Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 7.991

Artwork: 8.184

Sounds/Music: 7.513

Other Aspects: 7.824

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
ok..... I love it....then hate it....then like it again??? its fast......it has no pop bumpers...there is a music sound that gets annoying at times, it has a great multiball feature, hem??? I like it.....now I don't..If its tricked out with LEDs it looks awesome! I know this is CrAzY but I KINDA want the pin cause it has my name in it. D Redd.....DREDD.....ha ha,,,,,,,,found a good one to buy......But just don't know??? Ok Ok...UPDATE! I have rerated this! I like it now...Add a powered subwoofer! whoo hoo!
7 years ago
So many shots to go for and some of the best sounds in pinball 10/10 would play
7 years ago
Super game! Widebody and rapid game. The voice and sounds is so cool and humorous sometime. I smile a lot of time when i play this game. The color and playfiel are very nice to see. Cabinet with judge Dreed on bike is so cool. Best top 50 certainly.
7 years ago
For the money it cannot be replaced. As said many tines, a lot of shots.
8 years ago
What can I say! I loved the comic as a kid, and playing this pin brings back alot of memories! Great theme and the artwork is superb!
8 years ago
Judge Dredd was the first wide body in my collection super game is awesome
8 years ago
Loved the old comics so the theme and artwork all around are awesome. This pin has great flow, lots of shots and ramps, and the modes are great. Dead world is a great toy and overall love this game. Very underrated wide body pin, play or buy one if you can, you won't be dissapointed.
8 years ago
Ever wonder how during the match that granny gets three shots out of a double barrel shotgun?
8 years ago
Great wide body
8 years ago
Very fun game and feels like a pin should feel! Lots of shots-takes time to figure out the goal. Not the best family game due to quotes and animation. Widebody a plus. Still available at fair prices!-Joe
8 years ago
One year for flatulance ! Lol.......this is a great pinball .....lots of ramps lots of multiballs, super game, incredible topper, dead world mod, mechanical crane.....so much stuff going on !! Very underrated pinball....
8 years ago
JD was the first widebody in my collection. And while it's already moved on now (traded for NBA Fastbreak) I hope i get another widebody in the collection soon or later. Allthough the difference in size might not be that big, as far as playing experience goes, it really shows the extra space. JD is no exception, the playfield is full of stuff to do.

First thing i thought when i got this was “Ow, no pop bumpers?” But after a while, i realised i didn't miss them at all. On the contrary, i think pop bumpers would have taken out the flow of the game. And this machine has got some flow i tell you.

The gameplay is so so, it will keep you busy for a while. Getting to the endgame isnt to difficult. (I am talking factory settings here) Destroying all four judges however, is. Personally, i never got further than destroying 3 and losing the balls on the fourth. But after a while i kind of had this feeling that the pin was missing something, but it's hard to describe what it is. I think it's the software, rather than the hardware. I once saw an alternative rules set for JD written for that computer mod to play your own software on your pinball machine. And while i never played with that rules set, i think it'll make a big difference on the gameplay and the durability.

Another feature worth mentioning is the supergame. It's a totally different game where each ball starts with a mini multiball. It's got new missions and a 6 ball multiball (when hitting all the drop targets) A feature that is much appreciated by kids or at non-competitive pinball parties.

The cabinet and the artwork. Both are one of the main reasons i wanted this pin. And thank god the pin is based on the comics rather than the crappy Stallone movie. Therefore the colours match the theme perfectly, the sideart is very nice and bright, and there's the golden eagle to (literally) top it off. It's a machine that really stands out. As do the sounds and the speech. 80ies hard rock tunes and Dredd's dry speech. I love it! And the supergame begins with one of the coolest sentences in pinball history. “I'm Anita Mann...” Brilliant. :-)
8 years ago
This is an awesome game based on the lights music and gameplay - great cabinet artwork also
I did add led lighting in the back which definitely helps to see the ball
8 years ago
Played it for the 1st time and did not think much however the super game with 6 ball multi was fun, need more time to decide but passed one up for a T2 instead. Might give it a go later on once I've had enough fun with T2.
8 years ago
After owning JD and finally selling it I had to change my rating.

A good game overall. But the lack of any real wizard mode made me eventually want something more gameplay wise.

The deadworld mod is s must on JD. As well.as leds in areas.
It has a few dark areas and some shots feel awakward.

