Johnny Mnemonic

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Game Design: 8.193

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Other Aspects: 7.982

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
I've owned this game and just traded today... might regret it tomorrow. But only so much room.
4 years ago
One word: flow!
If you are a fan of fast paced games where there almost isn't a moment that the ball isn't at your flipper then this is the one for you. Classic bad movie, great pin.
5 years ago
Fun, fast and addicting! Played Johnny for the first time and fell in love with it. It took a few games to grasp the concept, figure out the extra buttons, video mode, etc. Tough game, couldn't even get close to power down. If I had one complaint it would be the voices. I would of preferred to here Reeve and the rest of the cast.
5 years ago
Very fast game but the pace is ruined by the glove, unfortunately.

Great game though, even if the scoring is a bit imbalanced (get spinner millions going and you can get a humungous score!).
5 years ago
What a fast machine. Don't love the glove only because it slows down the game and tends to be finicky. I like the strategy it adds however. Great flow overall and the power down wizard modes kicks ass.
5 years ago
This game is terrific, faster than light. A true player. I am always shocked when I read comments about the movie. Who cares?? Actually, I am not a fan at all of big commercial Hollywood titles, so the fact the movie is forgotten adds to the darkness of the title. The implementation of the cyberpunk theme is actually great, the pin executes it perfectly. The music also fits very well. The variety of shots, in its almost open playfield, is great: basically there are 9 shots, including the important standup targets in the bottom left and right. Rules are very detailed and you can play the game in many different ways. I find the glove as a great toy, it adds interesting strategy to the game, and its nice to take a breath from the very fast paced gameplay. Most importantly in my opinion is the replay factor: you always want to go for another game. Usually I dont care for the video mode, but this one is really fun and difficult. Set the machine up properly and get ready pinball at its best.
5 years ago
Very fun underated pin. Great layout, uses diverters well, excellent wizard mode. Fast playing game, I like that the magnet hand gives you a short break to lock a ball. Looks great with LEDs. Only downfalls are cabinet and translite art are weak, not the deepest ruleset for a good pin player. I keep it around for the good flow, fun to play, unique tech theme even though the movie sucks! Low production game for 90s. At least play it if not Own it. Just my 2 cents.
5 years ago
Amazing pin, but a terrible movie. Extremely under appreciated.
5 years ago
Owned the pin before I ever watched the movie. I really enjoy the flow and it plays so fast! I hate how the million spinner with a bonus multiplier and bonus held screws up the high scores so bad. Other than that scoring is fair shots are rewarding and I love to play this game. Artwork on the cab and translite are just okay. Playfield looks nice and it's a pretty used game when I have guests over.
5 years ago
Very fast playing game with good flow, one of the very best ever made. The game is a joy to play. The main toy, a magnet/hand that allows to to place the ball into a tray is interesting and unique but not really my thing. The artwork is below average which is probably why this pin is relatively cheap considering the fun factor.
The excellent playfield layout greatly contributes to the flow, speed and fun factor of this game. Too bad the machine itself is kind of ugly.
5 years ago
Super fast! Reaching Powerdown is all about trying to control chaos. Makes TZ seem like child's play by comparison.
5 years ago
Finally got to spend some time on this machine, unfortunately the copy I played was heavily routed with no one taking care of it, the hands didn't work which was unfortunate because I really wanted to see what they do an how they effect game play, saying that I still think this game is awsome, totally loved it, does what a pinball is meant to do an put you in another world, this time being the matrix, pretty easy to get your head around how to start modes an light your kick back, great when u hit your ramps an a special sort of mode starts after a number of hits , yeah the art work is nothing flash an back glass is nothing to write home about but this is a really great machine, definatly a player . An I would love to spend some serious time on a well maintained one to see every thing this game has to offer.
5 years ago
Great table held back a bit by awkward rules/scoring. Still very fun to play.

- Great flow, especially ramp mode.
- Lock grid is a cool way to insert variety into the multiball (and into multiplayer mode!).
- Diverters give the layout more depth
- One of the best video modes

- Having to much flow puts you into frenzy mode which is pretty bad.
- Super spinner is too valuable and shouldn't apply as bonus.
- Starting normal modes turns off some of your lock shots.
- Modes aren't worth enough.
- Getting a second multiball is too hard (you often feel "stuck" after getting super spinner and multiball).

What are you doing?
Making a long distance phone call.
5 years ago
So fast and fun to play. Love the contrast from blindingly fast loops to glove and matrix. Fun video mode. I had Tron for 6 months and while fun, I think JM is a better player - especially for the money.
6 years ago
"A game before its time". This machine did not do well in production because the movie was TERRIBLE. The pinball machine is FANTASTIC. Basically, its the Matrix about 10+ years earlier starring the same actor with WORSE special effects and NO bullet time. Game play is FAST, so fast that the ball can start moving at over 120 mph around the orbits and ramps, and you have very little reaction time. The glove gimmick and tic-tac-toe is good for variety. Its a players game, no doubt. Comparable to "The Shadow", in terms of quality.

HINT: Crazy Bob's tells you what rewards on what number on the phone dialer. Its random, and it changes.
This game actually did have some overstock when production ceased.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Excellent "bang for the buck" pinball machine, controllable magnetic data glove with the "tic-tac-toe" matrix
6 years ago
Johnny Mnemonic is a great game. The ramps are quick and easy to hit, the orbits are smooth, the Crazy Bob's hole goes to a somewhat lame but innovative video mode. And, of course, the Glove toy is unique and (when it works correctly) a pretty neat feature.

