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Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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This game received 177 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.778 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Jurassic Park (Stern)". The group itself ranks #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.065

Artwork: 8.317

Sounds/Music: 8.459

Other Aspects: 8.904

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Jurassic Park (Pro) (regular version), Jurassic Park (Premium)

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Found 70 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Fun game. Art is just ok. Something about the art on all packages that just doesn’t do it for me. Would have preferred a movie asset game with artwork to match. They did pretty good though without assets. Definitely a game to go LE or premium on to get the moving t-Rex. A game I enjoy and could buy at some point. I do like the rules, and it’s pretty simple to get the hang of. Call outs are a bit off sounding , but they work. If you like Jurassic park as a theme, this will be a hit.
74 days ago
I admire this game more than enjoy it. It's a Stern game I'd love to play at home for awhile, and focus on understanding the shots and code better than I do.

I wish the Rex didn't look so cheaply made as it does, and that the "Jeep" wasn't the focal point of shots for me, as the Rex ramp often falls back whenever I shoot for it.

For not having the license, but using it as a backdrop, Stern and Elwin created a high level tier game, that feels fresh and inventive, compared to the 2 prior JP games before it.
75 days ago
An amazing fast flowing, well integrated game with a deep ruleset and huge variety of shots. The animated T-Rex and Raptor pit on the Prem/LE really add to the overall game. Although the game will punish you if you brick a shot, it just keeps you coming back. With 4 ramps and a plethora of combo shots it makes for an extremely rewarding gameplay.

And there's nothing better than the roar from the T-Rex!! What a game!!
3 months ago
Great game. Love the dino eating the ball. Good flow. Not sure it's a top 5 machine.
3 months ago
I have had it for a month or so. I really love most aspects of the game. The playfield art is just sorta ‘eh’ but the layout and gameplay are excellent. Huge ‘one more time’ factor.

My biggest gripe is that advancing through the game is tough because you cannot avoid the distractions of the three different multiball modes. In other words, you cannot just play through focused only on paddocks without entering unrelated multiball modes which is where I often lose them all.

Now I understand some people see it a varied gameplay, which it is and it does match the chaotic progress of the film nicely. That said, I like to focus on achievements and get frustrated when I am knocked out by something unrelated that I am forced into playing.

It’s a great game though. if you like pinball at all, you’ll love the game No matter what your skill level.
6 months ago
I’ve owned JP LE for over 7 months now. I have it as part of a 16 pin collection including WOZ, MBr, AFMr, B66, JJP POTC CE, CFTBL, TWD, WW, MMr, Beatles, SW, GB, TSPP, TZ, and IJTPA.

At the present time, I’d say it is my main “go to” pin, but it is the second to last I’ve bought. I’ve had WW CE for about 4 months, which I really enjoy, but there is not question I go back to JP way more than WW.

The shots are so varied and the theme and music are great. Of course the T Rex toy is fantastic and I can’t imagine getting a pro without that feature. It is just too cool.

The rules are a lot of fun. You can choose to go linear to get through the paddocks or you can go for control room modes, T Rex events, etc and deviate along the way.

The Escape from Nublar is absolutely amazing and has added a lot of interest to the game. No way I’m ever good enough to get to this on my own (certainly not frequently), so getting to play it is a ton of fun. I encourage Stern to give us this option on all games just as they now have on GB (but they need to make it accessible without going through the menus on GB just as they have done on JP).

