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Jungle Lord

Pinside rating

This game received 51 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.139 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #240 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.814

Artwork: 6.34

Sounds/Music: 6.052

Other Aspects: 7.355

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Rating history

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Found 23 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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57 days ago
Great classic game. Medium level challenging. Love this classic. Love the mini pinball.
1 year ago
Jungle Lord is the only pinball I own so far, and it’s become one of my very favorite pins from the SS ‘80s. For what it lacks in flow it more than makes for in challenge, which is the very thing that keeps me coming back to any table. Jungle Lord is HARD. It’s not one of those fancy flow tables with a thousand gimmicks that pretty much guarantee one to two minute rounds with every ball. It’s both fast and furious. The center drain is brutal, especially when the ball flies down from the upper PF. No amount of tilt is going to save you there. Multi-ball is not easy to achieve, and when you do, it’s tough to keep in play (though you have unlimited drains for 35 seconds). Scoring is all about the bonuses in this game. If you can get the spot bonus on top of at least the 2x or 3x rollover bonuses, then get back up top for Double Trouble, you’re in for massive points. But that’s no small feat to pull off. I’ve had the table for six months, and I’ve only broke one million twice on a three-ball game. Usually my scores hover between 300k and 700k.

Anyway, the table has other things going for it, too. The Magna-saves are super fun, even if they only help you half of the time. I actually like the bagatelle mini-game because it gives you just enough of a break in the fast action. The Drain Shield rollover is a particularly tough skill shot, but quite rewarding if you get it. I like the cheesy Tarzan/Jane/Beastmaster artwork on both the PF and the backglass. I mean, c’mon... Jane is super hot and Jungle Lord has a treasure trail! What’s there not to like?

I got mine in pretty good shape, and apparently my backglass is in excellent shape compared to most. They’ll never make those mirrored beauties again, so I’m pretty happy about that. Sound also works great, although I prefer to turn the main sound board volume down about 50%, with the voice turned up more, and then play my own mix of African jungle drums in the background. All of my friends love it.

Finally, I think Jungle Lord is WAY underrated due to its difficulty factor, and I’m sad that it’s not in the Top 100. Medusa? Space Station? Really? Oh, well.
1 year ago
A shame that pinball has a quite bad backglass and poor sound... everything else is near perfection, the gameplay is immersive and addictive. I wasn't expecting to like it but now it's my new favorite in my collection. Look at other members in depth reviews for more details.
2 years ago
An early multi-ball (2 ball) game with some interesting rules. Even more with the home ROM. The game is centered around drop targets with the top bank of 5 individually controlled. Other than building up to double trouble all targets are timed and during double trouble the top targets are also timed with progressively increasing scores as you make the selected targets within the time frame.

Magna-save implementation here is fun in that you must first build up your saves (each side bank of drops awards an available save on the corresponding side) and using the save of course depletes an available save. If you’re careful you should always have saves available and a nice quick pulse can really move the ball.

The playfield artwork is not that great and the shot up the center ramp is clunky, but it’s still fun to play for the drop tartgets and multiball.

Added features of the home rom include a skill shot, ability to rotate lit lanes of the mini game which is pretty lame without that ability as well as combo shots and a few other enhancements.
2 years ago
with the lower playing field it always looks interesting but I find that unless the machine in well funded, they just don't play that well
3 years ago
So the first thing to say about jungle lord is that you should add the "new tricks" ROM created to add some pizzazz and allow some control over the mini-bagatelle:

Magna Whirl:
Whirl L-O-R-D letters with Magna-Save buttons to improve odds with the mini ball.

This change gives a lot more control over the game and allows multiball much easier. the other tricks also help with playability. without the rom upgrade, it is truly a struggle to like the game.
with the rom, scores and engagement are much higher. My personal best is 2.2 million with this rom.

Caucasian2step has outlined the other pros and cons of the game well. I just wanted to add the recommendation for the rom.
3 years ago
Interesting game to play. With the upper and lower playfield, it keeps you on your toes, especially when you are hitting shots on the lower playfield. The ball gets back to the flippers extremely fast.

Completing 'LORD' in the bagatelle is an interesting feature. I like the way the multi-ball is set up so that you get at least 35 seconds of actual play time. So if you lose both balls before the 35 seconds is over, you get another ball.

The rules aren't difficult to figure out, but there are enough things you need to do to make the game interesting. Getting multi-ball isn't easy to do, so it's always satisfying when you do earn it. Hitting the loop for the bonus multipliers isn't difficult, but since it's timed, it does create some urgency and if you want to have a big score, it's necessary to max this out.

