King Kool

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This game ranks #284 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 5.598

Artwork: 6.219

Sounds/Music: 1.664

Other Aspects: 5.401

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Not a keeper for me. I thought that I wanted the game due to the art on the great backglass (also the lecherous drummer checking out the singer). Layout is ok, game play is ok, nothing thrilling here. Double flippers do nothing to add to the machine.

Good entry pin in the EM space. Grab one, play it, then move on.
2 years ago
Least favorite game I've ever owned. Truly horrid and devoid of interest. I got it to practice double flipper machines and didn't enjoy playing it once.
The Backglass is the best part aboot it by far. Pass
4 years ago
I guess pumping up the bonus through the spinners is cool, but there ain't much more than that going on here. Go figure, a one-dimensional Gottlieb 2-Player from the 70s! Perhaps a few drop targets could have saved the game. The backglass art is nice, the playfield art is the pits, but the vomit brown cabinet takes the was a poor choice. Avoid.
5 years ago
Shoot the spinners, and well, not much else. You can pretend spelling K-I-N-G is all nudging skill, but it's just as much hoping you get good trajectory from the pops. Boring game with a super generic boring theme. I personally don't like double flippers or entirely symmetrical games either, so this one goes to the bottom of the list for me.
8 years ago
Restored mine from a crusty non-working turd. Had never played this title before. On first glance it looks pretty boring, but looks can be deceiving. Hitting all of the letters to light K-I-N-G is harder than it appears. The down side is one you do max out bonus & light the letters there is not much to do except score minimal points.
8 years ago
Nice backglass. For an EM game this ain't too bad. Two spinners and the 4 flippers are a challenge. They take some getting used too. Drained 2 balls quick cause I didn't have the hang of it.
9 years ago
For an EM game King Kool finds itself in the middle of the EM pack, the tandem flippers is a drainer and wasted space which could have been put to better use.
9 years ago
Game is a Total TURD ! I would not take one even for free, boring and no fun. passsssss
9 years ago
King Kool is a game that has that Krynski magic that makes you wonder... "How did he get so much GAME into this game?"

The Pros:
A killer BG with lots of colors and an hourglass babe. Four flippers and 2 spinners make this game about ball movement. The wide open PF is not to be denied . With fresh rubbers and solid flippers, this game will move the ball all around and make you wonder, how did those outlanes get so big? Think Sinbad... but with spinners not drops. The standups/rollovers award bonus x to keep that ball moving all over the table and in/out of the pops. Hitting the venter target for bonus x/open gate is all about risk/reward. Do you want 3x bonus on your last ball? Double flippers mean that you can't hold the ball unless it's cradled in the outer flipper and the outlane post. Drop Catches are only for the brave on this deck. Flipper skills are a must with this design. Lazy/clumsy pinball trappers need not apply.

The Cons:
Possibly the most bland PF art packages on a Morrison game.

The Takeaway:
A solid game from a fantastic design/art/engineering team. This game does not have a lot of moving parts on it, so it's super easy to work with and maintain. A wide open PF that deceives most amateurs. There aren't too many Gottleib spinner games (like snow queen/derby), but this one is a really fun deck. Another example of the maxim "Simple, but never easy." and my addition to this saying "and always fun!"
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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