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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Jurassic Park (Stern)". The group itself ranks #2 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.666

Artwork: 8.021

Sounds/Music: 8.088

Other Aspects: 8.642

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Found 226 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 226 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
I really enjoy playing this game.

The layout is quite innovative and features many interesting shots. The shot with the upper flipper towards the tower feels a bit rickety but other than that the majority of the shots feels very satisfying to make. I especially like the centre ramp and the shot into the Raptor pen on the left. This version of the game really misses that T-Rex to interfere with the ball though. It almost feels as if a major feature is missing here. Nevertheless it is still looking great in terms of toys with the static T-Rex, the tower and the swinging car.

The rules are pretty easy to follow. It is obvious most of the time what you're supposed to do when you start a mode. Rescuing the workers is always a lot of fun to me just like playing Chaos Multiball.

For me playing this game is relatively easy and I often found myself having very long ball times on location. It kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings in terms of that. I think the game ideally suits beginners and more casual players. But the rules seem pretty deep so it probably won't get repetitive that quickly if you're better.

The artwork is very beautiful and it perfectly fits in with the Jurassic Park theme. The playfield is one of the most relaxing to look at of the most recent games.

Overall Jurassic Park is a very fun game with an interesting ruleset and a very innovative layout. It is probably the ideal game for beginners and more casual players.
30 days ago
I hardly remember anything about this game despite having played it so many times.
44 days ago
I've rated the Premium, time for the Pro. Probably going to be slightly skewed due to the Pro version I'm rating having the custom film assets incorporated into the code which makes an already great game phenomenal.
62 days ago
I really enjoy playing this game on location!
3 months ago
This review is based on the standard machine with the stern base code ... ughhh what a disappointment. I have never felt such disappointment opening a new machine and getting it up on its legs , the art is horrible the sound is terrible and the animations is pathetic.
Me and my mate were saying it's like " Dino driving simulator"
The game was sold after a week ...

But ........ then the movie code OMG that transformed the game , I picked up another with alternate back glass moving Dino head the movie code and wow what a difference, it's a brilliant machine now .
Although still way to hard for me ; if your a casual player this is not for you , walk away go hunt down a stranger things :)
3 months ago
Just recently obtained JP2, having stopped it for a TMNT.
TMNT is a fun, bright, fast game.
To me, JP2 is a way better theme and layout.
JP2 actually feels like you are part of the action, rather than just playing a metal ball around a playfield.
The rule set is a lot deeper (think closer to Walking Dead than say, Gilligans Island!)
The game also lends itself to quite a few mods. - if that's your cup of tea.
Every new pin is a "keeper", but I do believe this might actually be that.
4 months ago
I don’t get the crazy hype on this game. It’s fun, but not a top tier game. I rarely have the feeling of ‘gotta play one more game’ that I get with my favorite pins.

It’s good (and very challenging), but not my personal favorite.
5 months ago
Very good machine, one of the best released by Stern in the past decade. It is challenging and has deep, rewarding rules. Unfortunately, the theme stops me from fully enjoying this machine. Should it have been based on the first movie, I feel I would like it more. The movie animation ROM definitely helps with this.
5 months ago
At first I really enjoyed this game. Now I don’t even enjoy turning it on. If it wasn’t for having a location, I wouldn’t keep it. Too linear for my likings. Not saying it’s a bad game, just not personally for me
5 months ago
Just added a Pro to my collection a few weeks ago- The shots on this game require great accuracy- much less forgiving than Godzilla- I have this game parked in between Godzilla and Deadpool- for me its a perfect match for my collection- It is definitely a less forgiving game than Godzilla and deadpool- but it is meant to be that way- miss a shot and you will pay- brutal right outlane- but what a great game- keeps you coming back for more
5 months ago
I’ve had a pro in my house for over a year now. This pin keeps me coming back. Theming is good for what they had to work with. Catching the dinos is fun and thematically works. Art is good, not a bad start for Johnny Crap. My two issues with this pin are the callouts and the “O” shot. The callouts are functional but the bad impressions of the movie characters just doesn’t work well for me. The “O” shot is my nemesis. It’s just a bit too tight. I always sigh when I realize that’s the next shot I need for CHAOS multiball. I wish Elwin would have given us another couple millimeters on that one.

