt, lots of toys and features on it... if you can buy one, go for it !
1 year ago
If action is what you want then LAH is your pin. The move bombed but the pinball is "The Bomb". The game play incorporates the movie very well. Fun to play with a good rule set. Very tough to complete all the modes. Has many features of the more expensive machines at a fraction of the cost. The crane swinging your ball around is spectacular. While playing you get an overload of sensation as the machine shakes, throws your balls around, and has fast play. Woman love shoes & handbags while guys love pinball and woman. LAH belongs in your lineup.
1 year ago
i love this game a lot, with a new translite and mods, is a beautiful machine. Very fun.
1 year ago
very fun and underated machine, a lot to do.
1 year ago
You can tell Data East really tried to compete with B/W at the time. They threw in pretty much everything on this game. They saw how successful TAF was, so they copied the rules for starting missions and added magnets under the playfield. I really wanted to like this game, but the poor playfield layout does not make it much fun. There is no flow to the game making it feel clunky. I am also not a fan of the two scoops in the center of the playield always stopping the action. The game does have a deep rule set, has pretty good dot matrix animation and does a great job with the theme. The ripper shot is awesome. For all the pinball goods this game has, I feel it all does not quite come together in the end.
1 year ago
This has recently become my favorite game to play. I love the movie quotes, special features, crane, and many skill shots. The shaker motor and police lights on top of the backbox add to the overall experience.
1 year ago
Great machine by Data East. Loaded with features, scoops, magnets, crane, shaker, factory topper, drops, multiple captive balls. Amazing game, but terrible art, that translate....sheesh. I just ordered an alternate one. Lots of modes to complete, and the 6 ball multiball is crazy, especially when the magnets kick in. Awesome effort by DE, glad to have it in the line up for now.
1 year ago
I have had this game for over a year now all I have to say is what a sleeper game this is. Music and sound is one of the best in pinball AC/DC come on! Research the LAH group for an inexpensive sound upgrade that just makes this game ROCK! Also there is an updated game Rom that puts this game over the top with some tweaking to scoring rules and sound clips. This is just a fun exciting game to play the modes are challenging, fast and rewarding. The light show is well orchestrated. For a non-fan layout this game is fast and non-stop. LAH is a winner when upgraded with the above cleaned and "dialed-in". Give it a try!
1 year ago
Best game ever! In my collection at least. Tons of features highly underated pin
1 year ago
I own this game and my ratings may be higher if I could get it working properly. It is super cool and if working...super bad ass
1 year ago
The sound really ruined this game for me. Just too repetitive. I honestly couldn't get over that even though the shots felt good and fun.
1 year ago
Corny movie, great pin. I picked this up due to all of the cool features you get for a pretty reasonable price. The crane, magnets, and shaker motor are awesome. I've been playing it for a couple weeks now and the rule set isn't super deep but the modes are fun. There's a lot of fun shots in this game, drop target bank, two captive balls, the ripper, and a six ball multiball so it keeps you coming back. I wouldn't say Ill keep it forever but I would say its going to stick around for quite some time.
2 years ago
Ugly game, lots of fun
Difficult shots, good flow, good toys, good rules. If you can get past the looks it's a great game to play that can be had at a bargain price. One of the best fun to buck ratios out there.
2 years ago
Not my favorite but ok game
2 years ago
All-around, it's a decent game.
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