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This game received 25 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.357 /10


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This game ranks #195 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.587

Artwork: 7.274

Sounds/Music: 6.124

Other Aspects: 7.511

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Found 16 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Extremely rare. So much so, that I would say the value just isn't there unless you are a very serious collector. This pin is fun, but not more so than the 2 NIB pins you could have at the same cost.
8 months ago
A two play pinball machine, at the same time?!?! Yes Joust is a versus machine, and very fun! It’s crazy and quirky game play makes for fast fun head to head pinball. It’s a must play every time you can find one.
9 months ago
Wow. Few have actually played this game. I did one evening, it was a blast. Two player is incredible well designed.
9 months ago
Galloping Ghost has a Joust and I've played it quite a bit. I don't ever play really more than 2-3 games on it per visit. But, I do try to always play on it each time I am there, as this is a super rare and unique pinball machine.
I only ever played 1 solo game on it. Not interested in that. But, I did think it was neat that I controlled both sides with my flippers with single player game mode.

The art on this game is minimal, but actually has more than the traditional cocktail machine. I like that there is art on the fronts of each cab. A nice touch, and it perfectly captures the looks and feel of the original Joust arcade game. Which I as an aside always enjoyed playing.
For the cab itself. I rather am a fan of wood grain look. It screams atari to me, and that is a good thing. So I like how this cab looks.
The playfield art is good, and once again captures the feel of the arcade game. Nothing too amazing, but it looks good and doesn't feel too busy.
The layout of the game is unique. I mean how many other head to head games are there. Two spinners, but only one belongs to you for the points. The other its best to avoid. 2 rows of drops, a saucer, and then you have the drops that act as a bonus multiplier. I would say... If I was just shooting the game by myself and had only my half of the playfield and the other half was blocked off. This layout would only be adequate, but you throw in the element of another player and balls caroming back and forth between sides, and this layout is actually fantastic.
And that head to head play is what this machine is all about. Its super fun to play against your friend and really just a fun and unique pinball experience. I'm not very good at this game. I don't really know or understand the rules, and that is fine. I do go for my spinner once its juiced, and I know about the eggs and the bonus... Really that is most of the rules, I just don't know what makes the spinner juiced.
But, what I do know is that head to head games are frenetic and a joy to play. I normally am on the losing side of things. Which is a rarity for me for when I play my father or my friends. But, that is okay. As I always have fun on this machine.
A 2 player game doesn't take too much time to play and is a really nice change of pace from the other games that you could play.
I like the sounds in this game. They just fit pinball, and I really like the sound that starts up when its the last 30 seconds and you just get the huge rush of balls being launched constantly.
As for the theming of the machine. As I said the art matches. Does the two player head to head play denote the classic feel of Joust the Arcade game. I think in a way it is fitting.
I can understand why this machine was not a hit in the 80s. As probably the pricing for the 2 player game was way too much and too expensive for the time that you could get.
But, that is not something I have to worry about. And really this is just a fun machine.
If you can find one you should play one.
Would I ever want to own one... They're expensive. Even if they weren't. This wouldn't be a machine I'd want in my collection. Its really a bit useless as a single player machine, and even as a two player game. I would get bored of playing it over and over. It is fun, really fun in fact. But, in smaller dosages. I don't see myself playing this for more than 30 minutes in one sitting. Fun idea would be to do king of the hill type tournament. Where the winner stays and the losers cycle out. That could be fun, and then at the end of the night you count who had the most wins total.

And if it wasn't clear my feelings on this machine. I think as a one player game it is rubbish. Two player is the only way to play this game.
1 year ago
Super fun game with what looks like a decent element of strategy in the rule set, but also seems like a great game for having people over who don't really know anything about pinball and want to have a good time.
2 years ago
Fun game for all regardless of age. Very unique and hard to find. Sound effects are 80s influenced but adds to the nostalgia.
3 years ago
This is probably the worst head-to-head pinball that I have played, and for sure, very overrated.

The spirit of this type of machine must be to fight against an opponent, such as on a table football. With this one, one has the feeling that each one plays his game, independently of the other, as if it had two separated playfield. In this case, networked pinball machines are much more interresting.

Older models like the "Calcio Italia" or the "Fussball Europa Flipper" are by far more interresting and funny to play. There at least, one can score goals to his opponent. But with the joust, we wait rather that the opponent loses the ball to be able to play.

