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Game design: 8.898

Artwork: 8.536

Sounds/Music: 8.756

Other Aspects: 8.687

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The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (regular version), Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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9 months ago
Not sure if my experience with the audio was just the venue I was playing at being super loud, but I didn't really catch anything as far as sound goes for the game. But the game itself is a blast to play - brilliantly themed, lots of fun nods to the license, and a significantly good bit of action to be had. The Pearl ship in the upper right is a fun 'mini-game', and the ability to select characters to get different in game boosts makes this a perfect hybrid of pinball and video games. Barbossa forever!
10 months ago
Great game. Takes awhile to figure it out but then it comes alive. Challenging and yet rewarding. The bayou shot may be one of the fanciest shots in pinball. If you can get your hands on one grab it. You won't be disappointed. The best game in my collection and that I have played to date. Six multiballs with their own separate challenges. Lots of modes. Great game!! If there was more exposure this would be the #1 game period.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Recently purchased an LE from a private seller and I've put a lot of time into it. I truly love the game, the shots, the feel, the gimmicks, and of course the screen animations. As far as gameplay, I don't really see any faults. Each guest I've had over to play doesn't seem to want to quit playing this particular machine in my lineup.

The only faults I have ran into are actual problems with the machine, meaning things I've either had to fix, or the machine freezing up while playing. I had to fix the autoplunger, a couple switches, and it has frozen up on me while playing a handful of times.

Researching the forums, it seems that it has had it's fair share of build faults from Jersey Jack. But that hasn't swayed me in any negative direction from buying another Jersey Jack.

Jersey Jack games are slowly becoming my favorite pins to play, they truly incorporate a lot of the theme into the game and make the lastability seem almost endless.
11 months ago
If you don’t enjoy playing this piece of pinball history you might consider a new hobby. I own a LE for 5 months now and I am still discovering new features and ways to play this masterpiece of a pinball machine.
There are 15!!!! main shots to make and that doesn’t include the stand-up targets. Full of unique toys and the music is absolutely fantastic.
You don’t need a collection anymore to enjoy pinball: just this one game. Ok, maybe just an Alien next to it to have some variety...
This game offers everything I look for in a pinball. My rating says it all. Play it and be amazed. But give the game some time to reveal itself since the first 20 games you might have to endure a sensory overload.
11 months ago
If you can navigate the playfield protection issues necessary, this is probably the greatest pinball of all time. The code is insane, the art package is tremendous. The theme integration isn't as deep as it should have been but who's to say a code update down the line or fan mod won't change that. Already the fans have added back the closing chest feature. Extremely rare game though. Likely only 650 LEs worldwide, with another 350 CEs and standards combined for a total 1000 game production run.
11 months ago
I played this game on location a few times and it doesn't get much better than this. Pirate of the Caribbean is a winner and will look to pick this game up in the future. Only disappointment here is that you can't currently purchase a new one in LE(sold out at time of review). Hope Jersey Jack will produce them in the near future once again.
1 year ago
I've owned my JJP POTC for about 3 months now, and so I feel the honeymoon period is over. This game is right up there with the other all time best pins.

So many fun, varied shots. I especially love hitting the inner loop over and over again with the upper left flipper. Lots of diverters and subways which redirect the ball all over the place. Loaded with toys - chest lock, ramp with diverter into whirlpool, rocking ship, cannon that fires across the playfield, etc. There aren't many other games which are this packed. The lighting is incredible, and the art package is really high quality and top notch. The audio is really great, and I love the insane amount of callouts by the guy who played Gibbs.

There is a ton to do code-wise, but I never feel overwhelmed. Takes a little time to learn, but once you do learn the game it isn't that complicated. Lots of multiballs, but unlike Hobbit (which I feel overdoes it with multiballs that don't feel special) they are fun to play and stack. I've had 5 going at the same time, but I've yet to get all 6 going. Love that there are 5 wizard modes, which are single ball objective based modes. I've only seen 2 so far.

The only reason this is not a 10/10 game for me is theme. I am not really into POTC, but thankfully (in my opinion) they messed up the licensing and didn't get the actors permission for the video and audio. I treat the game more as a generic pirate theme when I play (since I've only ever seen one of the movies).

Unlike some other owners, I had no big problems with my game outside of very minor tweaks (like bending up one of the spot-lights because the ball was getting stuck on it).

This game is pretty close to a perfect pin in my book. Super fun, great shots, and I keep wanting to play game after game. Except for the slight ding for theme, it is a home run.
1 year ago
There is a lot to like about the game. It is jam packed with features including amazing 3d sculpts, rocking ship playfield, treasure trunk ball lock, whirlpool ramp, interesting outlane setup, and a display that is top notch. With that said, it feels and sounds a lot like a modern slot machine where the game is designed to make you feel like you’re winning with every pull; even though you’re spending 100 credits to win 80 credits. As a location player I have a hard time understanding what shots are the most important when every insert is seemingly flashing and changing colors all the time. It’s just too much for my taste. I’m not drawn to hit the start button over and over. Perhaps it’s better in a home setting where you can really study the rules.
1 year ago
Hard to find any flaws with the game, has it all. Theme is the only area I'd hit as it lacks animation and sound integration with the movies.
1 year ago
The game has alot to offer. Code is well done and deep. Shots and toys rock! Wish the original music score could have been used, and clips from the movie, but understand there was licensing involved there. I think it would be overwhelming on route, but for a home owner, fantastic!
1 year ago
This game is definitely special, though I'm left wondering if it's better than WOZ. Still, you can't go wrong with this one. I love the various playfield toys. I particularly love the rear cannon which you shoot a ball from the pirate ship into the Brittish ship. I would need this game if I was a big fan of the POTC movie franchise. I do like some of the POTC movies, though, so this is a game I'd definitely like to be able to play a lot more.
1 year ago
I've gotten to play this on a couple locations and continue to be impressed with it. Unique and functional layout with a lot to do; very deep ruleset that I haven't scratched the surface of. I think you'd have to own one to figure everything out. Easily my favorite JJP yet.
1 year ago
early review: received my game (le) three days ago. put about 100 games on it over the long weekend. spent about 5 hours dialing it in and readjusting switches etc.

