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This game ranks 1st in the game group "KISS". The group itself ranks #55 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.046

Artwork: 8.225

Sounds/Music: 8.225

Other Aspects: 8.228

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Found 76 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
KISS is a perfectly average game for me.

The layout is good although a bit unimaginative, there is some flow and in general playing the game is not that easy. I think Aerosmith has a similar layout but more refined than this.

I think the only noteworthy feature the Premium model provides is the levitating ball, it is a very nice gimmick to have. The physical Demon lock is also much better than that annoying returning ball on the Pro. Though concerning the gameplay both versions are almost the same.

The ruleset is surprisingly deep for what the game at first glance might look like. Having the possibility to change songs improves the replayability a lot. If one was picky one could argue not being able to change songs was Metallica's biggest flaw.

In terms of artwork the game looks good but it isn't on the level of a Metallica for example. The animations are a real disappointment though.

All in all, KISS is a decent game with some flow, relatively deep rules and a nice looking art package. If you're a fan of KISS you'll have a lot of fun playing this game.
8 months ago
I Love it
10 months ago
absolutely amazing game. very underrated !
1 year ago
Excellent music colors are beautiful i it
1 year ago
Its great. Fun game and not too difficult to play and score.
2 years ago
One of my favorite music-themed tables!
2 years ago
I heart Borg layouts. This is a fun, smooth shooter with a couple nice ramps and tight orbits. Clear objectives and the toys and multiballs are fun. Dots are a bit messy just because they're trying to emulate crowds, and a couple more tracks could make for more variety. Excellent lightshow. Not sure I'd own it but it's definitely a hit on location.
2 years ago
Love Kiss one of my favorite bands can’t go wrong with it
2 years ago
Great music themed pin. Much better than the original game.
2 years ago
I'm not a Kiss fan, but I gave this one a shot and was sure happy I did. This game didn't seem to be super deep but it certainly is a ton of fun. Very well done on this game.
2 years ago
Really surprised how much I liked the shots on this pin. Great ramps, especially the one that comes out of the head, and quality shots all over the playfield.
2 years ago
I have had the game for almost a year now. I love it! Great how it makes you shoot everything to fill the grid. I did have to make it harder in the settings and open the outlanes fully. Was too easy.
2 years ago
Great game. Excellent rules, game is alot of fun and doesn't get old.
3 years ago
This machine is a great mix of classic pinball looks and shots with today’s modern rules/code.
3 years ago
It is my least favorite of the modern band pins. For the price, there are far better choices.
3 years ago
I believe that this game is very under rated. The flow is very good, plays very fast, artwork is very nice and the music is great even if you are not a Kiss fan. I find myself always going to this machine in my collection and it never seems to get old.
4 years ago
I'm surprised this game is so low. I find it really fun and one of the better music games (nothing beats Metallica, of course!) If there's one thing that I guess sort of irritates me is its allllllways a long ball game. The very first time I played I won a free game....and then a free game off the free game....and then another free game... etc... I'm no pinball wizard either, it's just really hard to drain I guess (some would say that's a good thing!).

It deff lacks some challenge. I've only played on location too so not sure about the "rules" etc
4 years ago
Love the city combos.
4 years ago
I believe much of the negative ratings are based on theme, but as a KISS fan, it gets a 6 from me
I love the songs, but the rules and shots are what make the game so fun. I hate the center art of the board and the
back glass but love the cabinet. Unfortunately mine came NIB with the body wrap wrinkled and damaged
Very upsetting to say the least
Of the 11 pins I own, this is my favorite to play. And that says a lot, because the others are great too.
Criminally underrated game...If I could change the terrible art, I'd do it in a second, but the game play is excellent
4 years ago
I never really gave this game a chance. but the more I play it I love it. Ok I know that being a kiss fan growing up might persuade my thoughts about this game but it is really fun. I love the progress bars for each song and the chance to change it. Metallica does not do that. I would love to have this game in my house.
4 years ago
Full disclosure: KISS will always be near and dear to me as it got me into pinball. That said, I was never big KISS fan, so it's not just a KISS fanboy rating either. The playfield layout is pretty simple on kiss and other than the right ramp and left orbit the shots are pretty easy. It plays fast, and it's a lot of fun to shoot. The demon multiball always seems to get everyone excited. The levitating ball on the prem/LE is a really cool mech, but I like the Love Gun MB more on the pro (probably b/c it's easier haha). All in all, it's just a fun game to shoot.
4 years ago
Had to get one after the code updated to 1.41.
With the final touch of that code update it really made it hard for me not to get one....until I got one.
Right decision in every way. I love it period.
4 years ago
The playfield has a lot of things on it and is not "bare". Theming is great (premium is a touch better than pro). The lit shots make it easy to know what you need to aim for and step you through the game. It's a fun game, but doesn't "pull you in", yet has that "one more game" feel to it. After a while playing it, it seems to be a little repetitive even though there is a lot to shoot at. I would play this at locations every visit if the Gene mouth is working properly. If there was a real good deal on an LE, I could see myself owning one to compliment my pin collection. Currently there are other pins that are higher on my interest list.
4 years ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It was really fun and we all agreed it was the one of best games. in the place. I especially like shooting balls up the tongue of Gene Simmons.
4 years ago
Real good pin !!
There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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