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Jurassic Park (Premium)

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This game received 237 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.864 /10


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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Jurassic Park (Stern)". The group itself ranks #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.206

Artwork: 8.389

Sounds/Music: 8.423

Other Aspects: 9.014

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Jurassic Park (Premium)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Pro) (regular version), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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Found 91 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
One of Stern’s finest. Great gameplay for both the casual and the experienced player. Great toys and lots of different paths to choose on how to play each time you push the start button. Go Keith Elwyn!
7 days ago
With the video/audio mod and a few small tweaks this game is perfect for any home buyer. This is a hard game, the rules are deep and the shots are tight, but thats what makes it so great, its got staying power. The playfield GI lighting does leave something to be desired, but pinstadiums took care of that. I have a feeling this one is bolted to the floor.
27 days ago
For the value versus the LE and the features versus the Pro, this game hits all the marks. The way the T-Rex throws the ball is great if you have that turned on. Much better looking Dino than the DE T-Rex. newton ball spinning Jeep is a great add. Great game that’s not as brutally fast on new players as Maiden.
32 days ago
Amazing pin. Have dropped >500 games on this. Does not get old. So much variation. Great toys, deep rule set, great artwork.
43 days ago
This is not my favorite theme but bot the pin sure kicks butt. The shots are different and the code is pretty straight forward to shoot. Everyone should own this at 1 time or another.
47 days ago
It requires ball control and it is an extremely tight shooter. The T-rex is a win on all levels but it is likely going to be frustrating for the casual/infrequent player. The layout is not a typical fan layout so it takes some getting used to for sure. With all of that said, it is a perfect game for the home environment. Several games should be played before rating. Playing a few games and then reading to get familiar of the rules is a big help. Overall, outstanding and everything a pinball enthusiast can ask for in a modern game. For a home use game, lastability is something I look for. This one is a home run. Love it!!!
53 days ago
I really wanted to like this game, but just couldnt' make the shots to fully realize what it has to offer. I would rather have the older version than this.
58 days ago
Smooth and well thought out
58 days ago
With Elwin continuing to improve after IMDN...he really made a complete package with this one along with that amazing John Williams theme song makes this one to keep coming back and hit that start button. Dont forget about that amazing TREX moving head...and I thought Sparky from MET could not be topped...I was wrong!
62 days ago
Best game play in any pin I've ever played. At least 12 primary shots coming from 3 flippers. Directions are constantly changing and are clear. Plenty of variety in modes. Only knock is not having genuine movie call-outs. Great game.
63 days ago
I have owned this game for a few weeks now and love it. Super fun combos. Incredible flow. Tough to master the shots so far, but keeps pulling me back for one more game time and time again.
66 days ago
I’ve had JP for almost 3 months now and think I have enough play and knowledge of the game to evaluate it fairly and objectively. It feels as fresh and challenging 3 months in as the day I got it:

The Pros:
*The playfield is packed with shots and the design is very innovative including the varied shots off the 3rd flipper
* Code is deep and the animations very well done despite no movie clips or assets
* T-Rex toy on the Premium and LE is one of the coolest toys in pinball and the shot always fun and satisfying (the raptor gate/multi ball lock is cool as well)
* The cabinet art and back glass is the best of the 3 models on the Premium
* Tight shots and fast play help make me a better player. Has lastability in the home environment given the challenging shots and deep code. Not sure if I’ll ever even sniff the Escape Nublar wizard mode from start to finish - nice thing is you can still play the wizard mode separately

*Voice acting due to lack of a full license is not very good.
*T-Rex effectiveness and capture rate on the ball seems to worsen over time which can impact game play and activating T-Rex modes - T-Rex seems like it needs ongoing tweaking and maintenance to maintain its efficacy and fun factor
* Tight shots that I guess could be a positive or negative depending on what type of game you like - JP definitely falls in the shooter category

In summary, I love this game. Whether you like or appreciate the JP movies (I am lukewarm on them), Stern did a great job of making a fun and challenging pin and the dinosaur theme works. Avtop 10 pin and one of Sterns all time best efforts.
72 days ago
Outstanding game. I have owned the game 4 months and we absolutely love it.

