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Game design: 8.454

Artwork: 8.465

Sounds/Music: 8.012

Other Aspects: 8.344

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This is "Pirates of the Caribbean".
The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (LE), Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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49 days ago
There is a lot to like about the game. It is jam packed with features including amazing 3d sculpts, rocking ship playfield, treasure trunk ball lock, whirlpool ramp, interesting outlane setup, and a display that is top notch. With that said, it feels and sounds a lot like a modern slot machine where the game is designed to make you feel like you’re winning with every pull; even though you’re spending 100 credits to win 80 credits. As a location player I have a hard time understanding what shots are the most important when every insert is seemingly flashing and changing colors all the time. It’s just too much for my taste. I’m not drawn to hit the start button over and over. Perhaps it’s better in a home setting where you can really study the rules.
63 days ago
l'abandon des disques central,du coffre. on jeu mal né qui penne a convaincre .le plateau basculant n'aporte pas grans chose a l'experience de jeu .bof quoi
3 months ago
Layout is cool but a bit clunky. Could use another pass. Code is very repetitive and random, nothing but stacking. Theme work is somehow worse than the Stern. PotC just doesn't work if you don't have the characters and clips from the movie, sorry.
5 months ago
Fun to flip, beautiful playfield, tons to do. A great freshman effort by Eric Meunier. This pin earns my quarters every time I see one.
5 months ago
I love Pirates. I played this at a show a bunch of times and thought I hated it. Then I had an amazing game where it all clicked, the multiballs all started and I knew I had to have one. I love the way you work toward the wizard modes on this game, I love that you can choose a character with perks, I love the black pearl and it's cannon, I haven't played much with friends but plundering would be very fun with a group of friends. The biggest negative for me is the lack of assets. I would have liked to have the pirates theme music, callouts from more than 1 character, and clips with characters instead of just scenery.
6 months ago
6 months ago
POTC is another beautiful game by JJP. Played in the wild, so could not hear everything. Based on the extremely high rating, I felt let down. I delayed rating it a few months ago, but my feelings about the game are the same. Nevertheless, I would have it in my collection. Like most JJP pins, they are better at home.
9 months ago
This game is the most fun out of all of the games I have owned. Yes it has some issues but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Pure - Pinball - Fun!
9 months ago
This is one pin I would suggest getting the LE on. It is great regardless. Get it while you can. It is an instant classic.
10 months ago
Loved the JJP Pirates from first flip. The rules are so complex with all the characters that I feel like I could play the game for years and not get bored with it. The upper playfield is probably my favorite of all time! Really unique playfield layout (no Stern copy paste fan layout here). I really don't like the theme, but it definitely wouldn't stop me from owning the game because it's so fun to play.
11 months ago
fun game with some cool toys. not sure I could ever get $9000 worth of enjoyment out of it, but will flip it around at friends house from time to time.
11 months ago
Perhaps I am still in the honeymoon stage, but this machine really hits all the right buttons. I had a few minor issues to deal with coming out of the box, but it keeps calling me back. Re-playability is one of its greatest strengths; there is just so much to do and so many approaches. The plundering component also makes it more fun to play with others, which is a real plus in a competitive family. You can't take the high scores too seriously if you got there by taking other's points, balls, etc.

I completely understand those that say it is never leaving their collection. Although I only have an SE, I would only let this one leave if an LE was taking its place. I only hope that this is not the pinnacle of pinball and that I eat my words later when an even better pin comes out.
12 months ago
Just purchase this bad boy and enjoying every minute of it beautiful machine, colors and mechanics.
I originally played it on route was fun but it’s much more enjoyable on a home Environment. Miss the boat on the LE but don’t be Fooled the standard is just a good or better. It plays the same still has the beautiful lighting and all the good stuff you only loose the following star map not useful, invisible glass no biggi, shaker motor no biggi, toys spinning Tom and Devil’s Triangle, other than that you won’t notice a thing oh yeah topper sucks not missing much. Great code, slick Playfield etc, awsome game play.
1 year ago
Had the opportunity to play this a lot when I was on travel for work in Georgia. From the very first game I was hooked. The design, the different rule sets for all the different characters, it all meshed very well.

I immediately added this to my wish list and hope to have it in my home very soon.
1 year ago
This is one of the best pinball machines we have played. We followed this one from the reveal, to playing prototypes, to playing the first production LE pin on the line at JJP (the first non-employees to play the production model), to playing a SE in a league and on locations, to finally owning a LE.

It takes about the first 20 or so times playing it to get a handle on what to shoot for and how to progress in the game. It's not "hard" to figure out, there is just a lot going on in this packed playfield. The rocking upper playfield with flippers on it is probably it's most unique feature. The shots all have a purpose in the plot/progressing of the pin and you really need to play it to understand it. Yes, there is a kind of quest to work your way through the game with several parallel paths to get to the super wizard mode (very hard to get to). With all the character selections at the beginning of the game with the advantages and disadvantages of each character, it creates several different approaches for strategy. The code is fantastic. The "gold collecting" for a multiball is pretty cool. The plundering creates some comradery and heckling that means something in multi-player games. The theming is great considering the licensing limitations. Sometimes games take a while to play, other times it can kick your butt. And that's one of the many reasons to keep pressing that start button. You can tell that Eric put a ton of effort into his first design, Keith and Joe supported that with a ton of effort in programming with lots of game variations, the Jean-Paul created animations that were done very well. David Thiel created some great music and sound effects that are theme appropriate and sound good. The call outs from the character "Gibbs" are very piratey.

