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Other Aspects: 8.217

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29 days ago
This game is a lot of fun to play, it has lots of action. Game will keep your attention for a long time. Will appeal to all age groups, it has similar plays to wwce and looks like it also. Not sure if it's worth the money though but still highly recommend adding to your collection. The negative reviews are not warranted. They are from people who don't own it and are taking revenge because they hate the price point from JJP.
31 days ago
TS4 is not a bad game by any means, I just find the code to be a bit shallow and the MSRP too high, bang for buck. Lighting is AMAZING and the game overall is beautiful. I enjoy the theme but I wish it would have been based on all the movies. Rescue Forky shot is great and I feel this is the best flowing JJP game to date.
33 days ago
Have logged hundreds of games on my TS4CE. For me it’s one of the best of my collection. Fun, approachable but not too easy. Amazing art, light show, animations. The game has a Toy Story goes to the carnival feel. I really like the Tim Allen callouts and the code feels deep. The left outlane is punishing which is a Lawlor hallmark. I like it better than Wonka and Dialed In.
33 days ago
The CE is awesome looking game stu Ning to look at, but that is only the beginning. Rules are easy but challenging and the carnival makes it fun to get perks and keep the modes going. The wheel is the key to a big game. Great call outs and video in it.
34 days ago
Great game. Play it at first in good conditions before rating a pinball. Fantastic game everyone loves playing.
34 days ago
The Best!!!
34 days ago
I'm so glad I ignored all the hate and shade pinside threw at this game, it's totally unwarranted and quite commical when you think about a bunch of grown men throwing tanturms over it being TS4 and not the original film theme.

It's an absolutely beautiful looking pin and plays fast n' fun. From the outside in TS4 is a work of art. This is my first pin with RadCals and wow, wow, wow are they someting special in person. The cabniet and playfield artwork is some of the best in the business. The animations on the LCD screen are done to perfection. The lightshow is mezmorizing and very well orchestrated into the different modes. The Duke Caboom jump ramp is such a satisfying shot and really fun when you start stringing multiple combos together. The topper is amazing and very well integrated with gameplay. It's much larger/complex than I anticipated, this is not a piece of acrylic with a light strip.

This is the only pin in my collection that the wife proactively turns on and plays herself and that alone has an unmeasurable level of value to me.
37 days ago
Great game. Pinball machines do not need giant mechs to make them awesome. TS has variety and tons of fun
52 days ago
Great game to me so far. I’m an average player, and I don’t think it’s too easy at all. That was my biggest concern going in, but don’t let that stop you. It’s not easy, and the layout is nice. I’m not a homer for one manufacturer or another.
-Quality build: No corners cut that I can see. Rock solid and polished.
-Shoots great. Very smooth. Right ramp, Woody spinner, loop, kaboom shot. Feel great. Scoop is nice also. The ball disappears entirely into the scoop. Nice. Very solid and very smooth overall.
-Best looking game I’ve ever seen. Total package.
-Animations, call outs and video are fantastic.
-Rules are well thought out.
-Screen on the field is helpful. Larger than it needs to be, but helpful.
-Overall Fun factor is excellent!

-The background music could be better.Need some more tunes more suitable to pinball. The great call outs more than make up for it, but I hope they will add something a little more exciting when they update.
-The price!!! The game costs too much. I feel certain this game would have a much higher rating by everyone if it cost less. Cost is not factored into my rating, as there is no category for price or value etc. Others clearly are making it all about cost when rating the game.

Overall, the game is great. Shoots great, looks great, and is a blast to play!

Update: I’m up to around 150 plays. I reached meet me at the carousel and the take a chance multi ball in one good game at around 90 plays. I totally botched meet me at the carousel, did ok on the take a chance multiball. Barely broke my high score of 16 million even though I got to two of the wizard modes.

