Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 7.994

Artwork: 8.183

Sounds/Music: 7.516

Other Aspects: 7.828

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
I have done a 180 on this game since owning it. It just keeps getting better with time. If you get this thing lit well and playing fast it is a fantastic pin. I am starting to see why many consider it their favorite. Most don't give it a chance, which is the case for any game with an unusual layout. Which is a pity.
8 years ago
Fast pin - lots of ramps! - great multiball modes - Deadworld is one of the coolest features of any pin
8 years ago
Game rules are not very deep, easy to finish the gameplay. It looks good and with some speaker improvement the sound quality can be upgraded with a small investment.
8 years ago
The only game I've ever bought twice. I've missed it since I sold it the first time. It won't be leaving again. ;)

I've played the machine enough now to make a comment. There is a lot to cover.

First thing is, this pin is FAST! Really fast. Some wide body machines have so much wide open space in the middle that the ball seems to take forever to get anywhere, but not Dredd. The ball zips over the playfield at sometimes numbing speed. The ball can get going so fast around the upper orbit that it's almost impossible for me to hit the ball when it comes back out from under the blackout ramp.

You like ramps? This machine has them. Five of them if you include the Clock Tower habitrail. They are all really fun to hit as well. Each of the four flippers has its own 'main' ramp.

I don't think I know of another pinball with so much stuff to shoot for. Lots of variety here.

I think the design is pretty darn good. Lots of stuff to do with the upper flippers, and keeping the ball up there looping around is great fun. It almost feels like an 2nd level upper playfield, actually. It is somewhat odd that the pin doesn't feature any pop bumpers...

Pop Bumpers.
I don't miss them. I think they would slow this game down too much, and where would you put them anyway? ;)

Dead World. One of the cooler ball locks in all of pinball.

Many varied and fun modes, ranging from easy (hit a single target to complete) to hard (Battle Tank requires four shots in a short amount of time. 10 modes in all, and you can select the one you want to start using the buttons on the side of the cabinet.

For variation, you can play a multiball version of the game with a completely different rule set.

The main theme can get repetitive if you aren't starting modes. To fix this, start modes often. :) The sound quality is very high, although mine came with a Flipper Fidelity speaker kit in it, and I've never heard the factory sound system.

I have no idea. Can't take my eyes off the table long enough to look. I bet they are fantastic, though.

This might not be a great game for casual pinball players. I had my dad over here playing the other day, and he seemed quite lost on it. I don't think he cared for it at all. There is so much going on, that it is hard to focus.

This wasn't a pinball I would have ever had on my 'to buy' list. The theme doesn't do anything for me, as I'm not quite sure who this Judge Dredd person even is. This came into my possession as a way to help a friend, but I'm glad it worked out this way, because this is one of my favorite pin games. I think I'll go play it now. ;)
8 years ago
The more I play this, the more I enjoy it. The only negative I have to say about it is that the wizard mode is pretty weak. Other than that, nothing bad and this has overtaken Twilight Zone as my favorite machine.
8 years ago
Owned this one for a while and it was probably the nicest JD i have played. Never cared either way about the deadworld mod or liked the repetitive BG music guitar riff, but everything else was solid. Gameplay and depth was right on, artwork is top notch... Would def consider putting another one of these in my future lineup.
8 years ago
Play this game once and you will likely walk away feeling like you don't see what all the hype is about. If the game is not setup or playing well it can be a total dog. Although many of the modes are fun, the wizard mode is seriously lacking. I think that in the long term or in a small collection there are other better games but, for the money this is one of the best games you can buy.

The modes are selectable and although some of them are not worth completing, they are all fun. The two modes that stand out to me are Pursuit and Bad Impersonator. To me this is what pin2000 should have been, but without the complexity and cost of p2k. The animations on the DMD correspond to shots on the playfield. In Pursuit you are chasing a suspect vehicle and trying to shoot missiles down the left or right lanes of the freeway in order to blow him up. You need to shoot the right or left ramp in conjunction with the car on the freeway to complete the mode. The modes also have a sense of humor which I really appreciate. In the sniper mode a hurry up is started once the shot is made which locks in a point value. Shooting the sniper tower again before the second hurry up timer expires cashes the value in again. While the sniper is falling from the tower, which in itself is comical animation, he says things like, "Its a long way down!!!" and "I can see my house from here!"

