KISS (Pro) (Stern, 2015)

KISS (Pro)

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Game design: 7.44

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Sounds/Music: 7.807

Other Aspects: 7.589

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44 days ago
This game totally is for the KISS fans, but it is a lot of fun even if they are not your favorite band in the world. It has a lot of great shots, and plays pretty fast. Getting multiple multi-balls is always fun, and challenging without being too easy.
82 days ago
I really don't like band pins where the songs you select change the rules... I like how Iron Maiden handled it and you can listen to any song you want when you're not in a mode, when you're in a mode, then you get the song to that mode. As there are some songs I like, but I hate the modes and rule sets... But, what I do like about this game is the theme, artwork, toys, and songs. The callouts are okay and fit with the rock concert theme. I like the animations and how they mix real footage of the band too. Love the Demon Gene head lock device. Really cool. Game shots fine, and I do like how its not hard to get 1-2 mb per play.
As the love gun and demon are attainable and both fun to play.
As band pins go this is a really good one, it both fits Kiss' image and also is just a fun pin.
3 months ago
This game got so much better since the last update ( 1.4 )
Better balance and more variation !
4 months ago
Glad to have this in my collection.
8 months ago
A very solid and fun game!
10 months ago
Kiss is the new-aged Stern cookie-cutter layout with some slight differences. I don't mind Kiss' music, and I find this game to be pretty fun to play once in a while. I see Kiss is a player's pin, so if your skills are low, you'll find it to be an unenjoyable drain-monster.


-- This game is a cookie cutter Stern with just a few differences
-- The backstage/song scoop is very tight, but doable. I hated it until I dialed it in. It works!
-- The right ramp is steep as hell and a tight shot as well. It feels great to nail it!
-- Paul Stanley's kicker zone for love-gun multiball is cool. The kickout up there is cool too.
-- Being able to hit the center ramp with both flippers is nice. It's a welcome easy shot.
-- Gene's head looks cool, but it's functionality as a primary toy is flat-out weak.


-- Kiss was a great band (yes, WAS), and this game is themed pretty great.
-- RGB LEDs for the changing shots are awesome.
-- Callouts are pretty good. "Stop shakin' the game!"


-- The modes are pretty solid and challenging to finish.
-- I like the combo rules. Centre ramp makes comboing a little easier on a tough machine.
-- Multiballs are quite fun on this game.
-- Gameplay and music becomes redundant pretty quick.


-- Choosing the easier songs (Eg. Deuce then Love Gun) over and over gets old fast.
-- I love Kiss' music, but the same songs will eventually drive you nuts, unlike ACDC.
-- Art is a little too cartoony for me.
-- Right ramp is a too tight, and you are punished hard if you miss.
-- Bumpers kill a lot of flow in this one. Center ramp followed by a hopeful alternate shot is really all you get.
-- No skill shot, with the exception of scoring a hit on the loop for Deuce.
-- Gene's head likes to barf the ball SDTM on many copies of this machine.
-- I've had many balls drain in the outlines twice in a row. Talk about house balls!

In the end, I expected to dislike this machine, but I don't mind it at all. Is it a great pin? No. Is it a typical Stern offering? Yes, but not to the point of being Aerosmith. I'll play this in the wild, but I feel sorry for those who bought this and rate it high simply to defend their purchase. Trust me, I've played it enough to know. It is an average pin at best, but worth a few bucks in the wild.
11 months ago
Such an under-rated game.

Amazing flow.

Superb call outs by Gene.

Gameplay - it's all about trying to get the multiplier at the right times to blow up the score.

Rock City is supposed to be great but haven't got there.

Hoping the final update polishes the code and does the game justice.

