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Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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This game received 177 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.778 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Jurassic Park (Stern)". The group itself ranks #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.065

Artwork: 8.317

Sounds/Music: 8.459

Other Aspects: 8.904

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 1 of us has rated this game.


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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Pro) (regular version), Jurassic Park (Premium)

Found 70 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
I really like the way they have taken a great, recognizable theme but made it an original storyline that just adds to the original story! The weakest part of the game is the artwork, but everything else more than makes up for it! So many great things to say about this pin, which I think may ratings will reflect!
1 year ago
I have owned most of the top pins. This is the first time I felt I could own this for a long time. I want flow, deep rules, and lastability. I like hard as well. I thought Dialed In was hard and it is, but this pin has several hard shots. And, we don't even have version 1.0 yet.
1 year ago
I got to play this a little more at York. I loved the theme and have seen all the movies in the series. I was hoping to have a little more artwork that related to scenes in the movies. It almost reminds me of the Spider-Man vault release where it is more of something you would expect out of a comic book.

The game play is pretty decent and much better than I expected. I thought the music was classic JP. I think this pin met my expectations since I heard a lot of negative feedback on it prior to playing it. Had a much better experience playing it this weekend than last time. I think this is a pin that probably will grow on me the more I play it. Not sure if this is a must have for my collection but certainly not the stinker that everyone was labeling it.
1 year ago
LE looks really nice in person, a great shooters game for sure. Fun game for experienced players. The T-Rex is an amazing toy,
1 year ago
What a stellar unusual layout and gameplay. Love the moving TRex, which ranks up there with MM castle. The Raptor pit is so cool. Amazing satisfaction completing triple skill shot. One of the best triple skill shots ever created, with rewarding backbox graphics for completion. Not only bottom to top PF action, but right to left adventure with the upper right flipper is a treat.

Not missing actor call outs and heard Kieth say because they are not there (except Nedry), more money went to PF toys, which I prefer 100% every time over actor call outs. Truly a kinetic design and feel created by Keith and Stern! The video game-esk feel added by the LCD adds to the overall conquest and fun of JP2. The extras on the LE package shines with this theme and to date, has taken the number one Stern spotlight easily. Everyone loves dinosaurs and Stern graphics department went all out on this title too. Code updates just keep getting better. Dial in the shots and it’s one heck of a ride, transversing the island with the Jurassic Jeep. So many ways to approach this game, let’s lastability shine on throughout. Keep those code updates giving us more and this game will win the “Best Game of the Year” award for sure.

I think JP2 is possibly the greatest game ever made, because it has so many shots and ball flow is amazing, with tons of things to shoot. 4 ramps! The code and rules are wow and continues to stay interesting for the long haul, combining video game aspects with modern pinball. Don’t think any other game touches JP in an overall gameplay experience.
1 year ago
Update - after about 200 plays I had to amend the score a bit. The lastability for this game is great! The combination of depth and shots makes it my current favorite game. I did go back and knock it for the callouts... the early ones are getting to be annoying. Another issue is the T-rex not always catching the ball. It seems to be a common issue. However, on our machine clean shots are caught almost every time. As a whole... absolutely fantastic game.


Not a perfect game.... I am not 100% in love with the backglass, and the callouts get old. However... this game is so much fun that I had to go BACK and amend some of my ratings on other games. I had to drop them.... because most of the games don't measure up to fun-level of JP2. In fact, my wife and I had said that we were done buying new Sterns... until we played JP2 at a location. Within about 15 minutes we both decided that we needed to make an exception to the rule and get a LE.

One thing.. I do like the nods/tribute to the original Data East game. The 1993 JP had a lot going for it. The game had a pretty awful looking playfield, the cabinet was super plain, and the sound wasn't that great.... but the game was fun to play. Elwin took some of the elements from the '93 game (Mr. DNA, Spelling "CHAOS", ball eating dino, Smart Bomb, and etc) and made them his own.

So for us... it is the top Stern game that we have played (It beats my previous favorite TSPP). I have it ranked 4th overall.... that seems about right. It is essentially tied with Monster's bash.... I like the art package on MB better, but JP2 is a deeper game.
1 year ago
JP makes me want to sell some of my outdated older pins.

WOW. Stern and Elwin have crushed it out of the park again.
1 year ago
There's nothing like this out there. Elwin has done it again!

