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Game Design: 8.668

Artwork: 7.963

Sounds/Music: 8.09

Other Aspects: 8.632

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Jurassic Park (Pro)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Premium), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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12 days ago
I love the movie franchise, so owning this game was a no brainer. There are some well documented game play issues, including the clunky auto plunge, but overall this is a great Elwin design and a game that should be up there on all time lists
19 days ago
The pro model seems to lose too much compared to the premium. I've tried so hard to get into this game, but it's just not that satisfying. Some of the toys, like the Jeep Newton ball, are just not that special. The rules don't really draw you in either. Some of the screen animations seem really plain. I think the worst part is the artwork on the pro model. Seems like generic dinosaurs more than blockbuster Jurassic Park. It just doesn't capture the theme well or feel special when you play it.
22 days ago
Lovely flow when you pull off the ramps and upper flipper loop- good combo opportunities- a bit hard to get my head around the rules but the gameplay is great. Hard to hit the right ramp but still a fun game for a novice player like me. I prefer the art on the Premium which I’ve also played; but the T Rex throwing the ball is neither here nor there. I’d be more than happy with this Pro model- just need to sell a kidney
24 days ago
While I am normally not a big fan of Sterns, Jurassic Park is a blast to play. A lot of shots to keep you immersed in the game. Generous ball saver mode. This one doesn’t have the big animatronic T-Rex, which I bet is even more to play. A pleasant surprise from Stern.
49 days ago
Good pin even if I find the pro version disappointing.
Also I believe there is much to do with the theme
I would go with the premium.
76 days ago
Played at Pinballz in Austin. Admittedly, this Pro level game probably had 10,000 plays on it. Playfield was very dark- bulbs need replacing! I was never really able to get into the theme. Toys are cute & fun, but the spinning Jeep/ball deflector became an irritant. Won’t play it again.
3 months ago
Now that I've owned my JP Pro for a while I can write a fair review.

First and foremost, the game has a wide variety of shots and objectives. There are no two ways to play Jurassic Park (there's no three ways either, probably at least a half dozen ways to play it). The rules and code are excellent and unique. The theming and artwork and callouts are good but not great. Where this game gets a tad frustrating is that it will eat you alive if you're not hitting your shots, it is brutal and unforgiving. It is a challenge in the best sense of the word, rewarding for a skilled player, punishing for a not-so-skilled. I can't see it leaving my collection anytime soon for the simple fact that I can't see myself beating it anytime soon!
3 months ago
Fantastic game that gripped me from the start. Great flow and shots. Bummer: the theme is really not doing it for me. The "Jurassic" part (dinosaurs) could be ok, it's the "Park" part that ruins it. Who wants to see a cheap plastic theme park car, a tourist in an ugly Hawaii shirt etc on his beloved machine? Too bad, it's just too ugly to want to own it.
4 months ago
Love the theme, and the layout is a lot of fun. The right ramp is a bit of an unforgiving sniper shot, but that's probably ok. Plenty of fun things for noobs to get into otherwise. I like what they did without a lot of likeness rights and its certainly better than going overboard with quotes, but a Jeff Goldblum would have gone a long way.
4 months ago
First off, I really don't care for most of the new Stern games, they are too busy and complex for me. But, I found this game in a bowling alley near a Tesla charger in California and was instantly hooked. This is probably my favorite pin for playability of everything I've every played. I love the high speed three flipper layout and then there are just so many shots to make and cool cool ramps too. I don't like the movies that much but I don't care, I'd love to have this in my house! :-)
5 months ago
Jurassic Park is one of the most perfectly themed games of all time. There are very few games that can compare to the playfield layout , lighting, and music of this game. I've only played the pro, but I'm looking forward to trying the Premium and the Limited. Let's face it, I'm a Jurassic Park Super fan, so the theme carries this game for me.
5 months ago
I love Jurassic Park, very fun game to play and the modes are fun to work through. Lots of good shots with some easy and difficult shots. Callouts and animationss/music are great.
5 months ago
I love Jurassic Park.. I have only played the Pro version and the shots are fun. It's fast and can be brutal. I would put it behind Godzilla, Iron Maiden and Deadpool but it's still up there on my list is one of the better Stern machines to come out in a while.
5 months ago
So smooth. Creative, great shots, great theme, awesome for everyone. Mods take this game to the next level. Shaker a must also.
5 months ago
The game rules are not so easy. The truck in the middle looks cheap. This remains a good pinball, accessible for beginners.
6 months ago
I purchased this game NIB in mid 2021. I have enjoyed it. The game is fast paced and there are some interesting shots.
6 months ago
Really a great game. The best part is that it's not a drain hog. Long play times = more fun unless the game sucks. And this game does not suck.

Three ramp is VERY far away. About as far as possible. But it's very makeable and fun. The right ramp is harder to hit but a great ramp as well.

The layout is great and makes for interesting games. The shit through the pops is very well thought out. Modes are fun if not repetitive, and challenging. Multiball is really fun in this machine.

Over all one of the top games out there.
6 months ago
I enjoy this Jurassic Park pin and it's a great design by Keith Elwin. The speed, shots and flow of this game are excellent, fast reflexes required also the ruleset is excellent. It makes for a great pinball experience. If anything leaves a little something to be desired it's the lack of playfield artwork on the lower half as it's basically a map of the island.....it integrates well in the game though.
7 months ago
Really solid game, the paddock plan is amazing and logical; rescue, set traps, capturing dinos is a terrific plan
7 months ago
A high quality game but for some reason i dont find it very addictive. I think Maiden is his masterpiece.
7 months ago
Great game
7 months ago
This pin just does not grab me at all. I think it may be a good tournament pin but not one I want to own and I find myself dropping coins into other pins on location more than this one. I have no personal connection to the theme but even so the artwork and video feel like a generic clone of the movies.
8 months ago
An undeniably great pin, but it can be very difficult for average-skilled players to progress in the game. In my case, when I play JP, I find myself feeling more frustrated than entertained. It's a significant challenge to work through all the paddocks to get to the Visitor Center Wizard-Mode. Pro is lacking in mechanical toys and features.

Many pinheads will love the challenge of this pin, but I find it frustrating to the point that I have trouble enjoying the game. I think the layout is great, and the rules are great, but together they make for a very difficult game.
8 months ago
Just picked up a pro-version.Felt immediately as coming home to your favourite machine.
You can feel that a pinball player/designer made this, cause he only knows what you want and what makes a game last and give a blast.

So always on your qui-vive and the change of the shots with arrows are great!

Pretty long balltime but necessary for a good game, different with TWD (very short ball time)

Good thing about this game is that you can make up a good score with a single ball too, some machines are too much depending from multiball to get a good score.

This one you have either.

Fantastic game, funny and dangerous and spectacular and pretty fast.Intelligent progress on good shots.

Pinballplaying should be fun and challenging, well this one has it all!!
8 months ago
Another layout masterpiece by Elwin, talk about flow. When I first got this game, I couldn’t believe just how many shots existed. Keith didn’t waste a single cm of footage on this game. Theme is great and I have to give Stern credit on how they executed the theme without the movie rights......it works well and will ultimately be a timeless pin because they left out the movie. Some seem to disapprove of the art, but I am good with it, in fact I think it fits the theme well. This is a must own game and once you own it, you will be lowering your scores on all other games.
There are 185 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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