50 or so plays later: I still love this game! I have played almost all of the top 50 ranked games on pinside. I would rank Godzilla better than toy story, but after that I would say it is equal to or better than all the rest of the top tier games.
A couple of changes I would vote for:
1. The carnival games are fun. But, they should be more important and mean more to the code than they do. Maybe an extra ball or unlimited kickback should be awarded if you complete three or four of them? Maybe second time around you have to complete all of them? I haven’t gotten that far, so maybe it’s already there… I hope so!
2. The second trip toward meet me at the carousel should be much more difficult and DIFFERENT than the first trip. I didn’t finish the second trip around but the part I did get through seemed pretty similar.
3. Still hoping for some music upgrades. But I can live with it as’s growing on me..
Love the game overall and you will be hard pressed to find one more fun to play. Best game ever as far as animation, video, call outs and light show. Shoots really great also…
54 days ago
Jersey Jack makes games that really allow you to escape into them. I've played Wizard of Oz, Wonka, GnR, and now, Toy Story, and all 4 of those machines are an experience. They take you to another place.

Toy Story does that, AND it's incredibly satisfying to play. Every shot feels good, and the Duke Kaboom shot feels GREAT! All of the side modes that use the screen add a lot of variety to the tasks, and I feel like I see something new every time I play a game.

The callouts really fuction to help players as well, as they really guide you where to go next, moreso than most other machines. I've played most of the latest machines that come out, and this is by far the most pure fun I've had in ages.

I haven't had this much fun playing pinball in years.
55 days ago
I find TS4 to be one of JJP's best games.

From a design standpoint, this game shoots like butter but doesn't quite do the theme justice in terms of theme integration. The code isn't as deep as other JJP titles but what is there is just pure fun and much more intuitive.

The good:
- Easily one of the prettiest pinball machines ever made. From the art package to the light show. This game just looks amazing.
- Enjoyable layout with plenty of smooth and satisfying shots. That scoop, right ramp, and jump ramp all feel really good to hit.
- Great call outs, getting the actual voice actors to reprise their roles for this game does help a lot. I particularly love hearing Tim Allen and Tony Hale make fun of me when I'm playing like trash.
- Ease of working on. From the glide rails to the mechs all having connectors to the display actually spelling out issues. This game is a pleasure to work on when tweaks are needed.
- Fun code. I genuinely feel like this code is the closest we've gotten in terms of fun factor to many of the late William's games.
- The mushy flippers found on previous JJP games seems to be much better this time around.
- That Benson mode where the posts are trying to stop you from making your shots is so much fun.
- I like the playfield display. Being able to see the information I'm most interested in without having to take my eyes off of the playfield is great.

The mediocre:
- Music & Sound effects are average at best. I don't find that the music itself ever really immerses me into the game.
- Toy Story 4 just doesn't carry the same weight as Toy Story would have.
- Lack of an innovative mech. This game does have a lot of mechs, but with a theme like Toy Story. I would've hoped for at least one mech that felt new and innovative.
- The left ramp is a little bit too easy of a shot and the sharp Gomez esque turn really kills the balls momentum. I find it to be the least satisfying shot in the game.
- The Gabby Gabby mech doesn't really add anything to the game. From a code standpoint, this mech is up too often. The reason the trolls in Medieval Madness work are because you rarely see them. They become a bit of a treat because they're rare. There is also no scene around this mech.
- I wish it took more tickets to start going on carnival modes. It seems like there almost always a carnival mode lit, and they'd feel a lot more crucial if I actually had to work towards getting the tickets to play them.
- The Bo Peep loop is a bit clunky. Often strong shots to the loop cause the ball to rattle along the top and the ball just ends up in the pop bumpers. I wish I was able to chain these loops more consistently.

