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Game design: 8.752

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Other Aspects: 8.729

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17 days ago
Felt very let down after playing this game preferred the dataeast version
24 days ago
Im late, but finally got this one owned in my collection.
Played this many times over the last year, but missed out on the chance to purchase this in the first run. I'm very thankful Stern made another run of these. Unboxing this the other day was a great feeling.
And I am in love with this game. Elwin is a genius, this is a masterpiece.
Sure I would of loved a premium, but in comparison to other pros, this pro isnt missing much other than most notability the moving raptor head. For a pro this is stacked. Other than moving raptor ball stealing raptor head, other features can be added. The copter blades and cage mods, dino figure and art blades, etc etc etc can be added later on.
Speaking of no moving raptor head, at least with the pro I guess thats just one less mechanical thing that can go wrong later on. Although the moving Raptor head effect looks cool, I supposed I can live without it.
All in all, this game is pure awesomeness. I really love the shots and flow. I like Avengers, but for me personally, I've had much more fun playing JP.
JP over Avengers, just my opinion.
Both are great games however.
JP may be one of the most perfect creations in a long time.
This Blows the Data East version out of the water.
(Elwin for President of the United States 2024, "Make Pinball Great Again")
I only have one issue with the artwork. WHERE THE HELL IS JEFF GOLDBLUM?
41 days ago
Having owned a JP Pro for around a month now, I have to put this at the top of my list. As noted by many, the diversity of shots and depth of gameplay is superb. It plays very, very fast, which is fun and results in games that go by quickly (but very satisfying when played well). The Jurassic theme music is iconic and unlike some, I do not mind the animations on the screen (in lieu of actual movie footage).

The closest game that I have deep experience with to this is my LoTR LE machine. While I still prefer the incredible theming and beautiful playfield of LoTR, I have to say that the actual gameplay of JP is better, given the incredible shot variety. Overall, absolutely one of the best recent games.
43 days ago
Where to start with this one. Jurassic Park is something of a pinball masterpiece. The layout is intricate. So many shots for a standard body pin and so many of them are fun to hit. Elwin forces you to shoot them all to really progress and the sheer variety in both feel and difficulty is examploray. Combos and flow are all here and there always seems to be another shot to go for. It can be a tricky game and any shots not well thought out or random flips may well be punished.

The code is deep, fun and has a ridiculous amount of nuance. Working your way through the map rescuing staff and capturing dinosaurs for different perks is stupidly addictive as you seek out the visitors centre and beyond. Control room modes and t-rex modes are super fun and rewarding. The super spinner and Dino bird ramp modes are addictive. The DNA combos work so well... It's just a fantastic piece of software and so much thought has clearly gone into it.

The theme is obviously super strong, the play field art is lovely, cab art slightly less so although much better in person. I did change the backglass as there are some superb alternatives out there.

This is likely my favourite game ever at this point. I just always want to play it and whilst so many pins have come and gone I just can't forsee me wanting to let this one go. This after many months of ownership and hundreds of games. Buy with confidence. Amazing game.
48 days ago
Love the variety of shots, theme integration, rules and playfield toys/mechanisms. Good deep rules that keep it interesting in a home collection for a long time. But the player can also keep it simple and have a lot of fun. Middle of the playfield is a little dark but spotlights help with that. Sometimes the animations slow down play in between balls but a minor gripe. Overall this is one of my favorites to play.
62 days ago
Very good game. Currently most popular in our collection.
73 days ago
JP Pro is a super fun game. Keeps me coming back for that one more play feeling. I wish they had included more stuff and movie clips from the original JP. I’m going to be adding the movie code to fix this issue.
85 days ago
I didn't know what to expect from this machine. The theme doesn't cut it for me and I really hate the DE version of JP. This is biased because I hate DE machines in general.

I read a lot of reviews, played an occasional machine whereever I could find one and fell in love with the looks and somewhat with the gameplay.

So I bought one and I love it. I really like the artwork on the whole machine except for the cabinet. (PRO). The cabinet is somewhat off in my honest opinion. Too white and green. But hey, who freagin' cares?

My thoughts about the machine: (PRO)
- backglass: beautiful artwork, fits the theme very well
- cabinet: meeh, i'm not too fond of this on the pro version but for me this isn't a showstopper. It's nice but it doesn't appeal to me.
- playfield: wow! 10 out of 10. Very nicely executed, color sceme is superb, good ramps, cool shots, not a drainer, many toys. For me this is a winner. Some shots are fairly easy, some hard so for every player something to do here.
- animations: some people miss the original movie shots, I don't! Very beautifully created animations which fit the machine and the theme
- sounds: greatly executed, I only find "that is Nedry's doing" somewhat annoying
- gameplay: I, my wife, my kids are getting back for more and more and friends are automatically drawn to this machine only
- toys: so many toys in this machine. And you really get kinetic satisfaction. The machine is somewhat more expensive than a e.g. NST or DP but there is so much more going on on this machine that I can relate to the 150 euro's extra. LE and PREM have those extra toys but I don't miss that on the PRO. That animated dino is very cool of course but hey, 2K extra??

- Cabinet art, and this is the only real drawback to me. The other really really bad thing is that my other machines don't get any love at all.