The one minus is it mostly doesn't have the voice actors doing sounds (minus Dennis Nedry), if someone comes up with a mod I'll be first in line.
1 year ago
This is just calling a spade a spade... this is by far the best Stern game they've ever made. I'm not a fan of the pro because it just feels like just another Stern. After so long it almost seems like all Stern games blend together but not the LE on JP. Having the TREX that moves is amazing might be one of the best mechs ever on any pinball machine. Furthermore the additional details make all the difference such as the raptor cage, powder coating, side blade art. At first glance I didn't like the CGI because it seemed way to much like a cartoon and I wanted movie clips... however this game is better without it. What Stern did here was create their own video to match the rules of the game. When you play Munsters which I think is one of the WORST game ever boring and the graphics on the screen is like huh what effort was put into this... on JP its like the designer of the game made sure the graphics aren't just random clips but actual video that matches what happens on the playfield.

This I feel is Sterns first COMPLETE game where everything works together. I am NOT an Iron Maiden fan (Band) but I think the game is fun, and the graphics work with the game. The designer of those two games should now be considered THE HANDS DOWN TOP designer for Stern going forward. Clearly the design understand the perspective of not only the hard core tournament players, but the casual player to the collector alike. As for the game play itself this game is super fun!!! The artwork isn't the best but the sound fx, mechs, make up for it. I will also say on most games a shaker adds nothing to the game but on this baby the shaker shines thru... you must have a shaker.

Again in my opinion the best Stern game they've ever made. Highly recommend this game. I look forward to MORE games from this designer.
1 year ago
This is the best layout of any pinball ever made. So many ramps, loops and shots. Love the right circular ramp to the 3rd flipper. Hit the left ramp from the 3rd flipper. Feed the left flipper and repeat. Still the shots are not that tight even with all of them, except for the smart missile. Theme is basically a dinosaur adventure with Jurassic Park music and concept. And that is fine. The game progression and modes are cool. I love the look of the game. Animations are great. Some nice toys and a nice T Rex toy. I just don’t think any game beats this one. It has everything. Better than Maiden, better than Deadpool and better than all the classics.
1 year ago
This may be the best shooter ever made. No ridiculously tight shots, but it can be challenging. There's so much to do and it's only going to get better as the code matures.
1 year ago
This machine is IMO hands down the best Stern machine that has been produced in a long time. Keith Elwin did an amazing job on the design of this machine! This machine has shots and flow for days, and the T-Rex on the LE / Premium model really makes this machine come to life. Excited to see how the code evolves over time, this machine will not be leaving my collection for a very long time if ever.
1 year ago
I've played both the Pro and the LE (own). The Pro is a very good game, but the toys and gimmicks that the Premium/LE games bring really do make them the better option.

Having reached post-1.0 code, Jurassic Park IS one of Stern's best releases in the last 10 years. The game is loaded with various ways to approach gameplay. There are different kinds of interactions with raptors, T-rex, and varied advancement through the paddocks.

The rules are relatively easy to explain to casual players and the theme is familiar (if you’ve seen the movie). They're able to find shots that get them excited without too much skill. Experienced players should find enough challenge, depth, and options that keep them coming back for those higher scores. Keith and his team have given the players enough goals to go attempt that has that 'one-more-game' appeal. I love the options available to play this game. Rescue park staff, capture dinosaurs, find fossils, DNA combos, control room modes, raptor tri-multi-ball, T-rex modes, CHAOS multi-ball, and multiple wizard modes...all of it is very fun and coordinated well with light and sound shows. One can't forget the truck in the middle of playfield. Not only is it used to collect letters for T-rex modes, but the direction it points does a couple things as well. One, the truck's direction determines which paddocks are accessed (think left/right on the path) once the paddock is qualified and started. I suppose a good player could become selective about which paddocks they choose in eventual escape of the island. Maybe there are easier paths to the end? Hidden gems/modes discoverable only by going a certain way? And two, the truck's direction makes the targets behind it less/more easy to hit.

The raptor pen on the premium/LE is more interactive than the Pro. You shoot the gate and it goes down to reveal two standup targets in the front and one in the way back. You aim for the back target, which causes an up post to trap the ball in the pen, the gate mech raises, and then the up post falls allowing the trapped ball to fall and come to rest inside the raptor pen. You then have to hit the gate with another ball from the outside, which causes the trapped ball inside to ‘neuton’ into the standup targets at the front of the raptor pen. Repeat that enough until the gate’s ‘integrity’ falls, releases the trapped ball, and auto-plunges a third ball into play for ‘raptor tri-multi-ball’. Once achieved, it’s a very satisfying multi-ball.

