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Game Design: 7.988

Artwork: 8.912

Sounds/Music: 7.979

Other Aspects: 8.053

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There are 45 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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48 days ago
Slow game, but it's charming. I think I'd get bored of it as a home pin, but I enjoy playing it every now and then. Wish it was themed for all of Toy Story instead of the fourth film. I get it though. Carnival games are fun.
81 days ago
A nice machine. I have the Toy Story Ce for a few months now. I do like the gameplay and a lot of people who come by like it aswell. It is a very good shooting game and I really like the way it looks when thinking about the assets they had (Toy story 4). Ofcourse I would've preferred the first Toy Story movie integrated in a pinball machine made by JJP. But since this is the one they made I think they did a good job. Also the opinion about the table inside of the machine is mixed. I would've preferred something else, but other people really like it since it is something different. my conclusion is that it is a very nice and fun machine to play, the only problem is that they overpriced the machine.
3 months ago
Jjp's weakest so far.
Looks great, lighting is great, sound is great, but the music score gets crazy repetetive fast.

Shots are nice but few, easy and repetetive.
Toys wise it's terrible, tiki pinball and the screen is so bad, it's offensive.
If collector edition were half the price i consider it for guests, since it says toy story on the sides.
6 months ago
TS4 is a fun shooter. The theme integration is not really there unfortunately. The layout is great and probably shoots the best out of all the JJPs out there, but I find it gets boring after a few plays. It’s not incredibly difficult, but also not super easy. I just don’t get that one more game feel with it. The art package is great and as always with any JJP, it’s a beautiful game. The music could use some variation as it gets old real quick. Animations are great and the code is well thought out, but I just feel something is holding the game back. I’ve owned the Ce now for several months and decided now was the time to leave a review. If I had to assign a letter grade, I would give it a B-, maybe a C+, but mainly due to theme integration and course the price tag. I would still but the CE over the LE, but I don’t think it’s worth the price, at least not at this time. Perhaps some code enhancements could help, but that would have to be some serious code changes.
6 months ago
Hitting the caboom ramp always puts a smile on my face
7 months ago
I want to love this game... there’s just something... wrong. What a real shame. It could have been great, but somehow the package just does not come together. It’s innovative, packed with features, great animations, and the end result is a mess
9 months ago
Just one of the beter pinball machine since a long time !
9 months ago
Better than expected . Needs more code and will be great
9 months ago
Another Lawlor masterpiece. Many shots, fun code not impossible to understand. Lightshow beyond awesome. Love that you just have to start modes and not complete all of them to get to the wizard mode. Long-term lastability and a family favorite.
10 months ago
This feels like a Toy Story game that is set at a carnival. Its fun to shoot. The Kaboom ramp always gets my heart racing a little faster.
10 months ago
Game is reasonably fun to play and it looks fantastic. One of the best looking pins in the arcade, the light show really shines. I find the music a bit annoying though, I don't care for the iPad idea and there is nothing other than the ramp shot that sticks out. I think I would buy this pin more for the kids than for me but the price is so high that it's almost unaffordable. Some odd decisions were made at JJP.
10 months ago
The game gets a lot of grief because of the price and Toy Story 4 only theme, but those things aside, it is a solid, entertaining game in my opinion.
11 months ago
With it was Toy Story and not Toy Story 4.. not enough toys.
11 months ago
So, first worried by all the "PINSIDE hate." When I finally got my CE, I was pleasantly surprised. Overall look was super. Then, within a few games, it was clear I had a great playing pin. I love the flow and speed of flow. Plays fast, but smooth. Lots of satisfying shots even the simple ball lock shot is fun and love the drop target setup. Wish more pins did this. I have had all the JJP pins except for POTC and Hobbit. This is more fun than DI, WW, and GnR. And, it's better than most of all the "A" pins I have owned and played. My only negative is the large screen on the playfield. Dialed in did the playfield screen best, but you can't really see it during gameplay for any real shooting tips.
11 months ago
Toy Story 4 is a game that you will know in like... 30 seconds if you will like it or not. If you are ok with the theme, lighting, and music then you will enjoy the game

Gameplay - a smooth Pat Lawlor special. In some ways, this game might be a little too smooth since both ramps are very easy shots. In fact, with the possible exception of the Road Trip Multiball lock... all of the shots are very makable. Of the games in our collection, I think TS4 has the longest ball time.

