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10 months ago
For better or worse, this is (arguably) the most iconic pinball game of the 70s. Everyone knows this game.

I'll start with the good stuff. The art is just fantastic. If you walked into an arcade in 1979 you'd know if this game was there within 5 seconds.

The sounds are terrible. Oh wait you mean the pinball game...really, it's fine for the time. I can't actually tell which songs they're trying to emulate, but it's fine.

The game doesn't play all that bad and it's fun to try to fill the grid but there just isn't much here. The spinners are slightly difficult to nail but it's fun when you really get them.

In the end it doesn't matter what I think - the game is massively popular (colossal bonus!) and priced accordingly. And I really don't think I'm being too critical. If you're a KISS fan this game is a grail collectible.

*Wife approval* She hasn't played it but I've shown her pictures. She just thinks it's silly. Actually she might have played it at a convention when we were dating and we both forgot about it. The gameplay itself is forgettable. Anyway, she's too young for the band to have any significance, and when I was a kid I asked my parents who these KISS people were in the t-shirt ads in my comics.

Have at it though, KISS fans. You could have done worse than this one. Rock art gem, not a lot after that.
11 months ago
I grew up with this at home, so it has a lot of sentimental value for me, but I still recognize it for what it is: Spell this word over and over and over again. Also, get A-B-C-D over and over.

Your bonus level persists for the entire game (or at least it did on mine), so the key to big points is to get your bonus early on, then get 2X via A-B-C-D every ball. Despite playing more modern pins in arcades through the 80's and early 90's I always loved this game. The sound of 16 bonus womps at the end of a turn from Colossal Bonus and 2x will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. The spinners are awesome, too, with the persistence of vision effect illustrating a tongue sticking out of dude's mouth.

The artwork is provocative and frankly ridiculous, but as a child I always thought it was intriguing. Would I have it today? Nahhhh. Because my mother still has it in her basement!
11 months ago
Ultimate classic machine! KISS is probably one of these most classic machines in my mind. A true institution to pinball.
1 year ago
Its an early SS Bally. They play the same, especially the symmetrical ones like this. With four pops, this differs from others slightly. The KISS animation on the BG, the gorgeous PF are wonderful to look at - truly works of art. For gameplay, not too much to write home about, but you can't play a Van Gogh.
1 year ago
My dad loves this game and I am always stuck playing this with the old guy. I hate this machine with a passion.

KISS in general has to be a generational thing, I'm in my late 20's and don't understand how anyone can like them.
1 year ago
This is a real must to have game in a mancave,its just amazing to look at in attract mode,and quite fun to play
2 years ago
Spinner shots are very fun and rewarding. Standard Bally Williams bonus max out fun time design is as fun as it has always been although maby some inlines somewhere, just a thought. Spelling kiss is fun.

While spelling kiss is fun, that is really the extent of the theme. Maybe they could have had different instrument shots instead of just spelling kiss. The skill shot is worth to much. I have had to play this many times in tournament and the if you know where the skill shot is you have a massive advantage. Why does your colasol bonus not get multiplied.

While it is a fun game I feel like more could have been done or rules could be improved. Overall though a game I allways come back to and that I wouldn’t mind owning.
2 years ago
If you’re into KISS this game is a must-have, great hand drawn artwork of the band and all around decent game.
2 years ago
My first one, forever ...
2 years ago
Art is definitely the strong point of this pin. Rules and sounds are not.
3 years ago
For what it was when released it was impressive. The subject matter could not be beat and considering how many were made, shows its appeal. Forward nearly 40 years and it is still very popular for it's subject matter alone. Classic gameplay with not a lot going on. As others have mentioned, it's basically a show piece for the artwork but likely doesn't hold up in a small collection.
4 years ago
artwork is awesome..i have this machine basically as a show piece for the art, people play it but not often.
5 years ago
For it's time, KISS was ok. Not much going on here playfield wise. Light KISS over and over. Like the drop targets. Spinners are always fun to hit. If your a KISS fan, worth owning if you don't have a small collection. Gets a bit old in a smaller collection. Nice looking pin. Always a fun game for a play or 2. Somewhat miss mine. When I have more room, i'll pick up another. Do love the artwork...
5 years ago
Great theme, classic art package, yet incredibly boring gameplay. Spinner all day once it is lit. Great for casual players looking to spell KISS over and over and over again via the matrix in the center but further than that, the game leaves a lot to be desired compared to other games of the era. One of the best art packages on a classic Bally, from a company that created the idea of an in-house art department. It would a few years before the idea of art agreeing with game design was Kiss proves wonderfully. Prices on this game have been madness for years now given Kiss Kollectors valuing this as the ultimate Kollectable. If it held a reasonable price, being a fan of rock n' roll, I'd consider owning the game for a spell, but not at current market value...!
5 years ago
I gained somewhat of a new appreciation for this pin. I've always considered it one of the most overpriced games ever, and I really don't like symmetrical games, but it's not all bad. The farrrr back spinners are a tight, dangerous, valuable shot. I actually like that more than ripping one halfway down the playfield on an EM. The bonus grid is kind of cool. Artwork, especially the backglass, is one of the greatest ever. The sound is of course abysmal, but if it it was made a year or two earlier might've been even worse. Just look at Nugent.
5 years ago
Where's my platform boots so I can kick some Ace!
6 years ago
Hard to play, not for a long time
6 years ago
Lots of fun, lighting up the spinners never gets old. Has some tight shots.

Surprised there isn't more love for this one...I am not a kiss fan but his is a fun pin.
6 years ago
Very good early Bally Solid State. I don't like symmetric games as much as asymmetrical ones, but it works pretty good for Kiss. Scoring is consistent with the other Bally's of that era, so if you kick ass early on it you can coast thru, esp on a 5 ball game. You either like the theme or you don't, not many people are on the middle. Can't find them cheap any more, so if you're looking for a player from this era maybe look for a Mata Hari or something instead.
7 years ago
KISS sounds like a great potential pin for its time, but I just find it dull and overpriced.
7 years ago
Of course a classic machine, with an awesome theme. Very fun to look at, but plays a little clunky... It is a bit easy at times, but can be very addicting at the same time. If nothing else it can sit and look pretty...
7 years ago
The KISS theme is what makes this a great pin. the gameplay is actually pretty addicting spelling KISS a bunch of times to score big points. Without a great theme, like this one, i dont think any pin from 1979 is worth owning.
8 years ago
Kiss the pinball and the band are 70's icons that come together perfectly in this game.

The Pros:
Kevin O'Connor's artwork is brilliant all around on this table. Jim Patla's design is understated, simple and very playable.

The Cons:
I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day in 4 bit sound... this is a rock and roll pinball right? I have to admit that I find myself singing the lyrics with the tune when I start my game, OK, it's not that bad. I know that this is what the tech at the time supported, but it seems shallow. The rest of the sounds are basic in comparison to that...

The Takeaway:
The Army will always be seeking this deck. It's a fun game and they made 17k of them, but the price will always be too high for what you get from the game for playability. If I'm paying 3k for a bally of this vintage... Give me a Paragon and a few others and I'm a happy pinhead.
8 years ago
If it wasn't KISS, this game wouldn't be a big deal. A band like KISS deserves a better pinball machine.
8 years ago
Very generic layout but with the artwork along with the sound(for the time)
it still has a good flow. Yes, you would have to be a KISS fan but I liked it.
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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