Already with the Alvin's machines (AG Soccer / AG Football), we have less fun, because the playfield is too complex. But the advantage is that you can play alone against the computer (the flippers are automated with switchs).
Joust is for me the example of what should not be done for this category of pinball. Its only interest is that it is relatively compact, but the game is not at all fun as it should be.
5 years ago
This game is wacky, and I'll admit a full half of my games I was flailing at balls rather than trying to score high. It was a lot of fun, but when players were doing that the score was really random. I think you need 2 skilled players for this game to really shine. I can't imagine there is must lasting value just batting balls back and forth otherwise. Single player is nonsense. I like the race element to it (i.e both players race to complete target banks, then when one player scores it resets it for both). I sort of wish sending balls to the other side benefited you somehow, unless you nail it STDM you really don't want to do that. The game is super frantic but you need to aim carefully to keep your balls under your control! The 30 second unlimited balls at the end of each game is total novelty. Again, tons of fun to bat the balls around, but I don't know if you can seriously focus on particular scoring during the chaos. The sound is superb, all ripped directly from the arcade game. Looks pretty great too.

I think this would appeal to the kind of person who owns a Warlords cocktail. It's chaotic multiplayer fun that you're really never going to play alone, and it's not a super serious game too worry too much about high scores.
5 years ago
Game needs to be played with two sex, it can be done solo, but is nowhere near as satisfying. I've played it both ways and it is very boring solo.

With two players you really need to know the rules which aren't that easy to pick up and understand. Would be great as a knockout tournament game.

Art is dead on and noises complement the game. Gets old quickly for me, but I enjoy the novelty.
5 years ago
After playing for the first time, this is my #1 most wanted pin. I need to spend a little time learning the rules but just the idea of two players head to head is awesome.
5 years ago
What an odd machine! What a BLAST!

So here's the thing: some shots benefit *your* score. Others benefit your *opponent's* score. Others will *subtract* from your either score. Got it? Well good luck... because it's insanity trying to line any of them up when balls come flying INCOMING when you least expect it!

A totally wacky, random, wonderful descent into controlled chaos. And that's even BEFORE the 30-second "Berserker Mode" finale! All skill levels, all ages, THIS is a party machine. We kept lining up to play this at Expo and it was endless fun even when the outcome made no sense at all.

The dated sounds work PERFECTLY and for fans of the classic video games it's based on, so much better.

As a 1-player game it's not as crazy but it's plenty challenging enough given the inverted "mirror shot" playfield you have to work against. It's not as deep and without another human working against you, the available shots and overall re-playability might get stale. Still, the 5th-drain triggering a 30-second countdown presents a cool best-score-timed-run challenge. But considering its design intent, you should not buy this as a 1-player machine.

Too bad this never caught on... I'd love to play something like it more often!

(Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)
[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium]
6 years ago
Best 2 player game ever assembled! Wish someone would make a new game/theme in this head2head style.
7 years ago
Joust is a unique game where head to head action actually works. In fact it is the best way to play this game.

The Pros: Once you know this game, it is a blast to play. Shots are not always easy to make and hitting the wrong spinner will give your opponent points. Just hope that they don't have it lit to 5k! Hitting targets and racing your opponent on the other side of the table to collect is great fun. Learning the sound cues on this game is key.

The Cons:
The game is not obvious to the person walking up to it the first time. Even starting a 2 player game can be confusing. "What do you mean I hit the flippers to start the game?" The single player game is just not that exciting.

The Takeaway:
It may seem like a bit of a novelty, but Joust is the best head-to-head competitive table I have EVER played (Out of 10, I had to give it a 10, otherwise it's a 5 as a single player). It completely lives up to it's theme and purpose. The flippers even "flap" like the video game did. Another awesome pin-gem from Barry Oursler and his team of merry pin-men.If you can find one and have a pinball player to play with... get a game or three on this table. Your life will be better for it.
8 years ago
awesome ! very fun to play but soooo expensive to buy
9 years ago
This game is very interresting and fun. you can play two against a friend. its like a standup cocktail style machine. it has two playfields that come together with a spinner in the middle so at any time a ball from the other side may come flying into your side of the machine fast a fun very different. a must play atleast once!
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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