Will update again then.
12 months ago
Very fun game to play. Enjoyed the different rule sets based on music choice.
1 year ago
I love this game!! I am a huge Kiss fan, but I like to think I would love this game even if I wasn’t. I went with a pro as the premium and LE models offer almost nothing for the increase. Overall, the rules are simple, but it’s fast and flows well. In many ways it reminds me of Iron Man, brutal fast and short ball times. It is the ultimate pick up game and works in small and large collections.
1 year ago
First I think many of the early poor ratings of this game is due to bad early code, dislike for the band and the difficulty of the game it self. I believe many players want to put up big scores with little challenge. Shots are tight except for the center ramp. The game is a beast challenging you at each mode but it clearly defines what needs to be done. That is what makes for a long lasting challenging game that taunts you to keep coming back to complete that next mode or multiball. If you want something simple to put up big scores get something else. If you look at Pinball and want a challenge Kiss is a game for you.
1 year ago
I have wanted this game for awhile but was leery of the code talk. I pulled the trigger and Santa came through! Kiss saves Christmas once again! Anyway if you like or love Kiss you will like or love this game. If you hate Kiss than this game is not for you. I'm a big Kiss fan so I love it! However standing on its on is still good but I don't know if it would go in the home collection. It's a lot deeper than I thought it would be. Lots of things to do and shoot for. I have Metallica and theirs more to do than Metallica. Overall I would give Kiss an 8.5/10 and Metallica a 9/10. I hope that helps make your decision if your on the fence about owning it like I was since it came out. (Re-adjusted on April 3rd and I just love this game! I sold Metallica and kept Kiss!
1 year ago
Got the game thinking code was going to stink. It is a real blast to play. With finishing touches this could be another TWD. Game looks awesome and hearing old KISS songs hearkens back to my teenage days. Buy one, mod it, enjoy.
1 year ago
I approached this game with a fair amount of skepticism. But after several dozen plays, it's growing on me steadily. I admit to some bias for the theme; I haven't really been a KISS fan since I was a kid, but the nostalgia factor, the music, and the band member personalities are a lot of fun.

The songs available in the game are the right ones, in my opinion. Interestingly, unlike AC/DC for instance, the concepts of the band's songs aren't translated into playfield features. Instead, the songs get DMD animations based on the song concept, and the specialized animations play when you hit the necessary shots to complete the song. (Like in Aerosmith.) Meanwhile, the playfield features are based on the band members' characters and the concept of the KISS ARMY -- an approach that really isn't as good of an option (if at all) for bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith. I think this setup is well executed for this game.
1 year ago
Kiss is a fun game it has great artwork, good sounds, and Cool toys.
1 year ago
KISS Pro is themed very well . Hard shots but great sound and decent game play .I own the KISS LE but KISS pro would be a great pinball to own if you are looking for a music pin Addicting
1 year ago
I think this game is very underrated. The shots and flow and are great. It kind of feels like a Steve Richie game with regards to the flow. Great for a quick game. I own an acdc pro and would consider it close to as good. Acdc n my opinion has more character but the shots on kiss are just as or possibly more satisfying. There has been a lot of negative comments about the code but I disagree. I tend to prefer games that aren't very difficult to figure out, Kiss qualifies. Also, they are still working on a final code update. The couple negative thing I have to say is it wouldn't hurt to have a couple more toys and dots are a little bland. If you're interested in a game with great shots, flow, and theme this is a great choice.
1 year ago
Cool game which nails the KISS theme. Artwork mimics the classic 70s Bally KISS. Dont believe the hype that the code is lacking ... there is nothing wrong with it.
1 year ago
Fun game. Great art. Could use a few more songs. Gene's head shoots the ball sdtm too often though. Otherwise wise it is a fun game
1 year ago
Great looking game! I've been a Kiss fan for a long time and I had an opportunity to buy a discounted new one so I did. Great music but not a deep game but still fun.
1 year ago
I played this after Aerosmith and started to notice similarities. I had not read much about these two pins, but they are very similar in layout. I liked Aerosmith a lot better. While KISS was fun it didn't hold me.
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of the music, being a bit younger than most pinball players

The layout is very simple with not a whole lot going on. The lack of complete code means a bit is still missing from the game.
I'm not a big fan of this machine and stripped down stern pros in general. It's a big miss.
1 year ago
Cool music... that's it...

Yet another boring ass Stern...
1 year ago
Have I mentioned I rarely like Stern machines? I rarely like Stern machines.
1 year ago
I love the band. I wanted to love this game, but I just don't. I actually really disliked it at first, but it grew on me a bit. Have played it a ton on location. I love the music and call outs. Hitting the ball in Gene's mouth is fun, but it's just lacking something. The back glass art, in my opinion, could have been done better. If you look at Paul's face it is kinda drooping. The play field is ok, but a couple of shots that need to be made are harder than they should be. Still torn, but probably won't love it. I would recommend playing on location, but owning it is another thing.
1 year ago
It is one of six pinballs at a local, easily the least played. Didn't like the lay out and art theme of entire machine. I like Kiss, but overall gameplay wasn't appealing.
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