Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

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Game design: 9.079

Artwork: 8.387

Sounds/Music: 8.512

Other Aspects: 8.869

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This is "Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)".
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5 days ago
Feels like a modern 90’s era game yet different from all new games. In a class of its own. Variation in a large collection. Great overall execution.
7 days ago
This is my favorite game of the moment, deep rules, fun targets, good shots all over. I found the game to be a bit dim lighting-wise and I'm not much fan of the art, but everything else is A+++
8 days ago
Stern’s Jurassic Park is the second design from Keith Elwin. And as you might surmise, it’s a player!

The Pros:
An interesting blend in the layout. Some shots are recognizable and others are completely unique to this table. Even from the first plunge, the stairstep ramp with the U-turn in it right off the bat is an interesting feature. Throwback to Chaos is a nice nod to the original game from data east. This multiball qualification feature requires that you shoot across the whole table, and then you can go to work. Many of the shots on this game are very tight. Many shots (from the upper flipper for example) require very specific means to set up. The skill shots requiring sequential shots in succession to the ramps are incredibly well done. For a game that has many shots going across the table as this one does, this design has a great deal of flow. Playing this game next to Willie Wonka brings to light play field design philosophies that show the greatness of both designers. While I’ve only had a few games on this design, I look forward to exploring the deeper strategies and seeing how quality play is rewarded within the rules. The Newton jeep feature is interesting in the fact that it doesn’t block shots as much as it makes them more difficult. There are some standups behind the newton-toy, but I really haven’t figured them out as far as how hitting them are built into the gameplay and rules. The game looks good, sounds good and the animations are incredibly well done. For a play field design that has as much side to side action on it as this game has, there is an incredible amount of flow in this game. Jurassic Park is a lot of fun to shoot. So much fun... you don’t have to pay attention to your score to enjoy the game that you’re playing. Kinetic satisfaction... The wall on the raptor pit is the way this game was designed to and should play. Newton balls are always a great feature and this implementation is very well done. Simple, effective, clear and fun!

The Cons:
Some of the tasks that the game gives you in relation to dinosaurs hunting humans are not always veryclear. Specifically which target seem to be hit and which shots need to be scored. You can shoot for the colored/flashing lights, but some of these tasks are still not easy to follow. The lcd display tell you what to shoot for, but I feel like I still need to become more familiar with the game to really “get it”. Ok, ok... it’s me. This is only going to get better as the code becomes more refined, but it’s rather confusing at the moment. There are number of very tight shots on this game. Some of them in particular are critical to big scores. All this is part of the design, but it may be difficult for less skilled players to achieve required shots to make this game sing. The missile shot is a long and narrow shot that really has to have the Newton-Jeep ball out of the way to effectively be made. The C shot in the cast sequence is difficult and getting the ball into the raptor cage affectively is a dangerous proposition. I do not like the translite, it looks muddy. Not that I play the translite, but I believe this game will get a custom artwork treatment by people outside of stern. My big concern with the Preem/LE on this game is how long the dinosaur head will keep working. It is an impressive piece of kit, but this will be expensive to work on and replace. Only time will tell how long this will keep doing what it should. What does the helicopter spinner do?

The takeaway:
The champ has done it again. Jurassic Park is a great playing game that looks like it’s only going to age well after the rules have been refined and tuned. 2019 has been a very good year for pinball. With games like Black Knight, Willy Wonka and now Jurassic Park currently being produced, things are looking up for pinball!
14 days ago
Very excellent pinball by STERN !!!
17 days ago
Enough Said. Now play it and enjoy. Thank you Keith!
19 days ago
Really fun game. Already put 50 plays on it and I am officially addicted. The T-Rex is an amazing toy but it only seems to swallow the ball 75% of the time. Hopefully I can tweak it and get it to work more consistently but other than that this game is incredible.
This is easily the best Stern game made in the last few years.
23 days ago
Lots of shots to think about and how they stack/combo. Early code and its just going to get better and better!
24 days ago
An absolute blast!
27 days ago
I have had a chance to play this game quite a bit at a local barcade over several visits. I probably have over 30 games in, so consider that when reflecting on the score given. The layout of this game is just phenomenal. With no rule consideration, I could shoot this pin all day. The combos and smoothness of the shots, as well as the satisfaction hitting some of the more difficult shots is just amazing. Even the smart missile, which I have still never hit, still gives me a great moment and opportunity. I know when I hit it, I'm going to go nuts, and that's what I love about it.

The T-Rex mech was fun. It was great to see. It occasionally rejected when trying to feed it, but that was mostly because the shots werent solid. Every solid shot went in no problem. The Raptor Pin was probably my favorite toy. I love the captive ball creation, and it really made the game feel fast and threatening.