The LE and CE have the RGB general illumination that accent the different chapters/modes/wizard modes. The SE doesn't have that, but it still looks good. The SE also doesn't have the rotating poppers and the mountain structures. It still has the same game play as the LE and CE though at a cheaper price.

Give this game at least 20 tries.
1 year ago
I feel I need to spend more time with this game, because I walked away afterwards feeling like it was a decent player but nothing extraordinary, but everyone seems to be raving about it being a top 10 game! The toys were sweet and this table is jam-packed as most JJP games are. Artwork is stunning and it's well-built.

My issues with the game are the same as my issues for all JJP games (aside from the awesome Dialed In). Not enough flow to be found from such a massive widebody game...ball spends alot of time falling in places and dribbling round things and I just can't get into it. Over-complicated ruleset with so many characters, only 4 of which we care about, made even more complicated by the huge LCD telling you everything at once. Sometimes I want to know how to get multiball without doing weeks of research! And lastly the scoring system leaves a bad taste in the mouth...finish a good game but walk away with less then a million points? No thanks. It's better than the Hobbit and Wizard of Oz, but I still find these huge JJP games more of an oddity than a serious machine I could own.
1 year ago
Seemed to play pretty good, wasn't blown away by the shots or playfield design. The music, art, and animations are great. The ship is a cool toy/feature.
1 year ago
I enjoyed the game, but top right mini-playfield got real old, real quick. This a visual stunning game like all JJP games. I don't know though.
1 year ago
What more do you want Don't over think this it's pinball , It's fun , it's has a great Theme, Great Art, Sound is crisp and clear, Play's very fast for wide body pin , Toy's yeah it would be nice to have the disk's spinning and trunk open but in the end this game is loaded. For a new era of Pin's that are mostly stripped down bare boned machines, this game has it. Deep code that is a little hard to grasp at first but with time you can grab it. I would have to say It is one of the best machines made . With a new fresh design not some revamped 25 year old design (not that they are bad) . Lack's some of the movie clips but still has enough in to keep the theme. The big problem is the cost but other pin's are on the rise so it's not that bad.
1 year ago
The mini game is very fun for casual play — it gives something to go after beyond just the basics of most game.
1 year ago
I have gotten play POTC and Dialed In from JJP. I can understand the appeal, but both fell short of my expectations based off of the reviews I have read on each of them. I did enjoy how smooth the game played. I think what holds it back to a certain degree is that I am not a fan of the theme. Despite that, I did feel like the game represents that theme well. I am hoping that Wonka makes me a bit more excited when I finally get to try it.
1 year ago
Context: This is another strong contender for best “world under glass experience” ever — from JJP. It’s mysterious, as there are what seems like 30+ targets and inserts to shoot for… It takes many many plays to learn where the ball will go based on every shot. I think that kind of magic is what JJP is great at bringing back to pinball. “Where is the ball? Where is the ball going?” I’ve played this on two occasions.

Mofscore: B+ (I am basing this mostly on the layout and how it shoots. I could not hear it, nor do I know the rules, thus will need to update several times in the future.

Asymmetry: good, there are no symmetrical areas on the playfield
Shotmap Balance: good, you are asked to shoot the entire map
Shots (total): very good, 20 (at least)
Inlane Swoosh: good, left inlane is like fathom.
Skill Shot: good, strength test like Rudy in FH
Slap-Saves: good, normal stuff
MB Fun: very good, incredible amount of space to shoot and plenty of detain shots
Toy/Gimmick: very good, incredible ship (and wondering what the ship is for on the upper left area)
Flippers: good, three

Action/Per/Minute: average, the stop n go is brief, but frequent with scoops and ball locks
Dink Donk: average, ball dinks and donks to come out of the middle area often
Innovation: very good. Top-10 upper PF all-time, that rocks back and forth…
Spinners: average, one spinner, but it’s wide-left not the easiest shot
Outlane Fun: good, you really have to keep the ball out of the fathom lane
Obfuscation: average, it’s not as bad as you’d think, you can’t quite see what you are shooting with the upper flipper (like TZ), but once you understand what is there, it’s not as big of a deal.

Ball-time: poor, long ball times, like most JJPs
Drops: poor, none
Drops Sweep: poor, none
Lane Change: poor (no rollover lanes)
Pops: fair, they do not help or hurt much, but don’t hold up the ball much, since they are spaced apart fairly well
Inlane Ramp Release: poor, two spoon-fed-ramp-returns, where the ball does not fly through the system
Stop'n'Go: fair, lots of stop…
Nudging: fair, not easy to do on a wide body
Orbits (Repeatable): poor, you have an orbit, but it does not repeat as the pops catch it

Backhands: unknown
Hurry-ups: unknown
Inlane Lane Change: unknown
Taunting: unknown
Voice / V. choreography: unknown can’t hear in an arcade

LAYOUT/PHYSICS: B+ ,a very fun layout with tons to do, more so than TZ
ART: B- ,(it’s all photoshopped movie actor art, but it feels good overall
DISPLAYS: unknown, I was actually happy that it wasn’t all movie clips like most moderns with LCDs
PASSION/INNOVATION: A- (I didn’t feel like anyone was holding back, this was a project of passion!), the 3-discs to 1-disc is not something I’m disappointed by — it still adds fun variance to the ball travel. I have to ding a little with no drop targets
FEEL: B+ (solid feel, and I can’t give a wide-body an A since they are so difficult to nudge)

Mofscore: B+
1 year ago
Only issue I have is that this is a very low scoring game. A decent score is merely 250-300 thousand. Aside from that, this is easily the best table I have played.
1 year ago
played this quickly at a pin show and thought it was pretty cool. wouldnt mind getting some quality time into it and really learning how to play.
1 year ago
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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