Judge Dredd

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Game Design: 8.045

Artwork: 8.263

Sounds/Music: 7.536

Other Aspects: 7.868

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Found 271 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 271 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
A solid overall game that I think is lot of fun. Lot of modes and the various starting modes you can play with also really add to the fun factor of this. Enjoy the layout and overall shots of the title.
24 days ago
Bought this game for kids. They wanted ramps and multi balls. Based off comic book not the movie. My first Wide body pinball. Have to admit I like it. Theme is ok very specific for a certain age group who remember the comic. Lots to shot for. Call out help you know what to shot for during game spinning ball lock is cool easy for kids to follow rules on how to lock ball. 5 years for flatulence!!!! Kids love it. They love the fact you can start with multi ball by selecting super game and buy an extra ball when yours are done. Drain shield helps them get into the game before losing their balls. Shots are attainable fun game can get hectic at times with 5 balls on the play field. Glad I bought it probably paid to much but all games are ridiculously over priced right now I paid $3900 9/2/2022 with topper. I find I will play a couple games then move back to my EM games. I am older and do not need a lot going on to enjoy pinball.

Surprised this game is rated so low. Has something for everyone. Some pin heads may not like it’s a wide body. With everything this game has you need the space. Not a slow game. Side drains could be hungrier games can get long.
33 days ago
Critiques first:
The music is EXCELLENT, but repetitive. With long ball times it can be droning. Luckily there's different music during modes.
The sound quality between the different voices and the music feels off... almost as if they were recorded using different methods. The theme song is booming and Dredd sounds awesome, but the modes almost sound like they were recorded using a completely different (and worse) technology.
The Cabinet art is boring. I've seen an alternate with black instead of blue, which looks a little bit better, but would LOVE full comic art similar to the back glass.
Once you beat the wizard mode and the final boss, it's just victory lap jackpots after that. Not many games hold my immediate interest after I "beat" them (unless in tourny play), so at this point it's likely I'd just let them drain and go play another game.

The pros:
The backglass art, playfield art, and topper are all beautiful.

This game is LOADED with stuff to do. Tons of shots, tons of modes and mini modes, a "super" multiball that you can start with, and the Dredd callouts for each shot/task are excellent. You can shoot never ending combos on this thing.

As a fan of the comics, I absolutely love the theme. Co-written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Marvel's Civil War, Swamp Thing) There are so many cool characters, locations, and concepts from the comics in this game, and if you're are not familiar with the stories, you get to play the coolest "new" IP/license! I am so glad they did not use the Sylvester Stallone story and characters. Instead of fighting that stupid Rico guy from the 90s movie, your final battle is Judge Death. Instead of being helped by Rob Schneider's dopey character, they bring in Judge Judy, his psychic partner (as an add-a-ball)! They really focused on bringing the comic world to life in this game.

One of the best "moments" is activating the deadlworld. The lighting and sound all helps you focus in on that mode. Another feel-good is when you really get in rhythm during the Judge battles and start knocking them down! Unique modes, none of them are the same: the reactor's capture balls, the tank shots, the sniper in the tower, and one of the best is "public nuisance", an Elvis impersonator that you need to shoot the lit drop targets to get him off stage. Fun mini modes: the rocket shot from the left ball launcher, the judge stand-ups with the subway shot (which doubles as the super jackpot for super-ball).

I can play this game for hours . This is the first game I played that made me realize that pinball is my favorite hobby :)
36 days ago
What’s not to love? The artwork is amazing and I can play it for days.
39 days ago
With dead world “mod” and led upgrade, this is a fun pin to shoot. Sub woofer really improves the sound.
43 days ago
like this pin, had it since 1996. love the ultimate challenge mode, this one is easy enough to wizard mode. my favourite shots are the 2 tiny loops shots with the top left and right flippers. that top right tiny one has some kick, max small loops is 8.. has nice flow to it, if you stay looping up top and don’t miss you don’t drain.. and it score hard too. go for the hundred million!! funny call outs good to play over and over! it is under rated by many i think.
4 months ago
I think I'm a widebody fanboy... because I seem to gravitate towards the widebody games!

This is the first pinball that I ever bought. I was completely sucked in by the beautiful playfield artwork and the amazing colours! What a absolutely beautiful playfield! There is so much going on with the theme.. you can't help but have a closer look when you see this machine in the wild! There is also quite a few cool mods available for this table.

As for game play. It's a fast table. There are quite a few shots to make for ramps and subways. Loading up the deadworld ( if you have the deadworld mod) is quite satisfying.. seeing the crane unload them during multiball is very rewarding. The music can be a little repetitive, but not over the top. It fits the theme well. The callouts are good, and the animations are fun. I'm thinking a colour DMD would kick it up a notch. Overall, the theme and game play go together well, and this table is much better than it has been given credit for previously, but the competition from that era of games is staggering. Remember Adams family and star trek the next generation game out around the same time. So the following for this game is certainly lacking compared to what it should be.
5 months ago
Highly entertaining comic book pin with lots of toys on the playfield.

The side start button is a bit weird (there’s no plunge on the front), but the ‘super game’, which starts with a multiball, is pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the numerous ramps, the rotating ‘dead world’ toy and the little grab claw. That said, the gameplay felt strangely generic and I didn’t return to it after the initial play.
5 months ago
An ok experience, not more
6 months ago
It’s my goal to put time on all of the B/W super pins, and I just came from owning twilight zone for about four months. Similar to TZ, this game is packed with shots and is very rewarding to play. I love the four flippers, and ramp shots are buttery smooth! Modes are really fun, and I love how many shots they packed in around that upper right flipper. The downsides of this game are that it’s not as deep code wise, but comparable with other 90s games of the era. Music is also a bit repetitive, but overall this is a solid game that I would recommend owning at some point.
7 months ago
"1 year for flatulence!"