Be prepared to have the hood up often for fixes and repairs! This is especially if you have the moving T-Rex head, but like a Ferrari, constant maintenance comes with the territory. We've had the glass off this game more than any game we've ever owned. If you are not prepared to work on it, be sure to have someone available to repair it!

That said, the layout, the scoring, traveling the island to capture dinosaurs... It is an awesome game! The shots are amazing with great flow. It is probably the best use of a third flipper to ever be used. So many options for shots, strategy, while not being complicated. The moving T-Rex head has the 'wow-factor,' while the layout ensures it is a keeper.

I believe this is one of the top games ever made. It can appear like a plain play-field, but it uses every sq. inch of space for fun. T-Rex Events, Control Room Events, the Raptor Cage all add dynamics and great scoring options in addition to capturing dinosaurs as you are the new 'Game Warden' for Jurassic Park. The kids and buddies love this one.
74 days ago
Let me preface by saying that I do not consider myself to be a great pinball player. I've owned several machines. Some are just more approachable and easier to play with simple, linear rules and backhandable shots. JP doesn't fall into this category for me.
The outlanes on JP are PUNISHING! I've never felt like a center drain was cheap on JP but the outlane drains almost always make me feel ripped off. This isn't made any easier by difficult to move outlane posts. The right one being nearly impossible to get to without taking off portions of plastic.
It really feels like Keith was trying to make a shooter's game here and I think he's succeeded. With the exception of the T-Rex ramp, every shot is extremely tight. The game requires you to think ahead and develop strategies for what to do next.

Game has SO MANY shots which often combo into one another.
The way you play the game is completely up to you. Some have called the game's paddock paths "too linear". I disagree. Not only are there multiple branching paths but you can focus on other things like spelling out 'CHAOS' or working towards raptor MB.
Great theme! This game really feels like a "World under glass".
Has that "just one more game" feel to it.
That John Williams Score!!
In my opinion the art on the premium edition is outstanding!
The paddock modes feel great! I really feel like I'm rescuing workers and trying to capture dinos!!
The T-Rex is amazing!

Shots are REALLY tight. This may be a plus to many, but it can also make some games feel frustrating for less skilled players.
Lack of movie callouts - It is what it is, but I'm not sure how anyone would argue this fact. The voice acting is just not good imo.
Some of the music gets kinda repetitive.
It's hard to combo shots together unless you are either extremely lucky or just a great player. I've only managed a triple skill shot a few times.
The 'O' shot is nearly impossible to hit which can really get frustrating when building towards CHAOS mb.
Probably my biggest complaint (and I know it may not be popular) is the truck. Often I have a strategy in mind for progressing toward the visitor center, only to accidentally switch directions and start heading into the middle paddocks. It also blocks the 2 trap shots which are necessary for progressing through modes. Instead of being a shot I want to hit, it becomes a shot I want to avoid.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but for all my frustration I know it is making me into a better player. And even after well over a hundred games I still keep pushing that 'start' button again and again!
Overall I'm enjoying it! I may revisit this review in a few months.
The theme and the "World under glass" feel will draw in even the most casual players. But the difficulty may have many frustrated.
3 months ago
So, I picked up one of the premiums in a trade for my beloved GOT and not sorry at all.
The most impressive part of the game so far is the shot geometry. There are 19 shots ( counting standup targets) from the flippers. After looking at my other games, for a standard versus wide body, that is 2 to 4 more shots. The cool thing is how smooth all these shots feel. The ramps are excellent and have unique flow patterns. None of the shots feel too tight( like say a Houdini). The design that went into the shot geometry may be the best I have played. I compare it to the shot geometry in my JJP Pirates but that is unfair as Pirates is a wide body.

The code is fairly complicated for a mediocre player such as my self, but, I am starting to get the feel for it after reviewing the rules several times. The game is non linear which is what could make this a keeper for me. The ability to change paths on the map is outstanding. The various multi balls work really well and you need to concentrate on getting to them versus just wailing on the ball and they happen.

