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21 days ago
I don’t understand the hate for this pin unless you just really can’t stand the theme. I’ve owned a number of pins that are in the Pinside top 10 and in my opinion this game is as good as if not better than most of those. The price tag isn’t good but where prices are now for most Stern premiums or LEs it’s not far off.

The Good: 1. I really like the layout which has nice flow; 2. Love the Duke Kaboom ramp - one of the most rewarding shots I’ve seen in a long time; 3. Love the Save Forky mode - you miss any of the shots then your screwed and have to start over; 4. I enjoy the character callouts; 5. The spinning wheel is a nice feature and key to be able to proceed through some of the stages; 6. The skill shot is a nice feature and truly a skill shot; 7. Take A Chance multi-ball is well done; and 8. The Carousel wizard mode is well done.

The Bad: 1. I’m not a fan of the Ticki Bar video pinball - slows the game down and kind of obnoxious; 2. I’m not a fan of the Buzz Light Year multi-ball because it’s not a direct shot to the saucer; 3. Not many toys which is somewhat ironic in light of the theme; 4. It’s fairly easy to get to the wizard mode; and 5. Too many extra chances in the wizard mode if you drain.

I’m not a huge fan of the Toy Story theme but this pin will most likely stay in my collection for a long time. With the exception of Stern Godzilla and Stern Iron Maiden, I’m not enjoying any other pins more than Toy Story right now.
32 days ago
Absolutely love TS4 the game is just FUN! It’s a carnival theme Toy Story game. Don’t get stuck that it’s called TS4. Rules are fun, easy to follow and will only get better over time. Code as-is is good. Massive hit with our family and easy to play and anyone can have fun on it. Would like to see more diverter usage in modes like the completing forky combo shots. It’s nice to have family friendly games like TS in the collection. The lighting is superb very good usage of the theme. Audio and onscreen animations/presentation are very well done. Overall, I am very happy with the game.
33 days ago
The machine is beautiful to see, but there is really only limited things to do. The screen takes on a huge part of the playfield. The duke kaboom ramp is fun but not that great. There is a lot of stop and go going on. The game characters are in the game but for the rest it is just a pinball machine. Not impressed with this execution of a theme. Animations look very good, the big screen looks very good. The playfield looks a bit empty and the music is very repetative. To bad they did not use the original version from Randy Newman. Rules look easy, and with the rulesheet it is easy to understand. For the rest fun to play once in a while.
33 days ago
Incredible game that unfortunately was priced too high and based on the worst movie, resulting in review bombing. If this was priced at $9k and based on TS 1-3 everyone would be rating it 10/10. As for the game, if you ignore those 2 elements it is still worthy of Pat Lawlor's legacy and is one of his best layouts.
34 days ago
Severely underrated machine! Such a blast to play, deep, approachable for newer players, challenging for good players. Can't wait for others to experience and appreciate this game.
53 days ago
Mine finally came in, and I have had an absolute blast so far! The light show on this machine is hands down one of the best. It does suck they could only do toy story 4 and not all of the movies, but I'm sure the licensing for that would have made this a $50,000 pinball machine. I also feel it made the game very cohesive in that it didn't try to jam for movies into one concept. Super awesome that the call-outs are actually Tim Allen and Tom Hanks son, and they are 100% helpful for someone to be able to walk up to the machine without having to read the rules or know how to play. It's funny people knock it for being self-explanatory instead of having to play a bunch of games before you figure out how to play. I think they did a great job making this game approachable to everyone. It's fun for beginners and you still have to have a skill set to collect all the characters before getting to carnival mode and carousel wizard mode is not easy to get to either. And the Duke kaboom ramp is so freaking cool and when you can hit it during a multi ball it makes it even more satisfying and awesome! Skill shot is ridiculous, but very rewarding. The right ramp is one of the smoothest I've ever played. All around great machine, you just have to be willing to pay to the name Disney on your machine.
58 days ago
Boy oh boy, when the pinball community is mad at you they really let you have it in the ratings. As of this posting, TS is ranked #119 in the top 100…below such pinball gems as Goldeneye, Family Guy and Halloween! Lol! Toy Story is at least as good or better than at least 70 games above it.

I, for one, am glad JJP went with a more focused theme of the Toy Story world. A Toy Story pinball with all 4 movies would just have been a rehash of POTC… play scenes from all four movies, get to a mini wizard mode, finish all four mini wizards to achieve the final wizard mode. Fine, but it’s nothing new. The carnival theme is perfect for pinball, lends itself to the amazing lighting effects, and provides tons of scenes/modes to get to the final 2 wizard modes. The shots are all smooth and accessible and the rule set is fantastic. This game is not too easy as some have eluded to and the rules are deep. I like the video pinball mode, but if you don’t it can always be turned off. The large screen in the game is well implemented and used a lot.