No unusual issues out of the box. great mods available aftermarket, I added the cracken and dauntless railing prior to plunging my first ball. I then added the disk silencer which is needed.

game is fantastic so far, I'm admittedly in the honeymoon period but I've played a lot of pins and it leaves a good impression after the first 100 games. Still figuring the rules and trying to understand the opportunities for big points. So far I've stacked four multi balls and put up about 1.6 million as my grand champ score. Game is fun!
1 year ago
Ive owned this game a few weeks now. Its beautiful, deep and fun. It has all the great elements of the JPP games but is a better playing game than the Hobbit
Its the new star of the arcade at my house. I still suck at it, so I will have to come back and edit once I figure it out and have some deep games.
1 year ago
This is one of the best pinball machines we have played and owned. We've had it for 4 months now so the honeymoon phase should be over, but we still love this one a lot. We followed this one from the reveal, to playing prototypes, to playing the first production pin on the line at JJP (the first non-employees to play the production model), to playing a SE in a league, to finally owning a LE.

It takes about the first 20 or so times playing it to get a handle on what to shoot for and how to progress in the game. It's not "hard" to figure out, there is just a lot going on in this packed playfield. The rocking upper playfield with flippers on it is probably it's most unique feature. The shots all have a purpose in the plot/progressing of the pin and you really need to play it to understand it. Yes, there is a kind of quest to work your way through the game with several parallel paths to get to the super wizard mode (very hard to get to). With all the character selections at the beginning of the game with the advantages and disadvantages of each character, it creates several different approaches for strategy. The code is fantastic. The "gold collecting" for a multiball is pretty cool. The plundering creates some comradery and heckling that means something in multi-player games. The theming is great considering the licensing limitations. Sometimes games take a while to play, other times it can kick your butt. And that's one of the many reasons to keep pressing that start button. You can tell that Eric put a ton of effort into his first design, Keith and Joe supported that with a ton of effort in programming with lots of game variations, the Jean-Paul created animations that were done very well. David Thiel created some great music and sound effects that are theme appropriate and sound good. The call outs from the character "Gibbs" are very piratey.

The LE and CE have the RGB general illumination that accent the different chapters/modes/wizard modes. That little thing makes a big difference in a home environment, but probably not so much at a location with other pins and lights around it.

Give this game at least 20 tries.
1 year ago
This game design just has that IT factor. Everybody that walks up to it and is just amazed at how cool the PF design looks. So many different shots. My favorite of my entire collection.
1 year ago
This machine is TOTALLY awesome!
1 year ago
Music work on this game is fantastic, and the rule set is crazy in a good way. SO much to do, and a GREAT 2 player or more game with the plundering mechanic.
1 year ago
It's a floaty wide-body which requires a lot of tweaks to get dialed in... Art isn't great, and the theme is based on a meh movie series. It is fun to play, a long player and has many interesting shots. It would be much better in HUO environment, on location is just isn't right.

Edit: I see that all those who own the game rate it 9.5 or higher. My opinion is flagged because I didn't like the game that much? That's fair and balanced...
1 year ago
Winner winner chicken dinner!! This IMO is the current holy grail of pinball! This machine has it all, amazing shots, call outs, toys, artwork! Eric knocked it out of the park on this machine!!
1 year ago
A great game from JJP and it is fantastic to have a number of pinball machine manufacturers competing with each other and creating pins right now in 2019 with a distinctive difference between each other. POTC is a fantastic machine. This review is for the CE edition rather than the LE so I dont have a comparison for differences between the two. The technology JJP has in this game is at the highest level.

The screen size is huge and being a wide body pin it is crammed with some great features and game play. Virtually all shooters and coils are adjustable using the control panel which is such a great tool using the game admin controls. This is a good game for the family and occasional player also and with a bit of time you can create a lot of ball control. My favorite wide body pin before this one was STTNG, but this one is as good as it gets for engineering and fun also.

Edit this rating was implemented before the CE version was available on Pinside :)
1 year ago
Prior to picking up this pin, I was pretty skeptical. The Johnny Depp movies are a little worn out and while the reveal for the pin was strong, the bumps along the way with rolling out the pin took some wind out of the sails. But then I started playing the game at various shows and became increasing impressed with what JJP put together. And ultimately I found the limited licensing to be a blessing, as it gave the pin a more generic pirate feel. I love the shots on this pin, they are all "findable" but not necessarily easy; my only gripe is the far left "orbit" is not terribly satisfying. More than any other pin that I can think of, this game is loaded with toys and the rocking ship upper playfield/cannon may be the best toy in pinball. That being said, the star map and the lower lcd screen aren't terribly useful IMO. The light show is quite good as is the music, and having a real character from the movies do the callouts is also a definite plus. But the real star of the show is the code. This game just feels as deep as the ocean, which I think will translate into exceptional lastability.
1 year ago
Pros: Fabulous artwork, great layout and challenging. Typical high end JJP table- beautiful to watch. Deep rule set and numerous characters.

Cons: Wide body (feels big, because it is!). Friend who owns one complains of some reliability issues.
Price. All off these tables are now collector level because of high demand- not in production.
1 year ago
It feels like a JJP game through & through without offering enough new from WoZ or Hobbit to win me over.
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