I'd never heard of this game before I picked it up. It was a throw-in with a Black Knight that I purchased, and I'm glad I got it. I'm not a fan of the artwork (it's not great), but it's a fun game to play and it never gets boring.
4 years ago
I loved this game as a kid. Couldn't afford to play it often because it sucked quarters like a Shop -Vac.
I always dug the upper playfield and the mini-ball game.
4 years ago
Jungle Lord is an underrated game similar to, but lost in the shadows, of Black Knight. Jungle Lord features an upper and lower playfield with many different rules applying to many parts of the game. It is not real intuitive to figure out the rules but after learning them, the game opens up to a plethora of gameplay goals and targets for future games. I really enjoy the sounds in this game, with the exception of the repeating tiger during multiball. The buzzer and bell add a nice touch to certain features and the magnasave is definitely a fun addition.
5 years ago
The playfield looks interesting but is not all that much fun to play. Artwork and sound are horrible, nuff said. I never liked split playflieds. Now you have 2 small fields, neither one being particularly fun and all together make for a poor flow.
On the bright side, it has a magna save and a mini field with a mini ball in the upper left which is semi-cool. It's OK to play a few games but then my interest in the game faded quickly.
5 years ago
Jungle lord is the least sought after Williams, upper playfield pins. Most of the scoring was achieved in the upper playfield and the bagatelle seemed to be more of luck than skill. The upper drop targets are the best/most challenging part of the game, were you need to knock them down before the time runs out. Overall, it’s still a fun game and can be found for cheap, compared to Black knight, pharaoh and solar fire.
5 years ago
This is a very fun game.
You can either have a great ball that last a while or a short ball that drains in 2 seconds. Still fun though!
5 years ago
Better than the original Black Knight and has a hot chic on the back glass and stenciled game head. Nuff Said..... :)
6 years ago
After several league nights on this machine, I'm still not a big fan. Definitely different and challenging. The bagatelle to get multiball is a bit too much luck. The magna save often does not do what it's supposed to. Too much scoring emphasis on the upper playfield. I think the ramps to the upper playfield could have been designed a bit better. Almost no flow.
6 years ago
The only thing I don't like about this game is the bagatelle. I think it would have been better if they used physical ball locks like Black Knight. The rest of the game is good fun and I enjoyed the first game I played and I'll gladly play again.
7 years ago
Wow what a great pin!! I don't know how someone could to like this game. It's a challenge and its a lot of fun.

Before I bought the game I was like this artwork bites. Some jungle dude fighting in some jungle. Well after playing the game. I think the theme is pretty amusing. If ya don't take it seriously. It's a lot of fun. The random drop targets with the tiger faces crack me up as they jump out of the jungle at you. The magna save is a lot of fun as well. I dont know why they didnt have them in more games. its just a really cool extra touch to make things more interesting.

To me the mini game to get multiball doesnt bother me at the least. to me its quite original and adds to the game rather than just locking a ball for multiball. the multiball is different in the sense that its supposed to be a elephant stampede. you are given a certain time limit with a countdown on the displays. during that time you can drain a ball and you get anoher one until that time runs out. To get special you need to spell lord one more time during multiball.

Once you learn the flow of the game it can get pretty fast and makes the game even more fun. you have to play this game a few times to really see what its about. like firepower. I like games that are a pain in the ass that makes you come back for more. a game that has non stop action thats all it own.
7 years ago
Jungle Lord was a lot of fun when I played it, but it wasn't the type of game that clicked with me. It's fun, but I knew from only my first quater that it wasn't for me. The art, music, design and so-forth are all pretty good, but nothing, at least to me, really stands out on it's own.
7 years ago
The review by Caucasian2Step is excellent. I purchased this game because of it. I have it next to BK and would likely let BK go before this one.. even though its ugly.

I clear coated the playfield I liked it so much.

Update: the home ROMS totally fixed this game even more. The bagatelle is now controlled by the magna flip button thst you need to charge up before you can flip it. Perfect enhancement.
7 years ago
Caucasian2Step says it all. this game is a riot. too bad the art is hideous.
7 years ago
Jungle Lord is a game that was good for it's time. It's good now as well, and I have come to learn to appreciate it the more I play it.

