Jungle Queen

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Game Design: 7.884

Artwork: 8.064

Sounds/Music: 2.592

Other Aspects: 7.88

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Found 18 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
Green monkeys...enough said.
1 year ago
I've had this game for over a year. It's set up next to more modern pins. Experienced pinheads, casual players, kids, adults...everyone loves this game. It's just simply fun, and also challenging. Getting 100k+ points is difficult and satisfying.

It's awesome to have pinhead friends over for mini tournaments and be able to have 4 players, just like a modern game.

With 10 drops the game really rewards precise aiming. The chimes and sounds are beautiful. The plunge for B skill shot is challenging and super important, just like a skill shot should be. I hit it maybe 60% of the time.

even though the rules are simple, there is still room to vary your approach a bit. I go for the monkeys, my 8 year old just goes for the 5k point kickouts. He wins often.

Everyone should have an EM in their collection, and if you're gonna have one, JQ is a great choice.
2 years ago
EM with four flippers, ten drop target, two kickouts and clear score set. Fun game for it's time.
2 years ago
4 flippers and lots of drop targets, fun game.
3 years ago
Kill those monkeys! The most amazing thing about Jungle Queen is that the two stupid mini flippers don't detract from the game at all for me. Classic game that encourages you to shoot everything on the playfield and even has a worthwhile skillshot in the B lane which is tough to hit otherwise.
3 years ago
Sold mine and bought it back! Really enjoy this game a lot. The drop target banks are a ton of fun to shoot at and the 5k kickouts are great. Artwork and colours on the playfield and backglass are sharp. I think the tiger on the side of the cab is great but could have been better with a little more theming. Great Gottlieb chimes and collecting that double bonus never gets old at the end of a ball! Overall a great playing game with a good EM ruleset to say bon-voyage to the EM era. (Yes I am aware this is not the last em game produced.)
3 years ago
Jungle Queen is underrated in my opinion. What can you say about a four flipper game with green monkeys? The mirror image layout is well done and the game play is smooth. You can easily get hung up with the flipper arrangement but each one can help a patient player make critical shots. The double bonus and 5K score lane for dropping all the drop targets on a side is well done and the two sunken 5K shots are well placed. The B lane rollover bonus is hard to hit and is a good gimmick. The artwork is good but not the best. Them tiger on the cabinet and the back glass looks awesome. It has those smooth Gottlieb chimes and it plays like a champ. I’m a fan of Jungle Queen!
4 years ago
Another example of what I think Gottlieb was best at - the ALMOST good game. Looks simple when you first step up to it, and you find out quickly just how challenging that simple layout is. Keeps you coping back again and again. I let one go a couple years ago, just got another, and this one will never leave the gameroom. Add one of these, you won't regret it.
4 years ago
The only EM machine I have seen with 2" flippers instead of slingshots but it adds a different element to the game and it certainly catches people's eye. The artwork is beautiful with bright vibrant colors and it seems like most of them have survived in good condition. One of the best four player EM machines you will ever play, it will wind up as a centerpiece of you classic pinball collection. I have owned it twice now and it will be around for a while this time.
6 years ago
A good model game gameplay wise, not so much art wise.
6 years ago
Take down the monkeys!!!

My first EM, and a revolution of sorts for me. Though I always had an appreciation for the beauty, and simplicity or EMs, I never thought I'd want to own one.

This game is a wonderful palette cleanser between white knuckle modern DMD (and LCD) games.

Chimes are beautiful. Playfield colours are sweet. If you get a chance, get your hands on a Jungle Queen.
6 years ago
Comments based on the 2-Player version "Jungle Princess":

I've owned this game for a few years now, and it was the first EM I played in a long time, so I wanted to wait a while before rating it. This is a fun game. Gameplay isn't difficult to grasp, you want to knock down the monkeys and hit the double-point lanes and kick-out holes for big numbers, but hard to pull off. So many balls end with 1 monkey to go or you just got the last monkey and then drain. Ugh! Game has a lot of pink but looks good, I really like the way the backglass looks and although there is a scantily clad female, she looks strong and in control. (I have little girls so this was a concern)

The 4 flippers are a nice touch and give you different parts of the playfield to target, and if you use them wrong you pay with a drain.

Overall a really fun game that is fast, has good replay ability, and those great sounding Gottlieb chimes!
6 years ago
Just picked this game up for a great price. Enjoy all tasks that need to be completed on the playing field.
6 years ago
Very underrated game. Nice use of the 4 flip configuration... for once, there is an actual use for the 2 inch flips - better angle at the left/right upper kickouts while the 3 inch flips are more apt to nail targeted left/right drops. Avoiding ball side to side action increases your odds of a longer ball. I don't like the 3 ball setting, as it makes the game more of a pop bumper fest, since pops are 1K at 3 ball. At 5 ball setting, I love this game! Playfield and backglass Art is kinda cool, but the cabinet art is a downer.. black/puke orange doesn't cut it for a jungle-themed game.
7 years ago
I'm partial to single player Gottliebs (wedge heads), but this is one of the best multi-player EM's of the 70's. 10 drop targets, bonus and double bonus, specials and extra balls, with a great flow to the game. Much has been said about the 2" flippers were the slings usually are on a game, but I like what they add to the strategy. They can provide good angles for hitting the drop targets, and add an interesting twist to the game.

This is one game that friends and family are always drawn to in my collection, and it is one of those games that has that "just one more game and I can do better" quality. Because it is a multi-player EM, all goals must be accomplished on one ball (except the high scores), so the "B" shot on the plunge and getting down all 10 drops is the key.

I love the art and the colors of the game - how many pins have magenta as the a major theme of a color scheme? The "queen" is attractive, yet not overly sexualized (like many Bally games of that era). This is important for those who have children in the home or as guests.

One technical note: Because there are no sling shot plastics, the game came with no general illumination down by the flippers. Playing the game in low light can be problematic. I always wondered why Gottlieb didn't put bulbs under the small plastics by the 2" flippers until I disassembled it to see it was adjustable for the posts. I remedied the GI problem by installing a socket and bulb under each of the small plastics and tying it into the rest of the GI. Looks "factory" and now the flipper area is lit!
8 years ago
IMO one of the WORST 1970's Gotts, what a stupid placement of the 2" flippers, and no slings, what a bore fest. have turned this title down twice for FREE, a big pass for me, but many love this title, just not me.
8 years ago
Not my favorite theme/artwork, but a great layout and very fun to play.
8 years ago
Jungle Queen is one of those Gottleib EM games that sneaks up on you when you think you have got it down. A really nice player's table that does not look like much when you step up to it. After a few games, you can't step away and that's pinball magic!

The Pros:
Solid art that uses more pink than just about any other game until Bally playboy comes around in a few years. The drop targets are at a good angle to help with the PF action and the upper saucers are tough shots. Wouldn't you know... the smaller flippers are great for cross PF shots to the drop target banks. Sometimes I wonder what this game would be like with slings... but this design is a winner all around.

The Cons:
The B lane is too damn tough to hit sometimes and getting the ball back up top is more chance than an aimed shot.

The Takeaway:
A great design all around. This game is not expensive and the table offers fantastic gameplay. So go get one already.
There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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