JD is an interesting pin with a lot of unusual features. It fares much better as part of a collection than as a standalone table, but it's still decently fun in its own right.

+ animation variety and quality is excellent. color DMD makes a huge difference, really brings the comic art to life.
+ triple-stacked wireform ramp is visually neat.
+ cabinet art is A-OK, playfield art is fitting, and backglass is pretty cool.
+ air raid upper-right ramp shot is TOUGH, but it's satisfying when you make it.
+ Crime Scenes cleverly reference characters from past Bally/Williams tables (I always lol when seeing the snackbar guy from CFTBL getting thrown in jail)

- why on earth are there 2 EB standup targets? 1 is fine. adding a second one was unnecessary.
- the side buttons are woefully underused. you mean to tell me Williams deliberately added large square "fire" buttons next to the flipper buttons, ONLY to use them for cycling between modes? not even one Smart Missile usage?!? what a waste.
- there's no plunger; in fact, there's no ball launch button at all on the front of the cabinet, which can confuse beginners (more than once, I've had a friend say "what the hell do I do to start it?")
- multiball music is grating, multiball objectives are uninspired.
- dual captive balls are kind of useless, outside of meltdown mode.
- anticlimactic wizard mode. womp womp.
- ball locks 1 & 2 are digital (I have the same complaint with LZ), but as another commenter pointed out, before shooting the left ramp for Lock 1 a female voice says "dimensional phase three" and that doesn't make sense.

Overall, I don't mind Dredd's quirky playfield layout and appreciate the integration of the futuristic theme, but the rules aren't as deep as similar widebody tables (Road Show, Demo Man) and the incompleteness of Deadworld is a bummer. I might hang onto mine for a year or two and trade it for something else/better.
7 months ago
Hard to play, good game
7 months ago
I was very excited to finally play Judge Dredd, I left disappointed. I found this game fun at first, but left thinking it wasn't challenging enough.
8 months ago
Played this for the first time at lax 2020 and fell in love with it. Recently it showed up at my local pinball hall and I'm loving it even more. Theme, art, sounds, shots, lights, and deadworld are awesome. I'm buying this game asap.
1 year ago
I love all the wireforms in this game, and the wide variety of shots to make. The upper flipper shots are fun and the modes are fun to play. The game is a bang for your buck in my opinion. The physical ball lock mod also brings this game up another level as well.
1 year ago
Underrated player. If it's theme wasn't totalitarian police, I may still own it.
1 year ago
It’s a fun satisfying pin. Really good toys and theme.
One of my first to play.
1 year ago
Loads of fun playing it!
1 year ago
As a fan of the Judge Dredd comics growing up, its a machine I’ve always gravitated to. It’s a fun game to play with shots all over the playfield. The artwork and animations are fantastic and despite common consensus, I like the music. Dredd is the law!
1 year ago
I am the law! I only played this a few times in basic training at the local BX. From what I remember it was awesome.
1 year ago
Very underrated game, cheap and fun! Nice flow to it, long lasting games. Good for starters to learn shots in ramps.
1 year ago
cool shots. cool toys and gadgets. it'll keep you coming back. I think it's a pretty deep game as far as rules go. Easy to get multiball if you pick BLACKOUT mode.

It's fun. Good time to play. Spinning lock is definitely fun. Packed with stuff for a widebody game. A lot of blind area on the playfield. But doesn't make it hard. It's fun overall.
1 year ago
I love pinball. This is a great game for kids, but is honestly the least fun pin I ever rotated through my basement. It is a beautiful game with lots of shots, but I just did not have fun with it. The art on the cabinet, backbox, and even the playfield is fantastic. The animations in this game are some of the best to ever grace a DMD. The sounds are good. Where the game falls flat is in gameplay. This thing is loaded with toys with 3 captive balls, 2 powered shooters, drop targets, 4 flippers, and Deadworld, but the sum is no greater than its parts. I went through to the wizard mode the third time I played this game. The modes are unimaginative and can be blasted through quickly. The Deadworld doesn't really do much as a toy, although props for the interactivity it provides with the ball.

I would not recommend this game for decent pinball players as there is just not much to do. I would also hesitate to purchase this game as a first time pin buyer due to the mechanical complexity and sheer weight of the game. This is a 325 pound machine as opposed to the normal 250 as it is a widebody. Replacement parts are readily available, but the most likely thing to fail is that deadworld, and a new motor runs about $400.

Where this game does shine though is with kids, especially young ones. Little kids don't care much about gameplay and the art is bright and colorful, with wonderful animations on the screen, especially with a color DMD. It also has the supergame feature allowing you to start off with a multiball, which kids love. The rules are also fairly simple and easy to understand, and the buy in feature allows kids to get as far as they want in the game.

If this was my only pin I'd still play it tons, but there are better games out there. This is an entry level pin with a relatively low price for a reason.
1 year ago
A lot to do for a 90's machine. Good theme and fun, but friends and family doesn't seem to like it very much. Maybe a bit hard for novice.
1 year ago
This game is beyond loaded, there is so much to shoot for in such a unique layout. The art and theme is amazing if you're into JD and the music, callouts and animations are top notch.
The deadworld is such a neat mech alongside the crane, but can take some fiddling to get working properly - but man when it does, it's unreal. This may be the best bang for your buck game in the DMD era I can think of.
There are 271 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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