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Game design: 8.729

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Other Aspects: 8.701

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There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
The pro really has no toys to wow a player. Game was fun. Animations were good along with sounds. Call outs sounded odd. Art was ok, but not Stern's best attempt. I would have much rather had licensed asset's, but they did pretty good with making an original JP story. Overall it was cool, but the pro more packed than it really is. The premium is the way to go here.
4 days ago
Played for the first time around 12 games almost 1h30
Nice fun game with some difficult and original shots but never unfair
Great top 5 Stern !)
4 days ago
This game is the heir to my “tough but fair” slot, previously filled by Iron Man and No Fear before it. This is not a pin that rewards flailing. I’ve had multiballs where I tried that and hit absolutely nothing. Nope, for this game you’re going to have to cradle and aim during multiballs, and manage the “stack”. I know it’s making me a better player. After about 12 games on JP2 I walked over to Space Station and blew it up. Kudos to Keith Elwin for making a “player pin” that flows really well once you get the shots dialed in. And by the way, I think the art on the Pro is exceptional.
7 days ago
you need to play at least 20 games on this pin to truly appreciate all the amazing shots and creative rule set. so much fun to play once you start finding the "A" ramp and the "O" shots. so many ways to be creative with flow or stop and go gameplay. might have one of the most fun double super skill shots to try and obtain! very addicting. looking forward to playing the premium.
7 days ago
Best game I've played in awhile. There are shots all over the game. I love the code also. The game really has that world under glass feel. Really captures the Jurassic park world. I can't stop pressing the start button. What a game!
8 days ago
Played quite a few games on location and enjoyed the game, but it was challenging. Loved the ramps and sound. But so many sdtm if ramps aren’t hit just right. I did decent and hit ramps over and over, but never got a multi ball or very far. I’d have to spend a lot more time playing to learn the shots more to get further. Overall a good game and I considered buying it, but wish there were more characters incorporated into the theme. That would have put it over the top into the owning category. There are many other pins I have more fun playing. This one looks more like a skilled players game.
9 days ago
I've played a few games now on 3 different JP machines. I have always liked the Data East Jurassic Park pinball, so it's easy to try and compare the two. As far as the pro version of this game goes, I really feel like it is lacking. The game rules are okay but no real "wow" factor. From what I've heard, the premium version is awesome so I'm really looking forward to trying it. For now, I'd rather play DE Jurassic Park.
10 days ago
The pinball makes me feel like I'm just and average player.

Few easy shot and some very difficult ones.

Family really enjoys this one but also gets frustrated with it.

Definitely a blast and thank goodness I don't have to pop in quarters.
Play it buy it.
Thanks Keith and staff for an amazing pinball experience!
13 days ago
So I played this game at the first location I could find it in town. I was so amazed by it that I almost immediately called a distributor to purchase it, and the game was in my house 10 days later.

That being said, there is something about the flow of this game that just mesmerizes me. The two elevator shots are extremely satisfying to hit. There is an easy ramp and a tough ramp. The spinner shot is spot on, and feeds great into either the pops or the upper right flipper. The crazy part for me was how they managed to fit all of these interesting shots into the game without making the playfield seem crowded.

The rules are at an early stage, but even so they are unique, fun, and incredibly interesting. When I saw the picture of the truck newton-ball toy in the previews, I thought it looked lame. Now it's one of my favorite pinball toys out there. The reason for that is how they've implemented this seemingly boring pinball staple into the ruleset. For those of you who may not be familiar with this toy, it's a newton ball that instead of just running a connecting ball up to a standup target, it swivels the connecting ball from one side or the other of the newton ball. The subtlety of it is that there are some key shots that could lie behind the swiveled ball and you may need to knock it back to the other side to make things easier. It's really a genius take on the idea of the newton ball. Moreover, the direction of the swiveled ball decides the direction you take on the map while progressing through the game. I can't rave about it enough.

Even though they didn't get any movie clips and very few actual sound effects (just Wayne Knight callouts), it's clear that the animators spent an insane amount of time recreating certain scenes of the movie. Some of them come out meh, but others are AMAZING. I won't give it away, but the extra ball animation is probably my favorite and well worth it. The voice actors that they did get are comically bad, but they say things that do actually take you back to the movie and it makes sense for the game. They vary it enough, and don't overuse them.

What makes me most excited about this game is that there are still a lot of game rule mechanics that are yet to be implemented and I'm just enjoying the heck out of this machine as-is. One of the T-REX modes has you being chased in the Jeep like in the movie. You have to hit a shot on the playfield and then shift gears by hitting the newton ball. It's probably one of my favorite modes. My point in illustrating that mode is that I have seen a lot of Stern games come out half-done over the past few years (deadpool, gotg, munsters, etc...). This game, while not being done, is waaaaaaaaaay more playable than any of the others to come out in a long time.
15 days ago
I played this for the first time today. The first thought in my head was that the upper part of the playfield reminds me A LOT of Iron Maiden: the right hand flipper and upper loop thing.

