Jurassic Park

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Game Design: 7.909

Artwork: 7.648

Sounds/Music: 7.442

Other Aspects: 8.105

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Found 233 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 233 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
Theme integration is excellent and everyone loves the ball eating T-Rex!
Get's a bit repetitive compared to modern games, but a true classic!
61 days ago
My first love and it lasted almost 6 years in my collection. The only reason it's gone is that I could no longer deny the attraction to Elwin's masterpiece. Highly recommended!
65 days ago
Jurassic is one of the best Data East pins. Perfect theme and the awesome ball eating T-Rex.
79 days ago
Dino eats ball!
Smart missle
Great theme integration
Great callouts (w/original actors)
Fun modes (and option to use the ROM that makes them random)
Backglass looks great, playfield art grows on you
Dino eats ball!
Dino eats ball!

it's a blast and one of the favorites for non-pinball people
3 months ago
The dinosaur eats your ball! The dinosaur eats your ball!
Enough said.
3 months ago
Fun game. The T-Rex is pretty cool. Kickback is fast and startling. I like playing this game.
5 months ago
DE JP is a classic and deserves its place in pinball history but I just couldn’t get past the clunk factor. It’s a beautiful game when upgraded to LEDs (much needed with such a dark lit playfield) and the different modes and things to shoot for are pretty great for the time, but the shots always felt very clunky, especially coming off the upper flipper. It’s fun to go through all the modes and get to system shutdown but it just wasn’t for me. And I had a pretty nice one before I sold it. Fun to own for a little while though in any collection.
5 months ago
An excellent pin that still holds up well. This one is one of the first that I always seek out where possible (don't own it ... yet), and it is by far always a huge hit with my nephews when they see it. It is just plain fun, fast, and has one of the best toys in pinball history. I imagine that it could get old after hundreds of plays, but certainly for the money seems to be a great buy for a machine with such a strong theme, and I suspect will just become increasingly more collectible over the years (I absolutely plan on making this a part of my home collection). Just a great game that is easy to dive into and enjoy immediately.
5 months ago
Had this game 5 years ago and will probably get it again. Really liked the theme and my kids loved when the T-Rex would eat the ball.
5 months ago
Just picked up one recently and it is actually a really fun pin with great modes and wizard mode!
6 months ago
Very similar layout to The Addams Family so it's a fun game to shoot. Data East games do have their own personality, mostly due to their art style and audio design. Lots to do in this game and most of it fun. Modes are varied and well thought out. The main toy interacts with the ball in the best way imaginable. The Smart Missile is a great idea, allowing for more strategic play.

Data East games are just plain fun and I always enjoy playing them.
6 months ago
I love JP. And the machine payed tribute to the movie franchise. Worth adding to your lineup if you come across and nice example.
6 months ago
I simultaneously want to press the start button again and again, as well as smash this game with a baseball bat every time I turn it on and play. I can't count the number of times I've angrily shut it off with a few choice swear words about John Hammond's mother and a desire to sell this game. The "unofficial" code update made this game infinitely more playable. Theme, music, and integration are all top notch, with plenty of different objectives to keep each game interesting.
7 months ago
I own this pinball machine. It is a lot of fun to play! The children all love how the TRex eats the pinballs! I can play this game for hours. It does experience a lot of issues from time to time (TREX, the solenoid that shoots the ball back at you, and it takes forever to boot up when first starting the machine). Also, the feature where need to load the missle after the first ball is confusing and I still not certain what the advantage is. Overall, it is a great machine and I can play it for hours!
8 months ago
You can't go wrong with a T-REX eating your ball

It's a fun game, but shows its age
8 months ago
The original best toy - fun game, it was my alternate to TAF in the 90’s. Love the new Stern version!!!
10 months ago
This was almost my first machine but made the lineup later on. I would love to have this game again. A great machine that themed well into the movie. The T-Rex eating the ball is a classic but once you've played the machine enough times you just want to get on with the multiball feature. Plenty of challenges with lots of multiball expansions which I like.
10 months ago
I sold my JP before updated ROMs and pinsound were available. The game was too linear and repetitive and the sound and background music were grating. It was always exciting for new players but not great for a small home collection
1 year ago
Great Data East machine. Captured the original movie great. Can still pick these up at a good price. Mine got 40 hours work including new LED’s, plastics and a much needed clean. The Trex is cool. I also have the new Jurassic Park premium next to it and they go great together. I love this hobby!!!
1 year ago
A decent game that is fun to play but is slightly held back by a less than ideal layout. The rules are good with two goals (Dinosaur multiball or System Failure). The Smart Missile is a nice feature. If you find a well preserved, quality example, it's a fun play.
1 year ago
JP is a classic. It had the best pinball toy ever, awesome animations (especially with a color dmd), fun shots, and a great theme. It us easily one if the best Data East games, and one of the best of its era.
1 year ago
For the money, I think this is the best pin you can buy. I love the rules set. This game is a challenge every time I play. Great modes, cool t-Rex toy, and classic theme.
1 year ago
Very weak in comparison to Elwin’s Jurassic park in my opinion. I played this game at Houston arcade expo was pretty bored by 3 plays. Do I think this gam is bad? No but I would play most other games before this one.
1 year ago
Love it! T-rex eating the ball?!?!?! Crazy fun! Love all the different multi-balls. Put in Chad's code which has made a lot more fun. Add some pinstadium lights and wow! The playfield really pops!
1 year ago
As a fan of Data East I was shocked.. this game is a clunker.

Like a pretty girl you first meet who is pleasing to the eye but when she starts talking is revealed as being vapid and shallow. The cab art is sparse but fits the theme, ditto for the backglass and playfield art which is one of DE better efforts. Call outs & music were good as are the animations. Toys? The T-rex is an iconic toy and well done! I thought the raptor pit also an interesting feature which brings us to the negative part of the review. ..

The game was a clunker and really felt like it didn't have an ounce of flow too it. The raptor pit? While a cool shot heaved the ball into the center drain 50% of the time. Not cool at all. I really wanted to like this game and add it to my collection but after several games left with cash in my pocket, didn't even bother to make an offer. The game looked to be in excellent condition, well leveled etc but just wasn't fun to play. After the forth game I was more than ready to leave. If I see one again I'll give it a shot but I think this one is long on theme, toy and nostalgia and short on gameplay. A rare misfire by DE.

Edit: Since this review I have picked up a JP and have revised my review slightly. The game still feels clunky to me but better than my initial assessment after several dozen games.
There are 233 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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