Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 7.991

Artwork: 8.184

Sounds/Music: 7.513

Other Aspects: 7.824

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
In my opionion Judge Dredd is one of the most underated pins out there. For it’s average price point I can’t think of a better machine. It’s fast, smooth, and addictive!
3 years ago
Great overall package for the price. One of the best B/W backglasses. I liked the playfield art too. Lots of stuff on the playfield since it's a widebody. Fast and challenging.
The deadworld feels pretty useless without the mod. It could have been implemented better.
Excellent sounds and DMD.
Guitar soundtrack can be annoying to some, but I liked it.
3 years ago
I love this game
I real keeper
The only bad thing is the original Backglass
3 years ago
Beautiful machine, and a great theme! My machine had the deadworld mod, and honestly, I think it would have been better without it. The mod slowed gameplay down, and was finicky to set up and even under the best conditions, had some issues.
3 years ago
I picked up the game two month ago. After 2 days I think about selling it. But after levelling the playfield, it was another game. It has a ton of satisfying shots, great ramps, great animations, callouts and music fits very well. I think at the moment it is the best pin you can get for your money. I play it more than my other Pins (AFM, TZ, CFTBL, STTNG)
3 years ago
Just picked this up, but it’s quickly become my favorite. I’ve never seen so many shots in one game, and they’re satisfying and varied to hit. The drop-down targets covering the hole are fantastic, and if you prefer Ramos to pops, this is your machine. I thought Demo Man’s layout was great, but this is even better, even as far as widebodies go.

Music isn’t really my thing, and the guitar can be a little repetitive, but the modes (and there are a ton of them, all unique!) all have great, equally unique spunds.

Some strong LEDs under the playfield (and under the Deadeorld mod) makes this look even better. The comic theme is integrated throughout, and helps to reinforce that this game has nothing to do with the Stallone flick (even if it’s sitting right next to Demo Man).

I personally like to work up to muktiballs, but the alternate Super modes are really engaging for newer players and kids, and makes for a nice change of pace.

Killer game. Should be higher in the top 50 for sure.
3 years ago
Judge Dredd is one of my favorite pins, great theme, some hard shots, beautiful artwork. what's not to like?
3 years ago
I have owned the game and little bit disappointed. Somehow it bored me to soon.
3 years ago
I have had this game for awhile now with about 1000 plays and it really has some good points. I think this is a great game for home use with all the different things you can do with super game and whatnot. A great game for multiball practice and widebody flipper handling if you play competitively. I find the playfield to be a little dark but with some leds and a few spotlights its a lot better but for the time period it had a lot of positives and the artwork on the playfield really stands out when lit. I recently changed out all the rubbers and gave it a really good cleaning and now it plays really nice. Oh and mine has a color display which is great for the game because there is a lot of awesome animations and the call outs are funny too.
3 years ago
We were lucky enough to add this game to our collection. Once I worked out how to play it, game is a blast!
3 years ago
JD is my 6th pin, and my 1st bally (although I have a Getaway). Both tough and easy shots, but at times this game can be brutal - that's part of the appeal. Fairly deep rules, really makes you concentrate for the proper shots. Compared to my LAH, the sound quality is far superior. Build quality is excellent and seems to be very solid all around. Some TITAN silicone flippers really changed the game for the better.