The bad:
- Arguably one of the worst theme integrations of a game from JJP from a design standpoint. Nothing in Lawlor's design really screams Toy Story to me.
- From a code standpoint, there are too many gameplay elements that rely on the left ramp. Between trying to get tickets, start a mode, work on Duke, collect forky, or to just setup the left flipper. There are many reasons why someone would want to hit this ramp, but you are forced into doing certain things and inopportune times.
- Inconsistent kickback. I've tried adjusting the delay times but it still fails more often then it should.
- I don't incorporate the cost of a game when rating. That being said, the cost of this game is a tough pill to swallow.
56 days ago
Not sure what all the hate is about on this game. Radcals, sparkle playfield, awesome topper, duke kaboom ramp, hot rails & an open layout. Not a fan of Bo Peep loops needed to get to wizard mode, but I think they’ll code something to fix it - as they should. If we’re taking pricing into consideration like I believe most people are - all LE’s should be rated lower, as they don’t add anything to the gameplay other than nicer speakers - and yes - I am a proponent for LE’s and CE’s - I just don’t think we should be factoring in cost as much in rating games. I could not stand the closed nature of GnR, but I love this game because I believe it’s a much better shooter & is just as pretty. I wish, just like everyone else, that this was themed for the original TS, but it certainly doesn’t ruin anything for me!
59 days ago
Really great and fun Lawlor shooter. Feels like a 90’s Bally Williams with a GnR light show and deeper ruleset. Easy to make some shots, hard to progress as a couple of the shots are not easy at all (scoop and road-trip multiball). Love the Tim Allen call-outs, and the cabinet/playfield are Jersey Jack CE beautiful.
60 days ago
Got my CE a few days ago...

Kids like it. I've already almost gotten to the Wizard mode in like 15 games (missed by maybe a shot, had everything lit up)... Soooo.... easy-ish game. Not one aimed at people who play a lot... and that's fine. This would probably just kill on location at a kids fun zone type place.

Very Pretty, art package is great all around as is the back glass... the topper is nicer than I thought it would be too (but still, not "spectacular")
Great theming to the movie TS4 (unfortunately no one's favorite Toy Story)
Shoots well. Doesn't have weak flippers (I know, you can adjust...) out of the box like say GnR

On the easy side
Balls can be pretty long
You got a friend in me on repeat makes me suicidal. Callouts are repetitive and kind boring (did they pay by the word?). No humor I find, I think they could have done so much more.
Duke Kaboom is a fun shot, but only so-so still. There's no shot really that you hit and go "NICE!". They're all kind of easy (except bo peep loops, but who likes loops??)

All in all, I'd say it's fun but not great by any means. It will be in my collection for a bit but by no means is it bolted to the floor. If it's Lawler's last game, it's a bit of a disappointing swan song I would say. I'm not sure what my ratings will come up to but I'd give it about a 7.5 overall, for me. I have a feeling though it will be greatly appreciated by guests and casual players. It doesn't deserve the hate it's getting though for sure, which I'd say is mostly due to price.

Edit after a month:. Reading my comments, I'm wrong. Its really fun. I don't know what it is but has that "one more game" feel like no other game. I've put 450 games on it and still haven't finished... Nowhere close. In fact, only gotten to the 1stwizard twice! I will say it's steeper than recommended default but I like the challenge. Tons of fun. And everyone who comes over and plays it agrees, pinball veteran or casual player. The only con is the price. Great game.
62 days ago
I love my Toy Story CE, I can't get enough of the game. This one should definitely be in the top 20. The rule set is easy enough to understand and plenty of different goals keep me wanting more. The fun factor is a 11/10 and for me that is the whole point of Pinball. I think everyone focused more on price at first, but if you take the cost out of this game its a solid 9.7/10.
72 days ago
Really hard to not give TS a perfect score,I’ve been in the pinball hobby for 10 plus years now and my daughter never plays any of my pins.Guess what??? She’s been playing Toy story!!!
All I can say is TS is finally the game we’ve all been waiting for that our family will actually play beyond the first day of getting it.
If you have room and can afford it you’ll be amazed by Family and friends reaction.
88 days ago
This game plays a bit slower than a Stern game, but is very very smooth shooter. While not overloaded with Toys and Mechs it does make good use of the ones it has. I wasn't sure about the playfield tablet but it was integrated into the game very well. The Duke Kaboom shot while looking somewhat simplistic is surprisedly satisfying. I was worried about the game based on comments from other Pinsiders, but in my opinion the game certainly met expectations. The topper while not interactive with game play is a very nice addition.
89 days ago
This is an extremely underrated game imo. Out of my games in my collection and I have a few in the top 20 this is my favorite. I keep wanting to come back for more. The lighting is amazing. I feel like I am in the middle of a carnival. TheTopper is nice but I wish the optical lights were better integrated with it. The game is challenging. I Knocked a little off for the game rules. the bo beep loop luck required to start it is frustrating and I waste balls on this mode. Yes I wanted a Toy story themed pinball with the claw and zorg but after playing the LE and CE I can at least tell myself this game is made well and all though not the theme we wanted its done as well as it could be.
3 months ago
first let’s get the obvious out of the way. If there was a value fun for the price category this would be much lower score.