The control room (right now) has three different coded objectives. The control room is qualified by completing various other tasks (capturing your first dinosaur, spelling CHAOS, etc...). The control room modes are fun, I just wish there was a way to add more time because they’re difficult to complete during the currently allotted time frame. Thankfully, the ‘visitors center’ wizard mode isn’t dependent on actually completing the control room modes, but just that you started them.

There are still more code updates to come which will likely add more features to an already fun game. I'm looking forward to seeing how the smart missile integrates. I'm also curious to see how the action button is integrated in the future, because right now it’s only used to select control room modes.

If the 2019 TWIPY's were given out now, the award for the 'best toy' and 'best implementation of a toy' easily goes to Stern's Jurassic Park LE/Premium's T-rex. One of my friends compared the animatronic T-rex to the innovative ‘Thing hand‘ in TAF. Only this animatronic T-rex eats the ball, throws it around the playfield, and it's movement is synchronized to the ball's location on the playfield. The T-rex is also integrated very well with the shaker. Getting the ball into the T-rex’s mouth is something that casual players can get excited about. The shot isn’t too difficult to make, although there are a few times where the shot rejects. I haven’t resorted to re-calibrating the T-Rex yet, because in those times I’ve found that the shot may just require a little more precision. Maybe it gets harder the longer you play? I’m not sure. I don’t think the shot was meant to be super easy all the time.

The game is loaded with fast, flowing shots and interesting ramps. The upper loop off the upper right flipper is a little too fast to get going over and over like you can on JJPOTC. The left ramp under the T-rex is very smooth. There is an opportunity to score up to three skill shots on every plunge. Nailing all three at once is very satisfying. There are also three ‘secret skill shots’ to find. The 'O' shot is probably the toughest in the game followed by the 'C' shot. The ‘C’ shot cannot be backhanded off the left flipper. EDIT: it can be backhanded, but you have to be very skilled or just lucky!

The highest scores seem to come when you've started a paddock, earned playfield 2X, and gotten into CHAOS multi-ball. You can't stack multi-balls onto multi-balls like you can in some other games, but what you do get is pretty exciting when you get it going.

I don't like games that cut and paste scenes directly from the movie. If I wanted to watch the movie, I'd watch the movie. Those individuals that like to complain about a game leaving out movie assets might find it difficult to complain about the direction the JP team went. I really appreciate that they made the extra effort on creating their own CG animations that recreate the iconic scenes from the movie. I also like the fact that they created original artwork for the cabinet and the playfield instead of photoshopped clip art from the movies that you’ve already seen plastered all over the internet and various movie promos.

The biggest asset that they did get is that original iconic John Williams score! There is just no way this game is as good if they had not included that very familiar theatrical music. There is even a bit of original music mixed in. The LE model has the better speaker solution and when it’s cranked up in conjunction with the T-rex’s occasional roars, it’s a fantastic experience!

For me, the voice acting is the weakest part of the game. While it's recorded and performed in the spirit of the phrases you remember from the movie, I think the voice actors that portray the John Hammond or John "Ray" Arnold (Samuel Jackson) characters miss the mark. In the pre-1.0-code, I just don't care for how they sound. At the very least, I wish there were more variations in their callouts. I really wish we could have callouts recorded by Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and Laura Dern...and not just Wayne Knight (Nedry).

The center of the playfield is a little dark without using third party lighting options.

The artwork on the LE is very good. All three art packages of Stern's JP are very good though. I give the nod to the Premium/LE art packages only because the backglass actually has the Jurassic Park logo on it. The mirrored backglass of the LE is very cool.

Overall, its a great, premium addition to my gameroom and I'm very happy to own it.
1 year ago
Jurassic Park is my odds on favorite for game of the year. It is an absolute blast to play with its'great sound effects (dinos roaring and squealing, helicopter blades cutting the air, the John Williams JP score, etc.). The toys like the T-Rex (gotta have the premium or LE because the dino's movements and ball 'spitting' are a riot) and the Raptor pen (hard to achieve) are outstanding. The shots are smooth and also difficult and they make for a really satisfying experience. I could rave on but everything including the build quality of my game adds up to a truly great pin. Two minor things though could be improved upon in the game. 1. Stern really needs to enhance the code to allow shaker intensity to be dialed down. 2. Nedry's call outs need some added volume; way to subtle. All in all, my Jurassic Park LE is bolted to the floor in my house assuming the shaker does not knock it down.
1 year ago
Had a chance to play a beta version of this game Friday 8/9/19. WOW, fast, great rules, love the art work, and the voice is clear. Some really good skills shots, theme is right on target, and the lighting is perfect. Once released, it is going to be a hit!
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 3.

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