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Game Design: 9.197

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Sounds/Music: 8.433

Other Aspects: 9.031

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Found 282 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 282 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
Warning: If you make this your first pin with the movie code,it will be near impossible to ever find another pin that will match the excitement of owning and playing this.
It’s just to good!!
I’ve owned a lot of pins and this is next level fun all around.
If only all pins had this level of excellence.
I’m going back and lowering most of my higher ratings because I want these pinball companies to try and match the pure genius of JP.
20 days ago
Great pin with great homages to the Data East game like the ball-eating T-Rex! Without a doubt my favorite Stern game!
40 days ago
A++ Very fun
41 days ago
Stern's Jurassic Park is a must for most collections. It is a ton to fun to shoot over and over and the Premium/LE versions are worth the extra cost for the moving, ball eating T-REX head alone.
50 days ago
On official locations I find myself always picking Jurassic Park to play. It was fine until it was remove from the location. Then I decided to buy one for my home setup. And finally I have to say.. one of the best purchases in pinball I made.

It looks a bit clunky at the beginning but if you get used to it, it can flow suprisingly perfect.
The code and gameplay are aweasome but you need to dig in. Some people say its a bit linear but honestly it doesn't matter much.

However its not a beginner machine.
You can quickly get furstated if you are not know the gameplay and hit the needed things.

Is Godzilla better? Hard to say. Both machines are outstanding.
Godzilla seems a bit more perfect and rounded but currently I catch me up more on JP.
I would say depends on the daily mood :-)
61 days ago
Another great pin from Keith Elwin. I owned the permium version but traded it in because the T-Rex was an a$$hole. His ability to pick up the pinball was too inconsistent for my liking. However, I do find myself missing this pin. The middle spinner to upper right flipper loop to the 180 degree return ramp is one of the best combos in pinball!!! So satisfying! If I were to pick one up again I'd go with the pro.
62 days ago
One of the best Stern pinball machines. I really enjoy this game. My cousin has this game in his collection and I really enjoy it. I love the moving T-Rex head and the hard layout of this game. This machine is for people who have some experience in playing pinball. It is a difficult game but it plays amazing. I like the integration with the shaker motor and the game plays awesome. I would personally prefer this machine over the Godzilla. Cool machine to play and would love to put this machine to my collection later on.
63 days ago
The theme for me is not good. I never liked Jurassic Park, so this game would be so much better with a different theme. (I know that most people loves JP). The shots are on the difficult side. The Smart missile is next to impossible... I think I have made it 3-6 times in total. Game play is intense with lots of danger/reward. Artwork is very weird.
63 days ago
After the last update this game definitely went up a level after already being one of my favorites. Second favorite game.
67 days ago
My 2nd pin to own at home after GZ. Jurassic Park is definitely more challenging (and at times frustrating!) but there is just something about this game keeps me coming back again and again. Shots require precision but there is no better feeling when you are 'on' and you are string together combos or hitting that next shot you need to start or complete a mode. The nostalgia of the Jurassic Park theme song at the start never gets old. Love this pin and its the perfect partner to GZ in my home collection!
72 days ago
Ho fatto più di un centinaio di partite in sala e sono bastate per farmi capire che lo voglio in taverna..tutto ciò che tocca elwin diventa oro...questo è il tema più potente per un flipper a mio avviso e sono contento che stern l abbia affidato a lui.must have.
77 days ago
This game has such a full code of collecting the dinosaurs that you are always engaged in advancing the levels. You need the raptor/chaos multiballs when you are facing more difficult dinosaurs so you can prepare for them. The rescues shots always keep you focused on making different shots on the playfield and you have to set the trap and shoot the helipad shot to complete the cycle of catching the dinosaur so it gets involved. But it is a fun simple playfield as well where you can capture the raptor ball in the raptor pen and shoot the tyranasaurus ramp. It is a very challenging game and must be played many times to get good at it. But that's why it grows on you as you play it and understand it more. A very good game to own for this reason. It does not get old and boring.
85 days ago
Fun pinball machine, but more like a greenhouse than Jurassic Park.
3 months ago
Jurassic park is a fantastic game. Arguably the shots are much tougher than other recent sterns, but I never felt that the punishments for missing those shots was all that fierce. The raptor pen was probably the most punishing, but it was still doable. My biggest gripe with this game is that the callouts don't have enough movie assets. It's only nedry, which is too bad. Otherwise, the game is fun, the art is great and the dinosaurs are angry.
3 months ago
Keith Elwin does it again!

Wow, what a great game with lots of different shots. The ability to string together multiple combos that all feed into the next shot is so rewarding and fun. Ripping the spinner is a great shot and the sound you get from it, like a Dino, is so cool and fitting for the theme.

The cabinet art and backglass are well done and do the theme justice! I prefer the Premium over the pro and the limited addition is great too but for me the premium is the winner.

