Junk Yard

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Game Design: 7.695

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Other Aspects: 7.497

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Found 170 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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71 days ago
The weirdest pin for sure when it comes to theming but its still a good one and gets better and better the more you play it. Even got to the wizard mode of the game!
5 months ago
I think it's criminal how much I like this game. I purchased it with funds I didn't expect to have, on a whim from an ad I saw in a Florida post. I thought that I would buy this game and play it for a couple months and then sell or trade for something else. I don't think that's going to happen anymore.


The Good:
-- Shots are fun to hit, some of the best in pinball imo
-- Two ramps on the left side, and both are satisfying
-- Layout is pretty great
-- Humorous
-- Great bash toy in the crane
-- Collect junk and assemble items to play modes. Pretty ingenious
-- Fun main multiball
-- Excellent wizard mode idea
-- Out lane ball saves that you can earn
-- Use the time machine to play parts of your old Bally/Williams games!
-- Once you reach the wizard mode once, it's not excruciating to play through it again. Why don't other games do this?
-- Easy to fix if things go wrong

The Bad:
-- Ugly playfield. Just awful
-- Not very deep and can be rather easy to reach the wizard mode. I wouldn't want this game if I only had 3 or fewer in my collection.

Literally the only two drawbacks imo.


All in all, I sorta like the game... a lot. I didn't expect to like it that much, but now I'm looking at the rest of my collection and asking what else can I sell when I need money!? Its not overly great and doesn't belong in the same stratosphere as AFM, MB, et al, but it doesn't deserve to be middle of the pack like it is now either.

If you have a chance to buy this thing, I'd absolutely do it.
10 months ago
This game has sime pretty unique features for it's time and they are integrated well. Actually flows quite well once you get in the zone. The toilet bowl shot and crane are pretty cool shots. Getting Junk Champion and seeing your initials on the dog collar is pretty clever. Probably considered deep for its time.
I probably would not own this one unless i had a bigger collection as I find it a bit easy.
Kids seem to be really drawn to this title.
Pretty solid table overall and great effirt by Williams.
11 months ago
Love the ball crushing in the middle, and the dog shooting animation !!

At first, I was not attracted much by the theme but it reveals being much more fin that what I thought !
1 year ago
Agree with an earlier comment that this machine is unrated - Yes it is eclectic, and from what I have read (based on the new 2.0 ROM developed) it might have some unbalanced scoring (I have not got good enough to take advantage yet ;-) - but boy this machine sure is fun - who doesn't like whacking the crane - or spinning the ball down the toilet with sound effects. I have also enjoyed at least one Easter Egg and am looking forward to playing Midnight Madness.

If you haven't every played this machine and you get a chance - give it a go - you will enjoy it.
1 year ago
Game is not my cup of tea. Its good in some ways though.
1 year ago
This machine is a good bit of fun. People say the theme is a bit all over the place with some of the stuff, but I mean... it's a "junk yard". What do you find in a junk yard? A bunch of random stuff... like a time machine and the parts you need to build a toaster gun and a rocket ship. I would agree with others that the center of the play field is kind of boring, though the crane is pretty cool. I like the sound and music too.

Not the greatest machine ever made but pretty good, especially for an original IP.
1 year ago
Come on Man!!!! Junk Yard is awesome!!! girl and guy get locked in a junk yard at night. they must procure parts to built a space ship to escape to outer space and defeat Crazy Bob!!!! How much fun and quirky!! great shots. easy to understand. great art. I am looking for one to add to the family. 2/8/23!!! I got one!!
1 year ago
The crane is pretty cool but the revolves around shooting the dog. What is this theme? A dog chasing a girl in the bath and collecting parts from the junkyard?
1 year ago
Somewhat repetitive but I like it just the same. I can see and agree with most all the reviews. Not the greatest theme yet I would always play just one more.
1 year ago
I’ve played Junk Yard twice on a physical machine and countless times on the Williams Pinball app. Most of the Williams plays have been daily challenges because I would never choose to play this game.

