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Game design: 9.17

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Other Aspects: 8.984

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This is "Jurassic Park (Premium)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Pro) (regular version), Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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2 hours ago
My first Elwin layout; it does not disappoint. Sweet game, I had considered going pro... since it’s not missing much gameplay wise. I’m Very glad I went with a premium. Pinball eating t-rex is the best gimmick in pinball, his jaw even moves when he roars with the pinball in his mouth. Difficult game, which is perfect for a home use pin.
5 days ago
Got my JP premium a month ago. What a great game! Plays fast, shots are great, rules are deep. Bolted to the floor.
19 days ago
One of the top games, ever. You want to keep playing it. Kids like it, a couple of easy multi balls and a moving dinosaur that shakes. Deep game play, rule set. Some great satisfying shots and combos.There are some difficult shots that make it frustrating, but I keep coming back again and again.
21 days ago
This is SUCH a fun game. My wife, kids and everyone absolutely LOVE this game. Even when guests come over they are drawn to this game and tough to get them off of it! A shaker is an absolute MUST mod for this game. Feeling the footsteps during the TRex chase and during the TRex roars for multiball is awesome, not to mention even when the jeep falls off the cliff and other animations. Awesome integration. This hooks the beginners with the toys and gameplay as well as advanced players with the tougher shots. I hope to never have to sell this one!
22 days ago
Nice game
24 days ago
I had played the pro model many times and liked it. but that version the dinosaur doe not do anything, it is static. But the game is so much fun and challenging that I wanted more. I have had pinballs for over 30 years but this is the first pinball that I bought new in box. and I bought the premium version because of the active ball eating and ball throwing dinosaur. I was very worried at first about issues with the Dinosaur but no problems with it so far. This is a HUO so I am hoping for the best with the active Dinosaur. All of my friends that visit me like this one the best, they say its fast and fun. Also the newton Ball jeep is a cool feature.
31 days ago
Wow! Just helped a friend unpack a brand spanking new JP Premium. Amazing in every aspect; art on wrap and playfield, game rules, booming sound quality, moving T-rex toy, three ramps, three flippers, crazy combos, fantastic quality screen, etc.
32 days ago
Got mine NIB. Been 2 weeks and I’ve already had the newton ball come off and the T-Rex mouth stop working. I’ve repaired both, but the mouth isn’t working well. Ball frequently fails to do the U turn on the shooter lane as well. I know these things need some TLC, but I’ve had to do more work on this in 2 weeks than I’ve had to do on my LotR in 10 years! Fun when it works like it’s supposed to work.

Edit: Got the T-Rex mouth working well now. The Newton ball continues to loosen, so I’ve tried some thread lock. The U turn on the shooter lane only seems to bother me. The family is really enjoying the game! I think JP is probably more fun, but I’m preferring to play A:IQ right now. I feel like I have more control of the ball with that pin.

Edit: The thread lock didn't work on the Newton ball, so I got a replacement Newton ball (thanks Pablo!) that is working well. If I can just get the U turn on the shooter lane to work consistently I'll be 100%. I'm still preferring A:IQ, but my wife prefers JP and her score vs. mine shows it :-) Very happy with this pin, and I expect it to have a long life in my home.
32 days ago
Super fun game. Lots of interesting shots that are difficult for a beginner like myself , but crazy rewarding when you learn to hit them. Great call outs. It does a very good job of connecting the movie with a pinball adventure.
77 days ago
My farvorite pinball in my colection its so much fun
79 days ago
Elwin does it again, props to him and his team.
80 days ago
All-in-all a superior game from Stern.
81 days ago
I started with the Pro version of this pin with the original code and while a great game, it lacked the movement of the T-Rex head and the Raptor pen gate and after owning the Pro for about a week, the Premium became available in my area and the Pro sold within a day and I'm really loving the Premium.

