Johnny Mnemonic

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Game Design: 8.193

Artwork: 7.093

Sounds/Music: 7.379

Other Aspects: 7.982

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
Fun, fast pin. The main toy (glove) is somewhat of a double edged sword- It's cool at first when it grabs the magnet, it's original, and it gives the player a nice break from the fast gameplay. On the other hand, there really is no skill to dropping the ball in the correct keypad slot, so it becomes old quickly. Overall, a great game with excellent flow.
10 years ago
Great 90s licensed table, cool when the hand works
10 years ago
What a flow monster and what a blast to play!
11 years ago
Overall a very fun pin making it a great value. It is lightning fast. A fan layout with some fun shots.
The glove takes a bit too long but I can see why some like that feature.
11 years ago
This machine is fast and good. As everybody has probably noted, a lot of shots trigger stuff on the upper playfield, including a hand that reaches out and catches the ball with a magnet. The rules on this pin are fairly deep for a Williams. This isn't a perfect game. But, lower playfield action is top notch.
11 years ago
this is machine is hard but beautifull game is the best.
11 years ago
this is the best
11 years ago
very nice fast gameplay take a brake and breate when the ball is on the Glove ;)
11 years ago
Generally fast game except for the glove and where the ball dribbles out of the pops. It wouldn't be so bad if the glove didn't have to travel so far. I like the call outs except for the long distance phone call. Ruleset is actually pretty well done for its time. If you don't spam the spinner the game gets much more interesting. Music is good. I like the artwork except for the backglass. I wish someone would make another. Light show is good except there are no flashers in the backbox and the game is dark (add spotlights). Powerdown mode is one of the coolest I have played. I own this game.
11 years ago
Hmmm, rather mixed feelings, think about the spinner millions for super high scores...
11 years ago
Just spend an hour with Johnny and I was quite impressed! Don't really now why its so low on charts (ok beside cabinet artwork and backglass)? I really liked the sounds and the cyber-punk theme! Speed is also mindblowing and the dot-animations are great! Its next on my shoping list!
11 years ago
the pinnball is beter than the movie
11 years ago
Try the video-mode.

The '3D-Pac-Man' is really unique.

May girlfriend never got the hang of it.
11 years ago
I think the main problem of this machine is his two-faced gameplay.

On the one hand you have these fast (and cruel, Johnny is unforgiving!) killer-loops which scares the main crowd away.

On the other hand you have this slowed down glove-play which is really complicated in the beginnig (for example, you have to remember -as shown on the on DMD- where the boni are hidden).
But the combination let this machine rise above the average.

When you really want to 'learn' a machine, Mr Mnemonic is your man.
11 years ago
One of Gomezs' early games & still one of his best. Underrated pin should be in the top 25! By far, the fastest pin of the solid-states. If you aren't paying attention, shooting balls around orbits/ramps will feed them STDM. You will feel like your dodging bullets like Johnny in the cult movie (ridiculous with polished PF). Great flow, sweet DCS tunes, nice light show, awesome VOX, wicked dot animation, and of course the data glove. A pain to service, but when its going, its awesome (slows the game's frenzied pace). Excellent metagame may remind you of the Concentration board game. JM also has one of the coolest wizard modes in pinball called Powerdown, where you have to make lit shots in order to feed power to the machine. "You are the master of powerdown!" As stated before, the artwork is much to be desired. Who exactly is the woman next to Johnny on the translite? She looks nothing like Dina Meyer! Aside the art & data glove maintenance, this budget-priced game is killer.
12 years ago
I have had this pin for about a month now, I'm still loving it and still getting used to it!! I know the hand can be tricky, constant
maintenance. I seem to have a sticky switch sometimes shows error on test report and sometimes not, but always works anyway. Will update in the future.

Update: The playfield layout is very good except for the left ramp, it hides the pop bumpers a little too much. The ruleset is clear, not overly complicated and the next shot is easy to learn and understand. This game can become very fast,very quick and follows the film it was based on well, though the film isn't all that great!!!!! The combo shots can be awesome, unfortunately the dots cant always keep up. The only real toy here is the Data Glove it slows the pace of play down, other features include a video mode which I'm still finding hard, 4 multiball modes including a Wizard mode, 2 ramps, loop shots that change with two ball diverters, a scoop, a spinner, Midnight Madness mode, great sounds.
12 years ago
I got this game since 2 weeks,not to bad,I'm surprise for the price of this game± $1500 very funny.That's not on the cathegory of TZ or LOTR but it's very amazing
12 years ago
I owned it for a bit...then it had to go. The glove ruined the game...that and always having to shoot for "Crazy Bobs". Oh, and having to look at Keanu every time I walked in the room. He and his lady friend look kinda, I dunno, strange, on the backglass.
The game sure is fast though!

Side note (a year later): I regret selling this game

Side side note: just bought my same game it! Never leaving my house again.

Side side side note: I sold it again...felt really bad, missed it allot, and bought another one. NOW ITS NEVER LEAVING AGAIN!
13 years ago
This game is often vastly under rated. It doesn't appear in hardly anyones wish list, and yet it's much better than it first appears.
It's also a lightning fast game, shots around the two loops can often double up to become so fast it's virtually impossible to keep your eye on the ball.
The glove is an excellent design and always importantly for me, the game is easy to get into.
It's also pretty rare with less than 3000 made.
So a hidden gem in many ways.
14 years ago
Super fast ramps, great rules and my favourite wizard mode. I miss owning one so much!
17 years ago
Decent enough Bally Williams. Nothing really stands out as memorable.
17 years ago
Awful theme, but oh how I love this game.
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 7.

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