Jurassic Park (Data East, 1993)

Jurassic Park

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Game design: 7.913

Artwork: 7.623

Sounds/Music: 7.489

Other Aspects: 8.079

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There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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31 days ago
Great machine, sure the art is just bad... And boring.. But the gimmicks and overall fun just makes it a very interesting pin.
Update after playing it a while....
Art is just par.. But playing it a while it has grown on me even more.
After updating to the 6.00 version it just made more sense to me. Great game.
58 days ago
What a great addition to my collection. Such an underrated game. I never thought I would own a Data East table, but I am sure glad I do. Everyone who visits us loves it. The theme is fabulous and the sound track and lighting really get you going, an immersive game that keeps you coming back for more and more and more... Definitely has that 'one more game' feel. Kids love the T-rex toy and the DMD animations. The only weak side is the art package, but the game play/music and fun factor more than make up for it. Definitely a keeper for me.
3 months ago
It's really hard to beat the theme, especially when there were a lot of ho hum titles at the time, like Demolition Man, Congo, Lethal Weapon 3, etc. Jurassic Park as a theme? Epic.

Truth of the matter is, if the brand was Williams/Bally, the game would be priced at $6,000+, but it would also be a different design, different code, different music, all arguably better on all fronts.

However, Data East did a good job overall with this game, despite borrowing the playfield design from Whirlwind and the rules from Addams Family.
The cabinet is great, it looks like the movie poster, so no complaints there. The playfield has pretty good art, it's busy with great color. The shots are a lot of fun, there are looping opportunities, (they are tough to pull off) though they feel great when you do. Animations are decent, nothing crazy imo. Data East recycled sounds are a weak point, they always used chaotic music and sounds, and this is a stale point with the pin.

With all that said, the ChadH code really polishes the game off nicely, not only making it harder, but more fun to play. One of my favorite things is shooting the ramp to build the T-REX Bounty, which you can get built up pretty good! and then cash it out and watch the T- Rex eat the ball.
Modes feel more diverse, and scoring is earned within those modes, making the game a solid challenge to not only get to system shut down, but a good score. Some really fine play is achieved when you get into Tri Ball, hit the jackpot and then use your smart missile, then getting all the chaos letters in multiball, to light 50 million at the T-REX- but it doesn't end there. There are big jackpots to collect at the loop and the ramp, in the unheard of and unlikely scenario that you have all 6 balls on the playfield at that point, there would be 600 million to collect at the ramp and loop! (1.2 billion!- 100 million for each ball in play)

Bottom line, it's a very good game. It gets a bad knock because it's Data East, but truth be told they did a good job with this pin overall, and the original codes shortcomings have since been corrected to reveal a very rich playing experience. It really doesn't get more epic for a pinball theme beyond Jurassic Park. I remember when I first saw this pin back around when the movie came out, and I was just in awe of the thought of owning a game like this, it was really something! A great Classic!
4 months ago
Not deep, ramp shots are basically it. Total shut down is pretty cool but after you "beat it" a couple of times, nothing left
5 months ago
Wow, what a game. One of my favorites of all time by DE. The T-REX has to be one of the coolest toys in pinball. I think the art is great (everything except Newman’s fingers) and the music and sounds are just excellent. Plenty to shoot for, although I wish that there wasn’t mode stacking, so you would have to focus on the mode that you are on and not just plow through the game to System Failure. I also think a System Failure (the wizard mode) could have been a little better. Has some excellent animations too. You really can’t beat the theme or price either, and while it may not be as smooth as Williams games, don’t believe that clunky Data East bullshit. Price is super good for what you get too. Really want this game.
7 months ago
It’s a fun game to play, good to own in your collection.
7 months ago
Great layout. Lots of playfield elements directly copy pasted from popular Williams games, but I'm not complaining. It's got the cool t-rex toy and gun to set it apart. Multiball focused game. Modes aren't very exciting.
8 months ago
I enjoy this game and still play it on a regular basis .Sides piss me off a lot but still keep coming back for more .
8 months ago
Super fun game with some great modes and a ball eating t-rex. A bit clunky to play, sounds are great and the shaker motor is a nice touch. DMD animations are top notch. 6 ball multiball and the wizard mode where the game goes completely dark is so so cool. If you like dinosaurs this game does not disappoint. update the code for best results.
9 months ago
Have the JP now 3 months in my possession. It has the really cheesy DE feeling which somehow I like. It is fun to play, theming is excellent, sound quality may not be the best but if you add a Pinsound board this changes to awesome.

And having a TRex eating your ball, how awesome can it be?

Also rules are not that difficult to understand and endgame is achievable with being a worldchampion Pinball player.

