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Game design: 8.622

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Sounds/Music: 8.038

Other Aspects: 8.531

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The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Premium), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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7 days ago
Believe the hype. This game is fun. I like it more than I thought I would. Call outs get a little old but that is a very small critique. This game shoots well and the rules are great. I have been playing the heck out of it for the last 3 weeks. I was not even that into Jurassic Park but I like the theme more than I thought I would. Can't go wrong with dinosaurs!
8 days ago
Recently added this game to my collection simply because it’s about the best playing pinball I can ever remember playing on.

The Williams Score and music give my chills when I crank it up. It’s like being in the movie theater during grade school all over again.

This game is so different from anything else I own or regularly play. There’s really fun and challenging shots that keep me interested. Shooting through a pop bumper is tough!

I love the kinetic ball/Jeep toy. I love when I have just enough beer to dial in that upper flipper. I don’t find the out lanes to be too harsh. The Nedry tilt warning is freaking awesome! The 180 degree barrel roll style ramp on right lower play field is just sweet.

My first game was a Deadpool based on theme and the fun. This one shoots even better than DP IMO. Like the other new Sterns, the screen and animations make it fun and keep the kids engaged. I coach a boys basketball team and they all love it, as well as the dads. The rule set keeps me engaged and challenged over and over. CHAOS is quite challenging.

If I was shopping for a new pin this would be in my top 3. The only thing I think I miss from a premium/LE is the ball eating Dino up top. I prefer the flow of the pro’s raptor pit to the premium/LE.

Deadpool got my hooked back on pinball, JP got me addicted. Play at your own risk.
17 days ago
Very fun, fast paced game with wonderful call outs and so many satisfying shots! Really enjoyed this game and could see myself adding it to my collection. Definitely in my top 10
18 days ago
I believe the pro version of this game is superior for a few reasons. First, it has the most cohesive art package. Second, the raptor pit in the pro dramatically improves flow. On the pro, a hit to the raptor pit feeds your left flipper via the control room, this effectively acts as a mini “ramp” shot that you can use to keep combos going. On the prem/le the raptor pit is a bash toy, that while cool creates chaos and disrupts flow/combo opportunities. I don’t think we’ll ever know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Keith’s original vision for the raptor pit was the pro version, it just seems to fit the combo focus of the game. Lastly, while an awesome toy, the moving t rex on the prem/le also can distrupt flow combo in two ways- failure to catch the ball or failure to land the ball on a ramp. Both of these are not issues on the pro.
19 days ago
After the first 50 games ... I begin to understand why so many people said it was the best pinball ever created.

Perfect layout, deep rules, incredible sound and animations, many things to do and so difficult, the gameplay is very very immersive ... sometimes my hair stands on end (literally).

Now I say it too, it's the best pinball game I've ever played.

In addition, luckily the PRO version hardly loses quality compared to the others.
23 days ago
This game has that special something not all tables have. It’s a blast to continue to work at getting better. Very challenging and a fantastic overall Pro package.
51 days ago
Great game, somewhat linear with progress and map. Shots are well thought out. Different layout vs traditional pin layouts is welcome.
52 days ago
Great game and flow
73 days ago
C'est de loin le meilleur flipper qui est passé à la maison!!!
84 days ago
ehh,Feels like it could be a good bunch of fun but the Helicopter and Tower shots with the drastic change in direction can tank on allot of shots and ruins the fun factor for combos . to tight .
Other than the cool amount of shots to go for and orbits ,ramps it just didnt do it for me and sold it quick ,
Didnt feel like it is based on original movie and lost its keeper factor fast
3 months ago
This game is one of the all time best already! The shots, the insane depth of the code and the overall fun I have playing it are just amazing. There are so many different ways to play it. The continuous code updates have made this a modern classic!
3 months ago
This machine is amazing!!! The animations on the lcd screen are incredible and the shots are so fun to hit. Keith elwin has another hit and play this game because it’s so fun and entertaining.. I will keep it for a long time...
3 months ago
I've owned the game since September 2019. It's an extremely solid game. The only draw back is that it feels fairly linear regarding the play, meaning that you start at the first paddock and work your way very similarly every game. Other than this drawback and the playfield artwork, the game is a 10.
4 months ago
It's an astonishingly good playfield layout that manages to become tedious awfully fast. I've found no true jeopardy in this machine, despite the quite impressive variety of shots, and it has to hold a record of some sort (for me at least) of being a very long player right out of the box.