Toy Story is a great pinball, don’t let the low rating tell its story.
60 days ago
Dream theme but not a dream game. It's way better than average but I was expecting a lot more. HATE the Buzz outhole around the's just look going in there and then it happens (over and over). Price tag is horrible on this machine. It's going to be the reason that production will be nowhere near GNR.
63 days ago
what a huge surprise!! such a childish theme, but such a great pinball machine. plays very well, rules are quite easy to understand. a typical pat lawler machine; lawler at it's best!
nice shots, nice light show, great entertainment. pinball for everyone.
i miss some toys a little bit.
but i don't understand why this machine is so underrated 'till yet.
75 days ago
JJP has really improved their game experience on this one, and seemingly learned from each mis-step along the way. Scoop and multi balls play way better than GnR, the modes and achievements make sense and are easy enough to follow, and the untouchable drains from the auto plunge are non-existent. The Lawlor design is super accessible and family friendly, but the code has significant depth and is only going to get better over time (so if you’re one of the few who can finish it in under 100 plays just pull the left outlane post and report back please!)
I think they could make it a little tougher in code updates, but I won’t complain yet because it’s getting a lot of repeat play in my house by the family who are used to having 8 games to choose from and typically don’t push start twice on the same game very often. Lawlor didn’t put a through-the-pops orbit shot or make the left ramp so tight it was a bear to start or finish modes. JJP is clearly not going after the operator market any longer with no standard version, they obviously now just want the home collector money and have built a game for that niche which is completely OK.
Visually, I don’t think there is a better game available with the light show integration or overall theme meshing into the lights. The pastel toned LEDs are perfect for the carnival theme. Hopefully they get the code ironed out with the callouts and light up shots and tablet screen all synced up correctly, and stop blocking the mode progress with Gabby’s face on the tablet every time she pops up. I believe they will as it’s still pretty early in that journey. Carnival multi ball is one of the least carnival-like light shows in the game, maybe they can tweak that a bit too.
The early haters based on the theme being the 4th movie need to step back and reconsider, honestly. Go play one and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. I had not seen the movie but after playing the game I decided to trade our Wonka LE for one and have zero regrets! We watched the movie a few days after getting the game and it really tied it all together!
3 months ago

Fun game, though.
3 months ago
I was excited for this game as the last Lawlor/Katz collaboration went very very well for us. We're still playing it near-daily 3 years after we got it! So going in on the CE for this one was a no-brainer.

I started to play it on location and after a few visits and around 8-9 hours on the game, I felt like I was progressing too much so I stopped playing to save discovery for my own machine.

Then the streams started. Karl DeAngelo blew through the game immediately, which didn't concern me much...I mean, he's Karl. The guy is an amazingly skilled player. I actually didn't watch that stream because I knew it would spoil the game for me.

The next stream I watched, the final wizard mode was reached on the very first game of the stream.
This is when I started to get seriously concerned about my purchase - I don't want to blow 15K on a toy that won't last more than a few weeks.

The draw for us on Wonka is how difficult it is to get the golden tickets, and how special it is when we get to the mini-wizard modes associated with them. It keeps us reaching and rewards us well for success.

The longer I waited for the CE the more I started to think maybe this game is just one to play on location and not one I should buy - especially at these extremely high price points. I ultimately sold my spot.

I don't think it is a bad game AT ALL and in fact it's quite fun. I just don't think it has lastability which translates into lower value for the price over time.
3 months ago
Great game, great license, remarkable beauty.
3 months ago
Played about 20 games in of TS4 LE on site and I was surprised how much fun I had. I originally had a pre-order for one on release day and then decided not to go forward based on TS4 theme and lack of toys for price. After playing on site, I was pleasantly pleased with game play, artwork, awesome animations etc. will plan to purchase one at some point.
3 months ago
Before all : I own this game at home!

Is it a beautiful game? yes!
Is the integration of the theme good? yes!
Does it bring pleasure to the familly? yes !!!!
Do we want after a game playiong one more? yes!
Did I see some light in the eyes of players during and after a game? yes!

Only TS4 ad no 1-3... i really dont mind.
I love playing it, the flow is excellent, Pat did one more time an excellent game.
Congrats JJP and Pat!
3 months ago
This is a tremendously enjoyable pin. Challenge exists in completing the scenes but gameplay is welcoming to all skill levels. We expect this pin will have longevity in our collection.
4 months ago
This game is a fun shooter, but nothing special. The theme is not integrated well. I don't mind it being Toy Story 4 as much as it using the carnival theme. It plays like a carnival game more so than a Toy Story one. What I do like is that it is beginner friendly. There's nothing wrong with that, since there should be options for all skill levels. The Duke ramp is a fun toy and satisfying to hit. The giant screen on the playfield is absolutely awful. Even playing the Tiki Pinball video mode sucks. I think they should release a standard edition with the screen removed.

