Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 7.991

Artwork: 8.184

Sounds/Music: 7.513

Other Aspects: 7.824

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Dredd is a great title that you can still find at a reasonable price, the game is unique in there are no pop bumpers on the game, I would put this machine into a dark comedy category, there is some great humor in this machine, the theme is well integrated, and it is challenging, I had the game for years, it was one that was always part of my collection, I no longer have it, as I have played it so much, I do not find myself wanting to play it anymore, but it is still one of my favorite games ever...

I highly recommend this title!
6 years ago
A lot of game to keep you busy for quite a reasonable price (whatever a "reasonable price" is, these days!). The game feels, plays and looks like a comic book, which is quite an achievement. It has a lot of the goofy John Trudeau hooks that take a while to get used to: like the right side in-lanes and the cluster of business that packed into the right rear of the game. Its a crowded playfield, to be sure, which may be a negative for people first discovering the game. I'm still not sure what I'm shooting for up in that right hand corner! The natural SuperPin comparison to JD is Demolition Man, and to be honest, I'm not sure which one I like better.
6 years ago
Love this game. There is a ton here and the modes offer a lot of variety. However they are easy to start and you can let them time out to get to the wizard mode which is kind of lame. It actually discourages you from trying to complete all of the modes. The deadworld mod is cool but doesn't really impact gameplay.
6 years ago
Judge Dredd has a great theme (not the Stallone movie) from the underground comic and the artwork is awesome. It has zero fluff and a very dry sense of humor. That being said the game is not easy. The first few times you play it you will get your butt kicked. It is fast, and pretty unforgiving, the "Drain Shield" is a nice feature but it always session to expire 1/10 of a second sooner than you need it. Mutiball is possible from two to SIX balls.
It has a great skill shot and some opportunities to get the ball going rocket fast. Call outs are cool and plentiful. There are multiple missions that are very different from one another and require skill from all four flippers.
Dead Zone is a cool feature that gives the game a unique feel, I have played the mod and regular, mod isn't as big a deal as some make it seem and the stock version lowers wear on the $300+ motor, you don't need it.
I saved the best for last SUPER GAME this is a great feature that I usually throw guests into, it starts.with a multi ball and has some different call outs. My guests love it. One of my favorite bars has Scared Stiff and Judge Dredd in it, and although I love SS when it came time to buy a game JJ was a much easier price to deal with. It is a great bag in at the moment and I have no idea why it's so affordable compared to some similar games. Buy it if you find a good one, it never gets old.
6 years ago
Judge dread is a game that is unlike any other. However, I feel like everything is too congested.
6 years ago
Judge Dredd is a game that lives up to the promise of a wide body machine. The number of shots is well documented, the speed of the game is unrivaled, and the art is fantastic.

What is seldom mentioned is the money value of the machine itself. There are absolutely zero games out there that can give you the quality of play , # of shots, quality of machine and durability, as the Dredd can deliver. As opposed to Demo Man ( another popular wide body ) the best toy on the field does not completely destroy the games flow. In fact, the Dead World not only builds drama....there is a new mod that allows balls to be saved to be used strategically later . Whether the game is original mode or updated, I still cannot figure out how this game sells in the mid to low $2 K range while the Flintstones and Congo ( other Trudeu games) go for much more. My advice....buy all the JD games you can, because in 10 years they will all go for $3k or more. Fantastic game all around. Good luck finding a topper....
6 years ago
I'm biased towards comic book themes, but the widebody JD is really a fantastic machine. The super-duper mode (can't remember what it is actually called) is a lot of fun and I like that I can play a "regular" game or just jump right in to a chaotic super-duper game.

The crane is a neat feature, as is the Deadworld spinner in the back off the left ramp / crane (? this is from a hazy memory). The ball has always moved well on the various machines I've played, and I dig the playfield art.

Also, I prefer metal habitrails over plastic returns, so JD scores there as well.

Like I said, I'm biased by the theme, but I appreciate the ingenuity behind the design and the integration of the IP with the modes. Judge Dredd is in my top three personal favorites and definitely on my wishlist.
6 years ago
I haven't owned this machine long. I'll probably update this review in the future.

Can be a fast game when shots are nailed. Upper flippers and loops can really add some speed. Dead World mod is a must. Artwork and theme are executed well.

