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This game received 85 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.249 /10


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This game ranks #214 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.157

Artwork: 7.711

Sounds/Music: 6.768

Other Aspects: 7.27

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Found 42 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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72 days ago
This is one of my least favorite system 11 games. I don't care for the shots, lack of depth, or theme. It really doesn't have any redeeming qualities for me.
9 months ago
Game layout it simple but challenging. Right and Left ramps with a center target for the pop up center ramp, top of the playfield has lots of rollover switches, 3 pop bumpers, two shots one for table bonus advancement and one for the draw poker wheel in the backglass and 3 banks of drop targets. The ramp shots are more difficult than they look!
The music is repetitive but not as annoying as I thought it would be. Call outs and Jokerz giggling are perfect to the theme. The art work is great. The mechanical center ramp and draw poker wheel are fun. The flow is surprisingly good.
The kids and beginning players tend to gravitate to this game in my small collection and the old guys keep coming back to hit the "Double Your Score" feature on the last ball.
My expectations for Jokerz was low and it has surpassed my expectations. It's a fun system 11 title that would fit well in any size collection.
11 months ago
Put a lot of quarters into this one back in the day. People either love or hate the music and sounds and I think they're great and perfect for the theme. Main criticism is wish there were more things to shoot for, wish the knockdown targets were more accessible and integrated into the ruleset other than the standalone million which is difficult to hit in 10 seconds. Always had a lot of fun playing!

Additional comment since purchasing this game: I really love the attention to detail that was put into the entire multi-ball and Jackpot sequence and implementation. When you raise the center ramp and lock the first ball, the music modulates up a note, giving you a clue that you are onto something and making progress. When you manage to lock the second ball, the machine delightedly announces "Joker's Wild!" and goes into a light, music and helium-infused laughing frenzy throughout the entire multi-ball. Each time you shoot the ball up the center ramp scoring 1 of 4 suits towards Jackpot, the machine rewards you with a loud "whooooh!" and the multi-ball music speeds up, increasing the frenzy and adrenaline of the multi-ball. After scoring the third ramp/suit, the music changes to let you know that you've almost scored the big prize, along with the helium Joker repeatedly announcing "Jackpot!" and a loud "Waaaaooo-ooooh!" When you hit the 4th ramp, the music and light show goes crazy, and awards you the progressive Jackpot and (up to) 4 million points. If you *lose* the multi-ball prior to scoring the jackpot, the king brutally announces "Quiet, we are playing!" and you have to start over and re-activate multi-ball to continue the quest toward Jackpot. For a game with what may be a light-hearted and "silly" theme, the designers did a great job making the challenge addicting, and a well-designed and exciting reward that you actually have to work to get.
1 year ago
This is one game I wish I held on to... one of my favourite system 11 games. Great sounds and music by Chris Granner. Highly underrated and yet another great non-licensed Williams game. The three banks of drop targets are a challenge when going for million and the light surge when a ball is locked is a nice touch.
1 year ago
This is just a fun old school game. I own it and it was my favorite game growing up. The draw poker game is such a fun part of the game. It's an inexpensive way to get into pinball.
1 year ago
Out of the 3 machines I own Jokerz is the one I play the most.
I love a lot of things about it.. I mean a lot ! The backglass, the rules, the feel.
But... either mine is poorly tuned or I am a really bad player because it's so frustrating.
The ramps are too difficult to get to and as soon as you loose control of the ball the two outlanes drains your balls quickly.

Multiball is also fun to get to but really hard to control to get the jackpot.

Other then that it's a keeper right now.
1 year ago
Fun game. Easy rule set. Good call outs.
Music is repetitive. Overall I feel the game is under rated. Excellent bang for buck machine.
1 year ago
The two side ramps are kind of useless in this game... Yes, at on 3rd ball you can double your score... But, if you have a low score it doesn't matter. Really the main thing to shot for are 3 different shots. The middle ramp(and ramp raise button), the add a card shot, and then the draw poker shot.
But, really my focus would be the middle ramp and to get into mb as much as possible.
I do like the draw poker effect on the backglass. And I do like the backglass. But, the playfield art while having a pretty lady on it, just by and large isn't that good. The ruleset is simple, but easy to understand, and while not deep I do enjoy games like this. I hate the music, I hate the sfx, and they get really annoying really fast which kills replay. But, then again, as stated their isn't much to shot for in this game. An so I think about 15-25 minutes is as long as I'd ever want to play the game... Would I ever be interested in owning one of these games... For the right price, and if I had room for like 100 games... Then maybe...
2 years ago
Such a fun game that makes you want to play it over and over again.
2 years ago
The more I play Jokerz the more and more I like it.

The game has a rule set easy enough anyone can grasp it within a few plays, but is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more and more and more. The flow of this game is pretty slow. Lots of bouncing shots not doing much other than rolling around. The shots are rewarding and well balanced. I would recommend changing the rules to the preset "Easy Mode". It gives you more time to hit your bonus shots after they are activated and I think make the game much more playable. The rising middle ramp to lock balls, spinning poker wheel, Millions Drop Targets, and Double Your Score ramps are nice gimmicks and are fun.

