Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 7.994

Artwork: 8.183

Sounds/Music: 7.516

Other Aspects: 7.828

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
Heavy Metal Comic Book Madness and Fun.
No a well known theme or desired theme by most but it translates well.
Rock'n Music, fun modes and gameplay.
10 years ago
I love the sniper mode.
10 years ago
My bias may show in this revue because I have always loved the comic book series the game is based on and I own the game.

"What? No pop bumpers?" Trust me. Once you star the game you won't even consider that argument any more :) In fact, most people who play it never realize that the ubiqutous pop bumper isn't there! It's got so much going on that it would have been rudely gratuitous to plop one or more pops in there. I'm GLAD Trudeau left them out!

This widebody game has that rare combination of good flow and good stop and shoot. Knocking off the different judges is challenging but rewarding when you can accomplish it. Mastering the upper loop shots will get you good scores but the big key is the one scoop behind the drops. Knock down the drops, get in the scoop, finish the mode with orbit or ramp shots, start the multiball and collect the jackpots. Great modes like bad impersonator or, my favorite Move Your CAR! keep you coming back to dig out the next mode.

The pinbits.com Deadworld mod is a MUST. This makes the game play exactly as Mr. Trudeau intended it to play. It also adds that wow factor and really attracts attention of potential players.
Innovative Super Game is great if you want less of a strategic game and more of an in your face everything at once ball bash - FUN!
10 years ago
This is a good, solid pin. The theme is pretty good, if you're looking for a comic book theme, and not a movie theme. It goes well with the Brian Bolland Dredd I remembered. Nothing on the playfield is outstanding in the vein of Addams or Twilight Zone, but it is certainly playable. Maybe not one to keep forever though.
10 years ago
This game is under rated. I own one with the dead world mod which is a must. This game is a keeper
10 years ago
This thing is a beast to move but it is a wide body. Fast violent game. Violent meaning the ball slams into everything, a lot of my plastics are busted! Tons of multiballs, deep play set with difficult progression which keeps you coming back. Great ramps and toy, just make sure you get the dead world mod, makes it so much cooler. Put this machine under some black lights and it's looks amazing.
10 years ago
Finally feel like I have given this pin enough chances already. Just a garbage pin really. Terrible idea with the "super credit". Start every ball with a multiball? LAME. Your game sucked and you knew it, better put in some cheap thrills to cover it up. The license wasn't a strong one, and when that happens you'd better bring it up a couple of notches in game play. That didn't happen here. Clunky, Clunky, Ugly, Clunky Pin. Coolest feature is the shotgun granny dmd animation during the match game sequence. Although you always hope that it never hits, so you won't have to play it again.

*Update- Man I was harsh on this pin. It's not terrible by any means. Has good flow for a widebody. All in all a pretty mediocre pin, not awful.
10 years ago
This game just does not have “IT”. As soon as I pressed the start button I felt very uncomfortable, could not wait for the ball to drain. Sorry
10 years ago
Geat artwork, and theme thankfully based on the comic book and not the movie!
10 years ago
Very well underated game , 6 ball multiball , very fast , widebody and cheap ( mine cost me £800 ! ) compared to what you can pay for others. Only downside is the music can be repetative after a while
10 years ago
Mmmm, I think this is my least favourite of all the games I have owned and played thus far, I don't get it........., I try and get into it but switch it off after a couple of games, lovely playfield art, lots of ramps, 4 flippers, 6 balls, ace theme and music, why does this machine suck?? it does not come together and bores me personally, sorry I'm sure it clicks with some people but in my opinion it has it all but does not deliver the goods, shame.
11 years ago
I have to agree with some of the other reviews on this one. The game is 'technically' quite good. It has everything you would want in a pin; flow, neat ramps, a large toy and decent rules. Still, somehow it doesn't seem to all come together quite right.
11 years ago
JD is a solid game & the deadworld mod improves it. Had one for a few years. At that time it was great bang for your buck, but I can also see why it isn't an A title. Neat layout with lots of shots, lots going on, but rules are a little lacking. Missing the IT factor, game is a little too easy to walk away from but another solid effort by bly/wms nonetheless.
11 years ago
Pretty fun game. Great flowing game. When set up right this game is pretty fast. Nice animations, artwork and sounds. A great pin for $1000. Wouldn't mind owning one at that price but wouldn't seek it out.
11 years ago
This is an edited review.

