Johnny Mnemonic

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Game Design: 8.189

Artwork: 7.1

Sounds/Music: 7.381

Other Aspects: 7.986

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
I restored one a few years back and eventually traded it when I was looking to play everything. I have a medium sized collection now and have brought Johnny back!
9 years ago
Great game, extremely fast, and worth the low price it goes for.
9 years ago
If it wasn't for the awful artwork, this could easily be a to 10 game. The "fun-factor" is through the roof. The magnetic hand operated by 4 flipper buttons dropping the ball into a tic-tact-toe board is one of the TOP 3 pinball creations of all-time. The super high scoring is very cool. The theme is below average but so what. Pinball should be fun and this game delivers.
9 years ago
Great game for the price! lots of modes and great sound. like the hand it adds a different element to the game play. really fast pin!
9 years ago
When I purchased my JM, I thought I might be flipping it within a year. Was i ever wrong. This is a fun pin and I have enjoyed learning the rules. The speed of the shots has caused me to laugh out loud. It can get pretty crazy! My LEDs on the play field look fantastic. This game is sure to last a long time in my humble collection.
9 years ago
Great game that moves very very fast. If you are good at shots the pace is blistering. Crazy bobs and the glove are the only things that slow this game down. It is very unique and fast. I finally got one for at home and am enjoying everything except for the mini game as I think this is lame. I love the Funhouse reference and the easter eggs are really fantastic. I think like many others if this were a matrix themed pin it would be a top 20.
9 years ago
it plays top 20

that is all you should care about
but because of the theme you can buy 10 jm for 1 MM
but mm doesn't play 10 times better
in fact it plays 5 percent better IMO
9 years ago
A Fast & Very High Scoring Pin.. The Robotic hand is a Good Touch. The Ramps are a Bit to short , and the Video mode is Hard .. JM look's Awesome in Led's .. I'd Own it again !!
9 years ago
The first thing you should notice about Johnny Mnemonic is the speed. It's fast! If you don't know what I mean, hit the right loop a few times in a row, you'll see. The second thing you'll notice are high scores. While it's a challenging game, you'll have to adjust your expectations for typical high scores. One cool feature of the game is Midnight Madness. While playing when the games internal clock strikes midnight a timed multiball is started. If you're like me, you'll be setting the clock to 11:59pm often.

It's not a bad pin, but it wasn't a keeper in my lineup. I know this is going to sound odd, but I feel like it plays quite similar to Fish Tales. Shoot the cross playfield ramps then rip the spinner. Really that's the only viable strategy in Johnny Mnemonic.
9 years ago
Bought it. Loved it. Sold it. Now I am a quest to find another as I did not realize what a gem I had. Way better than many games ahead of it. Must find another!
9 years ago
This is a terrific, fast game - it keeps you on your toes and the flow is awesome. The glove does slow things down a lot but that is a good thing to give you a breather before you get back into the groove. I'd love to own this but in a small collection next to TS it would be too similar - also fast and brutal. It's easy to rack up BIG scores on this one though!
9 years ago
I now know why this is #1 Bang for your Buck at the time of this writing.

EDIT: Discovering the spinner secret soured me.
9 years ago
Love it!!! I had one years ago and regretted selling it, now I have another its going nowhere!
9 years ago
Just picked this up as my first pin. Really fast gameplay, neat rule set, and the glove magnet/matrix lock combo is very unique. Top it all off with a low price of entry, and it's easily understandable why this is the #1 Bang-for-the-Buck DMD machine!

(Update) - After 9 months of ownership, I love this pin even more. There are mutliple layers of strategy in the glove/matrix, as well as a great rules and variation. To top it all off, I finally got to Powerdown, and it is IMHO one of the best (if not #1) wizard modes in all of pinball. I can't recommend this game highly enough!
9 years ago
I was going to wait until I'd played it more to rate this game, but since I just sold mine it is unlikely that I'll be playing it much for a while. JM is a great game with a horrible theme that keeps the price down... not such a bad thing if you're on a budget. The flow is incredible until you hit the glove, which is a bit tedious in my opinion. This pin is supposedly very deep as well, but unfortunately I didn't get very far.
10 years ago
Johnny's a fun game. Great bang for your buck machine. Has a great wizard mode, and I think it's really cool the more power items you collect the more time Power Down last (the wizard mode). I love the glove. Once you replace the X and Y nuts it should work great. The video mode on the other hand SUCKS! Might be my least favorite in pinball. The cabinet... Well just plain sucks, and the translight is not much better. The playfield art is well unique. I actually really like some of the goofy sounds, such as "double cheese, anchovies!", "beer opener!", "Pinball is dangerous!", and "don't be a zombie play pinball!" The video frames are also another cool touch. My main gripe is the scoring on this machine. It's all about the damn spinner millions. I had games where I got to Powerdown, but screwed the ball that had the spinner millions going, and I didn't even sniff my high scores. Opposite of that, I had games that I was no where near Powerdown and they are my personal high scores. That really kinda annoys me, and is one of the reason I sold mine.
10 years ago
good pin
10 years ago
The artwork and theme of this game is what puts me off... otherwise it's a great game... but for me, how the game looks is just as important as how it plays... bit like a woman I suppose ;-)
10 years ago
A very fast more'ish title, music is cool, lighting is cool, ramps are nice, hand is the main feature on the playfield which slows the game but also adds something. Like the theme which is different to everything else in my collection, like the dots and PF layout. This is quite a rare machine with a low production run but is a worthy addition to any collection, get one while you can.
10 years ago
Under rated machine........Who cares if the film was bad or good. The 90's were full of crap action movies and I loved it. I love this pin, its fast and fun. If you can grab one do so...................ZOD
10 years ago
Excellent pin, bogged down only by it's theme. Probably the fastest pinball machine ever made and definitely has the best flow of any pin I've ever played. The Glove shot is a great way (the ONLY way) to slow things down a bit and take a breather. Lots of multiball modes and the BEST wizard mode ever. Super pin for the price.
10 years ago
Decent is what I call this game.
I'm making a long distance phone call!
10 years ago
I love the playfield layout on this one. SUPER fast, crazy flow, killer wizard mode, cool glove toy are the good. What makes me hate this game? Video mode---it just sucks, and hard. It's hideous, its hard to control, it's too long, and being a random award (ha! award!), you can't avoid it or skip it. The videomode just always sucks me right out of the otherwise fantastic game play. Also, points are deducted because the glove is really cool, but almost never works, and the center shot becomes a drain monster without the glove. With a working glove and some luck (no videomode misfortune), this game is a-list material. Well, Keanu and Ice-T notwithstanding as well. Come to think of it, there's a lot of negative, but the pure gameplay is second to none. Play this pin!!!
10 years ago
This game is fast and can be punishing. But, if you have a good game going on it, it is really fun. THe glove is one of the best interactive toys in any game I have played. DOesn't neccesarily add a lot to the gameplay and does break up the play when activated, but still cool. The theme isn't great and some of the voice calls can get old, but this is one I play everytime I see it (which is not often enough).
10 years ago
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 7.

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