Just play and enjoy :)
10 months ago
The game is extremely fun and objectives are clear and easily understandable, though I’ll admit that when I bought it used the switch under the A light wasn’t working so more than half of the functionality was disabled and I was pretty bummed with how it got boring rapidly. Fixed that A switch, not me but a savvy friend, and I couldn’t be happier with the game now. I love the different game modes (now that I can access them) and the ability to accomplish mulitple objectives nearly simultaneously just gives it a fast paced feel though not as fast as the Getaway. Art work is pretty blah, and I wished there were more pictures from the movie on the play field. The toys look gimmicky but the T Rex animation/ mechanics more than make up for the other underwhelming plastic looking dinosaurs. The T-Rex is always satisfying, huge crowd favorite, and the Raptor Spring is engaging and less random than a magnet. The left bumpers are a bit too close and it takes multiple play throughs a to overcome that, but once you learn the game, shot placement isn’t too bad though I wish there were a few more shots to make. Absolutely love the variety of multiballs available, as well as the chaos multi ball, which is pretty awesome. Don’t know why this game isn’t scored higher. At the local pinball place, this machine is always occupied, which is more than I can say for a lot of the higher rated game on this list. The smart missile is pretty fun and gaurantees either a high score or a multi ball from the grave I’d our fast enough on the trigger. Love it.
11 months ago
Extremely fun game - easily one of Data East top 3 pins ever. Very well rounded especially with the newest code! Great layout with lots of variation and shots. an amazing value in pinball right now. There are ALOT worse games from Bally Williams and Stern presently selling for nearly double the going rate of a Jurassic Park. Also looks fantastic with ColorDMD.
12 months ago
Jurassic Park is one of Data East's best pins. The theme is great and hearing the Jurassic Park theme is awesome. The rules are fun with plenty of modes to play through. Overall a fun time.
1 year ago
Fun game. I really enjoy the game play. A color dmd really made the game look amazing. For a 90’s game one of the better ones.
1 year ago
Updated 6.0 roms are a must. Great theme! What’s better than a T-Rex eating your ball!
1 year ago
This game is a blast to play. However i do have an issue of it coming out of the bunker pop and going right to drain more times then not. The shaker motor and dino eating the ball make the game play that much more entertaining. Back glass leaves alot to be desired. I have not played with the 6.0 yet but from what i have read it should push this game over the top for me. 6 ball is CHAOS and a ton of fun! I see this game being a staple in my collection for many years to come.
1 year ago
It's a fun game. Fast and multiball oriented. It was my first pin, and stayed 6 months. Some of my friends were sad when I sold it, but i wasnt.
Has lots of modes, but many arnt worth collecting on, so found myself just hitting power shed/control room again to skip to next mode. Usually went for t-rex triball then chaos.
I get annoyed by the drains down left outlane, I never installed an extra post there, as I thought that's cheating. Also a lot of sdtm from out of the pops
I found it a good first game, and glad I had one, but had to sell to make room for another game.
1 year ago
Jurassic Park is a fun game the t rex Is one of my favorite toys In all of Pinball. The artwork is also good and the music.
1 year ago
When I first got this game I was not impressed. The pin felt dated and clunky ... Then I started to upgrade the machine and JP quickly ibecame one of my favorite games. I added a subwoofer ., the unofficial code and leds . The bass on this games make the walls shakes in my house ..the 6.0 code makes the game significantly more challenging. ...and the leds makes this game POP ...the best thing is all 3 of these upgrade cost me about 250 dollars . I'd put JP up agaist 90 percent of the newer stern games .This game is a must have for any home collection IMHO. I'm gonna add the motorized gate at some point ...if you have one on you jp private message me and let me know if you like it
1 year ago
This is one of my all time favorite machines, never want to stop playing it. Great challenging pin that will not leave the collection.
1 year ago
This is my Holy Grail of machines, not only for the sentimental factor, but because it is so fun. The raptor kickback is cool, and the T-Rex eating the ball just tops it. I do wish the modes were randomized, instead of always starting with "Stampede", but i think there are different ROMs that allow you to do that, but im currently playing on a machine on location. I am saving to purchase one, and always looking for one to be sold somewhere near enough to me to avoid shipping, but i WILL have one and cant wait to get my hands on it... AND they just released the color DMD for this title
1 year ago
This is a great machine, that can appeal to the beginner and experienced player. Machine theme is done well. Difficulty getting all the shots. The raptor shot can drain the ball pretty quickly, if you're not ready for it. T-rex is awesome. The animations are pretty good for when it came out.
1 year ago
Jurassic Park was a game I was sad to let go and will be looking to get another in the future. I think this is one of the best Data East games and found it was always a favorite in the game room. I found the game to be easy to get high scores. The Toys were a lot of fun and even has a shaker motor. Great game with family friendly theme.
1 year ago
Overall, it's a good game. I own it. With that said, you add Pinsound, the new ColorDMD, the latest 6.0 code, and ample available mods, this game becomes GREAT. I can't tell you how Pinsound has changed the game, especially with the community shared music/sfx.

Pros - The theme is a hit. The modes in the game relate to the movie. And can you beat a T-Rex eating the pinball?!?! Not to mention, the CHAOS 6-ball multi-ball is amazingly fun.

Cons - Not a fan of how Data East has you "look under the hood." It seems unstable, too tight (especially when you move the playfield back and up). Williams/Bally's games have a much better design.

In my opinion, if you can find a good JP in decent shape and can afford to another $1,000 in mods (Pinsound, Color DMD, and a gate mod) you're picking up a winner.
1 year ago
I owned one for a little bit. it got boring quick and the TREX toy got old pretty fast !
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