This pin without the custom audio and video Jurassic Park mod is just a dinosaur game with Jurassic Park's logo. You have got to add the custom audio and video mod to this pin to make it a true Jurassic Park themed pin because it adds scenes, callouts, and actual audio from Jurassic Park's first movie. It is a great game and the T-Rex has got to be the best toy on a pin. Also, adding mods to the play field are a must from spotlights to brighten areas up, Jurassic Park signs, and the raptor on top of it's pen. The lit up shooter rod with the mosquito in it is also a nice add.
3 months ago
This is probably one of the top 2 or 3 games to come out in quite awhile. It really does stand out. It has cool toys and mechs like the moving T-Rex, Jeep, Raptor pen as well as a multitude of interesting shots. I enjoy the variety of shots: the left ramp and center spinner are very easy to hit. But the right ramp and helipad shot are more challenging. The “O” and smart missile shots are extremely tight and difficult(at least for me). I feel like this game has made me a better player while not frustrating me too much in the process. Plenty of different ways to approach the game(paddock clearing, side modes, multi ball modes, etc.)
3 months ago
My favorite game of all time. I like the Premium better then the pro, but all models are just amazing!
3 months ago
Always concerned with playfield machinery that is too complex, and how it will be maintained, serviced over time. The Trex may be difficult to keep perfect 5+ years into its life
4 months ago
Tough but fun...
A great theme, a good layout and the mission based progression that can be branched out makes it unique and tons of fun to want to replay.
4 months ago
The theme is one of the greatest, even if you never seen the movie I think anyone can have fun with this one. The T-Rex ball eating toy is one of the best I have ever played on any machine. T-Rex eats the ball, nicely drop the ball on a ramp feeding the left flipper or even throws the ball to the spiral Pteranodon ramp. You have a nice easy shot to the T-Rex ramp, little harder shot to the spiral Pteranodon ramp and two half pipes, which the Raptor tower half pipe might be the most satisfying ramp you can hit. The game has some tight shots but after practice you start to get in a rhythm that can allow you to score big, yet there is still enough "Fun" in this game if you are not a pinball wizard. With a couple of MODs added to the playfield , Barbasol can with vials flasher, Pteranodon flying above, tree here or there, sticker or two, and the playfield really pops and gives dimension. This game is a keeper AKA The GOAT!
5 months ago
This game is awesome. The shots are hard. The video modification with film footage corrects the deficiencies. This game has improved my skills on my other pins.
5 months ago
Great effort by Stern and Co. on this machine. When you first step up to it, it feels deep and busy and immersive. I was a little skeptical of the theme at first and the playfield art doesn't really do it any favors, but when you come down to it, the core of the game is perfect: chasing and catching dinosaurs. Who doesn't love that?

Plenty to do at all times as you progress through the paddocks, and if you play it right, you'll be triggering multiballs and frenzies as you go along to keep it interesting. The shots are tight and make the game very challenging. Should keep home players interested for a long time.

Pros: Fun. Fast. Lots to do. Premium has some cool toys, including the moving Trex, but I'm sure the Pro is right up there without the Trex, and probably even faster. Theme that is evergreen at this point.

Cons: Drains harder down the outlanes than any game I've ever seen - and that's with them closed up. Hard, thwacking-against-the-wood outlane drains. The ball is usually moving so fast horizontally in the bottom half of the playfield that no amount of nudging can save most of them. Can be very frustrating to have a good ball and then watch the next few blast down the outanes. Maybe that's just pinball...

Some of the call-outs are laughably bad with weird accents. "Shoot the Seat Trap Targets!" "Save my stttttaaaaaff." etc.

Art is sorta meh, but better than Photoshop Stern.

Overall, quality stuff here for players of all skill levels, with an emphasis on more skilled players really being able to enjoy the depth of the game.
5 months ago
My second pin so might be biased. Excellent game. A few really hard shots for me, but in time hope I can master them. Game keeps me coming back for more. Highly recommended.
5 months ago
This game is amazing. Great Rules and fun progression. IMO the premium with the T. rex and raptor ball elevates the fun factor. It’s only lacking in the licensing department but there are fixes out there.
5 months ago
I think Ketih Elwin has done amazing things and this game is even better than his debut! This is one of my favorite games.

As an arcade owner, this game is a great earner (combination of multiple movies and dinosaurs) make for a no brainer. Combine this with a fun game that both newbies and experienced players can enjoy and you have a top ten hit! As a collector, I think this would make a great addition to any collection.

Although I am rating a Premium, I think a Pro would be a great addition for anyone as you do not lose much in game play.

Pros - Great shots, theme, animations, different ways to play, balance of game play (easy enough for a newbie, but challenging enough for a good player). Not a "cookie cutter" layout as many Sterns can be. Initial multi ball and modes are easily accessible for newbies. Multiple Skill shots are fun addition.

Cons - The rules of the green dinosaur arrow, chasing the orange Rescues diamonds is a bit challenging to explain to new players. The rule set is also slightly complex (but great for a home collection).
6 months ago
A hard but fun game. Keeps you coming back for more.
6 months ago
Love, love this game. Amazing amount of shots to make, some not so easy. Code is complex and deep - can see this last in my home for a long time. Long time TAF addict and was worried I could like this game - love this game.
There are 123 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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