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Other Aspects: 7.908

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Found 283 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 283 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
It took me a minute to warm up to this game. Be sure to set it up to be hard - open up those outlanes, limit the extra ball awards, and put the rules on hard. Otherwise decent players will get to Ultimate Challenge in just a couple games.

The artwork - they pick a style, and stick with it. And it looks fantastic.
Speed - this game has tons of flow. It's nice to have a game without pop bumpers. And the backbox art integrates with gameplay, including flashers that correspond to modes, such as Dredd's motorcycle lights flashing when in pursuit mode.
Shots - there are tons of things to shoot for, loops, ramps, drops, and it's satisfying when you start chaining together combos
"video modes" - I like that they're integrated into the shots you make, such as the ramps you need to hit in pursuit corresponding to what's happening on the DMD, and the same goes for "Bad Impersonator" - a lot of video modes Bally/Williams put out in the 90s were a small step above the sort of videogame people were playing in the 70s and early 80s, and feel out of place. I wish more of their games used video modes like Dredd
Humor - gotta love the little easter eggs hidden in the game when you hit buttons at a specific time.

Give me a normal launch button, please.
Deadworld - ok, the mech with the deadworld mod is pretty cool. But as it shipped? The mech takes up a lot of real estate, and it and the crane really don't add anything to the game.
Supergame - Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I'd rather have a deeper main game mode integrating parts of "Supergame" than having a separate ruleset altogether. As it stands, I never load up "Supergame" because starting with a multiball is like having candy for dinner. It could have been more fun having those as different earned multiball modes in the main game required to reach "Ultimate Challenge."
Lighting - by default, it sucks. And it's a bummer, because the playfield has such beautiful art. Some warm-white spotlights and trough lighting really brightens the game up.

Depending on taste
Music - I can see it grating on folks. The first time I played it, I hated it. It's since grown on me.
Funky shots - I consider myself a decent player. Not a pro by any means, but some of the shots on here are kind of tough to hit. Air raid for example, and the reward for hitting it and getting the correct drop target is a measly 5 million. What's the point of this shot?
Some folks complain about the captive balls being a waste because they're not used in other modes, but I find them to a be a great risk/reward shot. Getting 2x multiplier on your modes is huge, but you don't want to earn it on a bad ball and it can be a dangerous shot to make.
74 days ago
Deadworld disc could have been left out entirely. Fun game. Clear objectives.
Also, Superplay!
75 days ago
A good fun widebody machine. It plays fast, has six ball multiball. Deadworld mod is excellent and I like the animations on the (upgraded) colour screen. The eagle topper is pretty cool too.
3 months ago
I rated this with the dead world mod. It's the real standard. This game has so much potential, with some TLC. Cabinet art is great, if it hasn't faded. Back glass is interactive with the lit shots. LEDs are a must. Spotlights for the center. Lots of customizable opportunities on this game. And not too complicated for a rookie to work on it. Bally williams made some quality stuff in the 90s. This is one of them. The guitar riffs are a bit repetitive though. Funny call outs. Update the red dots to color dmd. It's a must for home use.
3 months ago
We had this one at work for a long time. It's fun, but like so many, the lack of the Deadworld mod means coming out of the factory, they had a toy with no use. I have to ding this rating for that. Otherwise, a fun pin - I never was sold on the need for a Superpin option. I'd love to see a remake with the awesome Dredd film as the source, but this is still a solid, 90s pin.
5 months ago
Despite not knowing much about Judge Dredd, the layout design of this game has always appealed to me. After owning one for a while, it's still fun once in a while but probably not a permanent fixture. Still this doesn't feel slow like a lot of widebody games, a great use of the extra space. There does seem to be a lot going on but it's a pretty much a straightforward 90s mode game. Too bad about the limitations on the deadworld. I haven't tried to install the mod on mine. I've had to do a lot of work on it and I don't want to open it back up if I don't have to. It also seems like they could have done more with the code, so much untapped potential here.
9 months ago
My first pin, had alot of fun with it so far
10 months ago
This is the prettiest game I have owned. The artwork is amazing - playfield, back glass, cabinet - the whole thing. It also had some of the best sounds and sound effects of any game. It was well-suited to be a wide-body, and it never felt slow or plodding. Lots of cool features with the dead world mod being No. 1 among them. Pretty deep game in terms of rules too, you're not going to get to the end of the game in a hurry. I played a lot of long games with this one, which is both a pro and con.