The call outs help a lot in working your way through the game. They are direct to the point but not repetitive. The sounds are very good. I would like to see a little more use of the shaker tho.

Overall, I can understand the very hi ratings on this title. Several have listed it as a potential GOAT and I can see why. JP and JJP Pirates are two of the best games ever made in my opinion and clearly demonstrate the advantage of new talent in the design pool for our favorite pinball manufacturers..
3 months ago
Great overall package. A unique layout that's fun to shoot, one of Stern's best physical toys ever in the animatronic T-Rex, with a great ruleset and good artwork. Only real negative is in the sound package -- mediocre voice actors and meh music aside from the Jurassic Park theme.
3 months ago
Love the game but it has stiff competition in my collection. A hair annoyed with it in that I can score better just playing for multiballs than progressing modes/paddocks, as well as what feel like very tight shots that love to come back at you along with high powered slingshots and hard to recover from outlane drains (even with the narrow gap).

Update after owning for a few months. This game is just really hard but it has improved my play pretty materially. Top game, I keep coming back even after wanting to smash the glass from frustrations. Ruleset is tremendous, I really missed that early on, sets up for very strategic play. Outlines still annoying, and punishing if you brick a shot, but I’ve just come to accept that this is a shooters game and I need to come up to the level.
3 months ago
I have only two complains about this game:

1 - That, for me, it doesn't have those big moments that give you goosebumps, like on MET when you start the From Whom The Bell Tolls crank it up mode. Or maybe I didn't get far enough in the game to get there...

2 - And that there's so many things to do that you can't do it all, yo have to choose, lots of times, "do I try to capture the dino or try to finish the control room, get the dino, or complete the Trex mode" and once you choose one you won't have the opportunity to try the other again, you lost it till the end of the game.

But the pros outweigh the cons

Best layout in any pinball that I played, lots of of different shots but not clunky.

Excellent theme.

Excellent lastability, lots and lots to do, no two games are alike.

Great animation and call outs.

Lots of fun, you feel you're accomplishing something and not just making points.

One of the best machines out there, definitely top 10.
3 months ago
Absolutely love this game
3 months ago
I have owned my Jurassic Park Premium for a month now. Wow so worth the wait! I love this game. Everything works. I live in New Zealand so this was a large investment, No regrets tho. I love the flow, sounds, graphics the whole package. The Trex ball eating dino is amazing... great job stern! I love this hobby!!!
3 months ago
This game will be around for a very long time!! I love it! The only problem that I have had with my game is that the Jaw came off the T-rex, couple screws came off the guard tower roof and had to tighten things up a bit. That being said... Everything else about the game is amazing! I love all the shots, flow, and brilliance of the game set rules. The game is one that kids can start to play and love on their first game not understanding any rules, and great players will take the time to understand and play as well. This game is going to be around for a long time! Keith is now two for two!!
3 months ago
JP is one awesome game, so much going on the play field and rules plus just to hunt the dinos! It is a challenging game to get far with yes doesn’t matter for the new person. Trex ball eating is awesome fun.
4 months ago
This is a great game, I have owned it since it first came out and was one of first Premium owners to get machine. The game layout is amazing and it will be a top 10 for many years to come. The only problem with the game is the quality controls was weak. The T-Rex Jaw fell off after about a week and the guardhouse feels apart as well. Not a big deal to fix and it only needed the screws tightened to keep that from happening. Just a basic quality controls would have prevented this problem.

The T-Rex is a great toy, premium/LE is way better than Pro for the reason.

Love the game
4 months ago
Wow. Had to rate it a perfect 10. Can't find a single thing wrong with it. Simply the most immersive pin I have played. Heart pounding action, music and sound draw me right in. Tons of challenging shots and combos. Loved it at play #1 and just keeps getting better. This one deserves a spot at #1.
4 months ago
Best Stern game I’ve played so far. The T-Rex is amazing. This game even got my wife playing again.
There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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