The artwork is bearable. I actually like the artwork on the middle/bottom of the playfield simple yet effective, but I think the top of the playfield is pretty bare with not much going on. The backglass is a cool piece it has nice artwork with plenty of flashers, spinning poker wheel, and Jackpot staff that lights as you raise the jackpot to it maximum. I enjoy the cabinet artwork and think it fits the theme well.

Now to what is in my opinion easily the worst part of the game. The audio. The music and sound effects are terrible. Then you add in the terrible sys11 hum and buzz that most machines have. The callouts are decent but the jester laughs get annoying pretty fast. The only saving grace for the music is there is a decent amount of music changes when entering different modes.

The end of the day the game is challenging and keeps me wanting more. For the price compared to other games on market with much less features really makes this game a steal.

Edit: Came back to add that I just switched over to 100% LED's and it really woke the game up. I never realized how many cool light shows this machine had. Mostly because I had a ton of GI and Flashers burnt out. Now running at 100% this game really shines with LED's and Red and Blue flashers.
2 years ago
Jokerz is the game that I play the most, out of the 7 in my current lineup. The only reason it would ever leave, is if I found one in better condition. It is an absolute blast to play, for me. This is pinball, in my opinion. If dialed in and maintained properly, you just can't beat it. The price is fantastic right now, I wish other pins were as reasonably priced. There are so many shots to go for, and plenty to do on this deck. The poker wheel in the backglass is an awesome gadget, and the lifting ramp is fun, too.
Once you figure out the rules, this game just doesn't get old to me. I put different colored LEDS up the bonus post in the backglass, and adding blue LEDS under the blue lenses (5) that are in the area above and between the flippers, really made them pop. I used red on the extra ball ones in the lanes, and a color changer on the Queens ring. The rest of the game got premium Comet LEDS, and it is beautiful and lit up well.
The 2 ball multiball on this table suits it perfect. Having to run the ramp 4 times to collect the jackpot, balances the rules nicely. Some people don't like the ability to "double yer score" on the third ball, but I think it adds to the fun and the competition. It probably wouldn't be well suited for tournaments because of this, but I don't base my purchase on that. The fun factor is there, without a doubt. This is a perfect 1st pin, or a great addition to any collection. It is also a great family pin. Kids love this game, and all of my friends and family gravitate to this one, once they understand the ruleset. The 4 to 7 year olds love Revenge From Mars, of course, but they can still get into this one.
The ramps are easy to hit (and fun - the points build every time you hit them!), it is not a drain monster (like Pinbot - drives the kids nuts!), and the build quality is excellent. I have played hundreds of games on mine at this point, and have not had a single problem with it. It cleans and waxes up beautifully, and LEDS really help this game. I think it deserves a way higher rating than it gets here, it oughta easily be in the top 50. If you want a machine that you will love playing at a great price, give Jokerz a shot. If you have everything working as it should, you'll have a blast. You really can't go wrong with this pinball machine. I love mine.
2 years ago
A decent game nothing to great about it . Fun to play one or two games then starts to get old.
3 years ago
For me this is a great pinball, wonderful design, very fun game and engaging sound, great Youssi work !!!
4 years ago
Nice game. Enjoyed the them and playfield.
4 years ago
Fun game play, rules not too deep, easy for a beginner to pick up but remains challenging enough for an experienced player. The theme is good adds to the gameplay. The flow is not great, but this is one of those classic 80's pins that you can have lots of fun with but can be had for a decent price. Give it a shot!
4 years ago
fun game
4 years ago
originaly played on location...nice game to play simple to master ,2ball multi ball,the center ramp can get pushed over during multi ball and wnt shut,the little jokers laugh is kinda cute kinda anoying but would always make me smile, if i was behind on points and last ball and was last to play i would double my final score by hitting both ramps and made a come back many times which always upset the person i played,,only game that has that function...had one for about 7yrs sold it to get a is diffrent, not much flow but fun to play,i liked the queen alot more on the playfield is kinda missed..great 80's game,dnt have room for one at a good price, not a keeper in todays market for me,but i do like the 80's vibe it gives
4 years ago
Basically a two shot game, and one of the shots (the left kickout) can be hit by accident while aiming for the other (the ramp) as on purpose, the ramps and right kickout are basically useless, which is sad. The drops aren't worth aiming for till you get to 'millions' and then they're pretty good; basically not something you think about during normal play though. Theme is stupid, but the sound is really good, especially the rubber below the right drops whose soul purpose is to laugh at you if you hit it (it's probably my favorite feature). There's really nothing to the game, but I keep coming back to it, and friends+family love it. Great game for the money, especially if you're buying your first pin cheap. My problems with it are very similar to my complaints about T2, and when you think about it they're actually very similar games, all about just starting multiball over and over, and Jokerz' multiball is more fun that T2's (I'm not a fan of the 'lock all the balls again' approach to multiball, I just worked hard to start multiball!)
5 years ago
I really loves it, it's for me a good childhood' memories,the sound the backbox' roulette the draw bridge the jokerz sneering all the time; the music is fun a really good system 11;
plus it a good challenge playing it
5 years ago
This was the pin that got me into pinball. It's also the first one I bought as soon as I had the chance.

