Junk Yard (Williams, 1996)

Junk Yard

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Game design: 7.689

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Other Aspects: 7.52

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There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 days ago
This game has been at my local arcade for the last 2 years I've lived here, and I haven't stopped trying to get him to sell it to me. I think it is a really fun machine, and definitely underrated. There are at least 10 machinesI can think of off the top of my head that are rated higher, and don't even compare. Building all the contraptions from the junkyard, the callouts, the shots, I just love it. I'd love to own one.
75 days ago
Nice game play , looks nice, i didn't care for it much upon its release, crane is cool..i like the junk yard feel , i put lots of games on it late 90's, never cared to buy but probly would at a fair price.. I like it more now than back then..very fun to play ...i like it ..gets old fast...all pins do...on the fence.....keeper? Should be rated a bit higher?
3 months ago
Great Layout and artwork, but playing is boring. Also it is a outlane monster.
4 months ago
Have only played one game, but want to play again, that one game was enough to give me confidence to buy one if it became available again .
4 months ago
Super not fun when playing in a tournament, scoring is really one dimensional, crane all day for multiball and center shot for jackpots and super. Getting the super is pretty cool because the crane is blocking you so you actually have to use more than one ball which is pretty unique.
The game is more fun if you're just playing to collect junk, get fireworks by playing modes and try to crush crazy Bob in outer space. This scoring can outpace the multiball strategy IF you're able to get to the outer space wizard mode which is way more labor intensive but lots of fun. The idea of collecting certain pieces of junk to light certain modes is really interesting and gives a bit of replayability. If you've got a few games already (especially deeper ones) junkyard is a fantastic add to a collection.
Very unique game, minimalist layout, and cool code (albiet basic) makes it a fun game to play, but limited in it's grander appeal because of it's wacky theme and simplistic strategy.
5 months ago
Great example of how unique Bally/Williams pins often were. White Water, Arabian Nights, Fish Tales, Scared Stiff, Indy Jones, etc. etc. etc. These pins were actually quite diverse and offered ORIGINALITY. Now, look at pins like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Iron Man, KISS, Guardians of the Galaxy. Many modern Stern pins feel too similar and they take few risks. This pin has no pop bumpers. It has a horseshoe shaped bank of standup targets, with an opening in the center for the junkyard entrance, and a huge crane and wrecking ball dangling. This pin will never be confused with any other. The theme is bonkers. Hippie art with VW bus and a toilet and junk and a time machine and a junkyard dog video mode(s). Plus you collect junk to build some kind of jalopy aircraft that will take you into...space. Just plain weird and unique and FUNKY. It oozes originality. Gameplay is good, not great. Shots are good, not great. It's a pretty good pin for what it is. My fiancé loves this pin. This was the first pin I ever beat to advance in my first pinball tournament. Shoot that toast!
5 months ago
Another underated game. Very unique, and building the jalopy/going to outspace is really fun. Definitely some strategy decisions as well - gathering fireworks, choosing junk, etc...Overall a great game!
6 months ago
Everything about Junk Yard is just good. There's nothing absolutely amazing about it, but the music, callouts, art, layout and rules are all perfectly good. Definitely a unique game, especially with no bumpers. Thank God the wrecking ball works so well because it takes up most of the game. Perhaps doesn't have the lastability of other titles from it's time, but a perfectly adequate game and would be good in a larger collection to offer some variety.
6 months ago
Great artwork and sound package with unusual and unique playfield layout. A games title you don't see as often and one of three pins with a toilet to boot :) Fun game to play and the wrecking ball makes for some interesting gameplay. Very enjoyable game with throw backs to other titles with sounds from TAF, AFM, and CFTBL. 2 great video modes - "Run From Spike" and "Save the Girl".
6 months ago
At first i find JY on Pinball Arcade and played it over and over again on my iPad. Then i found it in a pub and had the oportunity to play it for real one night. Because i fell in love with the pin i searched for it to buy for my collection, but it was very rare and never sold on the market. I Tryed to contact some owners thru ”pinballowners.com” but no one wanted to sell. Finally, in june 2018 i got i and im so happy to have it in my home! Now i can play whenever i want! Fantastic!
I think this pin will stay whit me all my life!
8 months ago
It's a fun game.

Outta Space is fantastic and so collecting junk becomes the sole goal.

Game is unbalanced as multiball's aren't really worth going for.

Time machine novelty wears off quickly.

Video modes are fun.

If the game had been more balanced, it would have been a keeper.
8 months ago
I have always really enjoyed Junk Yard, but it did seem to have a lot of problems staying in operation during its run on location. If you find one that's in good shape, it's an unusual play and a fun theme, if only medium-difficulty and a little repetitious (you better like the first two bars of the song 'Money' or you'll go insane).

