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Game design: 6.645

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Other Aspects: 6.552

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There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
My family had one back in the 90's. It got played, and repaired, quite a bit. The color scheme is atrocious, yet draws you in somehow. For a widebody, there isn't a bunch of dead space. Features are pretty evenly distributed. Love the roll-under targets, especially with the 5x multiplier. Side troughs are pretty dangerous, as they seem a tad wider than standard. Can be relaxing one game, and pandemonium the next. Found one with the amalgamated cabinet last year and had to have it. Replaced MPU and driver with top quality Kohout boards. Plays great!
10 months ago
fast widebody, get your pop bumpers doing their job, wax that playfield and enjoy. can't beat a good spinner lane, and there are 2 here, the outlane see-saw kickers are neat and make for some harrowing moments, game was built to be nudgetastic and doesn't dissapoint, the low numbers on this last of it's era type of system 6 game is people expect too much and don't like all the cool shit you're handed nowadays either..
1 year ago
SPINNERS! LIGHT THE SPINNERS! I dont understand the low ratings on this game. For a widebody, its not that slow. As i said previously, lighting the spinners is not that tough and easily attainable at least once in a 3 ball game. Who doesnt love to rip a spinner and listen to it rack up mega points when lit? The left spinner is super EZ to nail dead center.
I recently acquired one that had been sitting broke in a finished dry basement for 20 years, was undocumented HUO, in excellent condition for $400. The inserts were all flat, PF was dirty but very nice, BG was almost a 10.

Artwork-I love the colors and lightning bolts on the cab, the Backglass is Mirrored and fantastic. Overall just a beautiful, colorful machine that is also well lit, great use of GI lighting. For some reason, a well lit, colorful, attractive game is much more fun to play in my opinion. (Strikes and Spares comes to mind)
Spinners-EZ to light and nail for big points over and over.
Ball capture-Interesting ball launchers on each side instead of normal boring return lanes and outlanes.

Sounds. I realize SS was in its infancy but its hard to believe there is no "back ground sound or music" Merely 1 year later Williams came up with games like BK which have amazing sounds. My 1979 Meteor sounds blow this one away.
Ruleset- Not that EZ to figure out whats what. You shouldnt have to study the ruleset to figure a game out. I still am not sure about the drop target goals.
Kickers- There is only (1) switch in the Kickers above the flippers, I adjusted them closer than usual but still occasionall get no kick when the ball glances softly off the edges. Kickers are a bit weak as well, but i didnt service them.

All in all i like this game for a widebody. Im kinda bummed I promised my brother he could have it so its going to his house now that i have it working as it should. Good thing is he lives 5 miles away, has a Stargate, so im sure i'll be spending a little more "family time" with my bro now!
1 year ago
This is a fun and different one. It's wide - it feels like it was silly putty and someone stretched it out sideways, so it has quite a different feel to it. Everyone knows how this was supposed to have a bowling theme at one time, but somehow in my head I think I like it this way better.

Nothing deep here but I'm oddly drawn to it. Neat how both the upper and middle rollovers are synched, and the side kickout holes are fun. If I owned it I sure wouldn't like how that one drop target bank seems like it's about 3 inches from the flipper. I'd be scared of those targets breaking all the time.

Williams sounds of that time are always cool. The art isn't great but it's ok. Nothing special here but I always play it a few times.

*edit* I'm not going to mess with the numbers, but I think I like this more than a 7.0. This would be a great bang-for-the-buck game.