They have this game at multiple locations near me. It always attracts people due to the theme and accessibility, and they seem to have some fun and then move on. The absolute killer is the price. There is no way this pin is even close to worth what they are asking. If we are talking JJP games, give me Pirates, Guns N' Roses, or Hobbit all day over this. Or, save a ton of money and get a Godzilla Premium which has both depth and accessibility, better art/toys, and the same fun factor. If you want an affordable family game that is accessible, you could also go with the standard edition of Cactus Canyon Remake and have a much better machine that is more fun than this.
4 months ago
It is a beautiful pin. The ball flow is exciting and the light show is second to none. All my visitors migrate towards this pin, not only because it is a well known theme, but also because it is lots of fun to play. For novices and casual players this pin offers a solid learning opportunity; for the hard core player, it is challenging and some of the shots are not as easy as they may appear. The price is high however; but if you can afford it, go for it. It is a beautiful and enjoyable pin.
4 months ago
To start, amazing quality and physical presentation of machine as with all JJP products.

As for theme (and discussed in great detail on PS) general preference would have definitely been above and beyond TS4 assets.

Overall shots feel extremely open / achievable to which I can see it providing confidence to anyone walking up to this machine and enjoying great ball times.

Code is straight forward and explained by callouts to help all in progressing.

In summary, though I am sure enjoyable to many others this machine did not resonate with myself personally. I own other JJP games and feel the “world under glass experience” created in previous titles was not present to me on this one.

I feel the company charter over years has evolved to a different business model that is more strategic in potentially capturing a newer generation of pinball interest which in the bigger picture is better for all of us in the hobby.

Best wishes to JJP in ongoing success.
4 months ago
I think some of the rating comments are unfair to the game and Lawlor as a great pinball designer. I am proud to say we own his first and last solo game… unless of course he comes out of retirement. We have three boys - 16, 18 and 30 and all grew up with Toy Story. Now I just admit, TS4 is my least favorite of the movie franchise… the movie theme is PERFECT for pinball! The carnival theme is spot on and love hitting gabby gabby in the face and that ramp shot…oh my!!!

The price is steep but it doesn’t need a boat load of mods to make it more enticing, the lighting is amazing! This one will never leave my collection!

The left side is a little crowded and I’m working on figuring out the scoring but overall I love it!!! It’s our first new machine and it’s a great fit!

My 18 year old is a natural so this may keep him engaged and competitive.
4 months ago
I have a video review on this game which I'll link below.

Having had the game at home for a couple of weeks I came to realise that most of my dissatisfaction with this machine were theme based. Mr Potato Head doesn't feature, why just the 4th film, no Barbie & Ken, no 'claw' mechanism from Pizza Planet, no Rex on the playfield and the wrong choice of villain to name just a few gripes.

However this doesn't really count as an observation on the gameplay of the machine itself. When one starts to play it becomes clear that TS4 is really a fairground/carnival themed pin and when played as such it's actually quite good. The theme is fun, the rules are easy to understand and it draws you back for one more game.

The ramps work well and the upper loop is surprisingly good for a smaller flipper. Whilst the playfield screen/i Pad thingy has received a lot of criticism I actually found it quite useful in terms of prompts during modes. In fact the more I played it the more I used it.

The Duke Caboom ramp is wonderful and challenging to hit repeatedly but I'd have certainly liked one more pinball moment. When placed alongside other JJP's like G&R and Wizard of Oz it does seem remarkably stripped down but I guess the money for licence and Tim Allen call-outs had to come from somewhere.

The skillshot is tricky but worse than that it's not fun particularly when compared to Godzilla which is a soft plunge but more rewarding. The ball spends far too long in the pop bumpers sometimes and I do wonder what Pat Lawlor was thinking introducing a 4th pop?

Having said all of that it's a fun game, seems incredibly well built and I didn't notice a single playfield problem.

If money is no issue then buy one . . . the kids will enjoy it and you'll play it too. However if you're after a light hearted theme that's easy to learn then Cactus is so much better value.

Anyway, here's a closer look on my first impressions video: Feel free to subscribe
4 months ago
This game is just FUN to shoot. Im sure you wish it was Toy Story 1-3 but you quickly forget that its just 4 and it feels like Toy Story.. The Duke Caboom shot it fun... smooth and fun.
4 months ago
FWIW, we have had our game a little over 2 weeks now and I and my family are really enjoying it. We just watched the movie and we were pleasantly surprised at how well the game meshed with the movie. Lawler and the JJP team did a great job there. The game really is beautiful, fun to play, and the animation and call outs are excellent. The Duke Caboom shot is a fun one to hit. We do think that the game 'plays itself' a bit too much when the ball is up in the pop bumpers. It stays there too long and kind of ruins the 'flow'. There have been a lot of comments re. the playfield display. Don't know what the controversy is because it does help guide the player and offers the chance to play a virtual pinball game within the game...Tiki pinball (which is a bit slow). Lawler has put similar devices in all of his JJP games; this one just happens to be the largest. We believe the game provides a good challenge; it isn't an easy match for us. We think it ranks very well with all of our other JJP games and we have had them all. It is going to do very well in the market.
4 months ago
We bought it, but that price tag is just brutal to accept. It is a beautifull looking game and does play well. My 7 year old son has played it twice and thats it? I like it, I am still trying to figure out the rules, but it does play well.
4 months ago
not fan of the theme but this machine is incredible ....ambiance, light on the playfield , game play : all is just amazing ! a new jewell of J J P ! and last flip of steeve ritchie a legend !
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