The goofy make-Rube-Goldberg-contraptions by collecting junk part is fun, and the several multiballs offer some nice variation, but the main game here is the unusual side and long shots. The marquee shot is through a center tunnel guarded by the swinging wrecking ball; this shot was new with Junkyard and having the obstacle obey the same kind of newtonian laws of parabolas, is still unique as far as I know (obstacles going back and forth on tracks aren't nearly the same kind of challenge). Because the shooting playfield is basically an oval, there's a combination of tricky side shots and ramp shots.

The toys and the animations are pretty kid friendly (toilet humor notwithstanding), but the modes are a little out of balance. The wizard mode is fairly easy to get to, as these things go, if you've got basic ball control for the layout down (including the sewer shot). Animations are fun, and I'm still a fan of the time machine with its callbacks to earlier Williams / Bally games.

It's not a wizards or mavens game in the end, but it's extremely amusing, especially if you take a break to come back to it. Not the centerpiece of a collector's or player's stable but recommended particularly if you have kids.
9 months ago
Cool game. Don’t care for the theme though. Love all the subways in the game and the coding is pretty good too. Would love to own this pin someday.
10 months ago
This is a unique game. Less random ball action due to no pop bumpers. The game challenges you to think what to get in order to build items like a toaster gun to shoot toast at the dog. Due to the uniqueness it does take a few extra games above the normal to grasp the rule set. Once rules are understood it’s a blast. The time machine mode is out of place and detracts from the video mode of the actual game the video mode was copied from. Music tempo shifts to drastically. The interactive back glass adds to the game. Hop on the magic bus for the fun.
1 year ago
I really like creative themes and this one is a fine example. Reminds me of a kooky theme from the late 80s. I love the strategy involved with selecting junk. Playfield layout seems wide open, but I do like the shot selection. Left ramp can be a challenge. I dig how they included modes from games released a few years prior to this one. Music is decent. Some of the songs will get stuck in your head. Some of the callouts can get repetitive, but didn't bother me too much. I had fun playing this one.
1 year ago
For some reason that is hard to pinpoint I kind of like this pin. It doesn't beat your butt, but still makes you want to play a few games on it. It has a theme that isn't super exciting or sought after, yet they incorporated the theme into the pin very well. It's just "different".
1 year ago
I love Junkyard. Building all the components of the machine and collecting junk is really fun. The modes are decent and the final fight against Crazy Bob is fun, with a great animation at the end. I also really love the inclusion of game modes from other pinball machines like the mamushka from Addams Family and move your car from Creature from the Black Lagoon.
1 year ago
I love Junkyard. Its theme is unique and honestly doesn't make much sense, but I like that about it. My favorite parts of the game are the junk collecting and building aspect, the time machine, and the crane toy. It has some great shots and there is always at least three shots you can go for from each flipper. Building up a large score takes quite some time and skill. The outer space wizard mode is a challenge to achieve, but always feels possible once you start racking up the junk. The ball gets moving very fast on this game and the shots are very satisfying.

Some of the things I don't love about JY are the difficulty of the toilet shot. Fortunately this shot is mainly used for collecting junk and building up the toilet jackpot. When you do hit it though, its a very satisfying shot and can be lucrative if you can build up the toilet jackpot for use during toilet adventure mode. I understand that the strobing is intentionally done due to the theme, but it's very hard to see the ball in a dark room and I don't like that personally. My final gripe is the skill shot, it's not the best and mainly just ignored.

Definitely pick up this rare pinball if you see one for sale and decide for yourself. I searched for quite a while for mine and don't think it will be leaving for some time.
1 year ago
I have it in my collection and i think it's great. Different from most pins,very open and unpredictable with its ball returns but holds up well.. Underrated
1 year ago
Fun game! Keeps me coming back! I wouldn't be letting this one go for a long time
1 year ago
its a good game butt it alway's drains the ball fast...sooo i sold it :)
1 year ago
Fun game -- for some the video modes get old, I enjoy them. Not too hard or very deep tiles but it's got a lot of fun factor and would do well in a larger collection vs smaller.
1 year ago
I've only had a chance to play this game maybe 10 times, but just from those times I can say it has earned it's B ranking. I usually don't like rating games I don't fully understand, but I think I have the gist more or less. It's weird I don't hear more about this title since its pretty fun.
1 year ago
Some cool innovative ideas but it gets boring quickly.
1 year ago
I love the idea of the wrecking ball, but the game just felt odd. The theme was a bit confusing. Why is he building a time machine? Things aren't exactly co-cohesive. Not my favorite but I would give it another shot if I saw it in the wild again.
There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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