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Game Design: 8.75

Artwork: 8.041

Sounds/Music: 8.108

Other Aspects: 8.693

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This is "Jurassic Park (Pro)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Premium), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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4 days ago
Layout is so damn fun - unique yet punishing, but tons of flow available. Left side feels a little cramped, and the overall tone is a little more intense/serious than I prefer. Also on location it can be unclear what to shoot for with a mode running imo. Still a gem of a game and I can see why it's so highly rated.
6 days ago
An amazing hot shit mess of rules what a let down from Elwin and team
7 days ago
This game checks a lot of boxes for me.

The playfield layout is top notch. It's got some satisfying ramps, flow shots, fun toys, and some more difficult shots. The upper flipper is well utilized. It's a masterpiece of a layout that is a lot of fun.

I find the artwork fairly average. There seems to be a disconnect between the bottom, map artwork, and the top of the artwork. It just isn't very cohesive. I wouldn't say it's bad, by any means. I just think it's the weakest part of the game as a package.

The sound design is good. Rules are good and callouts are decent, albeit repetitive at times.

If I liked the theme, this would definitely be one that I would want to add to my collection. It's definitely one of my favorite Stern machines.
8 days ago
If you are going for the pro, play in a well lit area. Game is dark af.
9 days ago
As much as I love the theme I'm not as big a fan as it seems I should be. This pin was just OK to me. Loved the raptor pen and liked the vehicle mech which makes for a really interesting take on directionally for the game. Clever Elwin!

When compared to Iron Maiden or AIQ this pin looks pretty and plays well but not my cuppa tea.
13 days ago
I really wanted to like this game but the playability at the arcade I was at was terrible. When you hit the raptor pit, it was a perfectly centered drain 100% of the time unless you nudge the machine hard. That’s bad flow and is a skill used to get you out of a bind not to simply play the game as it was designed. Art work is missing the mark by a long shot on the pro model. I’m a major fan of Elwin and love his other two games and the premium version of this machine is a lot better. Pro is a no go for me and I’ll never add it to my collection and will be skipping at at arcades from now on.
17 days ago
I tried to like this game but it just didn’t stick. I had the pro which lacked toys or playfield interest. Just way to sparse and wide open. I’m not a great player so I found the rules to be a little repetitive since I never managed to get to deep into the game.

Was happy to move it quickly and pick up an Iron Maiden in its place.
18 days ago
Solid pin with a great layout. Ball times are pretty long but still enjoyable. I’m not sure this would have lastibility given my tastes but definitely see why it is liked by many. Art and animation were a few areas that could be better in my opinion. However, the layout and overall feel are phenomenal and unique. Fun pin!
21 days ago
Game is a blast...deep and challenging code but easy enough to grasp for newbs. We ultimately went with the Premium but could have easily lived with the Pro.
23 days ago
All around great game. So fun and challenging. Lots of different modes and ways to score. Animations are top notch and audio is also fantastic. Can't go wrong with this game.
33 days ago
This is a PERFECT Pinball machine!
The shots that are smooth, Combos for days!!
Great code, Flow, everything is there.
Keith Elwin has nailed it with this one.
I LOVE that its NOT the movie theme. Love the Animations.
Only thing we added to the Pro is a Shaker Motor.
If you like Pinball and you don't like JP, Not sure what to say?
As close to a PERFECT pinball Machine as you can get
49 days ago
A great game. Design took some bold chances and they all seem to have come out pretty great. Plays and shoots great. Doesn’t make all of the rights to the movie it is based on and you really feel it.
52 days ago
Fun game with decent shots and interesting features. The more I play, the more I enjoy this game
53 days ago
This would be my favorite Elwin game if it weren't for the "finite" rule set. WTF is up with that?
63 days ago
You can tell how involved the designer, Keith Elwin, is on the forums on Pinside.... a fantastic game just keeps getting better. I have the updated code. It starts with a fantastic screen intro, then a skill shot that turns into a triple skill shot (maybe more, that's all I got). There is also a secret skill shot that I found by accident after 5 months. The music is truly amazing. The game progresses well & the shots are varied. It's hard to describe, but the flow is simply amazing. There are no gimmicks. I have played this more than any game & I never get tired of it. The kids love it & we watched the movie to get them more excited. The theme is so well incorporated. I've played so many pins @ CP Pinball & this is the best. I have only gotten about 2/3 of the way to the visitor's center and am confident that I'll enjoy it all the way to the end. Add the shaker motor. It's prewired & installs in 5 minutes: really adds to.the dinosaurs stomping around.
71 days ago
Definitely one I would love to own. Great for quick games and the long game is really fun. Cool theme and the layout is really well done.
78 days ago
Was in the market for a premium, but a pro fell to me locally and couldn't pass. The pro has all the shots that the premium has and I may even say it flows better than the premium. Deep rule set that always has me coming back for another game. This is a shooters pin, with 5 ramps, raptor pen, control room, spinner, ect. there is always something to shoot at.
This is a grail theme of mine, and if I had to say anything negative is the artwork is a little cartoony for my liking. Its not based on the movie at all and that was a bit of a let down. However, there are mods out there do include movie clips and callouts.
Overall I love this pin and I dont see myself getting rid of it unless I can get a premium.
79 days ago
Hard to find anything I didn't like about this. It was an enjoyable challenge, sounds and Trex are awesome. It looks and feels like the movies. It will always get my quarters, but not really one I have to own. I felt that almost every time I looked up, the video was showing a Jeep driving, which I though could have been something a bit more, but my kids said there was other fun stuff going while I was playing.
79 days ago
its going to be a classic
3 months ago
A beautiful pin with really deep rules, nice artwork. But this game is for advanced players. For an advance player, it will be a total keeper. For the others from beginners to medium players, i found this game extremely difficult and that did not make me want to play on it, not fun at all. The artwork is great, but the sounds could have been much better if based on real movie sounds. Not a pinball for me, but i understand it could be great for some others.
3 months ago
To keep in the game room.exellent game.
3 months ago
Chaos can be a little tough to get with the “O” orbit shot. Not a huge fan of the linear story, simply because it gets repetitive with always hearing “Why would nedry do this?”
4 months ago
very good game
4 months ago
The game hits everything perfectly, my only complaint about the game is the lighting is a little dark out of the box. I loved this game from first flip. I wasn't too keen on the theme. I’m not a Jurassic park fan (movie) , however this game has changed that, at least for the pin. Great rules, super fun to play and always has that one more game feeling. Escape from Nublar is just as fun as the original game. I wish stern did this more titles.
Best stern game in a long time.
4 months ago
An excellent source of fun keeps me coming back to play over and over again artwork is okay the original sound file that comes with it is just alright I feel the lighting could have been a lot better definitely a must-have pin in my collection
There are 149 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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