Toy Story 4 (LE)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Toy Story 4". The group itself ranks #56 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.781

Artwork: 8.462

Sounds/Music: 7.568

Other Aspects: 7.713

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There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 days ago
TS4 was a good movie, and TS4 the pinball is a good machine. Neither is as great as Toy Story 3 was a movie, or Toy Story (1) was innovative and groundbreaking, but like the fact they couldn't afford to license the first three movies and thus skipped over all the possible modes and story building from those flicks is not a reason to dislike the machine. It's an excellent player, with a nice variety of shots, great lighting, very good scene integration, and a deep, progressive rules set like those we've come to expect from JJP. I'd love to own one if time, space, and money were no object, and have been lucky enough that there's one on location nearby I can play. (I have become intimate with some of the points of mechanical failure, however, which would make me think just a wee bit before adding it to a home collection).

The TIMA (thematically integrated mechanical artifacts, aka toys) are nice -- the Duke Kaboom ramp and the Gabby pop up are actually sort of old-school callbacks to previous generations of machines (thinking of the Kordek designs with the pop up bumpers and Ted Zale's moving ramps). And I like the chaos of having both shots a little unpredictable - this seems like classic Pat Lawlor to me, along the lines of the magnet on Addams Family and the hidden shots in Twilight Zone and many other similar quirks built in to Lawlor designs as "randomizers". Like most JJPs there's a ton of multiballs and so many stops and modes you may never get through all of them. It has the classic third flipper side shot (again, very reminiscent of the angle on TAF and Ripley's and to an extent Dialed In) and the addition of a video mode (which I normally loathe) of the pinball-game-within-the-movie-within-the-pinball game in the mini screen, which is not only really clever, it's a callback to The Power in Twilight Zone. The scoring is mostly balanced, and as with many Lawlors, getting through the modes and steps is more important in the long run than any one multiball. (Dialed In may be the apotheosis of this particular aspect of Lawlorlism, but Toy Story 4 is a close second.)

My major nit with this machine is there's very little hazard to the pop bumpers; they don't introduce danger of draining, and when the ball gets up there, it rattles around. You can play a very dull, long, and lucrative game by hitting the ball up there, by the side spinner to the saucer, and to the Buzz saucer, with very little chance of draining. (I have successfully used this dull strategy in tournament play.) Conversely the skill shot is quite hard, and I don't think lucrative enough to really risk the short plunge and long drop to the right flipper that undershooting brings about - a similar criticism to the one I have of the skill shot on Dialed In, where the payoff of a risky undershot just isn't worth the safety value of plunging hard and having the ball delivered via the ramp to the left flipper.

But these are relatively minor issues in the overall mojo of the machine. Home arcade owners will be trying to complete the modes and stories anyway, not endlessly plunging up into the bumpers for cheap points. And I kind of get why they may have intended this to be less hazardous -- so the newbies can see a lot of lights and action and not instantly drain as a result.

GOAT? No. But it's got durability, is fun, and is inviting to newbies with lots of things going on.
60 days ago
This game should have been more fun than it was. First, the lighting was fantastic, probably about the best us of the hot rails for carnival feel. The Gabby and pop up ramp weren't as fun as I expected. Wish something was better with the screen like the screen in Wonka. Was cool the game only knew to put up the pop up ramp and posts when the shot could be made from left flipper. Almost would rather it stayed up though.

I forgot to add that the multi-ball use was just stupid. My very ball was in the pops so long it somehow triggered a multi-ball. First mulii-ball I ever had before even flipping a ball.
65 days ago
Saw TS4 by change and asked if I could play it. It was rented by a company and they agreed as no body played it. And I can understand. I had no fun playing it. Huge screen in upper left part. I want to play pinball not a video game. I did not like the shots and the brilliant theme has not done justice. I also see pinball machines as technical pieces not as teletubby land. Sorry not my machine!
73 days ago
After being able to play a couple of this pins, I have a very positive view on it and think there is so much there to do. There are a ton of interesting playmodes and are pretty easy to activate. The Duke Caboom ramp is just so fun and looping it is fun and satisfying, it just seems to come out of nowhere.

There is at least one mode that takes place on the small screen at the top left of the machine, some silly little pinball game that feels terrible and controls like garbage. It does not take too much away from the pin but it ultimately is pretty dumb. But having little carnival games that are progressed through different ramps and shots is super cool.

The theme is very unique, and super attractive to pull you in. The bright screen shows a ton of well animated clips and bits featuring characters from the movies, and leans heavily on the Toy Story 4 film (of course) but with the carnival theme and some really fun pieces from that movie, it is a really nice package and I don't even have particularly strong feelings on the movie.

The flippers are strong and feel great, which with JJP pins, can feel completely different depending on the machine. The feel is comparable to Willy Wonka and Elton John, snappy and fun.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one and think there is so much there to keep me coming back. The entire package is so classy, and feels very expensive and premium.
4 months ago
Toy Story 4 is a very innovative games and one of the better flowing JJPs.

The layout is quite good and especially the Yes I Canada shot is very satisfying to make. All of the shots are pretty easy to make as well. There could be a bit more toys on this game but it's still alright.