I love to personalise my pins as they come in. JP is no exception so I installed these mods:
- trough lighting (green)
- flipper rubbers and post rubbers (green)
- rubbers silicone transparant (I allways remove those fugly black rubbers)
- Convolux green (and orange for the slingshots and outlanes)
- PDI glass
- Shaker motor
- Mirror blades
- Orange starposts with starpost lighting under the slingshot plastics
- upgraded subwoofer (JBL stage 810)
- lighted transparent flipper buttons (green)
86 days ago
So many shots on this machine to master. Deep ruleset. T-REX looks a bit cheap on the pro, but plays great. Played this for hours on location and decided that this is a game for me. Ordered my first NIB Premium the day after.
89 days ago
Amazing game!

Play field is ugly but the game shoots like a dream.
3 months ago
This is the almost the most perfect game I ever played.
3 months ago
Incredible game and one of the best, especially with Tim's audio/video package (top notch). If feels like an epic journey when playing.
3 months ago
When the game debuted at Pinburgh me and my wife got in line to try it and wound up on machines next to each other. We walked away and she said "Horrible" at the same time I said "Must buy", lol. I love everything about the game and the ideas it brings to the table. True skill shots, no rotating "rollover" awards you are trying to get, deep ruleset and great shots. I prefer the pro over the premium because a)the price difference matters and b)the T-Rex head is a pain to get working reliably. I already went through that with The Lost World and wasn't a huge fan of going through it again. I replaced the T-Rex head with a proportionate-to-the-jeep T-Rex, added some cheap foliage and dinosaurs to the playfield and made it a true "world under glass" experience. For under $100 in mods it makes the game look amazing and compliments the wonderful gameplay to a T. One of the best games ever in my opinion and I felt that way since the first game back at the convention.
3 months ago
One of the best games to come out of the Spike system era. Animations rival AAA video games, great rules, tons of modes and multi-balls. Keith Elwin knocked it out of the park. While the artwork isnt 10/10 it fits the game very well.
4 months ago
I just play this game and I want it on my collection
4 months ago
This game would have been great had there been movie scene clips in it. I know licensing can be a problem but they really missed by not being able to fully license it. I feel it could have been so much better. Seems too much like a cartoon video game to me.
4 months ago
Fun game and theme but lacked a bit of flow for me. Didn't have that "just one more" feeling. I liked it but found others I preferred to play more at the local arcade. Might fit well into a large collection. I'm sure I'll play it again soon. Maybe it will affect my interests a second time around.
To be continued......
4 months ago
un hit ce flip ,le flow est génial ,l'ambiance excellente .j adore
4 months ago
The theme and theme integration are not great, but it is such a good game!
4 months ago
Very challenging, I do wish that Stern could have gotten movie clips and voice acting from the movie in it.

The Pro isn't missing much from the higher tier models, not enough to justify the bump in price in my mind.
4 months ago
This game has been out for a few years now, and the initial excitement has matured into general appreciation. Many people say this is a difficult shooter, in a game for skilled players. I think that is what makes it a great home game and also keeps your interest longer-term. Once you get good at hitting the ramps/orbit, you can really get some good flow going. Animations and art are pretty generic, but game is vastly improved with the custom ROM that was developed by fellow pinsiders. Prices have settled in the low 5’s which I think is a terrific value. This is one of the first tables that had widespread clearcoat issues. I would make sure to look closely at condition before picking one up.
4 months ago
This game is amazing. While it can be challenging (especially for beginners; e.g. hitting raptor pen or control room can lead to quick drains), the game does not get old because it has so much variation (not sure how they have packed so many different shot options onto one machine). The rule set is fun and deep, as are the various multi-balls. I had bought this for use for myself mainly, but have been surprised how hooked other family members, such as my wife and mom/brother/in-laws (when they come visit) have been on this game!
5 months ago
I really enjoy this game. Great Playfield layout and really cool shots. Great flow and above all really fun to play. The only drawback I have is they didn’t use clips from the movies. Other than that a great game. One of Sterns best
5 months ago
Games played: ~40

Very unique placement of shots. Lots of ramps. Pretty good mix of easy and hard shots.
The truck mech is cool but ultimately doesn't really do much more than any other captive ball.
The shooter rod feels a bit pointless if the ball is launched into a ramp anyways.

The rest of the ruleset requires a lot of commitment and interest to learn all the things that spell other things that enable other different things. Before that point things just seem to happenrandomly and there is no real way to trace back why something is now lit.
The paddocks are probably the easiest to understand, and are a refreshing way to present modes in a game, but even they have such a compicated sequence of requirements to complete them.
Things like the smart missile are great because they can change the whole game plan with one successful (but difficult) shot.
For the high-skill players there are a lot of goals to go for, like optimizing bounties and jackpot values, getting the combos and collecting fossils.

The display is very well done with some pretty intense 3D animations.
Unfortunately that sometimes makes it hard to get the relevant information at a glance.
There are enough inserts to convey most of the relevant rules. Light shows are good, especially for the bonus.

Very combo heavy. Nailing the combo of left ramp - right ramp - side ramp feels awesome.
Unfortunately there are only posts to hit when missing those hard shots (control room, smart missile, right loop).
Ties into "things seem to happen just randomly" - every shot does something or builds to something when hit (usually).
The raptor area is very underused when not focusing on that multiball. And when focusing on that, it's just backhanding that shot a lot which is boring.

A lot of dinos and for some reason a focus on the truck.
The island looks pretty bland and center of the playfield just looks like a mud pit.

Very high variety in fitting sound effects.
Music is good. Some callouts are good, but for some I just want the game to shut up because they are annoying.

This game just won't get boring.
5 months ago
One of the deepest rule set ever. Jp is challenging and no game is like the other
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