But if you like ramps and games with lots of flippers this is the game for you. However After a few months I found the game to get a little stale and repetitive.
8 years ago
fun, great sound and nice modes
8 years ago
Had this game for some months! Really wanted to like it, but I never did.
The music and sound really got to my nerves and I never felt like having a good game on it.
Cant explain why I never liked it, cause it has a lot of nice features that I like, great shots, nice ramps, drop targets, captive ball, and good modes, but for some reason it just felt off and not fun to play.
8 years ago
Great theme...love the artwork on the cabinet, playfield & backglass. Great variety of modes & all are well done...especially like blackout MB & battle tank. The music starts to grind on you after a while but only a minor complaint. Bit of a pain in the butt to service, especially if you have to take the deadworld apart. Overall fun game but didn't have the lastability to stay in my collection long term.
8 years ago
Perhaps I'm biased since I own JD, and it's my first pin. But if you ever get to play, you'll understand what I mean. That said...I love me some JD!

I purchased because I loved that fact this table's theme was based on the JD British comic version, specifically the famous Judge Death/Dark Judges storyline. The PF & cabinet artwork is straight from the comics, done by Brian Bolland. There are so many little easter eggs in the art for the comic fans. It's just outstanding! If you're interested you can read JD: The Complete Brian Bolland from B&N, which contains the complete Dark Judges storyline. Then that backglass might finally make some sense to you :)

This is another excellent John Trudeau designed wide-body table. There are tons of ramps & shots specific to the upper & lower flippers, which are not easy to make. No bumpers is a huge bonus to me, keeps things fast. Plus there are a ton of selectable modes to unlock, which eventually lead to the Ultimate Challenge. There's always something to be shooting for on this table, and most the shots aren't easy to make. Plus it has the spinning Deadworld ball-lock mod, the coolest ball lock in all of pinball! There's also the option for regular or supergame modes, 3 different multiball modes, which can run up to 6 balls! Plus there's plenty of dark-humor on the DMD, very similar to the comic book. The sound is also solid with the standard stock speakers, and there's plenty of video easter eggs from another Trudeau favorite, CFTBL. See if you can spot them.

Drawbacks might be the repetitive 80's metal guitar rift that keeps repeating at times, and also the fact that for a widebody, the PF tends to be pretty dark. Some LEDs can help with that though. The rules are somewhat shallow & repetitive, and gets old after a while. The final wizard mode is a letdown.

Had it for 4 years, but I found myself turning it on less & less. Great value pin though for cost vs gameplay. Eventually I let it go.
8 years ago
This Pinball is a stayer! Normal game and supergame ar great alternatives. Exiting game!
8 years ago
I picked up a Dredd because it was a good deal and nearby as I was first getting back into pinball. There aren't words for how glad I am that I got the game on a whim.

It's got an absolutely stellar flow, especially in the upper part of the playfield. It's got diverse modes, so the shots you're aiming for change frequently. The music is great. The artwork didn't do much for me at first, but quickly grew on me; I was expecting it to be a bit more lame and Demo Man-esque; it's actually pretty darn good comic art. Deadworld is a cool toy, and one of the better ball locks ever made. There are multiple paths to the ultimate challenge, and two completely different ways to play (regular and super game.) The lack of a pop bumper cluster allows for great flow, and the ball is never out of your hands for more than a half a second, it feels.

Cons: Cabinet art is just meh. The sound loop that plays while waiting to launch the ball gets annoying if you get sidetracked while going over to grab a beer (though that's the case on most games).
8 years ago
Fun with the loop shots. Crazy amount of modes and best sound in the business with DCS. My complaint is only with the software. It could've benefited from changes...dead world mod is a must.
8 years ago
Great Flow! Great theme. A widebody pinball that is way underrated. There are many other pins rated higher that don't even compare to Judge Dredd. There are some cool mods for this pin!
8 years ago
Judge Dredd is a great all-round package. The widebody has so many shots and features and it all gets utilised well.

The artwork is some of the best in the DMD era thanks to the original comic art. The theme is very well realised and true to the comic source. It is very funny! The music and audio all work together really well and are very creative.

The layout has great flow, there are 4 ramps and two loops that lend themselves to great combos. However the game doesn't seem to endorse or reward many of the possible combos.

The gameplay isn't hugely deep as the modes are all timed and non-stackable. But they can be started from two different shots and the modes can be selected by the player. This leads to some interesting strategy as to the order you progress through the modes and what shots are best to start them.

The supergame feature adds a bunch more value, offering four multiball modes, one to start each ball in the supergame.

Finally the game has an awesome toy, the Deadworld. With the Deadworld locking mod installed players can experience the toy as it was originally designed.

JD is definitely one of the best bang-for-buck pins I know of.
8 years ago
Callouts pretty good on this machine. Dead world, when working properly kinda fun, but on many machines it is hard to keep this functioning 100% all the time. Humor incorporated nicely within the theme, however, not a terribly exciting theme for me. Good player, but needs something else top put in over the top...
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 11.

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