I also need to shout-out the super game. Sometimes it was fun to just fire up this option and get to multi-ball right out of the gate, quickly followed by even more multi-balls. It lets you scratch your itch for some intense pinball action without having to earn it.
11 months ago
Not a Bad pin at All .. Good call outs , Light show and the Dead world mod is a Plus .. Good Wide body pin for it's Time .. Would Own it again ..
1 year ago
This game is excellent! It`s a widebody where the outlane on the left is in the "middle lane" The far left lane is a kickback that most of the time kicks the ball up to the upper right mini flipper. From there you van shoot a loop to the right upper flipper and start looping. Very cool. It has a 3 rails stacked on the right upper playfield. Lots of funny quotes, and the spinning in two directions - deadworld.
1 year ago
I love this game. The film shout outs are pertinent and gameplay can be fast and furious.
1 year ago
Superb game. Lots of great shots, humorous call outs, excellent dmd animations, beautiful playfield & fun modes make this fully loaded widebody very entertaining. Music rocks, theme integration is exceptional & Judge Dredd is voiced perfectly. Very clear directions throughout the modes make it obvious what you need to shoot for. Dead World multiball is one of my favorite multiballs, so good capturing those judges!

Only thing I could pick on would be that the lighting at the back of the playfield is a bit average. Would also consider it an easier game.

Overall, very impressed with this game
1 year ago
It’s ok but it’s very hard to understand.
1 year ago
Another nice pin that you should own at least once. I had a blast with Dredd. If you add the planet mod and LED this sucker, it’s a beautiful game! Shots are fun. I’d love to take another crack at it, since I’ve played and gotten better over the years. I bet I could beat it now. It’s just a heavy hard to move wide body that got me. Had to carry it with my brother up and down steps. If you own a stair climbing dolly should be fine.
The art is awesome, the cheesy crimes/fines are hilarious, and that crazy mutliball is so fun. Dredd again, is a must own once. I miss it!
1 year ago
Owned this machine in the past and enjoyed it. Fast game, full of different shots and features, lot of ramps with good flow. The Multiball 6 is a bit stressful but fun. Love the easter eggs and animations ; lot of humor in a dark theme. The cons: some lights missing & some parts of the code could be better.
A very good wide body.
1 year ago
A solid overall game that I think is lot of fun. Lot of modes and the various starting modes you can play with also really add to the fun factor of this. Enjoy the layout and overall shots of the title.
1 year ago
Bought this game for kids. They wanted ramps and multi balls. Based off comic book not the movie. My first Wide body pinball. Have to admit I like it. Theme is ok very specific for a certain age group who remember the comic. Lots to shot for. Call out help you know what to shot for during game spinning ball lock is cool easy for kids to follow rules on how to lock ball. 5 years for flatulence!!!! Kids love it. They love the fact you can start with multi ball by selecting super game and buy an extra ball when yours are done. Drain shield helps them get into the game before losing their balls. Shots are attainable fun game can get hectic at times with 5 balls on the play field. Glad I bought it probably paid to much but all games are ridiculously over priced right now I paid $3900 9/2/2022 with topper. I find I will play a couple games then move back to my EM games. I am older and do not need a lot going on to enjoy pinball.

Surprised this game is rated so low. Has something for everyone. Some pin heads may not like it’s a wide body. With everything this game has you need the space. Not a slow game. Side drains could be hungrier games can get long.
1 year ago
Critiques first:
The music is EXCELLENT, but repetitive. With long ball times it can be droning. Luckily there's different music during modes.
The sound quality between the different voices and the music feels off... almost as if they were recorded using different methods. The theme song is booming and Dredd sounds awesome, but the modes almost sound like they were recorded using a completely different (and worse) technology.
The Cabinet art is boring. I've seen an alternate with black instead of blue, which looks a little bit better, but would LOVE full comic art similar to the back glass.
Once you beat the wizard mode and the final boss, it's just victory lap jackpots after that. Not many games hold my immediate interest after I "beat" them (unless in tourny play), so at this point it's likely I'd just let them drain and go play another game.

