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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "KISS". The group itself ranks #55 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.437

Artwork: 7.829

Sounds/Music: 7.931

Other Aspects: 7.566

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There are 105 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
Fun time playing this. Shots feel satisfying to hit especially the mouth. Cool sounds and music. I dig it.
4 months ago
My son (9 years old) really wanted this pinball machine because he is an absolute Kiss fan. After a long back and forth we finally found a Pro in top condition.
Since we used to have a Kiss in our external game room, I was already familiar with the device.
My opinion has always been that the device is great for a quick game, but not for at home, as it will certainly get boring quickly.
The pinball machine has been with us for 3 months now and we are absolutely crazy about the Kiss. To this day I haven't managed to reach the final. For comparison, with Godzilla and Stranger Things I've already reached and played through the finale several times.
You really have to get to grips with the device, the impact of the multipliers is huge and it's a lot of fun to push these up, and I'm not just talking about the playfield 2x or 3x. There is a lot to discover.
My son says it's the best pinball machine he's ever played. And he has already played many devices and very extensively.
For me, the Kiss is completely unexpected in my top 5 list of my favorite pinball machines.
An absolute fun and challenging pinball machine.
I Like It!
7 months ago
Fun to shoot the tongue. That's about it.
11 months ago
If it wasn’t for the music in this one I would probably not play it that much, my attention for it is that it is KISS put any other band in there that I don’t usually listen to and I would not notice it. Because the gameplay is not bad but it is not great either. This game for me ways heavy in the theme. The topper for this one is an amazing addition to this game! If you like or love KISS it is a no brainer, get it! But if not then there are much better music pins out there!
11 months ago
A pretty standard layout with no bold risks anywhere. A few games here and there are enjoyable. Lacks a skill shot other than a medium plunge to get the ball to pause at the top and go left or right to qualify as a shot during a song.

If someone was a KISS superfan who enjoyed a game of pinball here or there they would enjoy owning this title.
1 year ago
Whether you are a Kiss fan or not, this is one of the most fun games to play. It is fast but enjoyable, one of the best games in my collection.
1 year ago
Hard pass.
1 year ago
Great game! Love the music.
2 years ago
Lazy, unimaginative playfield design and modes, the art and scoring multipliers save this game and turn it into something half decent. It is not a keeper.
2 years ago
i like it. very much underrated. quite easy to understand. music fits very well. nice shots. all in all very nice pin. i think the pro is enough.
2 years ago
I really liked this pin, but gene Simmons kept puking the ball right down the middle. It seemed to know that this will happen though because the ball saved feature flashes for a few seconds, but I feel that this is somewhat of a big flaw and disappointing while playing. Still more fun to play than most other pins at my local arcade.
2 years ago
This one just didnt grab me and none of the pinball locations that rotate new games held on to it for long. None of the shots felt like they jelled together and aside from knowing a couple of the songs the theme did nothing for me, one of the most generic music games out there. Had a tonne of fun with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica and Iron Maiden but this one was just kinda okay.
2 years ago
Definition of average. And also not worth the hype (or cost!)

Not a lot to say. Play it off you see it. I hope you enjoy it. But in a lineup of similar era games... It gets played near least and last.
3 years ago
Nice game for Kiss fans. I enjoy it, but I think there are better "band themes" out there.
3 years ago
This is the best and coolast game in my collection,if you’re a kiss fan This is a must have!
3 years ago
I love this game and KISS isn't even my favorite band. However, it is my favorite band game to play. The code isn't as deep as Maiden by any means, but this is just fun for me. It's just challenging enough that I want to try it over and over to beat my score.

Early code was so so, but it's better now and the need to hit certain shots now really adds to it. I would love to have this in my lineup
3 years ago
I'm definitely not a Kiss fan, but this pin is fun despite that. I guess I would enjoy it more if the music was more appealing. The premium does add a few perks that I noticed were missing, as one would expect.
3 years ago
Played onsite. The Op had the pitch super steep so this beast played FAST. It's a fun game but not one I would ever consider for home. The rule set is decent, evenly balanced. The demon VUK is a one trick pony and sometimes spits the balls right between the ole legs for a drain. That sucks - no ball save for that either. The loop isn't a satisfying shot, the steep ramp is satisfying, middle ramp is meh, back stage is pretty damn clever. It's in a weird spot so it takes some actual skill to get into that and random sloppy play generally doesn't end up in there which is nice. The lower right pop is an animal and can send the ball any which way at anytime which is pretty cool also but that's where the fun ends. The pin strikes me as more of novelty pin than a real pin.
3 years ago
Played KISS Pro last week.
Before, i did not know, how much fun it is.
Only found informations about bad code, incomplete code.
But now i am hooked.
Will buy one this week.
4 years ago
Compared to other Sterns pinball machines who fall in the hard rock category this is certainly not the most good looking, the fastest or the most tempting one to play. But when you're playing it there is no doubt that this is a cool and real entertaining machine. Even though there arent as many playfield gadgets here as for example on Metallica or Maiden, this machine manages to keep you busy and focused on the ball.

Although a cliché - I must once again say that here is a pinball machine with a fair amount of "one-more-game"-quality to it, which is pretty much the most important measuring stick for both vendors and home owners.

The general art on this game is rather dull and ugly. This is also true for the playfield, which on the other hand has a real
flashy and theme-fitting colour mix to it.

As with Metallica, I'm not a fan of Kiss music at all. Yet- this is another example of a Stern game with high intensity, interesting shots and a overall successful tribute to the hard rock theme.

Regarding lastability in a home collection I would rank KISS quite a few notches lower than Metallica- but nevertheless
a reasonable choice.
4 years ago
The playfield has a lot of things on it and is not "bare". Theming is great (premium is a touch better). The lit shots make it easy to know what you need to aim for and step you through the game. It's a fun game, but doesn't "pull you in", yet has that "one more game" feel to it. After a while playing it, it seems to be a little repetitive even though there is a lot to shoot at. I would play this at locations every visit if the Gene mouth is working properly.
4 years ago
This game totally is for the KISS fans, but it is a lot of fun even if they are not your favorite band in the world. It has a lot of great shots, and plays pretty fast. Getting multiple multi-balls is always fun, and challenging without being too easy.
4 years ago
I really don't like band pins where the songs you select change the rules... I like how Iron Maiden handled it and you can listen to any song you want when you're not in a mode, when you're in a mode, then you get the song to that mode. As there are some songs I like, but I hate the modes and rule sets... But, what I do like about this game is the theme, artwork, toys, and songs. The callouts are okay and fit with the rock concert theme. I like the animations and how they mix real footage of the band too. Love the Demon Gene head lock device. Really cool. Game shots fine, and I do like how its not hard to get 1-2 mb per play.
As the love gun and demon are attainable and both fun to play.
As band pins go this is a really good one, it both fits Kiss' image and also is just a fun pin.
4 years ago
This game got so much better since the last update ( 1.4 )
Better balance and more variation !
4 years ago
Glad to have this in my collection.
There are 105 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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