Update 8 months after owning...I keep coming back to this game, it just doesn't get old for me. Added a color display from ColorDMD - great mod.
3 years ago
Maybe considered an under appreciated Trudeau “Creature” superpin machine. The artwork on the playfield is adapted from the comic book. Comics rule the day and the comic themed artwork is on point. I recommend the modernized color lcd, big improvement for this Bally/Williams pin. The translite and light effects are also very well designed. The theme is cool, the Karl Urban version of Dredd...awesome and would make an exciting reboot someday. Sound is great, no need for speaker upgrades. Also, I like the under playfield style...many new games do not use it..sad. Going price for theme, art, shots and fun factor...it’s considerably affordable.
3 years ago
Attractive play field with many good shots to go for,machine feels solid oozing with quality,nice game to play overall.
3 years ago
My surprising second favorite pin! After adding the dead world mod and a color dmd and several other mods ( crane,sniper tower and adding several led’s ) this game has so much to offer that I find I’m still getting different scoring combos and have fun every time I play it. The only down side is the many Optus to keep up with maintenance wise. To me this is definitely in my top ten of all times.....
3 years ago
There are so many shots in this game, including five in just the top right corner! Lots of multi-level wireforms and ramps. Great flow. Theme is OK for family friendiness, but maybe not for young kids. The planet orb thing is great, but you'll need the modded ROM to run it.
3 years ago
A pin based on Judge Dredd from the British comic 2000AD, rather than the terrible Stallone movie. Classic playfield and cabinet artwork is straight out of the comic, and is fantastic. I have a color DMD and it really brings the animations to life. I have installed one spotlight and a rear LED strip to lighten the dark playfield, and the game plays fast and hard. Hard to master, and a great challenge. However, had a number if problems with this pin, and spent more time adjusting it than I did playing
3 years ago
I have to say, I was partial to Williams but JD is my first Bally and it’s quite an awesome game. I was skeptical that the Judge Dredd theme would hold my attention but it does not disappoint.

There is so much ground to cover on the playfield since it’s a widebody and the layout is really impressive. The multiball, riff rock music and speech keep me coming back. In my opinion, this game should be closer to the top of the 100 list.
3 years ago
Fun and fast playing. Love the Super Game feature! Art work and theme are Well executed. Multi ball is nuts!!!
3 years ago
1993 was filled with so many amazing games, Judge Dredd kind of got overlooked. The playfield design is completely unique. The two mini loops at the top are awesome and really give this game some speed. Triple stack wireforms, 4 ramps, 3 captive balls, Drop target bank....this game is loaded. Add in a great art package (especially the dark judges on playfield), excellent music with great call outs and some of the best DMD animations around makes this easily one of the very best bang-for-the-buck games. Dark humor and pinball seldom go together, but Bally pulled it off here with some great easter eggs thrown in. Dead world is cool even if it is a little too big on playfield space, and "Super Game" is a fun alternative way to play. The modes have great variation forcing you to make all the shots on the playfield. "Pursuit" is a standout having to check the dmd while ball is in play. Deep code just adds to an already great package with the Dredd.
*after owning this game, I am updating my review. Other than the loops, the shots from the upper flippers seem a bit off. Even with all the stuff packed into this, the lastability and fun factor for me has been reduced.
4 years ago
This game is just as cool as it gets. Four flippers and a ton to do. The music has a tough sort of heavy metal background noise and the changing of music in between modes really sets the mood. I've never gotten tired of this game.
4 years ago
One of the best games ever made by Bally ever.
4 years ago
Had one and traded it this Summer. Now I got one back becaused I missed it. Great superpin. Fun game with stuff going on everywhere. Color DMD is one of the prettiest on this game and the polk 10” powered sub really wakes the music and sounds up.
4 years ago
Judge Dredd is another game I’ve played the crap out of. This is one of the best mode-based games with tons of shots, awesome flow, great rules, attractive art and very cool sound. If you want to become a better player, this game will help. The flipper gap on this game is a bit wider than normal, so you need to utilize your bounce pass skills and volley skills to keep alive. The ramps and orbit shots are lightning fast, and locks to the multiball are so creative. Just so many reasons to love this game. It seems to still be at an affordable price for the amount of game you get, but it seems these B titles are on the rise as A-list and new titles become more expensive.
4 years ago
deep and fun, great animation on color dmd
4 years ago
Wow, what a fun pin to play.


6 ball multi ball
4 flippers
4 Ramps
dead World
So many shots and things to shoot for
Very entertaining
Supergame. It's like having 2 games in one


Too many shots, makes you think way to much lol Sarcasm
Dark play field, either got to add spot lights, or bright LED lights

This is a must have game because it's so much fun. There are so many shots and things to shoot for. 48th rank game for a very reasonable price.
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 11.

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