The pros:
The backglass art, playfield art, and topper are all beautiful.

This game is LOADED with stuff to do. Tons of shots, tons of modes and mini modes, a "super" multiball that you can start with, and the Dredd callouts for each shot/task are excellent. You can shoot never ending combos on this thing.

As a fan of the comics, I absolutely love the theme. Co-written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Marvel's Civil War, Swamp Thing) There are so many cool characters, locations, and concepts from the comics in this game, and if you're are not familiar with the stories, you get to play the coolest "new" IP/license! I am so glad they did not use the Sylvester Stallone story and characters. Instead of fighting that stupid Rico guy from the 90s movie, your final battle is Judge Death. Instead of being helped by Rob Schneider's dopey character, they bring in Judge Judy, his psychic partner (as an add-a-ball)! They really focused on bringing the comic world to life in this game.

One of the best "moments" is activating the deadlworld. The lighting and sound all helps you focus in on that mode. Another feel-good is when you really get in rhythm during the Judge battles and start knocking them down! Unique modes, none of them are the same: the reactor's capture balls, the tank shots, the sniper in the tower, and one of the best is "public nuisance", an Elvis impersonator that you need to shoot the lit drop targets to get him off stage. Fun mini modes: the rocket shot from the left ball launcher, the judge stand-ups with the subway shot (which doubles as the super jackpot for super-ball).

I can play this game for hours . This is the first game I played that made me realize that pinball is my favorite hobby :)
1 year ago
What’s not to love? The artwork is amazing and I can play it for days.
1 year ago
With dead world “mod” and led upgrade, this is a fun pin to shoot. Sub woofer really improves the sound.
1 year ago
like this pin, had it since 1996. love the ultimate challenge mode, this one is easy enough to wizard mode. my favourite shots are the 2 tiny loops shots with the top left and right flippers. that top right tiny one has some kick, max small loops is 8.. has nice flow to it, if you stay looping up top and don’t miss you don’t drain.. and it score hard too. go for the hundred million!! funny call outs good to play over and over! it is under rated by many i think.
1 year ago
I think I'm a widebody fanboy... because I seem to gravitate towards the widebody games!

This is the first pinball that I ever bought. I was completely sucked in by the beautiful playfield artwork and the amazing colours! What a absolutely beautiful playfield! There is so much going on with the theme.. you can't help but have a closer look when you see this machine in the wild! There is also quite a few cool mods available for this table.

As for game play. It's a fast table. There are quite a few shots to make for ramps and subways. Loading up the deadworld ( if you have the deadworld mod) is quite satisfying.. seeing the crane unload them during multiball is very rewarding. The music can be a little repetitive, but not over the top. It fits the theme well. The callouts are good, and the animations are fun. I'm thinking a colour DMD would kick it up a notch. Overall, the theme and game play go together well, and this table is much better than it has been given credit for previously, but the competition from that era of games is staggering. Remember Adams family and star trek the next generation game out around the same time. So the following for this game is certainly lacking compared to what it should be.
1 year ago
Highly entertaining comic book pin with lots of toys on the playfield.

The side start button is a bit weird (there’s no plunge on the front), but the ‘super game’, which starts with a multiball, is pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the numerous ramps, the rotating ‘dead world’ toy and the little grab claw. That said, the gameplay felt strangely generic and I didn’t return to it after the initial play.
1 year ago
An ok experience, not more
1 year ago
It’s my goal to put time on all of the B/W super pins, and I just came from owning twilight zone for about four months. Similar to TZ, this game is packed with shots and is very rewarding to play. I love the four flippers, and ramp shots are buttery smooth! Modes are really fun, and I love how many shots they packed in around that upper right flipper. The downsides of this game are that it’s not as deep code wise, but comparable with other 90s games of the era. Music is also a bit repetitive, but overall this is a solid game that I would recommend owning at some point.
There are 283 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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