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There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
KISS is a perfectly average game for me.

The layout is good although a bit unimaginative, there is some flow and in general playing the game is not that easy. I think Aerosmith has a similar layout but more refined than this.

I think the only noteworthy feature the Premium model provides is the levitating ball, it is a very nice gimmick to have. The physical Demon lock is also much better than that annoying returning ball on the Pro. Though concerning the gameplay both versions are almost the same.

The ruleset is surprisingly deep for what the game at first glance might look like. Having the possibility to change songs improves the replayability a lot. If one was picky one could argue not being able to change songs was Metallica's biggest flaw.

In terms of artwork the game looks good but it isn't on the level of a Metallica for example. The animations are a real disappointment though.

All in all, KISS is a decent game with some flow, relatively deep rules and a nice looking art package. If you're a fan of KISS you'll have a lot of fun playing this game.
2 years ago
what a great machine!! much underrated. crossover between old and new pinball machines (fx the bumpers). gamedesign seems a little bit simple at the first sight. but it has a really great flow. music fits like a glove. pro is very nice, LE is better.
3 years ago
I've owned this machine for 6 months. Initially I bought it because a friend had 2...yes 2 LE's, and wanted to get rid of one to make room for another machine. I liked it, but didn't love it. The more I play it, the more I like it (as it should be). This machine has some upgrades, but other than some lighting, none of them improve the playability, flow, speed, or sound, so I'm rating this based off of a stock player. Love Gun, Daemon Multiball are a lot of fun to shoot for. Although, admittedly I have not had the time to explore the depths of the rules to get deeper into the game, I can say this is a winner with family and friends. I've never been a huge fan of the band, but when I play this pin, it takes me back to my childhood. Songs that I know all the words to, but don't have on any playlists seem to stick in my head for days after playing a few games. The sound, lights (there are upgrades on my pin), and speed of the game are fantastic. Flow and combo shots, along with music selection before each ball is played, make this one a great addition to my collection. Maybe I like Kiss more than I thought...
5 years ago
No need to upgrade from the pro. Physical ball lock is nice, but the magnet truck shot is underwhelming at best.

Still a fun game but just not great value adders on le
6 years ago
Fun pin, played about 10 games on the KISS LE at the RailRoad/PinCrossing. Right ramp is tight, but rewarding when hit; easier modern Stern game; was getting replays a lot; through the pops on the left and around the orbit felt great...The Gene Simmons head reminded me of TFLE, ball not always registering in there, or slipping out; that wasn't great...I really didn't have a good handle on the rules, but was having a good time. Long ball times would be my one main gripe, but sound was excellent and I had a blast playing it.
7 years ago
Played the game a good 50x
I personally like it a lot!
The theme, artwork ,colors, music just pop!!!
I'm a kiss fan but not a fanatic!
I ve played pretty much every pin over the years sure, there are plenty more fun to play but , I think this is one of the nicest looking pinball machines ever made!
Definately want for game room!
UPDATE: 2/18/19 finally purchased nib kiss LE !
Was playing on it with original code for 3 days til , I updated to the 1.41 newest code. Wow! What a huge difference in gameplay and especially the newer lighting effects that’s put on!! So glad I finally was able to get one!
It looks incredible in my new game room and My family loves it!
7 years ago
When kiss first came out I totally hated it, bored me to tears could not understand the hype behind it, but have played it a lot now because it's in our local tournaments an honestly it's starting to grow on me a lot I thought I would never like this game but I do, sound is great playfield awsome, hate the back glass but can see why stern did it the way they did to respect the original Bally machine. Personally don't think there is much in extras between pro an Le , love guns a little different with the ball getting dropped from right ramp to love gun, an kiss drop targets for me don't make a difference, it really is a beautiful machine an plays great, playfield sorta reminds me of Harley Davidson which is another Borg game so I can see how that can sort of happen, new code is really going to make this game better, never thought I would say it but I do like this game...
7 years ago
The LE version of this pin is a lot of fun to play. A cool added bonus that they re-imagined the artwork from the first Kiss pin (with the original artist too). But this pin also reflects the unfortunate model the Stern has undertaken in that they are issuing pro models of new machines with lame, cookie-cutter designs but then producing well designed machines with cool features only on their over=priced limited additions. If Stern keeps this up, they are going to do a lot of harm to the resurgence of pinball's popularity in recent years (and themselves).
There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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