Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 9.174

Artwork: 8.542

Sounds/Music: 8.556

Other Aspects: 9.02

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Found 124 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 124 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 hours ago
Fantastic game. The T-Rex eating the ball and then placing it on the wireform is a great toy. It can be finicky to get working properly, but is a very memorable pinball moment. I also like the raptor pit on the premium/LE. The Jeep is an unusual and neat toy. Game plays fast and some of the shots (especially on the right side) are tight. However, I don't feel the game is too punishing. Guardians of the Galaxy also had tight shots, but in a frustrating way. The JP shots felt better to me in comparison.

The art, sound and videos are well done, but are missing a lot of the movie assets. I would have preferred more connection to the movie, although some user made codes are available to help incorporate movie video/sound. I think the art packages on all three models are fine. The LE cabinet and backglass are arguably the best. The green armor goes great with the theme.

Code is deep and well done. This is another game I'll never see the end of, but that's okay. It's a great game and deserving of a spot among the highest rated pinball machines. Inevitably, JP is pitted against Godzilla. I owned both, and give Godzilla the slight edge in "fun factor" but would be very happy to own JP again.
14 days ago
This game is 2nd on pinside for a reason, believe the hype! The T-Rex mech is absolutely amazing. The gameplay is equally impressive, featuring challenging shots, exciting modes, and jaw-dropping animations that bring the prehistoric creatures to life right before your eyes. This is a must have for your collection.
27 days ago
Excellent pin in all respects. Made the 30th Anniversary edition part of my collection.
44 days ago
The best Stern machine ever ...
55 days ago
This is a very nice game.

The layout is quite good and there is a nice variety of shots. Nevertheless, I think the path the ball has to take is pretty restrictive in order to experience flow. That's a recurring theme when it comes to Keith Elwin's layouts though. And the ball times are pretty long as there are not a lot of dangerous shots. But there is some flow in this game which I like.

The Premium/LE exclusive T-Rex isn't really doing a whole lot and I think this is a rare occasion where the Pro version is equally as good as the Premium/LE.

In terms of rules the game is pretty deep, in general I like choosing between the modes and the Chaos Multiball is a lot of fun to play. Making the last shot between the bumpers to start the multiball is awesome.

The artwork and animations are spot on and I love they didn't incorporate any movie scenes as far as I know. Stern have really put out some of their best artwork within the last years.

All in all, this is a very nice representation of the Jurassic Park theme with nice flow, good rules and excellent artwork. It is probably an ideal game for beginners and casual players due to the long ball times.
80 days ago
Incredibly deep game with a ton of options to approach, this would definitely make for the perfect home pin. Straightforward enough that a beginner can pick it up and try for multiball, and deep enough for anyone to get involved in to find many ways of approaching, this is a really fun one.

Premium/LE has some of the coolest toys on the field and the fact the T-Rex shot even works is pretty astounding to me. And it feels good every time. I don't love the captive balls on the jeep, I think they are often accidentally hit and don't feel that great to hit. Outside of that, the raptor pen, ramps, all of it is smooth and many of the shots a decent challenge to hit correctly but not too hard where it doesn't feel impossible. This truly is one of the finer ones to learn and challenge yourself on.

Perfectly executed use of the license. The music, art package, visuals are all there and it fits in perfectly. Spectacular pin that will stand the test of time.
3 months ago
Love it, almost a must own for any collection. All the shots are great and JP has the best skill shot combo. I never get tired of this game.

Code, call outs and story are all top notch. Theme is one of the most recognizable in pinball. Buy one!!
3 months ago
I’ve been in the hobby since 2015. This review is for the 30th version of the game. It is simply sterns best machine ever. Actually has a toy, one of the best along with amazing layout, rule set and it’s Elwin’s finest. IMO this is the best pinball machine of all time as well. I am a HUGE Jurassic Park fan so this combo is a 10/10.
4 months ago
Keith Elwin's masterpiece. Godzilla is fantastic, Maiden is a blast, but JP is pretty much perfection.

I've never rated a game a perfect 10, but going through each category, I just couldn't find anything to take a point away from.