I love this game and more than almost any one of my games, it has amazing lastability.
6 months ago
This is a kick ass game, brutal as Iron Man but with deeper rules, way deeper.
The game is fast and furious but shots are smooth. Ok some shots are tougher but Victory without risk is triumph without glory! T-REX is a great toy (sometimes mouth misses eating the ball), and raptor, truck are completing nice features
The principal PROS is the playfield design. Keith Elwin did an amazing job! Rules are also great as far as I know, still learning. I’m sure it can also been polished. I hope in the next code update to get the ability to stack MB’s
All multiballs get several levels, and it is tough to complete. Very challenging.
In the CONS department, I can only mention the playfield artwork, this is a shame that such a great game didn’t receive an hand drawing artwork, as Franchi or Zombie Yeti can do.
This game is definitely challenging and fun. A must have.
6 months ago
Best Stern Ever. Probably the most interesting layout to come out in a very long time.
6 months ago
This is the big daddy of all the JP pins, but you pay for it. It is truly an instant classic. If you need to get a JP, but can't afford it, I feel the premium is a better value.
7 months ago
I played one on location in Charleston, SC (The Alley). It seemed easy to me. I left 3 free games on it after playing for about an hour on $2. The ball capture was pretty cool. One of the ramp shots with a bypass was for no good reason. The artwork was just OK...especially the playfield. The animations, music and callouts were great. Not a theme that does anything for me. I don't think it would hold up long term for me. I understand most people think it is killer. This is why it is important to try before you buy! Different strokes.
8 months ago
If this Pin isn`t the Number One, there`s something wrong this list. Get your Ratings updated.

Absolutely Outstanding The smart Missile and the 2 Ball multi Ball, I am Looking forward seeing tournament broadcasting with a 1 Billion 2BMB right at the start of the game
8 months ago
Super fun & challenging modes/game , the first newer Stern I have really liked since The walking dead
8 months ago
Game did not really interest us when it was released. Now that we have owned it for a few weeks I can understand what all the hype is about. Game is fantastic. Dino noises and call outs are funny and there is plenty in the game to keep us interested.

Some of the shots are tight, very tight and challenging however the game is very forgiving. Well done to Keith Elwin. Another fantastic game.
9 months ago
Jurassic Park wasn’t a theme I was interested in until I saw what KE did with the layout and rules. The animations are top notch, and the way they used the theme for more of a canon storyline vs movie storyline worked really well. The voice acting is the only negative. Game is fun, deep, and keeps you on your toes.
9 months ago
Only other 10 I have ever given was DI LE. This is Sterns best and possibly the best of all time.
9 months ago
I think it's Sterns best game ever and possibly the best game of all time. This game has it all really. Some people complain about the lack of assets, but I love what they did telling an original story in a way, while implementing elements from the movies.

The layout, flow, and shots are amazing, 4 ramps, the T- Rex is one of the best toys in pinball, the truck and raptor pin are fun, the ruleset is's hard to find something to fault in this game.
10 months ago
The best Stern to come out in years! Great theme and great playability!
10 months ago
This has to be the greatest game I’ve ever had the chance of playing. I love my TZ but this is just simply a masterpiece. Shots made are very rewarding a a real challenge to get chaos multiball, rescuing park staff at different paddocks, this game is loaded with fun. You HAVE to get the premium/LE model for the simple fact of the dinosaur eating the ball and throwing it around and raptor gate is really cool too. Very fun game for anyone. This really is “the one”
10 months ago
The verdict is in. This game is awesome. Well done Stern. I own Jjp potc and consider that the #1 game. This is a close second. All I can say is wow. I traded medieval madness for this and wouldn't think twice. This is 10 times better. The games is loaded with speed and ramps. I think all the shots feel good. There is so much depth to keep you interested. So many ways to play. Update- as the code keeps getting better the game keeps getting better. The game has tight shots which make it a challenge and keep you coming back. You can tell stern to some serious time thinking this game out and making it a winner.

Update 2-22-20

This games keeping getting better with the new code. This games has so much to do in it. Shots are tight which keeps me coming back. And now with the edition of the second game built in escabe from nubular it's just rediculous. Kudos to stern on this one.
10 months ago
I can barely fault this game. Even at 0.95 code, the immersion into the world of Jurassic Park is simply phenomenal.

Huge amount of shots, some more difficult than others, but that corresponds perfectly with their level of importance. Layout is incredibly well thought out giving a plethora of combo options, bringing beautifully fast and flowing gameplay.

I love that the Pinballs narrative is not directly aligned with the movie, it allows much more freedom, but can understand people wanting more movie clips. I'm not a huge JP fan so it doesn't really bother me. More movie based callouts would be great, but again the immersion is fantastic and I don't feel it lacks because of this.

Art and lighting are great, and lastability... 7 out of 6 anyone? Amazing game!