Another thing that's awesome about the game is the shot layout. There are a ton of things to shoot from every flipper but what really impressed me was the upper right flipper. From this one mini flipper you can backhand the sniper tower, shoot the mini ramp that feeds the upper left flipper, shoot inner loops and shoot the jackpot shot from the tip of the flipper.

The art package, especially for people that were into the comic books, is superb! Characters are displayed across the center of the playfield in vibrant colors. All plastics are well designed, especially the cooling towers in the captive ball area, and are based from the comic book artwork. The cab decals are some of the best you'll see on any machine with the sides showing Judge Dredd riding into a hail storm of bullets and the front, his hands hanging from the handle bars of his lawmaster motorcycle.

The often overlooked Super Game is an excellent addition! Each ball starts with one of 4 random multiball modes which last until the you are down to one ball. During the mode if you knock down all of the drop targets a ball save starts and the game kicks all six balls into play.

There are some aspects of the game which although minor can be seen as cons. The lighting of the inserts is excellent, but the GI is lacking. Like most other widebody games, in low light, the GI is spaced to far apart to provide ample lighting in the center of the game. The games main musical theme is somewhat grating and reminiscent of 80's hair metal which somehow fits the game. The music during multiball however does not fit the theme and almost seems like it should belong to a different game entirely. These things are minor annoyances to an otherwise great game.

Judge Dredd is challenging but not overly difficult. The modes and multiballs will keep you busy for quite a while and currently prices are still reasonable. Go out and play one today, you wont regret it! Oh and 25 years for not liking Judge Dredd!


This game might be inexpensive as far as prices go but, its definiately missing the X factor. JD has so many things going for it. The playfield layout is really great but, the game rules could be improved I think. Out of all my games this one sits and collects dust. After having it for quite a while I feel like its time to let JD go and bring in something new. For those of you who are considering the Demo man vs Judge Dredd purchase I can say without a doubt that Demo man is the better game. I can however see JD being a great game if and when someone creates a new ruleset for it using free WPC or similar software. Guess I'll have to do 25 years for not liking Judge Dredd.
8 years ago
Super fun game. If you love multiball, this is a must have. Only fault would be the poor lighting at night.
8 years ago
Good pinball at low price.
Wide body pinball and cab look great.
8 years ago
a very good pinball
with superb ramps
8 years ago
This is my first game and I spent about 2 years to decide which game to get. I bought the game not knowing if I really loved the theme, but it has grown on me. The gameplay is extremely solid and challenging. This is a game that you are constantly trying to imporove your play and it is not easy for a high score. Playfield is extrememly dark with not a lot of lighting. This is a game that needs brigh LED's to improve this aspect. Great game and will probably stay in my collection for good.
8 years ago
Judge Dredd was the very first game I bought. It had a dead Deadworld gearbox and I brought it back to life. I have a soft spot for it in my pinball heart, but the reality of this game is not as awesome as it should be.

Lots of variety of shots. The PF is convoluted and the left lanes are the most interesting since Future Spa. When this table is waxed, it screams across the PF! I loved the comic book when I was a kid. Getting the super jackpot by defeating Judges Fear, Mortis, Fire and Death are straight out of the book. "Gaze into the fist of Dredd!" The animations are funny and true to the comic not the crummy Stallone picture. The easter egg animmations are great, even rudely humorous with a dog taking a leak on a dead body when you hit the right sequence in the Sniper mode. The BG is one of O'Connor's most underrated and the PF looks great. The voice calls and background guitar riff is perfect ambience for this game. The 4 SuperGame modes add a whole new aspect of playability to this deck.