It's not exactly the rules set per se, which I understand and appreciate, so much as it doesn't strike much in the way of innovation. I haven't found tensions between timed modes and difficult shots or combos and targeted single shots and all the kinds of rules permutations that make different choices so interesting in machines with deep rules sets.

All this wouldn't make a big difference for enjoyability if the theme integration was killer. This is where JP strangely suffers from comparison to previous JPs, notably the Data East incarnation. Sure, it's a color LCD screen with computer graphics. But it's like parallel universe Jurassic Park where there are no characters from any of the movies, no familiar scenes or classic chases. Then you cycle through three identical modes when the inlane post comes up and the flow is killed temporarily while you wait 20 seconds for the screen choices to be made. It's go no verve. And the toys, modern enough, just can't quite capture the cheesy glory of the original DE JP's T Rex chomping on a ball as a voice screamed in pain and terror as T Rex eats. I'm not sure whether this was intended as an "original" departure or they were just too cheap to license the actors' likenesses or movie footage or what, but it comes off strangely as a sort of unauthorized knockoff.

I'll keep giving it a try, because I'm sure there are more challenges to it, and a killer playfield layout like this can always be fixed in software and perhaps with a couple of playfield adjustments to make it more challenging, but at some point the ennui may get the best of me.
4 months ago
I really love this game, but every time I play it...i just wish it had the bells and whistles of the LE. It is one of the better Sterns from the last few years, but you should go for the Limited Edition if you can swing it.
4 months ago
I've been waiting to leave a review until I'd had enough time on full code. I still love Iron Maiden best but this game is phenomenal. Elwin is amaz-balls
5 months ago
One of the best games Stern has produced in years. Great theme integration and awesome ruleset.
5 months ago
Big fan of this, even without moving TRex. Great use of space. Artwork is good, could be better. Lack of voice talent is disappointing and a big factor on why I haven’t bought this yet. Plenty of variety and complexity to appeal to wide range of audience. Easily in my top 10.
5 months ago
Not so feeling with it, but a good game
5 months ago
It's fun just cant get into gameplay.
5 months ago
It's great! There is a real variety of shots, the assets are excellent, the animations are good, and my children are drawn to this more than my other games.

The only thing I really miss on this between the premium and pro is the moving T-REX which is cool, but not that cool. I don't think there is any noticeable difference in gameplay between the two, but admittedly I've never played the premium.

I think the art package is way better on the pro than the premium. I'm a sucker for mods and the musts for me are the game blades (side stickers) spinning helicopter, and 3d raptor. The 2d plastic on the raptor and the cheap helicopter plastic on this one are my only 2 complaints about the game feeling cheap.

The only issues I've had on mine are that the launch spring is too weak to consistently make the helicopter shot (common) but that is a $2 fix.

The gameplay itself is fantastic, but it takes a bit to figure out the rules. I'm still working on it myself and it is far from clear what I should be doing at any given point in time.

There are lots of multiballs and objectives in this. I have a feeling I will never see the wizard mode in this one, but the TREX, CHAOS, and RAPTOR multiballs are fairly easy to get. I love the control room modes, the raptor pit, and the excess of shots on this game.

I know the moving truck looks goofy (I think it is a licensing issue) but I really like how it changes the shots in the game. Those trap targets are hard!

I bought a Pro 2nd hand in February 2020, 6 months after initial release on the day 1.0 code came out, and I've had a week on this one now.

The voice acting in this one is... lacking.

It can be a long player as well.

Overall this is a great game that has just about everything in it. I believe this is the best of the new Sterns.
5 months ago
I don't know if JP is the best game ever but I never had so much fun with so little playtime in a pinball machine. Its insta-fun and have code to keep you occupied for aeons.
Lots of very satisfying shots, great ramps and top notch illumination.
Don't really miss the crazy T-Rex toy, its obviously fun but probably get old very fast, when you're in your 10th game in a day, you really don't have patience to watch it roar and shake the ball every game an you also wont keep watching the longer videos explaining what Nedry did.
5 months ago
I don’t enjoy hitting the truck. Shots and layout, while unique, aren’t ideal for my play style. Fantastic animations, but the rules are a little complex for my liking. I prefer the flow of IMDN, but maybe I’ll prefer this game as my skills increase. Callouts get repetitive and are disappointing.
5 months ago
Currently my all time favorite pin...I really need to own this one some day. The variety of shots, relatively loaded playfield, and decent art really do it for me on this one.
6 months ago
I just picked one of these up and it's honestly the best shooting game i've ever played.
The theme, art & everything else is also top notch.
There are 85 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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