Whats with all the downvotes of legitimate reviews, god people suck!
10 months ago
I rarely give a pinball a perfect 10 score, but JP deserves it if ever a game did. I just added this baby to my collection and it’s amazing. Perfect ramp shots, side flipper, tRex animates and spits ball out of mouth. Raptor cage. If I had to find fault - there’s virtually zero humor (like a Scared Stiff), but then again, dinosaurs are no laughing matter!
Actually, Nedry making various comments on the right drain is kinda funny. The tRex eating the ball is a nice touch too.
Now I need to get rid of some pins to make room.
11 months ago
Very fun machine, fast and furious. Only wish it had a little more integration with the movies actors, like the DE version did with the callouts. As far as the gameplay goes, this is the best Stern machine ever made in my opinion, and the only Stern I bought new.
11 months ago
Feels like a modern 90’s era game yet different from all new games. In a class of its own. Variation in a large collection. Great overall execution.
11 months ago
This is my favorite game of the moment, deep rules, fun targets, good shots all over. I found the game to be a bit dim lighting-wise and I'm not much fan of the art, but everything else is A+++
11 months ago
Stern’s Jurassic Park is the second design from Keith Elwin. And as you might surmise, it’s a player!

The Pros:
An interesting blend in the layout. Some shots are recognizable and others are completely unique to this table. Even from the first plunge, the stairstep ramp with the U-turn in it right off the bat is an interesting feature. Throwback to Chaos is a nice nod to the original game from data east. This multiball qualification feature requires that you shoot across the whole table, and then you can go to work. Many of the shots on this game are very tight. Many shots (from the upper flipper for example) require very specific means to set up. The skill shots requiring sequential shots in succession to the ramps are incredibly well done. For a game that has many shots going across the table as this one does, this design has a great deal of flow. Playing this game next to Willie Wonka brings to light play field design philosophies that show the greatness of both designers. While I’ve only had a few games on this design, I look forward to exploring the deeper strategies and seeing how quality play is rewarded within the rules. The Newton jeep feature is interesting in the fact that it doesn’t block shots as much as it makes them more difficult. There are some standups behind the newton-toy, but I really haven’t figured them out as far as how hitting them are built into the gameplay and rules. The game looks good, sounds good and the animations are incredibly well done. For a play field design that has as much side to side action on it as this game has, there is an incredible amount of flow in this game. Jurassic Park is a lot of fun to shoot. So much fun... you don’t have to pay attention to your score to enjoy the game that you’re playing. Kinetic satisfaction... The wall on the raptor pit is the way this game was designed to and should play. Newton balls are always a great feature and this implementation is very well done. Simple, effective, clear and fun!

The Cons:
Some of the tasks that the game gives you in relation to dinosaurs hunting humans are not always veryclear. Specifically which target seem to be hit and which shots need to be scored. You can shoot for the colored/flashing lights, but some of these tasks are still not easy to follow. The lcd display tell you what to shoot for, but I feel like I still need to become more familiar with the game to really “get it”. Ok, ok... it’s me. This is only going to get better as the code becomes more refined, but it’s rather confusing at the moment. There are number of very tight shots on this game. Some of them in particular are critical to big scores. All this is part of the design, but it may be difficult for less skilled players to achieve required shots to make this game sing. The missile shot is a long and narrow shot that really has to have the Newton-Jeep ball out of the way to effectively be made. The C shot in the cast sequence is difficult and getting the ball into the raptor cage affectively is a dangerous proposition. I do not like the translite, it looks muddy. Not that I play the translite, but I believe this game will get a custom artwork treatment by people outside of stern. My big concern with the Preem/LE on this game is how long the dinosaur head will keep working. It is an impressive piece of kit, but this will be expensive to work on and replace. Only time will tell how long this will keep doing what it should. What does the helicopter spinner do?

The takeaway:
The champ has done it again. Jurassic Park is a great playing game that looks like it’s only going to age well after the rules have been refined and tuned. 2019 has been a very good year for pinball. With games like Black Knight, Willy Wonka and now Jurassic Park currently being produced, things are looking up for pinball!
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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