It's a great game to play and a bit of a bear to restore but, well worth the effort.

The shots are not all that easy which makes this game scratch my challenge itch.
5 years ago
Jokerz is a game I thought I would not like, but ended up loving. The playfield layout isn't conducive to flow. As such every shot (except the drop targets) effectively stops the ball for a moment while you watch it do its thing. However, when you figure out what all those shots do and how they can affect your score, things start to become more interesting.

The big payoff is getting your Jackpot in multiball (center ramp). However, there's some fun strategy in completing your top lanes while getting "2X playfield" running in multiball. Also, getting a second jackpot in the same multiball is one of the most satisfying things I've accomplished in pinball simply due to the fact that it is so risky (the ramp lowers back down after each shot when going for the second jackpot). Building your right ramp value and cashing that in is a lot of fun too, and getting that or getting the drop target million hurry-up while at 2X playfield is very satisfying as well.

Art-wise things work on the playfield, although the art style may not be all that appealing to many. There's no denying though that the way the art is implemented on the playfield is creative, especially by the flippers and the "table" in the center of the playfield. The cabinet art itself, while creative, doesn't really do it for me. The backglass on the other hand is excellent with a much smoother art style than what you get on the playfield or cabinet itself. Sound-wise I grew to enjoy the game, but the laughing sound and goofy music was a turnoff at first. It fits the game though and I do like it for what it is.

It should be mentioned, Jokerz is a challenging game very much in the same vein as a lot of early solid states--simple playfield layout, pops in the middle of the upper playfield, with lots of unpredictable bounces as the ball makes its way back down to the flippers. Lots of fast drains here on this one and as a result the game heavily rewards slower, methodical play styles, not fast on-the-fly shooting (although, you can still play like that occasionally if you are really good).

The "Double Your Score" mechanic. I like this and it makes Jokerz stand out from the rest of the pack. There's nothing quite like getting a high score on balls one and two (say, 14 million), then doubling it right at the last second on ball three. The feeling you get when you manage this is awesome.

Some tips I have for making this a more enjoyable game: 1) Set the game on Novelty mode. This forces the Jackpot at the maxed out four million and doesn't reset when scored. This makes multi-player and competitive/tournament games more balanced. 2) Setting the "Million drops" timer higher than the default is recommended as well--20+ seconds is where you want it. The stock 10 seconds or so is too short and difficult to complete which makes going for it not very worthwhile. Extending the timer balances things out a bit and makes it worth shooting for. 3) Put smaller post sleeves at the base of the "raise ramp" target. When I got the game there were fat yellow sleeves there and the shot was very difficult to hit. The shot is already risky as is and having fatter sleeves surrounding the target makes the player ignore one of the most important (and fun) playfield aspects of this machine. 4) This should be a given on any game, but make sure the flippers are in good shape. When the flippers are snappy like after a rebuild, this game really screams and keeps you on your toes.

Overall Jokerz shines in the challenge and it has the same kind of replay value as many games that came six to eight years before it. It's a great game that's going to be a mixed bag to some in terms of theme and sound implementation. On strictly a gameplay basis, it's a great game that I highly recommend playing. If I am able to have a greater amount of space to store pins in the future, I would love to own another.
5 years ago
Theme does nothing for me on this release and the music is annoying as hell. Not one of the better sys 11 games I have to admit but I can see why others enjoy it.
5 years ago
Fun game. Great art, cool theme, fun to play. Can be had for cheap.
Brutal outlanes. This game begs to be nudged.
Get one, play one. Not the deepest rule set, but a fun and inexpensive game that is very family friendly.
5 years ago
Jokerz is a solid game. You probably won't find anyone who would call it a great pin, but it is definitely fun. Good artwork, okay sound, lots of shot variety, fun gameplay.

I have mixed feelings on the rules. They do an excellent job of encouraging you to shoot the risky shots and shoot shots which don't score much themselves but instead build up the ramp bonus, table bonus, or jackpot. Where the rules fail is the shots don't move. So while there is a lot to shoot at, only a few of the shots are actually worth shooting. Scoring is also unbalanced but the adjustments give you some control over it.

All and all, I really enjoy playing Jokerz and it gives me that "just one more game" feeling.
6 years ago
This game was in my local arcade along with whirlwind, pinbot and funhouse. Jokerz! ate my quarters quicker than any of those three. Same with my friends. I see it hasn't followed the same collector path as those other titles but i still enjoy playing it. A very underrated game.
There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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