Rules - Very straight-forward and while not super deep they are broad. There are a lot of modes and multiball to shoot for. Again, the rules are pretty basic (not like Munsters basic) but we find them very fun.

Lighting - It is a just non-stop color. The game is well-lit and it does a great job of showing where to shoot.... but man there is a lot going on with the lighting. We love it.... it really gives the feel of being at a carnival. All of the RGB's is big part of how the game ties in the theme.

Music - See lighting... but think of the Toy Story theme. Yes, you will hear the JJP version of "You've got a friend in me" ... a lot! Again, we enjoy it... others might not.

Theme - Yeah.... TS4 is a downer, but they tie in the carnival theme very well. We view it as more of an off-shoot of "Toy Story Mania" more than TS4.

Toys/Gimmicks - Definitely kind of a let down. The giant screen in the corner feels like a wasted opportunity. I would have loved to see some sort of cool Buzz or Woody ball lock, an upper playfield, or some other interactive toy. The screen doesn't provide too much... and I am not a fan of the Tiki Party pinball game that you play. Having said that... I think the game gets too much hate for it... basically it is missing one mech. I'd like to have had it, but the reality is that we don't miss it too much.

Final thought - You are going to either like it or hate it because of the theme/music/lights. People complain about the cost and the missing mech... but we really enjoy it, and it moved ahead of Dialed In as my favorite game from JJP.
1 year ago
Toy Story 4 is a great pinball machine from JJP and one of Pat Lawlor's better layouts. I had a chance to play an LE on location and enjoyed it. Later this year I had an opportunity to make a trade for the the CE version and I'm glad I did. The CE version is absolutely stunning in person. The metallic red powder coat, sparkle playfield, mirrored back glass, Rad Cals, and the topper all together create an incredible looking pin. The included topper is gorgeous and weighs probably 30lbs alone.

Gameplay is excellent on Toy Story with a design from Pat that offers a lot of flow. Most shots are fairly easy to hit with the side loop being one of the more difficult shots in the game. The Duke Kaboom jump shot is incredible, rewarding (fun!), and is something we've rarely seen in a pin. The carnival landing area that the ball lands on from the jump shot is lit very well with a ring of RGB LED's surrounding it.

The main complaint about Toy Story is well a lack of toys, mechanical toys that is, considering the price of the game. I agree with this view and wish there were more mechanical toys in the game. The "mini" LCD in the game is far too large and the space for it would have been better suited for a mechanical toy. With that being said what is in the game is fun and there's still a good amount mechanically going on in the game. Toy Story 4 has a spinning disk (integrated very well with rules and animations), a pop up jump ramp, two pop up posts next to the jump ramp (Benson posts), a character pop up mech, 4 pop bumpers, physical ball lock, and a real mechanical kick back.

In regards to the ruleset I would say it's moderately deep (in a good way, read more below) and that getting to the wizard more is easier then any other JJP pin to date. Is that good? Yes and no. Yes it's good as more people will actually seeing the wizard mode for a change and at the same time it may be bad as some people do want that nearly impossible wizard mode to unlock. The good thing with the ruleset in Toy Story 4 is that while getting to the wizard mode isn't extremely challenging it's still a challenge and there's a lot of other things to do in the game. For one there's multiple paths in the wizard mode, besides the 7 scenes that need to be played (not completed, just played) to unlock the wizard modes there's 11 carnival modes, I believe 5 multiball modes, a mini wizard mode, and a Benson post mode. One last night about the wizard mode, from what I heard there's multiple stages in it, as well as two different paths to reach / play it. That type of wizard mode actually sounds fun to play versus typical wizard modes that just dump all the balls out onto the playfield where you can basically hit any shot on the playfield for simply points (no objectives / stages).
1 year ago
This one is tough to rate properly.