I've owned the game since launch, and just finally got to Escape Nublar this week. I figured it was an appropriate time to rate it.

For me, this game has it all. The shots are super satisfying, a good balance of flow and challenge. The code is deep yet clear, and there is a sense of adventure that is reminiscent for me of LOTR (another personal favorite).

The only area I could find fault with is Toys & Gimmicks, because I've owned two JPs, and the T-Rex was finnicky on both. But the toy is still amazing, and the truck and Raptor pen are cool, so to me, it still deserved 5/5.

If there's such thing as a perfect pinball machine, iny opinion, this is it!
4 months ago
Better than godzilla wizard mode is perfect, get even the best players hearts pumping. A perfect 10 a gem code is perfect after 40 anniversary update!
4 months ago
The game is cool. Although I played it only once, it was cool. I liked the spinning propeller that spins after the ball is launched.
4 months ago
I've owned this game for about 2 months and man o man am I glad I bought it. For a person who has been playing for just a couple of years the I found this a fairly intimidating machine at first. That's just due to the fact that the shots are so unique and flow so well it takes some time to "groove" them in. Its just wicked fast and buttery smooth at the same time.

The T-rex multiball is one of the best moments in pinball...and its easily accessible to the novice player. The spinners shot and combos off the upper flipper are just amazing. I know many folks scored it lower because the callouts are not the original actors...honestly...I didn't miss that at all. The callouts are some of the best ever and the newer version of the code that came with the 30th anniversary are even funnier and more engaging. The code is DEEP, Co-Op, Team Play and amazing modes throughout. So much to do and so many achievements and goals...this one is bolted to the floor.

PS: I still suck at this game...but its also one of the most fun pins I have ever played. I cannot stop playing it.
5 months ago
Theme, layout , code, uniqueness in shots? All are all A+

Music and callouts aren’t the best …however? helped out greatly by alternate movie/sound packages by the pinside community!!

A true classic. One of the best pinball machines of all time!
5 months ago
L unica cosa che non è da 10 su jp premium è l arte del mobile e backglass..qui problema risolto.
6 months ago
Art is so so.
Call outs and screem presentation work very well for a generic dino theme, which it is, consider the almost total lack of movie assets.

That said, besides the clunky watch tower shoot, it shoots hard, but great.
The ruleset i would say, is second to none.

The t-rex is fun, the pit doesn't matter, so from a players perspective the pro is fine.

I consider this one of the greatest ever made and have a hard time seeing it ever leave a five pin collection.
7 months ago
Great game and better now that I have an alternate custom code with scenes and music and callouts from the movie. Great amounts of different smooth shots, great interactions multiple ways with T Rex, good flow, rules sometimes difficult.
7 months ago
Fun game, is now at the top of my list. The Trex toy is amazing. The playfield lighting could be better, but an easy fix for aftermarket mod.
8 months ago
Amazing theme, great layout and flow. Some crazy hard shots and modes, others are easy. Almost impossible to beat the entire game, you’ll be lucky if you do it 1-2 times a year. A+
9 months ago
This Jurassic park limited edition is the best game experience you can have in this theme, rare machine and for demanding collectors, the care in the details, the exclusivity in one of the best Sterns ever made!
11 months ago
I like this game as much as the others I have played but I do think it is the weakest of the Art Packages. Top 5 game all day , everyday.
11 months ago
Great game to play
1 year ago
I recently played JP LE for several games and felt very disappointed. This game is a bit boring, and definitely not in line with it's reputation and ranking. Toys are average et I was not impressed by the flow. Godzilla, Dead Pool or James bond LE are much better! I might be flagged by JP addicts who will feel disappointed by my assessment but that's my personal opinion, sorry for that :)
1 year ago
This game is a masterpiece and a skilled players dream. The LE is really something special, so many toys, amazing sound and theme integration and ultra deep code. One of the best pins of all time!
1 year ago
What a great game. From Raptor Multi-ball to T-Rex Multi-ball, this game is just pure fun. Some difficult shots, add to some easy ones for the perfect mix. Sterns hit a home run with this game.
1 year ago
One of the best pro games out there! Another masterpiece by Keith Elwin. This game will be forever in my collection.
There are 124 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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