Game is fun, rules are really approachable. Art is gorgeous, JPP nailed the vibe they were going for.

Shots are fun to hit, and there is a lot of scenes to go do. I am an average pinball player so for me this is a great game to just walk up and hit flashing lights. It is challenging enough for me. Some people who are pinball mofos might have a different experience and find it a little easy.

The call outs on the CE are great as are the lights and art.

We had a family party, this past weekend and it was the game played the most.
3 months ago
Toy Story 4 is a good game. I don’t think it’s a $12,000 game, but for fans of the franchise it might be.

The best aspect of this game is the color and cheeriness of the game and characters. It’s also an easier game, and shoots better than other JJP games.

The worst aspect is it’s not a particularly fun game to shoot. There’s no shot I get a thrill from hitting.

I think your love of this game is going to come down to theme.
5 months ago
Toy Story (4). The latest game from Pat Lawlor and JJP.

The Pros:
Pat Lawler has once again given us a creative and diversified playfield. The shot selection and balance of skillful and chaotic is something that his games have shown from bonsai run all the way through what he's doing today. If Pat's games have suffered from anything in the past it has been lackluster rules and programming. Is not the case with this game. As evidenced by the update for Willy Wonka's pinball code, the programming that has gone into this game is well thought out and balanced. The shots on this game are very well placed. I especially like the Canada ramp which skips up and over better than no good gophers ever did into the return that comes back to the left in lane. I also like the no good Gabby gopher as well. The combos ending with Gabby are well done. Also I have to take a moment to give maximum respect to all the people that worked with the information that Disney and Pixar gave to Jersey jack. The video, the lighting, the music, the theater of this project is absolutely incredible. The lock shot with the drop Target on the left is very well placed. And the feed into the spinner takes a huge hint from games of the past. Thank you to Joe Katz from making the programming on this game a market improvement from Pat Lawler's games of the past.

The Cons:
The random saucer that is associated with buzz lightyear by the pop bumpers is an indirect shot. As long as the game is in somebody's home and is well taken care of, it's going to be fine. But a well-worn copy on location that isn't taken care of in an ideal setting, this feature is going to be a lot less random and a lot more rare. But most importantly... Where is Mr. Potato Head? For real. Do you not feel the hockey puck? Because Don Rickles is the best and his character is nowhere to be seen on this game. This may be a legal licensing issue. And while I don't like it, it probably wasn't up to JJP to begin with. What a shame. I don't go Gaga for themes or details within themes too often, but this is Mr. Warmth we're talking about here. In toy story is not toy story without him. I don't care if Tom Hanks his brother voiced woody. I don't care if he's too good to lend his likeness to pinball, but not having Don rickles, that's a crying shame.