Near the top of my wishlist - play it if you can.
6 years ago
The flow is awesome / the rules easy to understand for gaining GigaBytes are great integration of the theme into a pinball machine /The glove /if working properly is a great gimmick and more fun at two player games ,by being able to block others multiballs .ha / and when set up and playing smooth and correct this game is super fast // Loops/ramps/ combos /Cool modes its got all that /
The playfield is nice for the theme / no photoshop here =) / My backglass is set up with certain hand picked Leds including a few color changers and it looks great. makes people want to play with it looking like so much going on
The Dot matrix animations are understandable if you seen the movie otherwise some things may have you mystified .
Most sounds from movie then some Sound Impersonators but almost believable .Good sounds light and great work for such a crazy Theme they went with .. Much fun that makes you want to keep it . It is like a The Shadow Light >lol =) and The Shadow is The Johnny Mnemonic On steroids IMHO All Things posted in this review are my personal opinion and not That OF PinSide crazy other fanatic pinheads
6 years ago
So this game is crazy fast. I enjoy the theme, and pretty much everything about the machine. The sounds and music are great. playfield layout is decent. I love my orbit shots, and this game provides several opportunities due to path diverters. The only slow spot is the glove and moving the ball over to the matrix, which isn't as bad as it seems as it does provide a break from the fast paced gameplay. The ball matrix is a nice touch, and getting to Crazy Bob's to see what award is in which spot is nice.

My only issue right now, is that I don't have the color DMD, but do plan on adding it to the machine later this year. Great game. Try it out.
6 years ago
This is a classic Williams 90s DMD game to me. It's fun and benefits from all of the advancements of the height of that era, minus a perfect theme. It's not a bad theme at all, just a bad movie. It has good flow, a ball save and a fun toy (the glove).

It's a little dark with stock lighting. I added some LED spot lights etc and it perfect.

It is my top bang for the buck game so far in my brief 5 years of collecting.
6 years ago
owned for 3 years, and next to Tron, my fastest playing game. Very satisfying and fast looping shots are a feature of the game, but it's very stop start with the glove and the matrix. They are integral to the rules so actually are fun to use - just have to make sure the glove is working properly. One of the best video modes in any game - frustratingly hard but when you are in the groove and can use all 4 flipper buttons to control the little "pac man" its a blast. I would highly recommend this game for it's differences and fun to play. Dud film, but great pin.
6 years ago
This game is a sleeper for sure!!! It is so fun and fast I'd be willing to say it's faster than stern Star Trek and with the same amount of flow. The combos in this game make you feel like a pinball master. The big killer on this one is the theme, what a turd of a movie although after buying this pin I went back and watched the movie and really enjoyed it in a humorous slapstick bad acting kind of way lol. This game is sweet if you get a chance to get one grab it you won't be let down. :)
6 years ago
Was pleasantly surprised by this pin. Though I wasn't a fan of the movie, overall I enjoyed this game. The magnetic pickup is a nice touch, overall good flow and enough going on to keep it interesting.
6 years ago
Love this game, stupid fast and very challenging. One that will be in my collection for a while. Shame about the theme, but again if you can look past this it is a great game. This is one of these games that when it works 100%, its fantastic but it has one major flaw which is the glove which often breaks, and is the only point where the game 'slows down'. Music is great, not from the movie but fits really really, a bit cyberpunk. Underrated game.
6 years ago
I remember watching this movie as a kid and when I watch it now I laugh on the Computer differences from then to now

I love the hand (if working)

the YAKUZA ramps are a rush

I think the Video Mode is challenging

Overall I enjoy JM

Cab is usually always faded out :-(
6 years ago
Ok, first off - disclaimer - this is the only pin I have bought more than once. With that being said, it is easily my biggest guilty pleasure.

There is something very open about JM's playfield layout. Yeah, the left ramp is right there, but it is a sure shot and very valuable during modes or for working up to Yakuza Strike. The right ramp is much farther up the playfield, but it is a very smooth and simply 2 way ramp combo from left to right or vice versa. It just works and feels great.

The orbitals are a bit tougher to hit with solid consistency. The right orbital isn't so bad, but the left orbital is a bit of a tougher shot to make with precision. It is possible to hit it from a backhand off the left flipper, but it can be risky.

Modes on the game are well varied and require either orbital shots, ramp shots, spinner lane shots, or a combo of any of these. On other games, I sometimes find myself cradling the ball and timing out the mode, but on JM, there's something about the modes that make them attainable. They don't seem so far "out there"; they appear doable and are very rewarding.

The toys are a bit sparse on this game. The cyber-matrix is cool as it is all about your memory - being able to remember what is where on the cyber-matrix. There can be some major strategy to it as well. For example, do you go for 3 in a row - effectively 3x your jackpots during multiball, or do you go for 3 MAJOR big awards but give up the 3x jackpots.

The glove - oh boy. Yes, this toy is known for being troublesome, but thankfully it can be fixed. There are some people in this community that have done some fantastic writeups, and with some understanding of how it works, a lil patience, some grease, a soldering iron, and new X or Y nuts, it can be addressed and fixed. The glove - while it may slow down the game - is massively necessary to keep the fun factor. Anytime the glove doesn't work, it just is "about 60% less fun" as a fellow Pinsider once aptly stated.

Light shows on this game are just fantastic - especially Yakuza Strike. Man, the flasher really get used to their full effect in this game.

The only REAL negative I have for this game - the abuse of super spinners. When this broken rule gets exploited, the scores can get insane fast. Some people have slowed their spinners down, while others have even resorted to taking them out entirely. YMMV on that one.

Bottom line, the ONLY thing keeping this game in B-C status is the theme. If this was the Matrix, it would be right up there with the A-listers. Thank goodness it is not, because this is a true players pin and well worth the cheap price of admission - given the prices of similar pins from this era and level of popularity.
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 7.

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