Johnny Mnemonic (Williams, 1995)

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on Johnny Mnemonic
193,286,601,420 2014-05-02 home 3 1.2 #1
“~3B spinner millions multiplied with 4x bonus and three stacked hold bonuses for first ball. Then collected some extra balls and more hold bonuses and award bonus once. It's hilarious how the end of ball countdown adds up the holded bonus twice to your score.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
103,198,315,610 2012-10-11 location 3 #2
“30+ minutes played and many death saves and impossible nudges later.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
93,059,960,650 2014-11-01 home 3 1.2 #3
“Accomplished absolutely nothing on my first two balls and considered quitting. Played on and lit spinner millions on ball 3. Got it up to about 2.5 billion and lit 4X bonus for almost 11 billion total bonus. Held bonus twice and scored Award Bonus from the matrix once. Probably had about 3 total extra balls during the game, and made it to Powerdown, but I only scored about 4 billion points there.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
72,918,506,330 2016-03-14 home 3 #4
“That spinner, combined with the ability to hold and award bonus mid-play can go a long way”
on Johnny Mnemonic
71,940,000,980 2018-02-24 home 3 #5
“Over 20 minutes, got bonus multiplier to 4x then hold bonus multiple times along with spinner millions.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
54,485,379,880 2018-04-01 home 3 #7
on Johnny Mnemonic
51,434,281,030 2017-12-30 home 3 0.4 #8
“Maybe 20 minits...maybe”
on Johnny Mnemonic
49,998,928,840 2015-08-11 home 3 #9
on Johnny Mnemonic
46,443,362,750 2017-10-31 home 3 #10
“Cyberlock and Quick Multiball with 4X Bonus and Bonus Held with Spinner Lit. Had 6+ Billion on Powerdown ”
on Johnny Mnemonic
41,312,882,220 2014-07-13 home 3 #11
on Johnny Mnemonic
37,882,540,750 2017-06-21 home 3 #12
on Johnny Mnemonic
35,114,250,800 2015-12-12 home 3 #14
“23 billion first ball and all down hill from there no powerdown”
on Johnny Mnemonic
34,704,787,320 2015-02-06 home 3 #15
“Focused on looping the left ramp during yakuza strike and powerdown, paid off pretty well. Managed to get spinner millions up to 800M 4x hold once. Three extra balls played.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
34,593,641,146 2016-10-13 home 3 1.2R #16
“Power down mode completed and had a 13B bonus awarded twice from a "hold bonus"”
on Johnny Mnemonic
33,999,571,100 2012-10-14 home 3 #17
“I just got this Johnny Mnemonic October 11th, and spent as much time as I could on it during its inaugural weekend. I wasn't totally sure what I was doing, but I got the Spinner Millions waaaaaaaay up there, maxed out the 8x Bonus, collected the bonus once as a Matrix Award, then again at the end of the ball. Also during this game, I took my first trip to Power Down, and hot damn, that mode is exciting. Amazing game, and I just realized this is gonna be a tough score to beat...”
on Johnny Mnemonic
33,619,606,440 2014-06-11 home 3 #18
“Two power downs.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
31,779,004,500 2013-10-04 home 3 #19
on Johnny Mnemonic
31,451,218,440 2015-02-28 home 3 #20
on Johnny Mnemonic
28,232,336,970 2016-04-27 home 3 #21
“Absolute insanity. Got 4 billion on spinner millions and hold bonus on ball 1. Prolly 12 billion just on hold bonus alone. 1 shot from Powerdown.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
28,000,000,000 2014-06-14 home 3 #22
“Decent spinner millions with a hold bonus. Made it to power down mode but didn't score that much there.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
26,547,751,770 2013-07-07 home 3 1.2 #24
“Not that great of a game, and didn't make it anywhere near Powerdown, but got a nice Spinner Millions with several multipliers and hold bonuses.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
25,736,443,820 2016-08-02 home 3 #25
“Two Frenzy modes, breakout game. Feeling good!”
on Johnny Mnemonic
24,479,381,050 2016-05-18 home 3 #26
on Johnny Mnemonic
23,618,815,340 2013-05-30 home 3 #27
on Johnny Mnemonic
21,458,726,158 2013-08-02 home 3 #30
“Fairly quick game actually....was just hitting everything. Power Down!”
on Johnny Mnemonic
21,085,499,820 2013-01-24 home 3 #31
on Johnny Mnemonic
19,000,000,000 2015-07-16 home 3 1.2 #34
“3 ball, just got the game up and running”
on Johnny Mnemonic
16,665,938,190 2015-10-03 home 3 #36
on Johnny Mnemonic
16,274,135,010 2014-07-20 home 3 #37
“Hit Power Down and then about 3 modes after that.”
on Johnny Mnemonic
16,200,484,900 2014-11-25 home 3 #38
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