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Game Design: 7.489

Artwork: 7.914

Sounds/Music: 7.972

Other Aspects: 7.674

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5 years ago
Yawn. KISS is as pedestrian as it comes with a little bit of frustration thrown in. The game's feature toy is problematic, and the rules are devoid of anything special. For such a cool throwback with the art package, it's a shame that the gameplay doesn't measure up.
5 years ago
Played on location... It's OK. Nothing new, exciting. Certainly nothing to write home about.
5 years ago
When kiss first came out I hated it an thought it was boring, spent a bit of time on it now an it's definatly growing on me, sounds are great an machine looks class, would definatly chose pro on this table don't think the extras weigh up to the price difference , never thought I would like this game but I do, hate how picking the cities with the flippers do nothing, code will defiantly make this game stronger, it's a good table, I like it...
5 years ago
new code is needed otherwise not much better than the 1979 Ballys Kiss
5 years ago
Tight shots, interesting layout that's slightly limited but quite challenging and fun. Love the retro look and much more fun to play than the original Bally. Hopefully code updates improve game play objectives it complete the game.
5 years ago
KISS (Pro) makes a great first impression right off the bat because the player can select the KISS song they want to listen to during gameplay before getting down to business. The song selection also functions as a sort of meta-mode select, and so it feels like several games in one (in a good way). The playfield lights do an excellent job of supplementing the callouts (that aren't always very informative), and the shots are challenging but clean. My only gripe about this game is that the Demon head (Gene Simmons) spits the ball SDTM many times, and often without a ball save in place. So, it can be frustrating to play when the toy effect ruins fair gameplay, but the rest of the game has great kinetics and keeps the player involved and interested. I'd like to own one of these machines someday (and I'm not even a huge KISS fan).
5 years ago
Another pro version that is a Stern cookie cutter without any new features or game play gimmicks. Very boring.
5 years ago
I have a few PINS to include a Metallica Pro, so when I finally got a chance to play this recently I tried not to compare the two (though hard to do). I was a KISS fan when I was a kid in the 70’s so I am familiar with the music, more so than I ever was with Metallica. I absolutely LOVE the lighting on the KISS table. The whole “concert” theme is very endearing and the game just looks great. I found the play to be good. Again, it’s hard not to compare to my Metallica but the ball flowed smoothly and in the several games I played, the rule set seemed intuitive. I had more than a few STDM’s on weak ramp shots, but otherwise I did OK and I think by my third game won a free game on points.

If I were collecting pins on a music theme, I’d consider this for my collection but right now patiently waiting for my MMR Standard to be built and shipped, so I won’t be adding this table. I think it is a very fun pin to play with long lasting appeal. This will probably end up being the signature piece in an infinite line of KISS memorabilia. But, I’m not really a Metallica fan and I love my table because the art, layout, and play is just fantastic. The point is non-KISS fans will probably really enjoy this table for its build and rule set, as much as I, a non-Metallica fan, enjoy my pin for the same reasons.
5 years ago
The artwork is absolutely top notch. By far, the pins best attribute. Game play is another matter. I personally found it lacking. Code upgrade may help, but its doubtful. Enough of a game to appeal to kiss fans but not even in the same universe as AC/DC or Metallica.
5 years ago
I am not a big fan of the group Kiss but the machine is not all that bad. The design is colorful, backglass and field are pretty decent to look at. Nice ramp and lane shots provide decent flow, Targets on the side and the stage/pit/whatever on the upper left make for an above average pin. I found play quite fun and got a game or two more in than I would normally at a show with over 100 pins to play.
5 years ago
just a hit and miss !!
5 years ago
Sound Quality is excellent, crystal clear. Was not a fan of Kiss music but this pin made me like their songs. I think the game is a lot of fun. Like the loop shot through pop bumpers and the right ramp is tricky and sometimes difficult to make. I like the art work and cabinet. Good flow to game. I also love that if you lose your ball, the song doesn't start over at the beginning again, it continues to run. I would holiday recommend this game.
5 years ago
Quite a difficult machine to learn how to play. The shots are more brutal than Walking Dead. We do not have this machine in our collection which makes it hard to rate.
5 years ago
Liked it but it needs the rules updated badly.
5 years ago
I played this on location and found it to be boring. After a few games, I had no desire to add more money.
It needs more interesting code as it stands now.
The music and art are great but as always , it helps if you like Kiss' music.
The Demon head is cool but it drained too often without adjustment.
5 years ago
This game is very similar to the original in that it looks great but gets boring fairly quickly. I just couldn't get into this game. Seemed slow compared to other recent games. Most shots are tight which is fine with me. The tongue is exceptionally annoying in that probably 1 out of 4 releases will go SDTM. I had one game in which it did it twice which makes this game no fun at all. I will stick to my AC/DC.
5 years ago
A fun game to play. I enjoy the different multi-balls and the spinner on the right. The largest drawback is the lack of the song Stutter anywhere in the game.
6 years ago
Not a fun game. Gets boring very fast. Music should be awesome but was not. Stern missed the mark here.
6 years ago
I think this is the best stern since Star Trek. Really nice layout.....The Demon kickout is wicked! I got plenty of straight down the middle releases from it. I see the ball save some times saves you...but on the one I was playing it was VERY short in time.

