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Jurassic Park (Premium)

Pinside rating

This game received 241 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.850 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 1st in the game group "Jurassic Park (Stern)". The group itself ranks #4 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.2

Artwork: 8.36

Sounds/Music: 8.411

Other Aspects: 9.004

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 2 of us have rated this game.


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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Jurassic Park (Premium)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Pro) (regular version), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

Found 90 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
While the theme is not a top 10 for me, it is really a fun game to play and honestly that is the most important part for me. There are challenging shots, easy shots, lots of movement and variety. The rules have some depth, but not impossible to figure out and progress. There are no major play field issues like some other stern machines. Overall a great machine and one I will add to my collection.
9 months ago
looks really nice in person, a great shooters game for sure. Fun game for experienced players. The T-Rex is an amazing toy,
9 months ago
Super fun game Great shots Nice accomplishment for Stern, sure to do very good.
Has a variety of things to shoot for and the satisfaction of making some of the more difficult (but makeable) shots.
9 months ago
I've never bought a NIB game. The newest game I owned before this pin was TAF. I'm not a big fan of Jurassic Park. I consider it a mediocre movie series. But I played this game on location many times. I could not get enough of it. The game is just brilliant. The shots are very satisfying. The modes are brilliant. New code is still begin released yet it seems quite mature at this point(ver
.097). I bought my first NIB, it's the premium. When I was rating this game, I challenged myself to find a fault. The only thing I can ding it for is the audio quality, it's not horrible, just not on par for the rest of the game. I think this is one of the best 3 games ever made.
9 months ago
fantastic game
ugly translite
9 months ago
Great flow and shots, with rules laid out via a park map that you have to explore. Good movie music. Dont like that the only human character shown is Newman.
9 months ago
Only real complaint is the voices used in the game are not from the actors in the movies. The other issue is no movie scenes shown on the beautiful LCD screen. It seems like Stern got the license for the book but not the movie.
10 months ago
Keith's games are just some of the best!
10 months ago
Just awesome. Two huge thumbs up!
10 months ago
Bought a JP Prem; have about 100 games on it....WOW!!!

Up there with the best pins that I've ever owned. Very deep pin; lots to do; and tons of unique shots; does not feel like every other pin.

I've never played a three flipper game where there are literally about 6 shots to hit off the 3rd flipper, and they feel good!!

Well Done KE and Stern!! This is a must buy
10 months ago
This is my new favorite game. Very nice ramps and toys, a lot of things to do. I can see this game staying with me for a very long time. A winner!!! After playing it now for almost two months I must rase the score even more this is the most fun game ever made!
10 months ago
Absolutely love this game. Glad I went with the premium, I mean how can you not go with a T-Rex that eats your ball!? Great theme, sounds, artwork. Stern really hit it out of the park with this one. My first brand new pin, couldn’t be happier
10 months ago
This game has it all and never gets old. The rules are so deep and hard to attain. I keep finding new things and am not even close to the end. Since the pinsiders have banded together to add more original sound, this game is second to none. Best game ever in my opinion.
10 months ago
Owned a JP premium since 3 month. I was very happy to play this game but, more i played more the fun factor has disappeared...

The rules are too linear for me.. advance in the map, capture rescue again and again... do the trex modes again ever in tve same sequence, light the chaos multiball... control room is funny, mini wizard modes are funny... but the magical effect is not here...

I understand that the pinball is great for some people but no more for me... it has disappeared very quickly due mainly to the linear advancement...
10 months ago
I just recently purchase this pin and didn’t know what to expect, wow was I pleasantly surprised. It’s not the best pin out there but it definitely deserves being in the top ten. It is fun and there’s enough gimmicks to keep you and your family entertained for years to come. I had to update my previous review, this pin keeps growing on me the shots are plenty and it flows unbelievable as a fun rating it is a definite 10. I own or owned the top 5 rated pins and I must say this pin is going to challenge the number 1 spot as with additional code updates it will improve and there’s not doubt in mine mind it going to have lasting ability of any of the top pins
10 months ago
Had a chance to put about 10 games on this pin. Overall impression: this is a player's game that can be mistaken for a themed, novelty pin at first.

Theme, music, and sound were well done. If you like the John William's score, you won't be disappointed with the sound track- but you'll hear it a lot. The DMD menu also had a JJ Pirates sort of feel where you start out with a map, suggesting a rambling adventure across the island. I never got deep enough into the rule-set to understand how that map progresses, but it makes for an exciting start. Rules are clearly going to "evolve" into something special with time, and with all the shots and angles, this is a great foundation for complex rules and modes.

As a casual player, I found some of the shots clunky and others pretty clean. I saw other players getting some solid flows going, so it didn't seem to be the game as much as my skill level.