*Wife approval* She hasn't said a word about it, but she always seems to put a bunch of quarters in it.
2 years ago
Not a game I ever planned to get, but one crossed my path and I bought it. It has surprised my expectations and is now a 'keeper'. No multi ball, but there is plenty to 'do' to keep you coming back for more.
I especially like the spinners when they light after you have the 5X lit. Also, NEVER tilt as this resets a players accumulated bonus, multipliers etc. not a feature I have seen before. The rollover switches in the playfield are similar to Strikes and Spares and do not always register. Just part of the fun.
3 years ago
My first pinball back in 99. Everyone loved to play it and back then the light display and sound kept your attention. When I want a break from the fast action games this wide body always delivers. Can't find it in my heart to sell.
3 years ago
This Widebody after having for a while now i have to say it has grown on me. It's not slow like some wide body's but not a fast machine with today's standards. A classic machine with a cross of that 1979 Disco feel and a cheese of a class B movie. The shots are good and has a nice flow. The toss from side to side in the "star bonus collector"can put you into a trance if you get it going. Not a bad machine give it chance , you might find it fun.
5 years ago
Laser ball is a wiiiiiiiiddddde body. This thing is huge. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like multi ball or some toy or gimmick but it is a pretty fun game to try and master. This game is all about getting your multiplier up. The 2x and 3x will carry over to your next ball, but once you hit 5x it resets when you drain. At 5x you also light your spinners, which you have one on each side, and they are now worth 1000 instead of 100 points. There are 9 drops to shoot. The pop bumpers on mine are really strong and can send the ball flying. This game can be pretty fast when set up right. Not an amazing game but it currently has a nice spot in my lineup and it continues to challenge me to beat the high score and play just one more game.

edit: I forgot to mention I love the sound effects on this game! there is no background music but the sounds are awesome! When you havent hit something for a few shots and its quite it builds up some tension and you know you gotta hit something soon :)
7 years ago
Williams's Flash and Bally's Future Spa red-headed stepchild is here!

The Pros:
10 rollovers, 9 drops, 2 spinners and a bit more give the player lots to shoot for. When this game is maintained as it should be, this is a sniper's paradise. When waxed and maintained, this is one of the fastest widebody pins you'll find. Dual numbered lanes at the top of the PF are challenging to light. Light up the AE targets and knock down the 4 bank of "BALL" for mega points. The double rollover top lanes (ala Time Fantasy) requires flipper and nudging skills to be on point

The Cons:
Constantino Mitchell's art package leaves much to desire. The 3rd flipper feels, well, useless. The ultra-mega-wide layout should offer more to do, but it doesn't. Lighting AE characters is based on the 10 rollovers and feels more like luck than skill. Just a few hits to the saucer gets you to 5x bonus in no time flat. Shades of Supersonic. That red headed girl is EVERYWHERE on this table! Some people love this game, most will feel... meh.

The Takeaway:
Does anyone feel like bowling? Because this 10 rollover in the middle of the PF is telling me that this should have been a bowling themed game. Gameplay doesn't flow and it's not exactly stop and go. This game definitely has it's own character. A great starter pin that when properly maintained, will keep challenging most players.

Update v1:
I love it when a game sneaks up on me and proves me wrong. I recently got to session out a really nice copy of this table and have to say that while it is not a perfect game, when tuned, it is a lot of fun and if the price was right, I'd consider owning one. The 5 lanes at the top (No lane changes!) and the inlane/outlane layout is nudge-tac-u-lar. Hitting the saucer and target to boost the multiplier is good lighting the spinners is even better! Long game play will cover the 10 inserts on the PF and lighting them will light the respective # on the top lanes to complete the AE value. I don't shoot for the PF inserts, but it is nice to get them when they come. While the upper flipper isn't very functional for hitting drops (too much side to side), it can be used well to stall and control the ball to keep it going where you want to down towards the lower flipper. The game I played had dangerous exits from the bonus advance lane on the left as well as the kickout on the saucer on the right. Risk/reward considerations for sure. This best analogy I can give for this game is Bally's Future Spa which came out earlier that year. I like both of these tables and while they are not great, they are both better than most people would take them for up front. This game definitely needs another digit on the display or a modded ROM to take the last "0" out of the score to keep this thing from rolling over with the quickness (can be found on the IPDB page here: You can still find this game for cheap and considering what pinball prices have been doing for the past few years, that is saying a lot. With 4500 made, this is not a common game, but it is not that hard to find if you look for it. Laser Ball. Straight forward late 70's Williams pinball awesomeness... right here!
8 years ago
Most everything is sort of ok on Laser Ball pinball machine. Nothing too outstanding. I like the sounds. Cabinet artwork ok on this widebody, but not great.
10 years ago
Slow game. Reminds me of Future Spa without the cool artwork. Yet another old wide body pin I don't like.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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