I like the scoring early on, balanced and the bonus actually matters. Nice multiballs, easy to pick up ruleset.

Really enjoy it. I don't care for KISS the band but this is a great game. Nice homage to the original as well.
6 years ago
This machine has some fun features, but I feel like it could have been better. The Gene Simmons ball lock is a good idea, but it does occasionally spit the ball down the middle. The way the ball shoots out is very inconsistent in direction and power.

The love gun multiball target is okay, but I wish there was more to it. With the bumpers being so far up on the playfield, shaking or nudging the machine is difficult to control the ball. You basically hit it in that direction and let the bumpers do their own thing, which is fine, but being that you have to hit each target to spell out STAR, it can be a bit difficult. I feel like a third flipper or some sort of mini-playfield design for this would have been much better.

The ramps are nice and easy to hit, the right ramp may take some practice though. This ramp is important because it lights the other shot you have to make in order to collect the instruments. Collecting instruments can lead to an extra ball as well as getting you one step closer to KISS ARMY. Most shots can be hit normally or backhanded.

The artwork, audio, and music are great, even though I'm not a Kiss fan. People always ask me, "well if you don't like Kiss, why are you playing it then?" and the answer is simple: if I only played pinball machines with a theme that I'm a fan of, I wouldn't be playing much pinball.

I like the game, but I don't think it would make any of my top lists. Fun to play if it's around.
6 years ago
played more than 20 hours , nice pin , good flow theming and fun , enjoyed it , however i would prefer to buy the Game Of Thrones or Aerosmith ( better and deeper rules )
6 years ago
Not impressed with this game at all. Straight down the idle ball drains when you lock it in the head. Decent flow but horrible rule set. Very shallow game. I did not enjoy playing it at all.
6 years ago
This is a good machine that reminds me of an older Pin, perhaps it's a Retro look that makes me feel that way or perhaps it's because this is the 2nd Kiss machine. There is no question in my mind that it's great looking Pin and at first I really liked the game but after a while I somehow felt like it could have been or should have been more. Even though I'm not a big Kiss fan the theme is very nice and well done and if I were to rate it solely on looks it would be top notch. Unfortunately, I was left feeling like there wasn't enough to keep me coming back for more plays.
6 years ago
Im really not a kizz fan but I really enjoy playing this pin
6 years ago
This game is already "under-rated" - don't believe the naysayers, this game ROCKS. It's fast with many satisfying shots. As the code evolves, expect this baby to rise into the top tier of games. Right now, the artwork alone may be the best in recent history. Lick it up!
There are 97 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 4.

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