The theme is incoherent. Most of the callouts are someone’s girlfriend nagging him about raiding a junkyard (who knows…). She’s chased by a dog while in the bath (in the junkyard?). The video modes are random. There’s a time machine… And a devil…

Anyway, there’s a huge void in the centre of the playfield with a crane in it, which is the best bit, and most of the rest of the game is shooting some not interesting orbits.

The lighting on the physical version was also rubbish.

Honestly, my husband, for whom Junk Yard was the first Williams machine he unlocked in arcade mode on the app, now uses Junk Yard as the epitome of a bad pinball machine. For me, it’s in the sour zone of aggressively rubbish, rather than so-rubbish-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-be-rude.

We played it in real life, when we saw one, to see if it was that bad in reality. Reader, it was…!
1 year ago
If I look at the top100 then this pin is very very underrated. This is a good pin, fast and fun.
2 years ago
This is such a sleeper and way underrated game. The rule set in this game is what makes it shine. Truly would love to own this one day
2 years ago
Surprising to me, this game is a lot of fun! It is not a theme I would ever think I would like, but it is very well integrated between game play, animations and art. Super easy to understand the rules and the wrecking ball really works well with the game. It may get old after a while in the game room, but I would have no problem put a few quarters in this on location.
2 years ago
JY is a pretty simple pin to learn how to play. Its pretty fun playing together but I dont think its gonna be a keeper. Its pretty much to easy to olay it! The art work is really nice thou, and it has fun gimmicks.
2 years ago
I miss non license games like this, everything on this game works for me, the music, sound effects,art, toys, its all awesome. When i play this game i feel like im in a junkard. Its not the most flowing game in the world and it doesnt need to be. It give me that one more time feel!
2 years ago
The theme is certainly unique, and I feel like it would be a good pin for a location, but the gameplay is a bit repetitive. If you are seeking a mid-90s example to add to your collection, I would find another title unless you just come across this one very cheapy (which it isn't anymore)
2 years ago
Game is too wide open in the middle.
3 years ago
Fun until you can get to space and battle Bob over and over. Like the quirky theme and premise.
3 years ago
All time top 5 games for me.
3 years ago
A great game, simple layout yet tough shots. Love the 3 video modes, and multiball modes.
Characters, voice over and DMD animations are solid.
Game is intuitive, collecting junk to escape the junkyard. Lighting is a tad dark towards the middle.
Playfield art is awesome, backglass is solid but could use a bit more contrast, imo.
Cabinet art looks great.
Really fun shots on the ball, and banging out video modes to sweeten the pot.
Game is very challenging to conquer. I've conquered my TZ and LOTR, but have yet to conquer the junk yard.
3 years ago
Epic game
3 years ago
Very good pinball
3 years ago
I owned this game for awhile many years ago because the price was right. At the time I only had 4 other machines, and since my White Water wasn't working, this got played a lot. The crane is the coolest toy in pinball (although I think George Gomez improved it for the Dark Knight), all the retro videos modes (Time Machine) are awesome and the concept of building a spaceship jalopy from junkyard parts is brilliant. The other toys are okay but mostly just window dressing.

Unfortunately, like others have said the game suffers from being a one-trick pony (shoot the crane to start multiball, other "toys" like the toilet and bus do nothing), no pop bumpers and tough side drains. But perhaps the worst feature is the music and callouts. I'd rather hear Rocky and Bullwinkle's "wrong hat" and Fish Tales' "gone fishin!" all day than to listen to this. It constantly grated on me more and more with each game I played. The devil and angel concept make absolutely no sense with this theme, and since they are the primary source of the callouts, they really hold the game back.

Don't get me wrong, I think the game would be fun playing on location for anyone else, I've just had my fill and moved on. With so many better titles available to put into the home collection, I only recommend it to a collector looking to add it to a large collection. In a small collection you will tire of it quickly. I guess the best thing I can say is that I made a decent profit when I sold it.
3 years ago
Played this originally in pinball arcade, thought it was ok, played the real machine, really didn't like it, pretty boring and clunky, just couldn't get into it.Lots of uninteresting shots. The theme is rubbish, build quality quite good, pity the game rules and play weren't up to the same.
There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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