The Takeaway:
I'm curious to see how well this game holds up on location. Jersey Jack pinball makes fantastic pinball games. However, I think that they're also very good about making pinball games that are designed for The collector first. Location second. While some mechanisms like Gabby and the Canada ramp are variance of games that he's done in the past with no good gophers and revenge from mars, I'm curious to see how well these mechanisms hold up over time. I'm also curious to know how the lighting an engineering on this game holds up. With all that said, this game isn't absolute joy to play and watch while your friends play as well. Little kids are going to play this game and become pinheads later in life. That is the long term goal.

The Carnival mode has two rule paths. One represented by Buzz Lightyear and one represented by Woody. I got to the Buzz lightyear wizard mode after a few days of play. The more difficult path to the wizard mode (Woody's. Do it all again and THEN go for the big shot to collect the Fireworks) path is much more difficult to achieve. This is by design. Pat Lawlor has specifically said that "Designing a wizard mode that only 3 people will see is a waste of our time." Does this mean that mean that Pat Lawlor is not interested in designing for competitive and skilled players? I don't think so. I believe he values the time of his design team (Yeah, he's addressing the "Wheres' the code?" crowd) and he will also keep the operator in mind first. This is where he is coming from and it shows. Will I ever get a copy of this game from my own collection? I don't know. But I will say that the amount of fun that's packed into this game is dense and solid. I like it a lot more than the bits and pieces that I don't. And for me, that says a lot. No pinball game is perfect, and I don't necessarily want perfect. I want engaging, I want entertaining, I want fun. And this game does that.

After a bit of mileage I have figured out a few more things with this design. The saucer in the pops can be deflected in with a shot that is just to the right hand side of the entrance to the pops under the warp standup. It can be made with consistency and is probably the toughest shot on the table along with the warp standup. The Kaboom ramp is sweet, however, it offers just a single shot to complete. The individually controlled posts to the side work well, and the completed shot is sweet. However NGG had 3 shots up the ramp. The golf cart on the left, the center orbit and the hole in one shot. Both flippers can be used to make the shot. Kaboom is pretty much left inlane to a reflex shot to the ramp. NGG had the right flipper that would make the center shot, the car or rebound into the hole in 1. The release code is great and it works very well. This is a refreshing change from most games released today where getting the box out as quickly as possible is a business decision to make the money. KNOWING that the game will need code work for months or even years before the game is (ever?) completed. I am liked that the difficulty of reaching the second wizard mode is good, but it is also strange to hear a pinball designer in this day and age refute the skilled and competitive pinball player as a design decision. If Pat believes that the operators still drive the industry, I believe him. But I'd also like to see sales #s from JJP to operators as compared to home users. That doesn't mean that home users are any more or less skilled than location players... but most competitive pinball players own pinball games. Can the player bastardize the game with some playfield and code settings, sure. But some players like a long game, with deep rules. This is how many pinball players feel like they are getting their "Money's worth." To consciously decide that their dollar isn't that important to the pinball company is dismissive and will probably make a percentage of the player population take his creation less seriously. It's not that I don't agree with his value assessment (or not), rather it is the choice to take one part of the pinball player population, at the detriment of the other. I can see more serious pinball players choosing Stern games on this premise alone. Elwin's games are creative and have the depth of a longer term experience. And they are still accessible by most casuals. Is this the "gentler and kinder" Pat Lawlor that people have been telling me about?

This decision wasn't the playfield design. The playfield design is great. This decision isn't the ruleset. Joe Katz and the JJP team did a great job with the task given to them. This decision was made by the game's designer and while he has his reasons to do so, the pinball market may very well choose to look to other games because of it. Many operators that I know today rely on the secondary market to recoup or boost the monies that they invested into their business. Once earnings trail off, they will pass the game on to buy the new and improved. The 90's were Pat Lawlor's time to shine. He seems to be stuck there and doesn't care much for anyone else's opinion. Time marches on in all things. Pinball like so many other things is evolving.

Adapt or perish.
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