1. I hate the theme. Toy Story 4 as a movie was... fine. Just not a good idea to base a pinball machine around one film, and least iconic as well.

2. Layout is great! I own a No Good Gofers, so it feels a little familiar. Extremely smooth shooter.

3. Absolutely HATE the sound. Honest to god, worst sounding pin I've ever heard. It's so incredibly noisy. So many clashing soundscapes, it actually gives me a headache when I watch someone stream it. Thankfully, the audio has been down at every location I've played it at.

4. Art and lighting is solid, if maybe a bit too gaudy... but this is pinball, gaudy is sick!

5. Rules are meh, and I blame that more on the shitty theme. What do you do with a throw-away 4th entry to a movie franchise 25 years later? There's just nothing compelling here. The Duke Kaboom ramp is neat, but as a NGG owner, it just aint nearly as cool as a hole-in-one shot with gophers screaming at you. Vpin tablet is a neat idea, but the lag makes it awful.

6. Toys... no toys on a TOY STORY pin from, what usually is, the spare-no-expense pinball maker. It is a real headscratcher.

7. Art is fine. It's Toy Story 4. Looks like an advertisement, not a piece of art like TOTAN or GNR or Dialed In.

Best thing about this pin BY FAR is the backbone Lawlor layout and smoothness of shots, but there isn't much else on that bone to give it any lasting appeal.
1 year ago
This game is a lot of fun to play, it has lots of action. Game will keep your attention for a long time. Will appeal to all age groups, it has similar plays to wwce and looks like it also. Not sure if it's worth the money though but still highly recommend adding to your collection. The negative reviews are not warranted. They are from people who don't own it and are taking revenge because they hate the price point from JJP.
1 year ago
TS4 is not a bad game by any means, I just find the code to be a bit shallow and the MSRP too high, bang for buck. Lighting is AMAZING and the game overall is beautiful. I enjoy the theme but I wish it would have been based on all the movies. Rescue Forky shot is great and I feel this is the best flowing JJP game to date.
1 year ago
Have logged hundreds of games on my TS4CE. For me it’s one of the best of my collection. Fun, approachable but not too easy. Amazing art, light show, animations. The game has a Toy Story goes to the carnival feel. I really like the Tim Allen callouts and the code feels deep. The left outlane is punishing which is a Lawlor hallmark. I like it better than Wonka and Dialed In.
1 year ago
The CE is awesome looking game stu Ning to look at, but that is only the beginning. Rules are easy but challenging and the carnival makes it fun to get perks and keep the modes going. The wheel is the key to a big game. Great call outs and video in it.
1 year ago
Great game. Play it at first in good conditions before rating a pinball. Fantastic game everyone loves playing.
1 year ago
The Best!!!
1 year ago
I'm so glad I ignored all the hate and shade pinside threw at this game, it's totally unwarranted and quite commical when you think about a bunch of grown men throwing tanturms over it being TS4 and not the original film theme.

It's an absolutely beautiful looking pin and plays fast n' fun. From the outside in TS4 is a work of art. This is my first pin with RadCals and wow, wow, wow are they someting special in person. The cabniet and playfield artwork is some of the best in the business. The animations on the LCD screen are done to perfection. The lightshow is mezmorizing and very well orchestrated into the different modes. The Duke Caboom jump ramp is such a satisfying shot and really fun when you start stringing multiple combos together. The topper is amazing and very well integrated with gameplay. It's much larger/complex than I anticipated, this is not a piece of acrylic with a light strip.

This is the only pin in my collection that the wife proactively turns on and plays herself and that alone has an unmeasurable level of value to me.
1 year ago
Great game. Pinball machines do not need giant mechs to make them awesome. TS has variety and tons of fun
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