Wide body that suffers from poor lighting in stock form. The one I have has been fitted with LED's that brightens it up. Game really rewards accurate shots. Missed shots tend to end up heading SDTM, especially off the upper right mini flipper. Central drop targets and trough shot behind them is a bit clunky. 4 flippers make the game loud.

Crane and Dead World mod must be adjusted and working correctly or game will not have accurate ball count during multiball.

I don't think this will be a keeper, but will be fun for a while.

Edit: After more play I've raised my ratings a bit. Bonus points can climb quickly when completing the chain link modes. I'm still saying it's not a game for new or unskilled players, but when you are on your game it's quite fun.
6 years ago
Owned and sold. Either love it or hate it. Pretty clunky, drain monster.
6 years ago
Very fun game, had in my collection for a few months now and continued to go to a local place to play it before buying. Very under rated... a lot is going on in this one. Cool animations, and also the music is great.
6 years ago
super premier flipper , tres technique et tres fun , pour les bon joueurs...
6 years ago
Super Game is Fun

the Multiballs are challenging

for a pin with no bumper jets, it still offers a lot of shots and targets

6 years ago
Judge Dredd is a really fun machine that has a different feel than most machines I've played. It features a good comic book theme with a dark humor twist. The hard rock guitar soundtrack feels slightly over the top, but it fits the theme very well and even has a bit of an epic feel to it. There's a lot of variety in the call outs and they feature a good balance of dark humor. The DMD animations are some of the best I've experienced and there is just enough variety to keep them from getting old. The machine plays so fast that it's hard to see all the dots in the game and all the little humorous touches that they feature unless you're watching someone else play.

The playfield is laid out very well and features lots of interesting shots. I really like the 2 chase loops and hitting the tight sniper shot from the left flipper is really fun. The gameplay makes great use of all four flippers and the large number of ramps crisscrossing all over the playfield. In fact, the first few games I played on this machine were a little confusing because it takes some time to figure out where every ramp and shot will end up. The pop bumpers that this machine doesn't have really aren't missed and it makes this game very flow heavy. The modes offer a ton of variety and progressing through them will take you all over the playfield. Hitting the "JUDGE" drop targets and locking balls in the spinning Deadworld is very satisfying. Several good multi-ball modes round out the package including a very satisfying and challenging mode where you're tasked with capturing the Dark Judges.

All in all, I feel Judge Dredd is a top tier game that gets so many things right. It has great artwork, a good theme, satisfying flow, and lots of fun ramps and shots to hit. Because it has a unique feel and plays differently than most pins, it's a great compliment to a collection. After putting in 100+ games, I can honestly say this is easily one of my favorite machines.
6 years ago
I wanted to like this game, it looks interesting but I just can't get into it.
6 years ago
What can I say that hasn't already been said. Truly fun game that keeps me coming back. All ages enjoy this theme, the music, and the comedy built into it
6 years ago
A great wide body pin..... Tons of things to shoot at.. And awesome animations..... Plus Super Game.... Try and give it a play.. Might be surprised....

6 years ago
Different game play than most, so you love it or hate it. I think it totally rocks. Lots of ramps, flippers, multi-ball and fast action make this game very enjoyable. If ramps and fast action it not your thing then look elsewhere.
I played one at APE 2015 where there were over 100 distinct pinballs and JD is in my top 5. An absolute delight to play. One of the most underrated games ever.
6 years ago
Awesome game with awesome shots and the music is great.
6 years ago
I really love this game. Soooo much to do. Perfect party pinbal !
6 years ago
An under rated game that not only plays great on normal game but has a unique "SuperGame" that really changes gameplay. It's almost two games in one Pin.
6 years ago
Best value in DMDs. The music, callouts, artwork, animations and theme integration are some of the best in pinball. Two loop shots and like a million wireforms, they sure don't make them like this anymore. You really can feel the weight and width of this thing but I imagine that's what riding the lawmaster would feel like, so that's all part of the immersive experience.
6 years ago
The only wide body that I fully enjoyed playing (so far). Only got a few games in, so this review is yet to be finished.
6 years ago
I enjoy this game, but I always feel like something is missing, and that it could have been much better.
6 years ago
Love my Dredd. Will never leave my collection.
6 years ago
Ok so. Judge Dredd is an awesome machine. BUT the music is incredibly irritating and the lighting is almost non-existant. BUT (again) it's frickin hard and beautiful to play - solid as hell and untiltable. Proper. Love it. Anyone that doesn't is not from this deadworld.
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 11.

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