Kings & Queens

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Game Design: 8.342

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Other Aspects: 8.31

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Found 27 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
best Gottlieb machine ever built!
3 months ago
I was surprised it wasn't a Krynski design. Maybe Krynski borrowed the kickhole relay for Sing Along from Kings and Queens.
9 months ago
Great EM game. I played it when so was kid as my uncle had it.
10 months ago
Kings and Queens is one of my favorite non add a ball games. Great game overall. Great artwork as well.
1 year ago
This is one of my favorite EM backglasses with all the card cheating gimmicks. Having a relay for one light bulb only to be used during attract mode is very dedicated. I'm holding back some rating on the playfield because those scoops in the center are like speed bumps in the playfield when making other shots to collect cards. The feature of the ball skipping across 4 holes makes this forgivable. If this feature was off to the side it would be preferable.
1 year ago
An absolute stunner. Perfect game play, great artwork. This is one of the best Em's ever produced.
1 year ago
Very simple, straightforward, and intuitive rule set. Love the glass and playfield artwork. Classic Roy Parker. Elegant and timeless machine. The ball kickout feature was a very innovative mechanic and that’s one reason I covet this game. I love that it’s hard to break 500. I love the option to play one ball or more at once. I set this games angle a touch steep so I can crank the ball back up into the upper rollovers. A nice finesse shot into the lit kickouts is the key to racking points.
Love the knocker when hitting specials.
1 year ago
Really a beautiful and enticing game to play. There’s not a lot of great shot-making from the flippers, as it’s hard to hit any of the rollovers or land in the stepladder holes. This makes the plunger shot into a bit of a skill shot, lighting up as many cards as possible so that you can make the holes worth a bigger point payoff.

The biggest flaw is that you have to lose three balls to light all the cards and really rack up a lot of chances for specials.

A couple of notes about the game. The light above the poker game comes on after the last ball drains. Also, the only holes you can fully light without having to drain a ball are the kings and queens, which may be how the game got its name.
3 years ago
Kings & Queens is undoubtedly one of the all-time great EM's. Overall, this is in my view the prettiest EM pin in existence. The great backglass and beautiful table have a timeless quality about them. Ks&Qs has simple but quite fun rules, superior artwork, and plenty of lively action. Of course the kick-over holes are unique and play very well with the game's overall design.

I particularly like having the two small posts that flank the center Ace of Clubs rollover. These two posts come into play any time the ball is between the flippers, making Ks&Qs a great nudgers title. The wide array of rollovers along the upper PF, along with the two dead bumpers up there make for a quality skill shot. And again, plenty of nudging going on up there!

To play Ks&Qs well, one must keep an eye on the "card bank" in the center of the table while planning shots. There's plenty of opportunity to show your shot making skill on this pin, which sets it apart from many other titles of this era. I think that's why its such a high demand game: the skill-to-luck ratio involved here to me was way ahead of its time. Making Specials with the lit kick-over hole feature will be something every player will enjoy, as Ks&Qs is easy enough to reward most any player with plenty of knocking.

The only negatives to me are the somewhat oversized L&R outlanes, and sometimes a well struck shot will jump the back side of one of the kick-over holes, which can ricochet the ball quite hard into the glass. And those kick-over holes tend to get torn up over time, so watch out for that on a used game.

If you're thinking about putting a Ks&Qs in your collection, I would highly recommend it if classic EM's is what you seek. This is a title I've found keeps me coming back for more!
4 years ago
Ok how is this not in the top ten???? It is by far the best EM I have ever owned...TOugh, challenging, small flippers and keeps me coming back for more...Have owned this since i was 12 years old and it is the reason I am a pinball junkie...It brings big bucks for a is awesome...
4 years ago
What a great game with simple ..Easy to follow rules and a challenging layout..Backglass is excellent and great artwork..No wonder it was featured in the movie Tommy..good all around..
5 years ago
This game suffers from the same design flaw as many games of that era. The upper part of the field is not accessible once the ball traveled to the lower section of the field. Yes, you might get lucky every now and then that a pop-bumper will shot the ball through the roll overs into the upper section but it is nothing you can aim for. Some kind of lane to the upper field would have fixed this problem, too bad.
Rules are good, artwork is nice, the 2 inch flippers and lack of in-lanes feeding the flippers are not my thing.
5 years ago
Kings & Queens is the EM machine that is responsible for my love of EMs. I first played it at the 2008 Texas Pinball Festival. Before 2008, I did not put much value on EM machines. I was a DMD snob and EMs were "old and slow" in my uneducated opinion.