The major downside to me is the difficulty in understanding the rules when you step up. While that's always the case with pinball, I feel like that rules are fairly unintuitive, and given that you can stack so much stuff in the game, there is so much blinking at one time I had a hard time grasping anything my first outing. After coming home and researching the rules, the next time I played I felt like I understood what was happening, and I really enjoyed the game a lot more. I feel like the game is still accessible for a casual or non-pin player, but even an intermediate player will struggle to grasp the game without research. I didn't take this into consideration of my score as there isn't really a category for (User experience/Ruleset understanding). Game rules gets close. The game IS clear about what it wants, but the stacking just makes it complex. That's the only reason I gave 5/6

Same complaint as everyone else with the VO. I don't think it's THAT BAD, but it was really disappointing to miss out on the movie VO. That said, being in the game industry and working with IP, I completely understand, so I probably give this a bit more of a pass than some. I think they did a good job overall with the IP given what they had to work with cost wise.

I'm not one to get overly excited just because something is new. I tend to like fast, flowy games with combos. This hit that mark to the extreme. While I admit I like the JP license, it's not my dream theme, and gameplay is always #1 for me. Even so, I think this game is fantastic. For a long time I thought I'd be bringing home a different pin next year, but Jurassic Park has me locked in. If it does get here, I'll be sure to update.
28 days ago
I was on the fence on this one. Played it on route and tried to blow it up, but could never get even chaos Multiball going. Very tight shots. Well I took a shot and purchased the LE and I am not disappointed. Awesome combos, flow, and overall feel of quality. It’s exciting and fun to play. Plus the difficulty makes me better on other games. Stern quality and reliability is top notch. Thank you Keith and Stern!
29 days ago
Great looking game, playfield art could've been better. Lastability will be shorter then my other pins, which I never really sell newer pins. Would've been a perfect game with 1 less shot it in, specifically the right playfield. The flow is right up there with any game, but right ramp and orbit are not as consistent as they should be. Needs work on music and call outs for sure.
32 days ago
Incredible flow, music, theme, and toys. Favorite game by far.
32 days ago
Another solid entry from Stern with this pin. The toys, gimmicks and features along with the playfield design are well designed, making for a solid addition to Stern’s 2019 library of titles. It is fun to play and I love the T-rex head following the ball around on the playfield wanting to eat it until you have to feed him. It almost feels like it is a pet by the time you do feed him. I left from playing the game calling him Dino. Even though I enjoyed playing this pin, I have not felt compelled to replay it (or the pro version) again. So I won’t rate it any higher than it should be rated. I also don’t fully understand the theming guessing that the licensing for Jurassic World must have been prohibitive prompting Stern to option Jurassic Park to save a few bucks. Stern is getting VERY good at programming their games with an added sense of humor and mirth, resulting in a much more engaging play experience, particularly for casual players. They are doing a great job at staying a step ahead of their burgeoning competition this way and us players are the ones who benefit.
33 days ago
I enjoy the game, it’s a unique layout and great theme integration. It needs its code improved upon, but I believe that will happen. This one will stay in my collection, but then again, most end up staying in my collection.
33 days ago
I loved Iron Maiden, but this is even better. Everything is very well integrated to the game play. The new code made it a little bit better, animations can be stopped, if you are in a hurry :-)
34 days ago
got about 40 or so games on this so far . great layout with well varied shots. a lot going on still don't know always what to do. I think more time with it will bring it all together for me. ball times sometimes feel little long. best skill shots I ever seen. code will keep growing to make this an all time great. art on table could be better. callouts need an overhaul. all in all great
35 days ago
This, to me, is the first game in a long time, where I feel part of the story. Everything is well thought out. The raptor pit and t-rex are great toys. It’s an amazing pin!
36 days ago
Wow, believe the hype! This is the real deal! It really has it all and the best Stern release since Iron Maiden and this is simply a much better theme and very family friendly. A classic and timeless theme where they got almost everything right. The callouts are the only (small) complaint. Other than that is darn near perfect. And congrats to Stern for correcting their playfield situation that could have bamboozled the whole thing!

If you don't own one you're definitely missing out!
37 days ago
fun game , a keeper in any collection...
37 days ago
One of the better Stern games lately, though wish it had more of the cast callouts as it's pretty bare bones and Nedry gets old quick. As far as the game goes it plays great. Neat layout. After playing a while I got tired of being interrupted by a pause in gameplay with the same mode cuts every game, but found you can speed that up and skip by hitting both flippers. Solid game
38 days ago
Nailed it! Keith Elwin deserves a raise!
38 days ago
Amazing accomplishment from Stern, sure to do very well.
Love the variety of things to shoot for and the satisfaction of making some of the more difficult (but makeable) shots.
38 days ago
I really like the way they have taken a great, recognizable theme but made it an original storyline that just adds to the original story! The weakest part of the game is the artwork, but everything else more than makes up for it! So many great things to say about this pin, which I think may ratings will reflect!
38 days ago
I have owned most of the top pins. This is the first time I felt I could own this for a long time. I want flow, deep rules, and lastability. I like hard as well. I thought Dialed In was hard and it is, but this pin has several hard shots. And, we don't even have version 1.0 yet.
39 days ago
Great layout, fun shots, good flow, and overall a really fun game. Personally I think the animations are terrible, and the theme integration is lacking. Yes u see the JP logo, and u get to hear the theme song, but essentially thats about it. I wish the would have secured more of the movie assets...
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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