The rules seem pretty straightforward and the multiballs are much fun. The only confusing aspect is that you play extra balls separately after the regular 3 balls on this game. It's kind of weird.

In terms of artwork this machine looks good too and it fits in with the Toy Story theme very well.

All in all it is a good game with nice flow and a nice theming. To me playing it is fun.
5 months ago
The different game modes are great but its overall a great pin!
5 months ago
I don't want to beat a dead horse about how this should have been Toy Story, and not Toy Story 4. I mean, it should have been for sure, but I doubt this game would have been any better. Maybe just even more disappointing that it already is.

JJP really has a gift for making pinball machines feel like slot machines with their animations and lightshows. The layout is okay, and the jump ramp is a cool gimmick. But that's where the fun of this ends for me.
6 months ago
Love the mini pinball feature
6 months ago
Interesting game. Looks a lot more fun than it was for me.
7 months ago
I want to love it..just like it...good flow that feels slow at the kaboom ramp sweet, pop ups ,loops , are nice, don't care much for the lil phone screen, especially pinball, might have been better on the back glass screen, lucky to play the L.E on location and it had been played seemed to hold up well..solid game...if my kids were still youngsters I would buy for home use...rather have Elvira or Godzilla Now.
7 months ago
This is a machine for a child.
7 months ago
Played on location at Boxcar Bar in Raleigh NC

This pin was surprisingly enjoyable. The layout is another Pat Lawlor hit. Unfortunately the theme and lack of toys drags it down. Fun to play on location, but I probably wouldn't own one.
8 months ago
I think this game is under rating because of the price at which it was marketed and because people expected extraordinary toys because of the theme. In terms of flow I think it's one of the best jjp and the atmosphere is very fun.
9 months ago
Nhill pinball museum
9 months ago
This is a surprisingly fun game. It’s very accessible and my kids really love it. High replay value. However, it’s not a top tier game. The playfield is a bit confusing and a touch of a ‘button masher’ where you aren’t sure what to do next due to a lot going on.

Tremendous lighting and fun props in the playfield.

I personally really dislike the virtual pinball mini field on the game. It doesn’t add anything and isn’t complex.
10 months ago
Very floaty game and slower compared to many games. It seemed fun enough but definitely not in the A tier category. The art and animations are certainly beautiful on this.
10 months ago
I want to love this game... there’s just something... wrong. What a real shame. It could have been great, but somehow the package just does not come together. It’s innovative, packed with features, great animations, and the end result is a mess
10 months ago
Not as bad as people were staying early on. It's got some flow and nice shots. But it doesn't last long.

The ramp shot is cool. But... Doesn't last long. The bash doll is old news. Aaaaand... That's it for toys.

The shots are challenging yet make able and fun for a few games. It's a cool game to play, but I just can't seem to stay at it like many other games.
11 months ago
This game will surprise you! A lot of bad publicity in the beginning which was probably due to substantial price increase, complemented with a somewhat barren playfield. But, this game has more than what meets the eye in my opinion. After GnR issues, I was done with JJP. But I took a chance and acquired a TS4 LE on trade. I’m not at all regretting that decision! Game shoots like butter, there is variety, it’s intuitive, and keeps me coming back for more. It’s a plus that my kids absolutely love it and we often spend nights playing for hours. Great game!
11 months ago
After few games, i can give my point of view. First, i was not sure to want a TS4 due to bad comments… what a terrible mistake. Don’t listen other to give you an opinion.
The flow is great, it’s colorised , the game rules are clear but it’ sur not so easy to advance trough this game.
Finaly , a really big good surprise ! I don’t understand why there ´s so many haters for this One… For me, a top twenty machine in pinside ranking.
1 year ago
Loved the game , nice flow , only played a few games
1 year ago
Overall I think this game if fantastic for a location or operator, but certainly not for a collector or for home use. As always with JJP games, the lighting and animations are top notch. Unfortunately, smooth gameplay can't make up for repetitive music, no decent toys, and an overall average layout. All this and a 4k boost in price makes for a very disappointing title.
1 year ago
I originally placed a deposit for a preorder for this machine. Once I saw gameplay and features presented online, I wasn't impressed. So I canceled my preorder and got my deposit back due to the price point.

A couple months later I went to the York Pinball show and played it on site. I immediately regretted not keeping my preorder slot. I ended up purchasing one immediately. I have been enjoying it ever since.

There is simply something "fun" about this machine and it keeps bringing me back. The lighting, colors, shots being smooth and the fact that it's easy to follow the rules all add up to something fantastic. I love it as an amateur pinball player, I don't see it as being too easy. Heck, I've never made it to the wizard modes yet. Guests that come over immediately go to Toy Story every single time.

It's a much better machine than I originally gave it credit for and it won't be leaving the lineup anytime soon.
1 year ago
really can't believe some reviews on here. This is a very fun and addictive pinball machine, perhaps more so than wonkas. Some shots are very, very satisfying when you get them done. Pat Lawlor has a style and here he does it again. Do yourself a favor and play a few games before you rate a machine.
1 year ago
Game is alright. Shots feel pretty fun and quite refreshing, sadly the theming is just meh.
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