Then I played a properly tuned K&Q and my world changed. I was introduced to a world of nudging, shot selection and accurate shooting that forever changed my view of this incredible hobby.

Kings & Queens offers a simple ruleset that is very difficult to master. The idea is to collect the four suits of 4 different cards (Aces, Kings, Queens, & Jacks). You collect the cards by successfully rolling over each card. Once collected, the card is added to the ball capture as bonus points.

The slick operation of the ball capture allows it to transfer a ball to the adjacent ball capture. This continues until the fourth ball capture ejects the ball back into play.

This gimmick is one of the finest creations to ever grace a pinball machine. The joy of victory when you hit the A ball capture and score 100-200 points on a single well placed shot is amazing. The agony of defeat is equally powerful when a shot is just off to prevent the bonus scoring.

This machine is iconic since it was used in "Tommy", the story about a deaf, blind pinball champion. And some may remember it from the movie. I will forever remember it as a game in a tournament in Texas that forever changed my participation in the pinball hobby.
6 years ago
Truly a classic, one of those "just one more game" machines that Gottlieb had a knack for making in the 60's. Nothing like loading up the kick out holes then shooting the Ace, one of the best EM "toys" ever. A great looking game as well, one of my all time favorite backglasses of Roy Parker's.
6 years ago
This machine surely has to be the best every , I played it as a 10 year old in 1969 in the Isle of Wight , I play whenever I see it , I have recently found a pinball parlour that has it to play , I took the day off work and stood there all day in my element > it still is a fantastic machine far more so that Abra Ca dabra I think! (other opinions are available).

I have seen this for sale and sold for £8500 at
the value is rocketing ...I wish it was mine I wish it was mine I wish it was mine.......

Paul PBW
6 years ago
Crazy addictive. Simple but intense. Tough to describe. True definition of a keeper pin. And I'm not even into EM's....
Haven't touch my other tables in months.
Somebody send in help
7 years ago
Not too difficult to have some fun with the Kings and Queens. Get the ball in the saucers and watch the score going up. To light all the saucers you have to drain 4 balls. I like the backglass art.
7 years ago
Another great Gottlieb game. Fun to play and very interesting. Nice and colorful too.
7 years ago
A classic game for sure with one of the best backglasses ever made. Being in Tommy has given it iconic status and it is one of the games to own. However, I have played a lot of these in different locations and as a game it seems a bit of a slog and doesn't give me the feeling that I want to keep playing it.
8 years ago
That deaf dumb and blind kid... plays this pinball deck.

The Pros:
A stunning BG and solid PF artwork make you realize that this game was chosen for the movie because it looked like a star. Sinking the ball in the far left saucer makes this game a treat to play, it's even better when you have your specials lit.

The Cons:
Gameplay is rather boring. Once you have your saucers lit. that's all you will do on this table. The posts help between the flippers, but not much.

The Takeaway:
This game will always hold a place in pinball lore with its role in "Tommy". As will baked beans and chocolate syrup.
8 years ago
This is one of only a few titles that were produced with 4 in-line, linear, kick-out holes. It's a great game to play, but a tough game to find.
8 years ago
My all time favorite EM.
8 years ago
I love this game, I would someday hope to own this title. a fun game to -play, very challenging if set up right. the game is a beauty to look at and even better to play, get all 4 aces kings and queens and light the specials and just start popping games, but that does not happen to often, at least not for me, A top wedge head, Love it !
8 years ago
I absolutely love this game and have to play one everytime I am around one. The kickout holes are my favorite part of this game. You collect the cards and collect the bonus depending on how many cards you have rolled over and which kickout hole you landed the ball in. The rules are that simple. The game is not hard but it is not easy either. It is a must have for any serious EM collector. This game is very famous, and unfairly costs more not only because it is fun but because it was featured in the 1975 film "Tommy" with Roger Daltry playing the machine against Elton John. This is a pin I hope to add to my collection some day!
8 years ago
Excellent game, excellent art work, lovely symmetrical design, love the kick out holes, love the two ladies on the very amusing back glass, loved the game when young Roger played it in Tommy.
Is it in my top 5 games of all time? Yes. Would I sell the one I own? Only for lots and lots of dough. If I had to set fire to either my K&Q or Cross Town which would I chose to burn? You decide.

I owned my first Kings & Queens at the age of 13. It was a heap of rubbish sold to me by a guy who was big on the scene in England back in the mid-seventies by the name of Ken Berry. I loved it and thought it was amazing to own a pinball (a real pinball) at that age. My father hated it.

I play it today and look at it with nostalgia. Mine plays great, looks great and feels 90% there a few tweaks and she will be excellent.
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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