Most Stern efforts are at least ok at this point.
They seemed to have called this one in.
It's fun. We'll see how it holds up.
21 days ago
Exelent playfield disign and rules !!
21 days ago
One of the best initial releases in a long time!
24 days ago
I had a couple of games on it with the first code, so this rating may change in the future.
1. This is a great shooter, crazy to have so much shots (it looks like 2 90's tables had been merged in one!) but the playfield still looks very open. This layout is a great achievement, Wahoo!
2. So many inserts, so many lights at the same time, it's difficult to have a clear view of what's going on.
3. Theme, well, i guess dino are OK, but nothing crazy, maybe for the kids? Average artwork compared to Zombie Yeti tables. Animations are cool, i don't miss the movie material, but i'm not a fan of JP either.
So, Yes! fun and full of great potential and lastability. Getting starting was more straightforward with IMDN. I'm now waiting for a KE table with a trully nice theme and artwork.
25 days ago
Great layout, fun shots, decent artwork, animations are just ok, theming could have been awesome if it was really a Jurassic Park game....this feels more like a dinosaur game with the JP logo and theme song. Designers did a great job with what they had. Stern really screwed the pooch on the licensing....and yes it matters
25 days ago
A lot of thought was put into the design of this machine, and it shoots like nothing else out there. The way the rules are developing it is shaping up to be one of the best modern Sterns of all time.
27 days ago
Just put 10 games on the Pro.

Took me about 3 games to start learning all the shot but once i did this game flows.

Shots: There are some very cool and interesting shots in this game. The right orbit is a tight shot IMO but looping that upper loop to the the cross 90 degree ramp shot is very satisfying. The Smart Missile/Amber/Chaos target between the pops is a tough shot but once you know where to shoot it will be a very fun shot. The truck position definitely make that shot Easier/Harder. In the 10 games i played i did not really shoot much at the raptor pit nor did i really see how well it was integrated into the game play.

Modes: I only made it to the 3rd Paddock but i have to admit i was mostly shooting at lit shots and not exactly sure what i needed to do so i look forward to the guys from Bro Do you Even Pinball to put out a good tutorial video on this title. There appear to be some mini modes/objectives outside the main capturing dino ones. I got into a multiball that wasn't Chaos or Raptor.

Callouts/Music: Definately some good call outs that take me back to the movie, the music is nothing special
27 days ago
I'm glad they've given me another fun game after Deadpool.
29 days ago
This game looks and feels like nothing else out there. Well done Keith and team!
29 days ago
Stern’s Jurassic Park is the second design from Keith Elwin. And as you might surmise, it’s a player!

The Pros:
An interesting blend in the layout. Some shots are recognizable and others are completely unique to this table. Even from the first plunge, the stairstep ramp with the U-turn in it right off the bat is an interesting feature. Throwback to Chaos is a nice nod to the original game from data east. This multiball qualification feature requires that you shoot across the whole table, and then you can go to work. Many of the shots on this game are very tight. Many shots (from the upper flipper for example) require very specific means to set up. The skill shots requiring sequential shots in succession to the ramps are incredibly well done. For a game that has many shots going across the table as this one does, this design has a great deal of flow. Playing this game next to Willie Wonka brings to light play field design philosophies that show the greatness of both designers. While I’ve only had a few games on this design, I look forward to exploring the deeper strategies and seeing how quality play is rewarded within the rules. The Newton jeep feature is interesting in the fact that it doesn’t block shots as much as it makes them more difficult. There are some standups behind the newton-toy, but I really haven’t figured them out as far as how hitting them are built into the gameplay and rules. The game looks good, sounds good and the animations are incredibly well done. For a play field design that has as much side to side action on it as this game has, there is an incredible amount of flow in this game. Jurassic Park is a lot of fun to shoot. So much fun... you don’t have to pay attention to your score to enjoy the game that you’re playing. Kinetic satisfaction...

The Cons:
Some of the tasks that the game gives you in relation to dinosaurs hunting humans are not always veryclear. Specifically which target seem to be hit and which shots need to be scored. You can shoot for the colored/flashing lights, but some of these tasks are still not easy to follow. The lcd display tell you what to shoot for, but I feel like I still need to become more familiar with the game to really “get it”. Ok, ok... it’s me. This is only going to get better as the code becomes more refined, but it’s rather confusing at the moment. There are number of very tight shots on this game. Some of them in particular are critical to big scores. All this is part of the design, but it may be difficult for less skilled players to achieve required shots to make this game sing. The missile shot is a long and narrow shot that really has to have the Newton-Jeep ball out of the way to effectively be made. The C shot in the cast sequence is difficult and getting the ball into the raptor cage affectively is a dangerous proposition. I do not like the translite, it looks muddy. Not that I play the translite, but I believe this game will get a custom artwork treatment by people outside of stern.

The takeaway:
The champ has done it again. Jurassic Park is a great playing game that looks like it’s only going to age well after the rules have been refined and tuned. 2019 has been a very good year for pinball. With games like Black Knight, Willy Wonka and now Jurassic Park currently being produced, things are looking up for pinball!
31 days ago
Best dinosaur game ever. This game should debut and stay inside the top 10.
35 days ago
Early rating that will be updated.

Shots just feel so good and there are so many unique shots.

Code - too early to say but with Keith at the helm, expecting it to be superb.

Music/call outs - decent but not spectacular.

If code ends up being as good as Maiden, will pick one of these up sometime.

Hiring Keith was the best move Stern have made for a very long time.
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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