Didn't hear a lot of call-outs, but the environment that I was playing in was pretty loud, so I may have missed some. The playfield layout feels fresh and ties in pretty well with the theme, but feels a little sparse for a jungle adventure. The jeep reminds me of the lamp in Totan, and seems to be something you would need to control the angle of to set up certain shots. Ramps are satisfying, the cage was pretty cool but a bit risky. T-rex head is a neat gadget to watch, but I share the concern of others about it's reliability down the road.

As for criticisms, being a fan of the films, I wish there had been more art and sound from primary characters. I understand licensing limitations, but it always feels a bit off to me when a themed pin seems to omit the most recognizable faces and quotes. The T-rex feeding animation got old after the 3rd or 4th time, and slowed down the game play. Ball launch felt clunky in my game, but it may have been a bad rod sleeve. I also felt like there were so many cool Jurassic Park/World themed toys that could have been added, and very specific scenes that would have made for exciting modes, but most of what I experienced or observed was very general to the theme.

Plenty of shots and lots of potential given the layout and early code. I think this game will draw a lot of people in based on the theme and layout, but may pose a challenge for less experienced players once the novelty wears off. Saw more than one player walk away without every getting a mode or multi ball.

I scored this game as a solid, modern pin that has some nice features and a lot of potential, but didn't blow me away in any category. It's a strong addition to any game room in 2019, but only time will tell if it deserves a long term spot at the top.
11 months ago
It’s a fun game....but I can’t get past the ugly artwork, I mean outside of “Newman”. (I know that’s not his name in the movie but thanks to Seinfeld he’ll always be Newman to me) they didn’t use really anything to make it really Jurassic Parkin playfield or art package game could have been called Dinosaurs with the clip-art package. Looks cheap and hastily put together art wise. The bash car is NOT from Jurassic Park, this really bothers me. I mean how hard would it be to make it a ‘93 Ford Explorer?? Dinosaur eating balls is cool, it’s fun to play, animations are solid as well, did pull from the movie here.I just can’t get past art and the toy car, it’s a shame because this could have been great. I love how you fan boys flag this for review because I didn’t rate it high enough for your liking. FYI I’ve played it on multiple occasions, a friend just got one lol
11 months ago
One of the best shooting pins I’ve ever played! This is Stern’s all-time best playing machine to date. The only points deducted were for theme integration and art. The playfield is helpful for navigating the rules of the game, but it isn’t beautiful like some of Stern’s other creations. And of course we have the Gomez truck... Still, I play this game a lot at a local brewery, and I’d love to eventually own one.
11 months ago
Another great game created by Keith Elwin. As soon as I seen the game I could tell it was an Elwin game. Good flow, a lot of kinetic action and just over all fun. I like how Stern didn't try and just add movie footage. They created all new animations for this game which had to be challenging. I'm always asking for less clip art and less movie footage because Stern seems to use that a lot. My guess is when they pay for the licensing they are limited in what they can do with a limited budget. In this case, Stern didn't acquire the full license which left them a bigger budget to create new art and animations which I personally like. This will only get better as code improves. Awesome job Keith!
11 months ago
This game is addicting! For me, it is the perfect combination of great shots, great theme, and great fun! JP is approachable for non-pinheads due to the theme and easily mastered left ramp shot, but has so much more to offer to a player who can execute the variety of shot combinations and scoring strategies that are available in this game. That balance of being approachable enough for newcomers, but challenging enough to have longevity to a veteran player has been perfectly struck in Jurassic Park. The ball eating T Rex is also one of the coolest toys in pinball! Not only does it grab the ball and fling it to various places on the playfield based on the current mode, the Rex head follows the ball around the playfield as if it can hear your shots hit the targets and is stalking you. It is a very cool touch takes the theme integration to another level. To put it simply, this game is a masterpiece!
11 months ago
Best stern in a long time.
11 months ago
Simply the best
11 months ago
A breath of fresh air!
11 months ago
Could not stop playing this machine. One of Sterns best for sure and i will be picking one up asap on the secondary market when they start popping up. Tons of fantastic shots and code is already really good.

Update: ended up grabbing a NIB premium which I said I would not do again but it is really that good. It is Sterns best game ever and a for sure top 3 game of all time.

update: new code installed .97. Amazing! not even at 1.0 and it is a masterpiece.
11 months ago
Stern put the right designer on this theme and he nailed it! From variation of shots, flow, deep rules, and one of my personal preferences...Immersiveness. The audio is insane in this game. Hook up a subwoofer and upgrade the speakers and you honestly feel like you’re in isla nublar with the dinos! Actually feels like I’m on the Jurassic park ride. This one will be bolted to the floor! Great job to the Stern team!
There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 4.

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