After extended ownership, I still enjoy this game but not on the level I do some others. I think it can get a bit boring sooner than it should. Who knows maybe it is just me. I think I prefer Demolition Man, but still this is a fun game.
11 years ago
Sorry but I just don't enjoy this game, I just can't get into it. The balls drain too quick and it's not fun to play. I used to read the 2000 AD comics as a kid, so enjoyed reading the Judge Dredd cartoon strip. This machine leaves me cold.
11 years ago
Underrated & affordable pin. Judge Dredd is based on the 2000 AD comic (not the Stallone movie), so fans can breath a sigh of relief. John Trudeau is a huge Dredd fan, and the game shows it. Kevin O'Connor's artwork is incredible & faithful to source material. The dot matrix animations are just as graphic as the comic (people get impaled, melted to bones, and urinated on). Voice calls for the dark judges are wicked, and rock soundtrack really pulls you in. PF layout is a mixed bag. Lots of ramps (essential to complete the dot matrix crime scenes, which play out in real-time for on-lookers), pretty cool "Supergame" mode which changes rules a bit, "Judge" drop-target shooting, player-controlled mode selection via extra flipper buttons (change anytime during play), and pretty good flow. Then you have the deadworld lock device that doesn't do much (non-modded machine), with a shooter lane in the bottom left section that rarely gets used. Side drains are ginormous! Hard game w/ STTNG and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Make sure to get the Deadworld lock mod for this machine.
11 years ago
I gave this game pretty high scores in most categories.
Then why doesn't everything come together with this game for me is a mystery. .
If you look at the things to do, lighting, layout, and sound quality the game should be a slam dunk cinch.
Perhaps its a little too cutesy.
Perhaps I cant get the stupid movie out of the way. The game IS NOT the movie thankfully.
11 years ago
Fun wide body with a lot of good shote. Bad theme.
11 years ago
répétitif game,too much ball for playing,big box empty,I hate this game
12 years ago
I had this pin the longest out of all of my other ones. It keeps me coming back time and time again. This is truely an under-rated game in my opinion and would be great addition to any collection. I like this one much better than some of the more popular machines out there.
Rating update: I liked it much better when it was next to JP and STEP1, however as my collection has changed so has my opinion of the game. Still a good game, that's for sure and I would buy it again if I could find a deal on it but I don't miss it nearly as much as I miss my TZ! I should have never sold that one
12 years ago
JD has a great variety in shots with 4 flippers, great sound and art. Very fast and furious combos and an insane 6 ball multiball. Very cool features like start mode variety and multiple lights in some inserts for color indicators during gameplay. Flat out fun.
12 years ago
One of my favorite pins that I have played. Hold true to the movie theme and it is very challenging and the rule set can be complicated to keep your interest. This is an under rated and valued pin, great one to own for anyones collection. The wide body makes this one very nice to play and the playfield nice and open to shoot the pinball around!
12 years ago
great theme seems to have it all but it just does not work. a lot of the time its unclear what your meant to be shooting for and when you get it you don't really care too much! shame though because i love old stoney face. deadworld takes up too much room for what it does. Judge Death sounds really cool. Fear and Mortis are excellent too. Of all my pins this one i never really got into. Guests don't care for it much either
12 years ago
I just traded my Last Action Hero for the JD and love it! I just purchased the deadworld mod and look forward to playing the game the way it was originally designed. If you're are looking for a challenging pin at a fantastic price this one is for you!
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 11.

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