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Game Design: 7.475

Artwork: 7.907

Sounds/Music: 7.959

Other Aspects: 7.65

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6 years ago
This game is already "under-rated" - don't believe the naysayers, this game ROCKS. It's fast with many satisfying shots. As the code evolves, expect this baby to rise into the top tier of games. Right now, the artwork alone may be the best in recent history. Lick it up!
6 years ago
With version 1.04 of the code, this game is great fun. It's only going to get better as the team progresses on code updates. There are still some things that are not yet implemented.
Great flow, good shots. Modes are decent and will probably get better. I look forward to see how they implement the city selection in the rules.
Great lighting, excellent sound. I like to describe this game as "the love-child of ACDC & Metallica".

Cons of the game: On location, you could get a bunch of SDTM drains from the demon head. 1.04 defaults the ball save from this to 1 sec, so it should be ok.
6 years ago
I like the band but not my favorite (AC/DC is better). However, i found it to be fun to play. Highly underrated. Would probably buy it at a future date.
6 years ago
Rules will ultimately make or break this game I feel. In for the long haul with my pro, just waiting for the next code release. At 1.03 I wouldn't consider the game even 50% done yet.
6 years ago
A "clean" yet busy playfield on this one. I find it difficult to hit the right "light lock" when I'm trying to actually hit it, so that's frustrating. I prefer the Metallica machine to this, and maybe even AC/DC, but it's still fun.
6 years ago
I Love it.. The Hottest Pinball in the World.....
6 years ago

After 2 months I am getting a bit bored with my Kiss.
The rules are not that deep.
I am hoping for a decent update or this game will leave soon... :-(
6 years ago
I was so unimpressed with this game. The star child area is a complete waste of space. The spinning disc was either super weak on the one I played or not working. The code is super bare on it and I found no shots on this game satisfying. If you don't get it up the center ramp all the way get ready for a center drain. Not a fan.
6 years ago
I found this game completely overhyped. Nothing really new here for me. Considered buying an LE and after playing the pro I was very happy I didnt. Code might help a bit but I just found the shots to be boring. Shooting I to the huge Gene Simmons head is super easy and can be done all day long. I am out on this one. Played more at expo and have increased my rating a bit. Game does have some nice flow and the shots are more difficult than I first thought. Still will not be a purchase for me unless they do some major code updates
6 years ago
the only thing keeping kiss from a perfect rating is the game is so new that the code is not complete.
when the code is updated it will be a top 10 game.

its kiss, its pinball, its rock n roll. its freakin sweet.
6 years ago
Well, I had a great 2 hour session last night, after a long time of not playing.
have to say this is a great machine. YES the Star child area is hard! BUT what kind if players are you if you complain about this? And the reward is LOVE GUN c'mon!!! Overall always great fun!
6 years ago
The game looks cool and plays with some flow. That's about it for me. Only WOW factor is the ART.
6 years ago
Nostalgic game with great art. Lacking code sunk this title.
6 years ago
OK I'm updating my rating on this pinball machine as I'm reviewing the LE version. It's my Dream Theme pinball machine for me and my favorite bank so pardon my bias. This is one of the fastest playing pinball machines I've ever played.....Classic Borg! After the last code update on this game the gameplay experience improved dramatically. The flow of the game for a Stern pin is excellent it's not clunky like Walking Dead. There are a few things lacking in this game and one of them a SKILL there is none and the Starchild area is very difficult to shoot. Overall it's a really enjoyable pinball machine but there is a few things lacking as mentioned above. Gene's head is a cool toy too. The ultimate collector's item for a KISS fan like myself.
6 years ago
Really enjoying my Kiss Pro. I got the game on code 0.92 (beta), as did many others. I had a couple resets on that code but now have updated to 1.02. I love this game! Great addition to my Stern lineup alongside MET and AC DC. Audio/sound quality is Very good and gameplay is a LOT of fun! Highly recommend and very happy with the purchase of this pin.
6 years ago
Have to see how the code evolves for this game. Right now I can play a game or two then have to go play something else I find fun. Hoping the combo system gets additional awards and such as I see many possibilities there. As for toys are there really any? The spinning disk is so far back that it really don't spin the ball in the current code. Have to listen for the ball to clunk into the Gene VUK to make sure you know the ball isnt sitting on the spinner and coming out at any moment.
6 years ago
i played it with 1.0 code and it was AWESOME! it was a big upgrade since .92
6 years ago
I rated this with code V.93. I will re-evaluate with newer code at a later date. The game play and shots are quite good!
6 years ago
Disclaimer: will have to update this rating when a better code is released. The version I tested was far from polished, with repetitive call outs, etc. No skill shot?!