The Good:
Wide open pf on the bottom is deceptively fast. Ball control is required at all times. Nearly vertical drops on the sides will lead you to the Oursler tm outlanes. Good thing they light the magna-save units. The first use of the way sweet touch magna-save= skills! The saucer on the upper right hand of the game can be scored with a really solid shot off the left ramp. The bell is cool. I like the lane under the upper pf for bonus X. This alley is timed from an inlane switch. Speed, accuracy and timing are a must, so work it! 3 ramps to the upper PF is appreciated/cursed. Double trouble targets once the first sequence is dropped is nicely done. 1-5 targets/rollovers for double scoring for the rest of the ball. The drops are angled steeply which make for good practice with sniper-sweeps of the banks. Shooting the ball through the left ramp to the upper right saucer is always satisfying.

The Bad:
Tarzan looks like he has been huffing Krylon triple thick and he's been beating the cat on the left with a frying pan in the face. Even the cabinet artwork is lackluster. Jane looks like her bikini is made out of red moss. She has a bad case of jungle-pyoobs? Constantino... please... you're killing me with your artwork. The Bagatelle is a novelty. Yes you can nudge it... but it's more luck than skill and I'd rather have more to shoot for from the upper pf. Fortunately Barry learned his lesson from this design and I am lucky enough to have nis next table, a Solar Fire in the lineup as well. The "Nyack-nyack" nagging old lady sound from the bagatelle when a lit L-O-R-D lane is crossed makes me want to tear someone's throat out with my teeth.

The Takeaway:
The more I play this game, the more I like it. I wish there was more to do on the upper PF, but the way the drops work and how many ways the ball can travel between both pf's have changed my opinion of this game enough for me to find and purchase a copy. Still not as hot as Black Knight or the incomparable Solar Fire, but it's not bad at all and it has it's own character of play. Whoever wants a Pharoah, can have it. All things considered... 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

I can't stop playing this deck. Getting a million+ on it is rare and I've only cracked 2mil once. I found out that the drop targets on the side when knocedk down before the timer quits award a bagatelle light towards multiball. These are the most dangerous shots on the table and require at least two attempts to knock them down. Risk/Reward and do you have the skills? When I figured this out... the stock of this game play rose for me... and now it's got my jonesin' for more. Neck and neck with Black Knight for my desire to play either deck.


AAAAGH! It's got me by the pin-throat! Sign of a well designed game.

Update v2:
I have a new nickname for this table. I dub thee "Jungle-Tard"! Still haven't come close to 3 million.

Update v3:
It is one of the fastest and deadliest pins in my stable. Up there in nastiness with Flash Gordon. The lower PF is a dangerous proposition with all the shots being half way up the PF. Miss a shot, there is a good chance you won't get control of the ball again. You REALLY want to be on the upper PF if at all possible and that isn't always easy. I found my copy for $250.- with a worn PF and a flaking BG. This game can be had for cheap. The multiball intro is one of the best of the era. You get a 35 second ball saver, and yer gonna need it!

I still own JL, BK is gone. SF is still a better game in my book, but if I want a quick, challenging game that demands complete attention and twitch skill activation, this is an excellent choice of a Williams early 80's pinball deck. Barry Ourlser was not as highly held in the industry as Steve Ritchie or Pat Lawlor, especially as more complex technology and rules became available to designers, but within the limitations or early SS tech, his skills, talents and ability to suck quarters out of people's pockets between 1978 and 1988 was incredibly powerful.
9 years ago
If you are coming to this game from Black Knight, you will likely find it very familiar. This is another early Williams two level playfield machine (their 2nd I think). It is nearly identical to black knight in overall layout with some obvious differences. One of the interesting toys is a mini-playfield located in the upper section that's activated by capturing the ball in play. It's interesting, but not overly fun. It operates almost like one of those little mini "pinballs" you get in Cracker Jacks. Overall, the art work isn't very noteable but not bad. The sounds could have been better also. I dont think Williams really put a lot into this game compared to BK, but it's not a bad machine.
9 years ago
A hugely under-rated game due to being over-shadowed by Black Knight. Magnasave was a great idea that never took off.
10 years ago
Awesome "below the radar" classic. For some reason this pin is overlooked in the same mention as other classics like Black Knight or Sorcerer (games this pin shares a lot in common with) but I think it is better than both when it comes to sheer gameplay. Easily a top 3 system 9 pin (at least I think it is system 9).

Artwork lacks detail though, if they only had Gordon Morrison doing this art package (yea keep dreaming) it would have been an all time classic. Instead we get some crappy sketches and a female with no boobs right in the middle of the playfield.. No boobs?? Heresy...
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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