Great pin, keeper in my collection.
5 months ago
A very good game, strong in the most important areas of shots and layout. I also like the basic story of saving the staff and capturing dinosaurs as you make your way to the visitor center and escape the island. The loop is very difficult to hit even once and nearly impossible to repeat, and I don't care for the way the truck gets in the way of some important shots, but other than that it's terrific.

The theme is great. It's not based on the movie which is fine, and the art is good but not great.

It has all the ingredients that I most value in pinball games, and it deserves the praise it gets. I do have one major issue with it, however: it's too hard. I've played this game dozens of times and I still suck at it. I have many games where I don't save a single staff member or trap a dinosaur because the ball drains so quickly. The left outlane is particularly difficult to avoid for some reason. I'm not a particularly good pinball player, but I struggle with this game more than any other I can think of. It seems like any time I miss a shot it goes out the outlane or straight down the middle. It's one of my favorites anyway, but I would like it even better if it was more forgiving.
5 months ago
When you get JP going there aren't many better games in pinball. However the majority of the time it can feel slightly clunky and frustrating. The art is pretty poor compared to ZY but does the job just fine. It is a keeper for the forseeable.
6 months ago
Dream theme and combo monster. Enough said.
6 months ago
Game is a lot of fun but is tough. Not a great game for a beginner if you want depth but once you understand the rules it is a lot of fun.
7 months ago
Torn with this game. Tried to love it but just didnt. Couldnt get in to the flow of the game. HATED the shots from the upper flipper and didnt find the mode variation all that great. Having said that, the theme is good, the rules are clearly good and there's a lot to it. Just not for me at the moment. No idea if the Premium is better than the pro.
7 months ago
enjoyed playing it
7 months ago
Excellent pinball machine. The pro version is such a great value. I highly recommend this machine for anyone’s collection.
7 months ago
Good flow...although a bit too open on the playfield for me...
7 months ago
Simply a brilliant game and one that will remain high in the top 100/10/5 for years to come.
8 months ago
Kieth Elwin is the best designer at the present, I bought a IM. i passed on Jurassic Park, thinking i could pick up one cheaper at a later date. Was i WRONG. I bought a AIQ and a Godzilla. I began to look to buy a JP pro-- it is hard to find at resonable price. My opinion is the pro is just as good as the premium. I found one for $6000. Considering when Stern does their next run of Jurassic park, the price will be $6995 plus tax and shipping. Jurassic Park Pro is Very fun game with lots of action and goals. I do not reccomend JP for the casual pinball player. When i decide to play a Kieth Elwin game, i set aside at least 10-15 minutes You have to learn to trap the dinosaurs, save the employees and get to the visitor center---Having fun on the way with all sorts of shots.
8 months ago
Brilliant game with great theme integration. Very accessible game for all skill levels with lots of things to shoot for & good stacking options. I like that even within a mode or goal there is still plenty of other shots to make for various ongoing build ups. Combos well & plenty of variation with smooth shots.
Great layout & a very fun game.
8 months ago
I don’t think this is a must have to your home collection if it is by you locally. It just isn’t that fun for the pro model to want to keep playing. I’m not sure what it is specifically but for some reason the game doesn’t seem as fun as some of the newer models like this. The price doesn’t hold well if you ever need to resell either for how new this game is. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I don’t like it as much but it feels too empty and open in the pro model. The animations and display is great but maybe only a Jurassic park fan would need this at home.
8 months ago
everyone around me told me that it's a great pinball machine and well not at all for me the cash register and the board are bad at the illustration level the games are code that is quite boring and not fun kiss did a lot of work and a lot effort but it's not worth at the game level of mm or mb for a recent pinball machine the animations are not too bad on the lcd and the blackglass is good like many spike pro something is really missing and it makes the purchase really freaking out expensive in new I'm waiting for fashion to pass today it's just been released it's great
8 months ago
Great game! Love the ambiance. Very immersive as you play. Enough enjoyment for newcomers to play.
There are 226 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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