The lighting is great and the vibrant colors of the playfield keep you wanting more. The layout is easy to understand when looking at the map and the lighted progress make it easy for new and advanced users to understand the progression.

Okay, who doesn't love an articulating T-Rex that eats balls and throws them all over the place! A+++++++

The shot that is most satisfying to me is the third flipper to the look out tower - butter!

Highly recommend this game for anyone and if you like JP or dinosaurs then it's a must. Many I know that have it say it will never leave their collection.
4 months ago
Amazing game, easy ramps, mixed with really hard ramps. Smart missile is one of the hardest and most rewarding shots in any pinball ever. Very challenging game, you may beat this 1,2 times a year. Theme and code are outstanding! A+
4 months ago
I owned a Data East Jurassic park for 15 years.
It was my first pin and did my family love it. Great theme, great multiballs, great variety of shots ( game loop music got a little repetitive…. But no game is perfect). So, when Elwin came out with a reboot of this theme I felt I had been there and done that.
Fast forward 4 years and we bought a pro in a multi pin deal so I casually learned the rule set , embraced the new theme…and fell in love with all the shots . But something was missing from the pro….. the last real bridge back to the Data East JP…. the dinosaur eating the ball!

Not to disparage the pro, because honestly I feel it and FF are the best pros for the money.
But let’s be honest about the animatronic dinosaur. It is flat out an amazing engineering feat. It moves like a Disney animatronic figure. It syncs up with the display for amazing effects , and it throws the ball with an air of wreck less abandon that symbolizes T REX. Does the T REX make the game ? IMO it elevates it to top 3 toys on a playfield of all time ( that being GZ tower and MM castle ).
Finally , the game plays fast with the third flipper providing options and the shots are set up rather difficult to keep the game from being stale. The raptor pen on the premium also is an upgrade that has perfect game play applications. IMO this game is easily as good a theme application as there is out there. I have never heard of a client buying a JP premium and selling it after 50 plays. It is just that good and well rounded. This game is what Stern should be aiming for on all titles .
4 months ago
This is my favorite pin Ive had in my house. For me it beats Godzilla. The layout has a ton of variety and the rules are set up in a way that you can choose how you want to play the game. Multiballs are timed well and there are just so many fun shots that I feel like it has more variety in the gameplay than Godzilla has. Its not quite as approachable but once you understand what you are doing I think its a deeper game. The playfield art could be a little more robust but it totally works. Sound effects are great as are the callouts. Its a shame they dont have movie assets - but if you get the movie mod code installed I think it makes it the best pin out there.
4 months ago
Incredible code !!
4 months ago
Love to see the T Rex roar.
4 months ago
This game is a masterpiece. cannot wait to play more.
Rules are unbelievable. sound is incredible: Shoot the T-Rex , i love it.
I like difficult games that allow you to progress, like ACNC or R&M for speed.
Keith is truly the best pinball designer. Nothing more to say except stop talking and play this pinball machine!
4 months ago
This is one I really do not get the love for. The play just seems uncoordinated. The various targets fun, but feel like an afterthought in their layout. And the overall theme just get old for me really fast. This is one I wanted to love based on the ratings and I really just could not enjoy it at all. For me this is the anti-Godzilla. Just none of that instant and endless playing enjoyment.
4 months ago
I’ve only played it a few times but honestly it’s a great game! If I could pick five tables to have this one would be on my list if price wasn’t an option. I love the right ramp that feeds the side flipper. I enjoy the car toy and most shots. However I did notice a lot of rejects from the T Rex. I know people say the lanes are narrow but I didn’t notice that. Honestly it just was a great pin to shoot. Stern keeps hitting these games out of the park! if they fixed a few things I think I’d almost say this is as good as Godzilla.
5 months ago
Great game all around, fast shooter with a good ruleset.
5 months ago
The Game Design and board layout is amazing, one of the funnest pins i've ever played. There are so many great shots the dino mech is crazy. And if you were to ever get a shaker motor this is the pin to get it for. T-Rex Multi-ball with the shaker is NUTS. The game is so damn fun, it's literately one of those games that you just want to keep playing and you think about even when you're done.

The Playfield artwork is definitely lackluster. It gets the job done but I feel like they could have done more. It's not bad just doesn't have a wow factor. The back-glass on the premium is very nice thou having the classic giant park opening and using the OG Jurassic park logo is very cool. And the cab artwork on the premium is very cool having the classic kitchen scene on one side.

The LCD animations are great and they make fantastic use of the soundtrack and the other extra modes are super cool. Especially when you're in the storm and the back-glass starts strobing. The T-rex sounds are really good and i love having Wayne Knights voice in the game.

Light shows are very well done and the theming is amazing even if you didn't grow up with jurassic park, i mean who doesn't love dinosaurs? This is a Bolts to ground pinball the code is insanely deep there are a TON of shots so much to see and do. This game never gets old.

Couldn't be happier to own it.
There are 282 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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