Sound quality seemed good to me, which is a prerequisite for a music pin. Layout is fine. Nothing ultra interesting, but nothing wrong either. May be a short ball save will be welcome each time gene vomits a ball. Got too many SDTM to count.

Overall, a solid pin, with decent artwork. The theme is nicely implemented. I like the references to its Bally ancestor. Kiss fans should be happy with this one. The others will wait for a polished code to get an opinion.
6 years ago
Overall KISS is a fun play. My main complaint would be that when you lock the ball into the Demon's head, it often comes back dangerously or even straight down the middle. I would understand if this would only happen when the lock is NOT lit, but we should never be punished for locking a ball. It is also not much of a "lock" if the ball comes screaming back at you. I believe the Premium and LE actually do lock the ball so perhaps we are all suckers for playing the Pro version.
6 years ago
Good pin for operators. Easy to understand. Shots are easy. Forgiving game.
For the home market, this might be good for beginner players.
* Asymmetry: decent
* Backhands: very good
* Ball Control/Hazards: very good, on the easy side
* Ball Time: long, on my table, all outlanes were maxed, so the right outlane was a pain
* Drops: none =(
* Flow/Stop n Go: good flow, VERY little stop n go for a DMD.
* Fun/Lastability: decent
* Inlane Flow: smooth as butter. Super smooth inlane guide flow
* Lateral movement/Nudging: Good - this surprised me.
* Multiball - entering: A little tough to enter demon multiball, but not too "hard" -- could get it most every game I played. (I played 10 games on a new machine)
* Multiball - enjoyment: very good - open field
* Orbit Shots: no spinner, but a good orbit. Seems 100% uninterrupted (most odd)
* Originality: decent
* Ramp/Orbit Re-entry Speed: good. th ball comes off both ramps rather quickly
* Pop bumpers: good. I like having a pop *right* at the end of a stationary target set
* Scoring Balance: (no idea)
* Skill shot: none ?
* Sound/Callouts/Voice: couldn't hear, in a bar
* Spinners: yes, but didn't get to focus on it and enjoy it
* ThemeArt/Lights: decent
* Toys/Gimmicks: I liked the randomness of shooting the Gene disc
6 years ago
Overall this is a good pin with some great potential. It has good flow and speed as there aren't too many gimmics that slow down game play. The randomixer under Gene's head is pretty cool but there were issues when the ball would eject from his mouth. We actually had a few shoot directly into the right outlane so adjustments were needed. The pin definitely feels incomplete and really needs an update to improve upon the rules and modes. Some of the features are not completely implemented which kind of sucks because after awhile it felt like all we were shooting for was multiball. I could be wrong but it seemed like there were only four songs to choose from as well it felt like we were listening to the same tracks over and over. I think this pin will really come together once the software is complete. Not sure if it will meet AC\DC or Metallica standards.
6 years ago
I don't like KIZZ, the band. Yes... it's almost as bad as Metallikuh for me. But hey, that's me. Let's get to the game.

The Good: John Borg is the most prolific pinball designer of this generation. For Real. I feel so lucky to have such a talented, hard working and successful pinball creator in my world. It's kind of crazy, Steve Ritchie makes the magnum opus every 18 months, John Trudeau spins the creator's wheel and makes games off his cuff about every other day. And then... in the middle, Borg. Well Played, John. Imma gonna gits a play or 17 on TFTC now. This layout is a winner. The randomixer under Gene's tongue does it's job VERY well. The Starchild ran miniPF will need some good old fashioned EM nudging skills, That's a good thing as Martha would say. This layout is SOLID. The K. O'C art pax is great when it isn't photoshop hairs on Paul Stanley's chest. The Demon's multiball is very well done and reminds me of Whitewater for qualifications/locks. I like the song/city cross selection. I am VERY curious to know how this will be implemented in future S/W iterations. Hitting the KIZZ drops to light the ball save on the left outlane is a great addition to gameplay. The standup at the mouth of the starchild target fan makes that part of the PF play better. The color coded mode lighting is well done.