Deadworld is a royal PITA to service. That gearbox is not fun to get to. Game play can be broken down to... hit the left ramp over and over. modes are hit and miss. Super Game should be something that can be earned and not just bought. How can a widebody game with this much on it... seem so un-engaging? SuperGame insta-wiz-modes take the skill out of playing for the payoff. Why play better and EARN your reward when you can just pay in for the big whammy?

This was a great first game for me. However, the rules need to be seriously adjusted to become a true player's game. Example, the left ramp, shoot it over and over and over. We now have a 1 shot game. If you are going to weld the gears back to the pins they rotate about, get a really good welder and have them use silver (if memory serves) solder that can take the torque forces that the gearbox places on them. I ended up writing a wishful new ruleset for the pf. Oh, if dreams could come true.

Note this rating is in the 7's strictly on the art and sound package, which are way righteous. If these parts of the game were not so good, this game would be 3-4/10 for me. This is a fun game, but it is not a true player.

8 years ago
A truly underrated pin. Fantastic art, funny animations and call outs. Fast action, tons of modes (most ever?) It will also kick your butt if your not on your game. Keeps you coming back with the best of them.

One of the top "Bang for your buck" pins IMHO.
8 years ago
Very under rated pin. It has some many ramps and shots! Once you get the ball going it is a very satisfying game to play. If you havent played it give it a good chance before you decide. I had to play it many times before i really liked it.
8 years ago
Somewhat underrated pin, I was surprised that it was just a fun, fast flowing game. Yes, it's a widebody, so a little dark, but also it has a lot of space to build all these ramps in.
It's cheap, it's cool, and it's fun to play. What more do you want from a rather cheap pin?
9 years ago
Very good game, plays fast despite being a widebody.
9 years ago
The Deadworld mod is a must add for this game. I picked up this one as a project for 800 and put some TLC into it. Overall it's not a bad game. The music is a little too repetitive for me and the Super Game is something I don't personally care for. However, it's a very deep game and has lots to do.
9 years ago
This machine came at a bit of a surprise to me not knowing it very well. I picked it up for a great price i assume because it is not very well known but out of all the pins i have owned this is one of my top favorites and will stay in my collection for a long time. I consider this pin to have more of a serious and mature theme with dark humor and an edgy feel to it. I have owned it for a few months now and it gets better and better every time i play, i find myself coming back to this one more often then any of my other machines which include some of the more popular varieties. Its a mean machine!
9 years ago
A truly amazing pin. It needs LEDs as the lighting is poor, as well as the dead world mod which really changes the game. Once these changes are done this is a top 10 game without question. The best use of the wide body format out of any of the superpin range. Great selection of shots and the best physical ball lock ever implemented. Actually it's the best ball lock ever implemented, physical or otherwise. I think its main problem has been the theme. Outside the UK people just don't know Dredd. Or more accurately they do, they know the Stalone movie. For me Dredd is a classic and the perfect theme for a dark and sinister, rocking pin. With the new movie putting Dredd back where he belongs I expect this pin to rise in popularity. One of my favourite pins of all time. If you get the chance, play it.
9 years ago
I really like this pin. If you have the chance to pick one up don't miss it.
9 years ago
For sure a top 100 pin, probably not breaking top 50. Pretty sweet flow on the 4 flipper layout.
9 years ago
What a fantastic machine. I can't praise it highly enough. I would love to own one.
The home use only dead world mod is amazing and every home user should have one.
Go find one and play it now. It's fantastic. The best use of a widebody i have ever seen.
9 years ago
I love this pinball, with the "dead world mod" it's very fun to lock balls.
9 years ago
Here is another pin that I give high marks in most categories except theme and fun. Being a European Superhero that catches and serves sentences on bad guys just is hard for American boys like me to have fun with I guess. Its fun just not the pin I play much.
9 years ago
Judge Dredd is a great game. It has great humor, great sound and great flow. Lots of modes, however wizard mode could have been better. Theme fits the game well and musics rocking. Super game is good for a change but its flail away , its an add on thats played once in awhile. Game is fast and wont be leaving my collection and as said before it has bang for the buck.
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 11.

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