The Bad: Skill shot? Where? The Starchild fan with the S-T-A-R targets and the saucer will require attention during play as it is not a consistent shot. The Demon (depending on the individual table and setup) has a nasty habit of spitting the ball down between the flippers if not properly set up. The music which this game is built around is BORING! That and Gene Simmons is a dick to someone unless he has a use for them. The "licky" animations make me nauseous. Rolling Stones, Metalliker and now this?!? I'm gettin' sick of these weak-deek rock n' poseur pinball themes. You know Aerosmith is good for a non threatening power-ballad or 7. Poison? Limp-deek Bizkitz? Ohhh wait... I heard Warrant is on a comeback tour with Great White. How about some Winger?!? Hold on. I got it. The next Stern music pinball game is NICKELBACK!!! Sorry Stern Marketing gurus, good Rock and Roll is not about the musical lowest common denominator. It's about the music, man... (Say it like the Dude).

The Takeaway: A great layout and PF design. Lots of good pinball awesomeness to built a great ruleset upon. The KIZZ ARMY will buy lots of them as KIZZ KAZZKETS are much more expensive and this game will be much cooler to be buried in. For all the extra "features" that this LE/Preem has. Is it really worth the extra $1600.- to $2800.- more as compared to the pro?!? This game needs more S/W development. And while I have bagged on games before (WWE, sorry...) for this. I am trying to understand and be more fair with the S/W dev cycle. IF this game gets the treatment that 'Tallikuh and AC/DC got (and I can't imagine it not getting it)... Music pinballs may be in style for quite a while. I will be coming back to this review as the software is completed and refined.

So... Where's my F'n MOTORHEAD pinball game?!? Warpig Wizard mode, anyone?

Update: With the first iteration of the software update I was hoping to like this game more. Instead, the mileage has shown the flaws of the game even more than I had feared. The worst being that this game layout is a re-hash of one of my least favorite Stern V2 games: Harley Davidson. The features may be a bit different, but the shot layout is pretty much the same with only difference being a steeper and narrower ramp on the right to make room for the center ramp. I still think the randomizer under the demon's tongue is well designed. Other than that... all of those nice things I said about the layout on this game. I take them all back.







The modes have been flushed out a bit more, but tweaking will still need to be done. If the programming team can pull the rabbit out of the hat, I'm all for it. But I'm not sure ANY amount of tweakulage can save this lackluster, uninspired and REHASHED poorly designed playfield. I admire John Borg and may have to give him a pass with his production cycles, but please... re-work and refine a layout like Tales from the Crypt instead? Just a thought. So here's to hoping for the future and listening to pinball with headphones turned up loudly enough to block out the din of sub-standard 70's Crotch-rock.

If we have to do 70's music, I'd rather have a Captain and Tenille pinball game. Muskrat Love Multibawl would be something to look forward to on the way to Love will keep us together Wizard mode. When you match, you get a Captain's hat. If you don't match, Toni divorces you. So dark...

With a bit more mileage I have found that combos are king on this game. This one s/w feature alone has brought new interest and respect to this table for me. Every major mode/ award/ jackpot shot on this table (even in wizard modes) can be doubled. This means you can reap massive rewards for ANY shot during gameplay. Your ability to claim accurate on the fly shots WILL be the difference between a good game and a great one. To whomever directed/put this code into this table, maximum respect. I am still not a fan of the layout and while great rules make a huge difference, even this one... while making this game more playable, can only do so much as far as the layout, theme and (what some would call) music that this deck is all about. Is it better? Yes. Will it ever be AC/DC, never. Scores updated accordingly.
There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 4.

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